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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Stop Reminding Me

Me: Did you hear that Ed McMahon died?
T: Who?
Me: Ed McMahon.
T: Who's Ed McMahon?

Monday, March 23, 2009

Preserving What Sanity Remains

T and I are in the midst of a much-needed vacation, visiting my sister and her boyfriend in Arizona. There is never a "good time" at work to spend time away from the office, but this trip, planned in late January/early February, came at just the right time. Anyone who has known me for the past few years won't be surprised to hear that things are "crazy" at work.

I'll admit I almost never say that things are slow or have calmed down. That said, it seems the demands on my time have been particularly pressing over the past couple of months. True to form, I was "cramming" to get things done before we left for this trip. In the past, that meant I was up all night packing before a trip. This time, it resulted in the following:

I slept in a tad on my birthday, Thursday the 19th. I also allowed myself the treat of stopping for a Frisco breakfast sandwich on the way in. After dawdling a bit, I finally started working/billing around 9am or so - late for me. As another birthday indulgence, I let 2 sweet friends treat me to birthday lunch; we were out of the office for about an hour and a half. The rest of Thursday was spent working - steadily. I worked all day, all evening, all night. I kept right on working through the night - freezing my arse off because the HVAC was off and it was cold out. I finally managed to escape around 11:30am Friday morning.

I raced home, showered, hastily packed, and T and I made it to the airport with time to spare, thank goodness. Vacation prep has for years been a last minute endeavor for me, but that was cutting it just a bit close - and I definitely don't want to get in the habit of pulling all-nighters!

We're having a fabulous time in Arizona with my sis, including a wonderful visit with my aunt and uncle - this trip was just what the doctor ordered for preserving whatever remains of my sanity. Hi from sunny Arizona!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Text from T

Yesterday morning, with no preamble, I received the following text message from my lovely daughter:

"Hey, do you think we can spare $3 a week to help rescue Ugandan children that were abducted and turned into child soldiers?"

No pressure. Despite that I don't think the subject of abducted Ugandan children is funny, I had to laugh. The message caught me off guard and went right from casual to deadly serious. I was at work, and given this week's work load, I quickly forgot about the text. T called me a bit later and wanted to know, "did you get my text?"

Ah, yes. I told her I sympathized with her desire to help, but that I already give to various causes and I wasn't willing to incur another $15/month obligation, no matter how worthy. She quickly corrected my math, and when it became clear I wasn't going to budge, she declared my refusal to spend $12 a month rehabilitating child soldiers "RIDICULOUS!"

After trying the calm approach, in which I informed her she was welcome to commit to the cause herself...WHEN SHE FINDS A JOB...I gave up and used my outside voice to make my point crystal clear.

Noble, isn't she, for wanting to save the world with my money?

Monday, February 09, 2009

9 to 5

Why is it a bad idea to be working from home after 10pm?* Because opposing counsel might choose that time to send you an email. And that email might contain correspondence with more lame excuses regarding opposing counsel's insufficient discovery responses. And that correspondence might irritate you just enough to break the fine strand of your last nerve. And, your daily reserves of self-control long-spent, you might be tempted to fire off an email telling counsel precisely what you think of his inadequate discovery responses, rather than taking a more diplomatic and reasoned approach to the situation.

*As though there exists any good reason to be working from home after 10pm.

Mixed Blessing

It is 54 degrees and sunny outside. In Indianapolis. In early February. It's a minor miracle, and while I'm immensely thankful for the reprieve from single-digit temperatures, the "cold" hard realities of my life in Spring and Summer, of being stuck inside in front of a computer when it's 80 degrees and gorgeous outside, have come flooding back to me this afternoon.

I have a ridiculous amount of work I'm attempting to slog through, but I'm distracted by the weather. I'm fighting off feelings of how "unfair" it is that I'm indoors, unable to enjoy what might literally be the best day of weather we'll see until Winter officially ends. Sometimes this whole being-a-responsible-adult thing blows.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Where Does the Time Go?

I don't know where the time goes...and I clearly found none of it in December for blogging. That said, I've stumbled across a rare, precious thing: an extra second. I'm sharing this information with you in the hopes that you will use this gift of time wisely. Enjoy.

Happy New Year!!!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

It's Only Just Begun

T: Why is it so cold in here?
K: Because I'm keeping the heat low because I don't have any money. Any other questions?
T: (looking at thermostat, groans)
K: What's it on?
T: 63.
K: Excellent.
T: I take it it's going to stay that way.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Brought To You By the Letter "A"

One day early this week I made a quick stop at the gas station downtown on my way into work. I was in serious "prep" mode for an oral argument and had to grab a few necessities: peanut butter crackers, sunkist (for caffeine), gum, and notecards. As the attendant reached for a plastic bad, I told him I didn't need one. My purse, while not fashionable (thanks for the honesty, T), has many different compartments, which is awesome. As the attendant watched me put each item in a different place, he said "you must be an administrative assistant." I just smiled and shook my head no. He guessed again - "attorney?"

I'm guessing what he really meant was "anal."

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