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Wednesday, March 31, 2004

They Want Your Business

I saw a billboard for Crown Hill Cemetery the other day and was taken aback. I caught a glimpse of it as a drove by and was sure it said "One person, one time...one place."

I figured they must have decided on that slogan in lieu of "Burying bodies by the boatload wherever we can find an empty spot."

I drove by it again last night and was relieved to find that it actually says "One time, one price...at one place."

That's a little better.

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Revolutionary or Revlonutionary?

I was half paying attention to a riveting story about long-lasting lipstick that appeared on the CBS morning 'news' this morning.

Glamour magazine beauty editor Andrea Pomerantz has been testing and studying long-lasting lipsticks for years and made this statement:

"I think it's a major revolution for women. I'd almost put it really up there with tampons, or the birth control pill, or a dishwasher. This is really something that can change your life."

Unbelievable. Women struggle daily to be taken seriously in their jobs and in society and then one of us goes and makes a statement like this. Do I take issue with the fact that women would like a long lasting lipstick? No. But life changing? Akin to birth control which profoundly changed the lives of women and gave them control over their lives that they might otherwise not have had? Give me a break. This woman needs to spend a few days in the real world to gain a little perspective.

Reality TV - Really

Bourbocam: Watch New Orleans' Bourbon Street activities live.

The things people think of.

Jet Setter

She made it - my daughter arrived safely at her destination yesterday.

She said the landing on her flight from Indy to Houston was pretty bumpy - and when I asked, she admitted she was a little scared. She also said she overheard one of the flight attendants tell someone that the pilot didn't know how to land the plane.

I know all pilots have to learn somehow, but you'd think they'd let them practice on empty planes.

Monday, March 29, 2004

Dr. Cutco

Dr. Cutco is a friend of our family and one of the craziest guys I've ever met. (Not a doc - just a nickname). He frequently uses e-mail to rant and rave about: his family, friends, causes important to him, Tiger Woods, etc....

I introduced him to blogging and recommended he start one - even offered to go over and set it up for him. He'd be a natural - the man is never at a loss for words.

He, however, does not want to maintain his own blog for various reasons and wants to be my 'blog partner' with me posting the e-mails he sends me. I nixed this idea right off the bat. Our personalities are quite different and the things he rants about don't really mesh with my blog.

Nevertheless, I did offer to post a couple things for him, so here is his 1st offering to the blog world:

Sports Trivia:
Ben Hogan went to play in the British Open in 1953 and won the open - back then he took the boat over and it took a week or so on the boat and he got to the british isles early - a couple of weeks so he could learn the course and how to play with the smaller golf ball they used back then in Britian. Here is the trivia - Ben and his wife, Valerie, had some time on their hands between him practicing etc. so they went to two (2) movies while in Scotland where the British Open was played that year at a course called Carnousie. So what were the names of the two (2) movies that Ben and Valerie went to see???

Ok, Cutco, there it is. Not really on topic with my blog, so might not get any guesses. Who would know such a thing?

Donde estan mis gafas?

It's official. Spring has sprung. I know, it's been spring for like a week or whatever, but it didn't really seem like it to me until this weekend. Beautiful. Sunny and 80 degrees.

The sun shines in winter but for some reason seems to be brighter in spring and summer. This may be my imagination or it may have some scientific explanation of which everyone but me is aware. Either way, the result is I need some sunnies.

I hate buying sunglasses. I always either lose or break them. I had a pair I liked last year - lost. I think my ears are crooked (one higher on my head than the other) so have to pick a pair that doesn't highlight that little quirk. I have big head, as do others, (physically, that is) so it can be a little difficult to find a comfortable pair that I can perch on my head when they are not in use.

But it's time. Must give in and buy some sunglasses. When I grow up, I will be more careful and not lose my sunnies all the time.

Sunday, March 28, 2004

Growing Pains

My daughter leaves for Texas tomorrow - she will spend her week long spring break visiting family there.

We had to buy almost an entire summer wardrobe today as a result. Each season, we have to buy a whole new set of clothes because the clothes from the previous year no longer fit. The girl grows like a weed.

Kohl's loves us today to the tune of over $300. Thanks to my parents for footing 1/3 of the bill!

Friday, March 26, 2004

In Court Today

Counsel asked a defendant in a battery (drunken brawl) trial to tell the court how long the alleged incident lasted.

The defendant testified that the whole incident perspired very quickly.


One piece of toast with melty peanut-butter. One cup of OJ. One vitamin. Yum!

The Apprentice

Some may think the funniest moment of tonight's episode was when Donald's hair was blowing in the helicopter wind and he announced that now people will have to believe it is his own hair.

