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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Leavin' on a Jet Plane

In about an hour, they'll be off. I dropped my parents and T off at the airport this morning around quarter 'til six. They are headed to California for my uncle's wedding on Saturday. I'll be joining them Friday night. I've never been to California so it's an adventure, but my stay will be so short (coming back Monday) that I'm not even going to attempt to take in any sites. Saturday wedding, Sunday relax and visit with family. One day I'll go back and do it right. I was teasing T about getting to go to California even before I do - though it is only by a few days. She's delighted, of course, and immediately pointed out to me that she traveling to Las Vegas with my parents for a weekend in the fall - another place I've never been. Quite the traveler, that T.

In other family news, my older sister who lives in Arizona had to change her plans to attend the wedding in California. She and her husband have several dogs who are for all intents and purposes their children. One of the dogs, Casey, has been dealing with seizures and things have suddenly gotten worse. My sister is beside herself. Please send some prayers and good thoughts their way.

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Fahrenheit 9/11

I've changed my mind; I'm not going to say too much about the film. This is largely because I am disappointed by the violent partisan reaction to the film on both sides and I don't want to be perceived as participating in that debate. Ambimb has a good succinct description of most of the movie's parts. (She loved the movie). Josh linked to what I'd hoped would be an objective review of the movie - no such luck. (I think he hated it).

Those are just a couple examples; there are many. I didn't have any expectations about the movie when I saw it. I knew there was a buzz surrounding it but hadn't heard any details. In fact, I had been calling it "Fahrenheit 9-1-1." I didn't even realize the title was a 9/11 reference. In addition, I haven't seen any of Moore's other movies with the exception of a small portion of Bowling for Columbine. I was aware of Moore's politics and intrigued to see what was causing such a fuss.

I left the film feeling uneasy. Moore touched on several subjects that warrant concern and further attention. The Bush family relationship with the Saudis, for example. And most importantly, why we are at war in Iraq. I was not dazzled by the movie. I was very aware that Moore often jumped from one topic to another without any coherent connection. Most importantly, I was put off by the heavy liberal point of view, the sarcasm, the cheap shots. (And I'm no Bush fan). I complained to several family members after seeing the movie that if Moore believes he has important issues that need discussing, (he clearly does)he should take that responsibility seriously and use his access to the public to present a more balanced case that might be taken seriously by more people.

Moore was simply playing to his crowd. And while there is nothing wrong with that, it seems irresponsible to me. Those on the fence might sit up and take notice to a discussion of the issues as he sees them if they were presented with an iota of objectivity. Alas, they were not. And unfortunately, the reviews and opinions I have encountered have followed suit.

Pro Se Antics

Jury trial yesterday was quite interesting. The parties actually managed to get through jury selection, despite the plaintiff's unfamiliarity with the procedure. He began his 'questioning' with a rant about the pain, injury, and injustices he has experienced as a result of the car collision. The judge stopped him and instructed that he should only be asking questions of the jury and would have time later to argue and plead his case.

His first question, addressed to the jury as a whole, went something like, "If you don't want to be here, I think you should just get up and walk out." Needless to say the judge stopped him again and informed him that's not the procedure for conducting voir dire. I dunno, seemed like a good time-saving measure to me ;)

Monday, June 28, 2004


I don't touch on this subject much here. But this morning we learn that the 'transfer of power' already took place, several days ahead of schedule. I pray for everyone in Iraq: the citizens, the leaders, the representatives of other countries, and all troops.

I think the power transfer is a good idea and hope the country is able to handle it successfully. One disturbing thought to me, though, is the planned "handover" of Saddam Hussein. I feel more comfortable knowing he is in the hands of the Coalition. I do trust the Iraqi people to administer justice for Saddam, yet I can't help but think that years of terror, fear, physical and psychological control don't vanish quickly. We need to ensure that 'escape' is absolutely not a possibility for Saddam.


Yesterday during my morning shower I looked up and noticed mid-sized spider on the ceiling above and a bit to the left of me. Needless to say, I wasn't thrilled but the cleansing had to go on. Every few minutes I would look up to make sure he hadn't moved closer to me. All was well.

Then just after I had rinsed off and was about to rinse out my hair to finish my shower, I looked up. The spider was gone. I scanned the ceiling and walls of the shower. Nothing. Totally creeped out, I finished my shower and got out. Upon closer inspection of the drain, I discovered the spider - in about 3 pieces. I'm sure he landed on my head and got swept to the drain with the rinse water. Ick.