That was good, but it was for some reason terribly amusing to watch Amy struggle with losing for the first time. I wasn't prepared for the strength of her reaction to losing, and I'm not sure she was either. Her emotions were more visible than those of any of the other contestant who had been to the board room (with the possible exception of Sam). The only reason we didn't already know she would be so obviously distressed by a trip to the board room is because she hadn't been there yet.

It's easy to stay calm, cool and collected when your head isn't on the chopping block.

Thursday, March 25, 2004

Heard In Court Today

Defense Counsel to Prosecution Witness: Could you please explain to the court what 'baby mama drama' is?

Defensive Measures

I am looking forward to tomorrow for many reasons, and one of them is very simple: I have no class, will spend the day in court, and so don't need to lug my laptop and rolling backpack around.

Let me say a few words about the rolly-bag. I get tired of rolling/dragging it around. It is heavier than a standard backpack and takes up more room due to the rolling mechanism. I know some people hate them. And I know some think they are silly or that those of us who have them should 'cowboy up' and carry our bookbags.

In my defense, I had back surgery when I was in high school. And while I don't think there's any scientific evidence supporting the notion that carrying around heavy backpacks leads to back problems, I will do everything in my power to avoid even a remote chance of exacerbating the problems of my already bad back.

Back surgery was the most painful experience of my life - worse than childbirth. I will never forget the day I got out of bed for the first time after my surgery and required my traumatized back to bear my weight. Friends had come to visit and were in the hallway, peeking in at me through a window as I screamed in agony. My motivation was base: though a foley catheter was taking care of emptying my bladder, I had begun eating solid foods and the nurses informed me if I needed to use the bathroom they would bring me a bedpan. Oh no, that won't be necessary. No can do. I decided to walk to the bathroom - and walk to the bathroom I did. (The smile on my surgeon's face when he came to check on me the next day was also a nice reward for my efforts.)

So tomorrow my load will be light. But when I have classes to attend and many books to carry, you will find me rolling the heavy load around, mindful of the desire to prevent unnecessary strain on my less-than-perfect back.

Wednesday, March 24, 2004


Tonight was a throw-away episode, a cop-out, and I only bring it up to say that it solidified my opinion that Jerri should go. Go now.

Free Speech or Symbol of Violence?

Nelson Griggs, a 16yo Fort Wayne sophomore, has filed suit in federal court against his school district over their 'zero tolerance' dress code policy.

Elmhurst High School's dress code prohibits items of clothing which depict 'symbols of violence.' Griggs wore a shirt to school that bore the image of an M-16 rifle and part of a work entitled "My Rifle" - also known as the "Marine Corps Creed." School officials warned the boy he would face discipline if he wore the shirt to school again. Griggs wore it the very next day, believing he had a constitutional right under the First Amendment to do so.

A non-profit civil liberty organization which fights other zero tolerance policies across the nation took up Griggs' cause. The 5 count complaint claims that the dress code is so overly broad it violates students' freedom of speech. The complaint states, "The code's overbreadth creates a chilling effect on First Amendment activity on and around the campuses of Fort Wayne Public Schools." John W. Whitehead, president of the organization, claims that the way the dress code is written, a student would be prohibited from wearing a shirt with the Seal of the City of Fort Wayne on it because the seal includes a sword.

The complaint goes on to say that no person would reasonably construe the T-shirt as a threat and that the plaintiff did not intend such by wearing it. Griggs has family members in the military and plans to join the National Guard after graduation.

The day Griggs wore the shirt to school after being warned not to, he received an in-school suspension. The room in which he served that suspension had a Marine Corps recruiting poster, which featured a marine holding an M-16 rifle identical to the one on Griggs' shirt, hanging on one wall.

Update For those interested, my secret sources have directed me to this related case: Sypniewski v. Warren Hills Regional Bd. of Educ. 307 F.3d 243. In that case, a student was suspended from school after wearing a Jeff Foxworthy T-shirt inscribed with 'redneck' jokes. The court's analysis of the relationship between the words 'redneck' and 'hick' and a gang called the Hicks is quite amusing. The court granted a prelim injunction against enforcement of the school's racial harassment policy to prohibit wearing of the T-shirt. The court found that the history of racial difficulties at the school provided a substantial basis for legitimately fearing disruption from the kind of speech prohibited by the policy. It addressed the racial harassment policy and found only parts of it to be unconstitutionally broad.

Submit Your Definitions

I learned a new word today - Asshat.

I love it. But it's not available on dictionary.com

Submit your definitions, please.


Definition of adulteration, verbatim, from Professor Admin law today: "you stick something that doesn't belong there into an object."

Get your minds out of the gutter, he was talking about foreign objects in food.

(Posted during Admin law break, for those wondering !)

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Her Goal

She was running,
The finish line was so close,
yet so far.
Pushing herself,
running her fastest.
She tripped, falling helplessly.
She would never reach it, never.
She knew now, her goal was

K, I'm no poet. But I wrote this in 5th grade and was quite proud of it. I even gave the poem to my grandparents, and recently discovered it again when my grandfather returned several old pictures to us. Any guesses as to the occurrence that triggered the writing of this poem? I still remember being deeply moved and at the time I felt my poem perfectly described the heartbreaking event.

Today's Pet Peeve

Paper towels that won't come out of the dispenser when you pull on them but instead tear into shreds.

Monday, March 22, 2004

Not So Welcome

I'm not a morning person. Getting ready for school in the morning is not a good time for me. This morning I was pleasantly surprised to hear the theme from Welcome Back, Kotter emanating from the TV in the kitchen.

Then I realized it was for a Weight Watchers commercial. Man, I wish they hadn't done that.

Admittedly, the practice of using songs for commercials occurs quite frequently and I don't usually have a problem with it. I am a recent Peter Gabriel fan and I don't mind that Big Time is featured in a Lincoln/Mercury commercial (though they air this commercial way too much, and I don't watch that much TV). I wasn't bothered when AT&T used Elton John's Rocket Man. I'm not usually bothered when a classic song, no matter the artist, is used in an ad.

But the Kotter theme song brings back carefree memories. It was fun to watch Vinnie Barbarino, Epstein, Horshack, Freddie "Boom Boom" Washington - and of course, Mr. "Kot-tair" himself. The theme music takes me back and I hate that a generation will now associate that music with Weight Watchers. *sigh* *growing older by the minute*

March Madness

Competition is in the air. On the basketball court? Nope, in my house where the NCAA picks are a constant topic of conversation.
The players:

J - my 20 year old sister, a student at IU-Bloomington.
J2 - her boyfried, a genius of sorts and close follower of college ball.
Dad - another fan of college ball and a wealth of basketball info.
T - my 12 year old daughter who picked teams for the first time ever this year.

J and J2 have an elaborate bracket system in place and constantly update the entire family on how everyone is doing. What's on the line - Money? Nope - nothing so trivial as that. Rather, bragging rights and the satisfaction of having beaten the others are what this competition is all about.

So who's winning as of last night? T, of course! Yay!

One Thing I Hate About Indy

Saturday, it reached 68 degrees.

Sunday the high was 38 degrees and this morning it was 20 when I left the house.
Isn't it Spring already?

Now I Know

I'm not much of a shopper and I don't keep up with the latest fashions. I don't buy fashion magazines, don't watch Oprah, don't shop online.

This weekend we went to a club in St. Louis. One tourist info brochure at the hotel claimed the patrons of the club sport the latest fashion trends.

I saw at least 6 different women wearing pleated mini-skirts in varying colors, more than a little bit similar to the uniform skirts I wore to school for 12 years.

I didn't know this was the latest look - now I know. But I doubt this knowledge will send me running to the stores.

Spring Break Blues

Actually, I had a good break so I suppose this would more accurately be titled 'post-spring break blues.' And they're not the blues, really, just a realization that exams begin in 5 weeks. It's not that I'm shocked, I've been aware the end of the semester was rapidly approaching. It's just that I feel like I'm running out of time to be adequately prepared for exams.

So many things to do, so little time!

Saturday, March 20, 2004

Celebration, con't...

We are headed to St. Louis today - it's a beautiful city. We have been on other occasions and enjoyed the touristy things: Six Flags, Union Station, St. Louis Science Center, trip to the top of the Arch and more.

Last year, we went for July 4th and had a beautiful view of the fireworks framed by the Arch from our hotel balcony.

Tonight we plan to arrive early, relax, have a delicious steak dinner, and maybe catch a little night life. Late checkout has already been arranged.

Everyone have a great weekend!

Friday, March 19, 2004

Beautiful Day for a Birthday Break from Blogging!

Thursday, March 18, 2004


Here is one woman's story of how her law firm treated her when she got pregnant as a relatively new associate. Despicable.

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Damn Schedule

Those of us who will be 3Ls next year have to register soon - the 1st or 2nd of April.

So we should be perusing the class list/course schedule, checking it against the exam schedule to make sure exams for our desired courses don't conflict, and making our final selections, right? Sure.

Except the class schedule is still a draft. And the selections suck. There are several classes I wanted to take that aren't offered during the day or at all (like criminal procedure and the law of the death penalty). There are others I'd like to take but only offered in such a way that they conflict with one another.