Later in the day I used the same bathroom for a quick pee. As you know, we women sit down to pee. (Most of us do, anyway). I happened to glance into the toilet once I was done, only to see a large squirming ant which I immediately flushed. Ugh.

Today's Plans

Work: My firm represents the defendant in a personal injury case set for jury trial this morning in a small Indiana town. I'll be heading down to observe all day. The plaintiff is pro se and has a strong distaste for all attorneys. Should be interesting.

Blogging: I saw Fahrenheit 9/11 this weekend. I hope to post my thoughts on the film later tonight or early tomorrow morning.

Saturday, June 26, 2004


My daughter wants a brand new TV for Christmas. She explained to a friend why she needs a new TV despite the fact that she already has one in her room. "It doesn't have a remote control." It was stated firmly and reflected her belief that this is reason enough to need a new television.
Then, in a wonder-filled voice that might be used to describe an artifact discovered on an archeological dig, she went on. "And it has this knob on it that you have to pull to turn on the TV and turn from side to side to raise or lower the volume."

Friday, June 25, 2004

Golf Outing Today

My firm is taking us golfing today. I was super nervous about the canoe outing, at which I had a wonderful time. I was not nervous about today's outing until a conversation earlier this week with a partner who isn't a golfer and isn't attending. I told him I've never golfed before and he looked at me in amazement and said he couldn't believe I was planning to go golfing - that I was brave.

All the sudden I began to get nervous. Until that point, I was looking forward to it - a day in the (hopefully) sun with people I for the most part enjoy. Small talk and mingling aren't my forte, but I'm getting better at it and I thought a day golfing might be fun. Now I'm scared. I've never swung a driver before. I explained my fears to a few other associates and partners and they all told me to relax and just have a good time.

We're playing a scramble which I gather means each person in our foursome will hit a drive and we'll then all play from where the closest ball landed. I'm hoping I can convince them not to make me hit the drive at all and just let me putt; I can putt with the best of 'em.

Thursday, June 24, 2004


Every day this week at my firm's North office there has been some sort of breakfast, treat, or snack available in the break room. Today when I stepped in the room to throw away my drink I noticed a scale on the floor next to the trash can. Nasty.


The firm I'm working for this summer has me at their 'north office' this week. Each of the summer associates is scheduled to spend a week up north. The idea is for us to get to know the attorneys at the north office and experience what it might be like to work there.

I'm in an empty office with a large window that faces I-465. What a distraction! Facing my computer screen, typing away, it's at times difficult for me to block out the cars zooming by in the background. I'm a people watcher by nature (get that from my Mom), and though it's technically cars and not people that are whizzing by, I would still like to stop and stare at the cars for a bit. I love road trips and my people-watching nature causes me to make up stories about where these people might be going and why.

Wonder if they would mind if I changed the office furniture around ;)

Wednesday, June 23, 2004


'k - as I stated in this morning's post, I had been saving the fortune about time for months and kicking around some ideas about a post. Then I read this post of Josh's on Monday and decided the time was ripe for me to commit some of my thoughts to blog.

Josh was kind enough to link to my post today. Check it out. Not only does it say Time Is On My Side, Part II (hint, hint) but it specifically states that the titles were the same. I never noticed until just this minute - even after commenting to the post. I swear.

I first noticed the "part II" post while I was at work, where the only blogs I ever check are mine and Josh's (mostly because I am pretty sure I'll never pop his blog open to find something inappropriate filling my screen). At work, I only do a quick view of the blogs, checking for new comments, etc... So I saw the reference to my post, was grateful for the link, and never even noticed that it mentioned I had given my post the same title. When I titled my post this morning, I was singing who? the Rolling Stones? in my head. It must have been floating just beneath the surface in my brain after reading Josh's post. Plagerism, anyone?

Sorry, Josh. Next time I steal I promise to give credit.

Understatement of the Year Award

Professor Cooper is back to blogging. While that is certainly notable, it's not the purpose for this post. (Especially because I already posted about that.)

He has updated his links to include all of the IU-Indianapolis law students who have blogs.

Yes, our beloved Chuck is included. His blog link is the only one of Professor Cooper's many links that comes with a disclaimer - (warning: risque). Ain't that the truth?

PS: Chuck, we miss you!

Time Is On My Side

I wish I believed that. I received a 'fortune' from a restaurant many months ago that reads: Nothing valuable can ever be lost by taking time. (Lincoln, I believe).

I held on to the quote not because of who said it but because the message puzzles me. How can one say that? How can one believe it? At first, I was comforted by it - it helped me relax a bit and feel justified by my career change at the age of 28 or so. Yes, I thought, I am taking the time to become more educated. I am making an investment in my future and therefore my daughter's future. A few missed basketball games? No problem. Several nights cramming for finals and not interacting with my family? It will pay off in the end.

But these days I'm not so sure I believe it. Not that I regret returning to school - I don't. But I do question the message of the quote. While certainly the quality of what one produces will almost always increase when more time is spent, something is definitely lost when time is taken.

Time itself is lost. And time is the most precious commodity. It can't be retrieved. It can't be bought. Once spent, it is lost forever. The older I get the more acutely aware I become of the passage of time. I know that is cliche, but it's true. Time truly does fly. I try to live each day with the knowledge that I should make each moment count, despite the fact that I generally feel I don't do a good job making the most of the time I have been given.

Monday, June 21, 2004

Sold Down the River

Thus far in my law school career I have carefully avoided taking any of the UCC courses. I started out knowing that they would bore me to tears and deciding to take only classes on the 'suggested list' that interest me. Following my recent disastrous experience with Income Tax, which I choose partly because I knew it would be a challenge, (was it ever!), I realized that I perform better in classes in which I have an interest. This only cemented my resolve not to take any of the UCC courses.

But more recently I have come to my senses. I realize that having no exposure to these courses will put a huge burden on me come bar review time. I discussed my concerns with some young associates at my summer firm. They agreed that I should take at least one, but preferably all 3, of the courses. After more discussion I settle upon Sales and Secured Transactions.

So I gamely pulled up the fall 2004 schedule to see which course would fit into my schedule. Oh. Neither class is offered. I see.

Now I realize that Commercial Paper is offered. And if I'm not mistaken, one or both of the other UCCs were offered this summer. But I contend that this isn't good enough. We are talking base classes that the school recommends its students take and that will almost surely be covered on the bar. At least 2, if not all 3, of these classes should be offered every semester to give students the opportunity to work the courses into their busy schedules. I was happy with my decision to take these classes, but with only one semester after fall it looks like it may be too late for me to take advantage of it.

Friday, June 18, 2004

I've Got Scoop!

A certain someone may resume blogging again soon. Yay! Walk this way to find out who and to see an absolutely delightful picture.

Coming Attractions*

Sorry for the lack of meaningful substance in my blogs lately. Of course, as indicated by the disclaimer above (Random Thoughts), I never promised anything deep. But my handful of readers seem to appreciate the posts into which I have put a bit of time and thought, so I try on occasion to accommodate.

Summer has been crazy so far, as I have mentioned. Between my full time job at a law firm, very part time job at the hospital, summer class and my position as chauffeur for my daughter it has been busy. Today is my final, tomorrow T and I attend orientation for a summer program she is participating in and then we go straight to a picnic put on by my firm at the zoo. Tomorrow evening I work from 7pm 'til 7am Sunday morning and of course Sunday I will be asleep - probably all day. Monday (a full work day) my edit of a note is due for our law review. *sigh*

Once I get over this hump, things should calm down a bit. I will have no evening class so there will be more time in the evenings to hang out with T and get some stuff done around the house. And hopefully I can devote a little more time to posting. I have some thoughts in mind regarding my summer job, parenting, school, and other things. So stay tuned and I will try to 'kick things up a notch.'

*This title bears no relation to the post below ;)

Honesty is the Best Policy

That platitude is one people love to say but have an extremely difficult time living. I know honest is not a word that comes quickly to mind when one thinks of former president Bill Clinton. But I saw a blurb on the morning news with an excerpt from his soon-to-be-aired interview with Dan Rather. Dan asks Clinton why he had an affair with Monica Lewinsky. Clinton's answer was essentially that he did it because he could, and he admitted that was one of the worst reasons for doing something so terrible. He also said he has thought of many other explanations and psychological reasons, but that none of them truly explain or justify his actions.

He did it because he could. Lots of politicians and people in positions of power do immoral and even illegal things simply because they can. I think that was about the best answer he could have given and though I think what he did was deplorable, he has handled it as well as possible under the circumstances.