And the exam schedule? Well, I haven't seen it posted anywhere. I did write to administration and someone was kind enough to put a copy in my mailbox, but why isn't this information available on the website or as a handout in the office?

And of course, while trying to build a schedule with the slim-pickin's offered, you have to decide how much weight to give the advice you receive:

Commercial Paper was such an easy class.
Commercial Paper was so hard!
Whatever you do, don't take Professor X for _______.
Oh, Professor X was my favorite instructor.
Mediation was a great class - you should definitely take it.
Don't take the summer public policy & mediation class, you'll wind up doing more work during the semester than those enrolled in the semester-long course.
Take classes that interest you and that you think you will enjoy - the rest you can learn in Bar Review.
Just make sure you take the classes that the Bar will cover, the rest is unimportant.

Aaaarrrgghhhhh!!!!!! What's a girl to do?

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

I Catch a Beat Runnin' Like Randy Moss

Except it wasn't a beat I caught, it was a baby!

I worked in the OB/GYN triage area this evening at the hospital. Around 10:15pm, my shift was coming to an end and another nurse (T) and I were tying up loose ends for a 3rd nurse (J) who would work all night.

The 3 of us were talking in the OB exam area when the secretary came rushing back, "I checked in this woman and she went into the bathroom and she might be having her baby!" The she, the secretary, let out a scream. It is important to note here that things are often not what they seem where I work. Women frequently come in screaming that the baby is on the way and can be seem calmly walking out an hour or two later after being assured that they are not in labor. (One woman convinced several EMT's that she was going imminently deliver a baby - feet first. We rushed her to the OR and very nearly began a stat C-Section before discovering she wasn't even pregnant.)

But of course, sometimes the emergencies are real. So T and J headed out the front door of the triage area to check on the patient who was apparently in the public bathroom. I headed out the back, grabbing a pair of gloves, a cord clamp set (ideally containing those few items one would need in an emergent delivery), and a wheelchair to meet them around front by the bathrooms.

As I approached the bathroom, I could hear J's voice. Then J and T emerged from the bathroom - carrying the patient. She had been sitting on the toilet with her pants at her knees and as soon as T discovered she could see the baby's head crowning, she and J had picked the patient up off the toilet and were now running toward the labor and delivery unit.

I approached with the wheelchair, sure they would be more than grateful to set the patient in the wheelchair. But they ran right past me, J yelling "Call labor and delivery and tell them we're on our way!"

Now, the L&D unit wasn't far, but I could tell the moment of delivery was even closer. I ran after them, and then got in front of the patient. J was still telling me to call L&D and the two of them were struggling to carry the patient, who was of course in quite a bit of pain. The top of baby's head was clearly visible. I yelled, "You guys, you're not going to make it..." and sure enough, the baby slipped right out!

So I did what any respectable receiver would do - I dropped to the ground and caught the baby girl in mid-air! We scrambled around to get the cord clamped (would've helped if clamps had been in the cord set) and I took the baby to the nursery. I walked into the nursery out of breath, covered in blood and vernix, and holding the newborn. I said to the nursery nurse, "I hope they called to tell you I was on my way." And they hadn't - but she reacted to my arrival without batting an eye.

Mom is fine. Baby is fine. Those are the times when I love that job. T said she'll never forget watching me dive to catch that baby - and that she's going to call me Randy Moss from now on.

Monday, March 15, 2004

Spring Break!

Some tentative plans:
-Light blogging
-Work tax problems from old exams (today)
-Work a couple shifts at the hospital (starting today)
-Attend hearing in civil court re: paralegals practicing law without a license (tomorrow)
-Observe criminal court proceedings (tomorrow)
-Meet with others to discuss tax exam problems (Wednesday)
-PARTY!!!! (Wednesday)
-Recuperate (Thursday am)
-Attend criminal court proceedings & bring my daughter with me (Thursday pm)
-Outlining, laundry, etc... (Friday)
-Out to eat at Bonefish Grill for my birthday! (Friday - would've chosen Ruth's Chris if not for Lent)
-Road trip to St. Louis for one night (Saturday)
-Sit around and attempt to outline/study while lamenting I should've gotten more accomplished over spring break (Sunday)

Sunday, March 14, 2004

Excellent Easter Treat

Angelo Roberto makes and sells mozzarella rabbits to his customers for Easter. The idea came about years ago when a loyal customer had a child who was allergic to chocolate. Very creative. And a much better treat than chocolate bunnies, in my humble opinion.


Patent Pending

my favorite blog read - RIP

Friday, March 12, 2004


I was driving down my street, my daughter in tow, on our way back from a good Catholic Friday-in-Lent dinner of Red Lobster's.