I heard the other day that big hair is back. Seems the woman in front of me on the elevator this morning heard the same thing.

Thursday, June 17, 2004


I can't help but feel bad when they make that announcement here at the library that people who have been on the computers longer than 30 minutes must get up and give other people a turn.

I bring my laptop and plug in to one of the many free AC and internet hook-ups. Thank goodness there's no 30 minute limit for me!

Drastic Measures

I'm exhausted. It's been a busy couple of weeks between working, class, the quick trip to Texas, and trying to keep T amused for the summer. My final is tomorrow and when I tried to study at home last night, I fell asleep on the bed with the light on, my calculator on my Moshi pillow, my glasses next to me on the bed and books and sharpened pencils about. T came in and offered to put everything away for me; I told her I'd take care of it and then I slept that way all night.

Tonight, in an effort to stay awake for studying, I offered to take T and a friend to the nearby mall to see a movie. They're at the movies and I'm at the library in the mall. I'm hoping I'd be to embarrassed to lay my head down on the table here and start snoring.

Time to study!

The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

The Good: It's Thursday but I don't have class tonight; last class was Tuesday.

The Bad: I have a final tomorrow night for which I feel woefully under-prepared.

The Ugly: I have gained at least 5 pounds, closer to 10, in the last week or 2. I keep telling myself once I get past this class I will have more time/energy for physical activity/exercise after work this summer. I hope that's true.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004


I took T to the video store after we enjoyed a dinner at our favorite Greek restaurant. While she was deciding what movie to get, I was browsing. I noticed Double Platinum. What in the world? 2 big names starring in this movie and I have never heard of it. I assume it was a big flop, but I'm still surprised I don't remember seeing any ads at all.

The most depressing part was on the back cover where it had an asterisk next to "Academy Award Nominee Diana Ross." The asterisk indicated her 1972 Best Actress nomination for her role in Lady Sings the Blues. I'm sure I'd be milking such an accomplishment for all it was worth, but it'd seem less pathetic if she wasn't spending her glory years making flops and getting arrested.


I was innocently driving to work today. It was pretty early, around 6:40, and I anticipated little traffic on my way into downtown. On Capitol Ave there is a small amount of roadwork north of downtown. There was one of those warning arrows in the middle lane, directing cars to go around on either side. This has been there for a week or 2; it was no surprise. The cars managed their way around it pretty easily.

Once past the detour, however, I noticed several cars (of which I was not one) trying to get into the middle lane all at once. A couple had their blinkers on, a couple didn't. It was sort of comical to watch - like a bunch of ants crowded around a tiny ant hole. One of the cars had apparently gotten stuck behind a parked car in the far right lane (there aren't supposed to be any cars parked in that lane from 6a-9a, but that's a pet peeve for another day.) The cars sorted themselves out and traffic continued to flow. I moved into the middle lane myself, behind a small green car.

All the sudden, the driver of the green car slammed on his brakes. I had to slam on mine to avoid a collision. I was looking around, trying to figure out what he had been avoiding. As his soft-top was very old and the back window all yellowed and cracked, I couldn't see the street in front of the car. He began accelerating again, and so did I. Then he slammed on his brakes again. I realized he was trying to tell me something. I was pissed. I generally drive faster than most on the road with me, but I didn't think I was following this guy too close. And by now I certainly wasn't speeding because he had brought us to a dead stop - twice - and we were approaching a red light.

Ticked off, but willing to forgive, I tried to move into the right lane. Guess what? He sped up and cut me off - purposely staying in front of me. If his problem was that I was following too close then he should have been more than happy that I was no longer going to be behind him. He cut in front of me, dangerously close, and we stopped at the light. I was seething (not to mention yelling and cursing). When the light turned green, he took off slowly and it was clear he was taunting me. I got as close as I dared and then turned right onto a street that would take me completely out of my way.

I didn't trust myself to stay on the road with this maniac. Why on earth would you purposely engage another driver and attempt to enrage them? All I could think was that he was a super control freak. Thank goodness I had the sense to remove myself from that situation and arrive safely at work.

Today's Fear

Electrocution due to standing on my wet carpet while blow-drying and curling my hair.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Not My Week

It's been a hectic couple of days but I am glad to be alive. My flight was scheduled to return to Indy on Sunday evening. We sat on a tiny plane in a small town in Tx Sunday for over 2 hours due to bad weather in Houston (our connecting city). Then they 'deplaned' us and cancelled our flight. Ugh. But better than dying in a plane crash as some dude on the plane who was hopped on goofballs noted for all of us to hear.