About halfway down the residential street in front of us, a woman steps out into the street, aims her camera straight at us, and takes a picture. Flash and all. As we passed her in our car, she looked straight me, as though daring me to stop and attempt to destroy the film, a la Sean Penn.

My fans must be paying top dollar for candid photos these days!

Words Cannot Describe...

Based on a bet by the other members of his threesome, Everitt Sanchez tried to wash his own "balls" in a ball washer at the local golf course. Proving once again that beer and testosterone are a bad mix, Sanchez managed to straddle the ball washer and dangle his scrotum in the machine. Much to his dismay, one of his buddies upped the ante by spinning the crank on the machine with Sanchez's scrotum in place, thus wedging them solidly in the mechanism. Sanchez, who immediately passed his threshold of pain, collapsed and tumbled from his perch. Unfortunately for Sanchez, the height of the ball washer was more than a foot higher off the ground than his testicles are in a normal stance, and the scrotum was the weakest link. Sanchez's scrotum was ripped open during the fall, and one testicle was plucked from him forever and remained in the ball washer, while the other testicle was compressed
and flattened as it was pulled between the housing of the washer, and the rotating machinery inside. To add insult to injury, Sanchez broke a new $300.00 driver that he had just purchased from the pro shop, and was using to balance himself. Sanchez was rushed to the hospital for surgery, and the remaining threesome was asked to leave the course.

thanks to Troy for this link, from whence this story came.

Things We Used to Say

"I'm rubber and you're glue; whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you!"

"Burn, scuzz"

"Jinx! 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 You owe me a Coke!"

"Can I stay up for just 5 more minutes?" (Now it's "I wish I could go to bed in 5 minutes!")

Survivor / The Apprentice*

Survivor - I love when tribal council results in a complete shock to the person voted out. (Except of course when I wish they would stay). I don't have any particularly fond feelings for Colby and I think his cocky attitude eventually did him in by swinging Shii Ann's vote his way.

The Apprentice - Good show last night. I hated to see Heidi go, but didn't want Kwame or Troy go either. And I think it was a good decision in that Heidi hadn't been particularly creative and Troy had promised Kwame he would be loyal to their bond.

I like Troy and his country charm. He may not always manage a victory, but he generally appears to put more of an effort into it than his peers and he manages to help them have a good time in the process.

This was the first episode where I saw any true business/marketing experience actually come into play in carrying out the challenges. The show claims to have auditioned/interviewed scores of people in arriving at the talented contestants. But until last night's show, I have been truly disappointed with the 'talent' of the participants. I have no head for business. I absolutely hate sales and I am generally not a very creative person. So when this show began, I looked forward to seeing what techniques and ideas some of the brightest prospects might have up their sleeves.

But thus far, the teams seemed to employ strategies that any person with no experience could have come up with. The girls used their sex appeal for the first 2-4 challenges. Doing shots with your customers to increase alcohol sales? brilliant. Dressing as sexy flight attendants? ingenious.

But last night I saw some glimmer of how knowledge in business and marketing might assist someone in a business project. I would never have come up with Troy's idea of selling passes in advance for rickshaw rides. I thought it was a good idea, despite the wide defeat his team experienced. And of course, Amy's idea to sell advertising and utilize contacts previously made was another I wouldn't have come up with. (Though I am getting a little sick of her cocky attitude, as well).

Side Note: Omarosa is not about to let her 15 minutes of fame come to an end. This story describes how she is stirring up trouble, claiming that former contestant Ereka used a racial slur in an argument with her.

*This post is dedicated to ai who correctly pointed out last week that it was unfair asking for your opinions without giving mine first!

Thursday, March 11, 2004

Say It Isn't So

Check out the picture in this 'fashion' article. (I know it's the Star, but when we had a subscription to the NY Times, the paper just piled up - who has time?)

Please don't tell me I have to wear these jeans. The Gap spokesperson says this pencil-leg look appears new because it hasn't been popular since the 50's. I think there is a good reason this look hasn't made a comeback in so long. Let's hope this trend is short-lived.

Wednesday, March 10, 2004


Decline of Decency

I've discovered one of the prime factors in this nation's decline of decency. Gay marriage? Nope. Janet Jackson's nipple? Hardly. No, one of the main culprits is the electric dryer.

That's right, folks - our dryers. I did 2 loads of laundry last night (which is about .05% of me and my daughter's dirty laundry) and read for the 100th time the message on the lint screen "Clean before each use." Before?
Which means for the very 1st use, there will be nothing to clean as no lint will have accumulated yet.
And for the very last use, the lint will simply remain - a reminder that we are loathe to clean up after ourselves.

That's the problem. We should be cleaning up after ourselves every time we make a mess, not leaving it for the next person who comes along.

There Goes All Self-Control

A few years ago, I had what was close to an addiction to Hardees' Frisco Breakfast Sandwiches. You see, for the longest time I could only find breakfast biscuit sandwiches, and I hate biscuits. They are too dry. But this - breakfast with cheese on sourdough bread - this was heaven!

At least one day a week, as I was heading home from a 12 hour night shift at the hospital around 7:30a, I would swing through the drive thru and get a breakfast sandwich. (No potatoes, no OJ, just a sandwich and water.) I knew how bad for me this was, and the older I get the slower my metabolism gets, so I managed to break the habit. I have had only one of these in probably the past 6 months or more.

Today I get an e-mail from Qdoba. (I am on their e-mail list because I complained about a menu change once.) They are going to start offering breakfast 7 days a week, featuring breakfast burritos with scrambled eggs, home fried potatoes, and chorizo (mexican sausage), topped with warm 3 cheese queso and salsa. Shit. This is something I did not need to know about. There will undoubtedly soon be more of me to love.

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Spell Checker

So blogger has a Spell Checker which I use when I post.

On the post below, it recommended I replace goodnight with Codington.


Life in the Fast Lane

So I turned in my law review note yesterday. I was feeling footloose and fancy free. All of the sudden, I could see blocks of time open for whatever I might choose to do. (Of course, there are dozens of things I need to catch up on, e.g. my phone bill was due on the 1st, but turning in a project you have been working on for 7 months makes you feel like a new person and I wanted to do something fun.

The law review hosted a get together at the Distillery in the evening but my daughter gave me the puppy dog eyes and asked me not to go. No problem. I popped open a beer and mentally explored my options while she did her homework. Maybe a movie after I tucked her in? Maybe head over to Tommy's house and see what he was up to? Maybe rent some movies I have been wanting to see?

*snore* I was awakened by my daughter's kiss goodnight and her advice that I should go to bed (along with my mother's laughter in the background.) So much for life in the fast lane.

It's My Blog and I'll Blog What I Want To

So I read this post (scroll to March 2nd) the other day (gist of it is making fun of other blogs, calling them out for being boring and trite) and got to feeling bad. Much of the time I don't have anything super interesting to say. I don't always have a unique viewpoint to share on some hot topic. I began thinking that if I don't really have anything worthwhile to add, perhaps I shouldn't be blogging at all, that just because technology allows me to spout my thoughts in a public forum doesn't mean I should.

And then I thought, "fuck that." I'll blog if I want to. Nobody has to read (though a few do, which I appreciate). He included a list of things he doesn't want to see on others' blogs and I think therein lies the answer - stop reading them!

Monday, March 08, 2004

Brian Saves the Day!!!

I asked all over for a write-able CD, to no avail. Then I realized I could use a lab computer to download my note from the Oncourse file manager where I had saved a backup copy.

So I began asking around for a blank floppy disk, usually easier to find. Brian gave me one of his!!! Yay! Thanks, Brian.

12 copies of paper printed - check!
Preemption check printed - check!
Electronic copy on disk that saved the day - check!

The relief is starting to wash over me. I am looking forward to the beer and pizza the ILR board will have waiting for us @ 4:30!!!

Technical Difficulties

I am entering the home stretch on the law review note. I actually quit tinkering with it around 11am. It's due today at 5:30 and for me, a huge procrastinator, I'm doing pretty well. I can't breathe a sigh of relief just yet, though. We have to turn in 12 total copies of our notes (mine is 46 pages long) and I have so far printed 8 of those copies.

Of course, there is only one working printer in the computer lab today! So the printing is slow going - I am printing them 2 at a time so as not to dominate the printer for an hour.

But the technical difficulties lie in my laptop. I am required to turn in an electronic version of my note and my laptop only has a CD drive (no floppy). The one blank CD I brought today won't allow me to write to it, so looks like I'm gonna have to trek over to the campus bookstore. Ugh. Hope I can find a parking space in time for tax when I come back.

St. Anthony

Generally when I reach the desperation point in a search for something I have lost, I say a little prayer to St. Anthony asking for assistance and I find what I am looking for.

I think it's a lost cause in this case. Tommy and I went to the Barrister's Ball Saturday night and had a great time. It was great seeing everyone all dressed up and hanging out with my law school friends. I took several great pictures and couldn't wait to develop them and share them with everyone.

But I lost my camera that night. I left it in the cab and the cab company is clueless as to its whereabouts. Bummer.

Sunday, March 07, 2004

Overheard at Breakfast This Morning

2 women at the neighboring table at Le Peep were discussing the Martha Stewart situation.

Woman 1: Well, she won't be going to no real jail.
Woman 2: I think she will, I definitely think she's gonna have to go to jail.
Woman 1: Oh, she's gonna have to go to jail, but it's not the same jail where they would put one of us. It's not the same jail that Jayson Williams is going to.

Now, I understand this astute woman's underlying point. She feels many people, even when convicted of a crime, get special treatment. I have the same perception. However, what kind of point was she making with that Jayson Williams comment? I don't feel the least bit sorry for Martha, but I think there is quite a difference in the crimes being compared. Manslaughter vs. insider trading - I don't think it's shocking or unjust that perpetrators of those crimes might find themselves in different types of prisons.


No wonder Omarosa went quietly once Trump fired her. There is speculation she is gearing up for a lawsuit against the Donald regarding the piece of debris that hit her on the head during the show's taping. This piece suggests she was laying the groundwork for a legal claim on her Today show interview last week. (I watch Apprentice and Survivor, but rarely if ever watch the interviews with the most recent rejects).

Omarosa calls whatever hit her on the head a piece of 'cement,' she claims she was 'really hurt' and suffered a great deal, and she offers her own spin that the show used editing to attempt to downplay her injury and avoid liability. Whatever. I saw that episode, and no amount of editing changes the fact that she laughed it off when it happened and didn't remotely look like she was in a great deal of pain.

And I thought Survivor's Sue would be the person looking for a payday! Doesn't say much about my legal prowess that I didn't see this one coming at all.

Friday, March 05, 2004

Total Slacker

I didn't post today and I'm feeling totally guilty about it. My Catholic upbringing was done right!

Thursday, March 04, 2004

The Real Question

Will I meet my law review deadline?

Not Quite Reality

Will Sue sue?
(And is she just being dramatic, or was she really upset? - Maybe she's afraid of her husband.)

Will Omarosa survive her injury?
(She IS being dramatic and I'm glad she's gone.)

Reality watchers, discuss.

A Mother's Choice

True story, some identifying details tweaked to ensure anonymity:

A doctor friend of mine, M, who practices in a neighboring state, was on call at the hospital one night this week. M said a woman arrived at the ER who turned out to be pregnant. She had received no prenatal care and was approximately 24 weeks, or 6 months, pregnant.

She was bleeding a bit and the doctors were worried that she was abrupting (where the placenta separates from the uterus; causes include mom's high blood pressure, drug use, and abdominal trauma). Abruption can be fatal to both infant and mom.

The bleeding slowed a bit and mom was admitted to the hospital for observation. She began to show signs that she was in preterm labor. M explained to the patient that her baby was viable, that is, that the infant could survive outside the womb (with much assistance from a pediatric team and pediatric intensive care unit) and so if the patient's condition worsened a C-section was an option to save the infant's life.

The patient said she did not want a C-section to save the infant. She did consent, however, to surgery to save her own life if she should begin bleeding uncontrollably. And she did request a pediatric team come to attempt to resuscitate the infant if she should deliver vaginally. But she did not want a C-section to save the baby's life because her parents didn't know she was pregnant and she planned on continuing to keep it a secret.

The patient had just turned 19 years old. She was involved in sports at her school. This was her 2nd baby, her parents had supported her through her first pregnancy and delivery, and that baby had been adopted.

Later that night, the infant's heart rate began to show signs of distress. M again talked with the patient and discussed her options. The patient was certain. The fetal monitors keeping track of the infant's heart rate were turned off. The baby died. The patient delivered her dead baby vaginally. And she will return home to her parents with her secret intact.


My favorite Sade song is By Your Side, from the Lovers Rock album.
I knew my friend Chuck was the perfect candidate for a blog, but even I am amazed at how prolific he is. I'm definitely jealous! (Well, sort of).
My birthday is this month and my sister in AZ has already sent me a gift - but she told me not to open it yet, and I haven't. I'm such a good girl.
'They' are predicting thunderstorms for late tonight/early tomorrow. I can't wait - it's been way too long since we've had a good storm.
I was assigned to 2 judges in connection with my superior court internship and I decided to split my time between them by splitting the semester in half. Today I meet my 2nd judge, who currently sits in criminal court. She is also a nurse, like me. Should be interesting.

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Today I Received...

A brand new umbrella in the mail.

It's all Relative

Admin law professor read to us what he dubbed the funniest line in our casebook today. Accompanied by much fanfare and his dry sense of humor, he had me near tears with laughter.
"After taking disability retirement for his vision impairment, [from his job as a welder] respondent undertook part-time employment as a school bus driver."
Ha! Too blind to weld, so I guess I'll drive these kids around every day. OK, guess you had to be there to enjoy the full humor.

It reminded of the funniest thing I have ever heard Tommy say. Tommy is a doctor, an OB/GYN. He supervises OB/GYN residents and teaches them countless procedures, surgical techniques, etc... He deals daily with high-risk obstetrical patients. He is in charge of deliveries and performs surgeries such as C-sections, tubal ligations, and hysterectomies. Patients often enter the hospital in life-threatening conditions such as in pregnancy induced seizures and he is responsible for their care.

We were talking one day about part-time school bus drivers and he made this comment: "That's one job I would not like to have - too much responsibility!"

He was absolutely serious and didn't see the irony until I brought it to his attention.

Our Golden Boy

Wow. Peyton gets $99.2 million over 7 years. More amazing than that to me is the $34.04 million signing bonus that he will be paid in the first 12 months of the contract.

That is some amazing shit.

Match Made in Heaven

Peanut butter & jelly; beans and rice (which my mom calls the perfect combination of complex carbohydrates); mac 'n' cheese; Sid and Nancy; Fred and Ginger...

Perfect combinations, all. And I have discovered another: stationary bike & Tetris.

We have an old low-to-the-ground stationary bike. I recently had the opportunity to view myself on videotape (thanks to trial practice) and vowed to put the bike to use. I made feeble attempts several times, not lasting very long on the bike. I try not to stop peddling, but damn it's hard. I have tried reading while riding to take my mind off the pain (and to justify spending time on reading for pleasure instead of school), but it hasn't helped.

Last night I went for a quick 3 mile walk with my Dad and when I returned home got on the bike. This time I played my color gameboy Tetris while riding. (OK, it's really my daughter's gameboy - I bought it for her, but I use it more than she does). It was perfect! I was able to distract myself with the game. Now not only will I be able to put more time in on the bike, I can also allow myself to enjoy some quality Tetris time! Awesome.

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss

I almost forgot - today is the 100th birthday of Theodor Seuss Geisel, "Dr. Seuss."

My only real hobby throughout most of my life has been reading. Though I don't find much time to do so for pleasure these days, I love to read and always have.

As I read this article about Dr. Seuss I realized that he is part of the reason I enjoyed reading so much early in life. Reading his books aloud was fun. It gave me a sense of accomplishment, reading those clever lines and making jokes in doing so.

Near the end of the article, Dr. Seuss' widow talks about children and her husband. The Geisels had no children and Dr. Seuss wasn't particularly fond of kids. Mrs. Geisel said her husband was a bit afraid of children.

Oddly for the creator of things illogical and unusual, the unpredictability of children unnerved him. "What might they do next? What might they ask next?" she says her husband would muse.
"No, he couldn't just sit down on the floor and play with children. It was none of that. He just had to do what he had to do, and they loved him. And he loved them for loving what he did."

I found that interesting and oddly comforting. Despite his inability to relate to children in that manner, he was still able to touch the lives of so many.

Indy's Dumbest Criminals

For those without access to the news here in Indy: 2 men were arrested yesterday and face charges of marijuana possession - ya' think?

The pot was piled so high in the back of the pickup that the temporary license plate was obscured.

Good job Trooper Etter and dog Max. I wonder if they need any help inventorying that haul? I might be willing to lend a hand...

Monday, March 01, 2004

I Hate Shopping

I hate clothes shopping, especially for a special occasion. I did manage to purchase something to wear to Barrister's Ball. Originally $200, marked down to $70, tomorrow's sale taken into account = I paid $50. Yay!


What's the Basis of the Boot?

Sometimes it's hard not to just crack up in class.

It's not really funny, I'm just immature.

Google Slaps Booble

Search engine Google is claiming trademark infringement by Booble, an adult search engine.

Google claims the domain name of the site is confusingly similar to the famous GOOGLE trademark. They also point out that Booble is a pornographic Web site, but I'm sure many folks do their fair share of searching for porn via Google, so it would be hard to argue that their reputation would be tarnished by possible confusion between the 2 sites. Google further claims that the web site improperly duplicates the distinctive and proprietary overall look and feel of Google's site and that Booble.com cannot be considered a parody (which would be fair use) because it doesn't 'create a composition that comments on the original.'

I realize Google is trying to protect their interests, but I think the likelihood of confusion in actual Google users is slim to none. And Booble doesn't likely pose a significant threat to the well-established Google. I voted here that I am amused, and not confused, by the site. Booble could likely use results of their survey to defend their position if litigation ensues.

Today's Pet Peeve

On impulse while picking up a prescription, I bought a pack of LifeSavers yesterday. Today, while eating them, I realize the package says "New Flavors!"

I don't want new flavors. I just want LifeSavers.

Why are people always screwin' up a good thing?

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