So we went back to the ranch (about an hour each way driving) then caught a 5:50am flight Monday morning (meaning I got up at 3:15am). We had a 6-7 hour layover in Houston and arrived in Indy yesterday late afternoon without incident. I was exhausted and frustrated, having missed a day of work including the opportunity to attend oral arguments at the Indiana Supreme Court and then lunch with the panel of Appellate Court judges who heard the argument.

This am I woke up early and tried to get a little work done before sitting in on a deposition all day. I called home in the afternoon and my daughter informed me it was raining into my basement room - my bedroom in my parents' basement which houses all my earthly belongings (aside from a few things in storage.)

Now I'm in accounting, worried about Friday's final, and the Prof, God love him, is trying to teach us new information @ 7:18pm of a class that ends at 7:45pm with a final in a few days. I'm tired. There is a spot on the right at the base of my neck that feels like it has been twisted into about 535 knots. I need Ibuprofen and some sleep.

Saturday, June 12, 2004

Hi Y'all!

Hi from Texas. Had a busy week and left work early on Friday to catch a plane to Texas (with T and J). I'm at my Grandma's ranch in south Texas to celebrate my Tio's (uncle's) 50th birthday. He's having a big bash and lots of family will be in attendance. Flew down with essentially no problems, got in late last night. Slept in a bit this morning and then after a breakfast of danish and tamales walked 5 miles in 90 degree weather on a caliche road.

I won't blog anymore today - I have to shower and get ready - the party is scheduled to start @ 5pm. It's gonna be catered and I imagine the food will include enchiladas and fajitas and I know there will be mucha cerveza. My Tio has planned everything to the last detail and the party is sure to be a blast. I hope to get up early enough tomorrow to walk again before returning home, but I have a feeling I'll be sleeping in :) We catch an afternoon flight back to Indy tomorrow but I do plan to soak up a few more rays before heading to the airport. Check back for a full report on Monday. Adios!

Friday, June 11, 2004

Bush ain't Reagan

Check It Out

Josh has some entertaining yet thought-provoking posts up today. Check it out, if you weren't already planning to do so.

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Professor Admin Would Be Proud

I am glad I took admin law this year. Yes, it bears repeating: I am glad I took admin law.

Yesterday I was researching the meaning of a phrase that had been added to an amended portion of a CFR regarding residential treatment facilities receiving Medicaid and the procedures they must follow when using restraints. The preamble discussed concerns that were submitted during the notice and comment period about the proposed regulations of the interim final rule. HHS itself refuses to issue a definition of the particular phrase at issue for several reasons. I understood all of it, thanks to my excellent training in admin law. Without that knowledge, it would have been a jumble of nonsense.

Today I was dealing with cases involving the issue of exhaustion of administrative remedies.

I know, it's not natural to be excited about this stuff...it's just nice to put something I've learned in school to use.

Ask a Stupid Question...

A 15yo special needs child, Michael, was talking in class and continued to talk after being asked to stop by his English teacher. The teacher asked him to leave the room so Michael went to the neighboring classroom and complained to his math teacher about having been ordered out of class. The not-so-bright math teacher gave Michael a piece of paper and asked him to draw a picture showing how he felt about being kicked out of class.

Hello?!? 15yo boy, special needs student, history of being disruptive, pissed about being kicked out of class. Let's think, folks, what are the chances that the picture this kid draws will be inappropriate? Sure enough, he drew a picture of the school surrounded by explosives with students hanging out of the windows crying for help. He also drew a picture of the superintendent of schools with a gun pointed at his head.

Michael gave the drawing to the teacher who then gave it to the principal. The suspended him and ordered he receive psychiatric evaluation. Lengthy litigation ensued.*

*263 FSupp2d 195

Thrifty or Cheap?

I have a confession. Generally I send the pants and skirts of my suits to the cleaners 2 or 3 times before I send the jackets. They just seem to need it before the jackets do. Pants & skirts get wrinkled from sitting and they tend to get dirtier faster, as well. This is even more true now in the summer heat when I don't wear my jackets outside and thanks to my apparently cold-blooded office mate who keeps the temp jacked up at work, I don't wear them inside much either.

Speaking of Clothes...

My errands yesterday (after dropping T off at softball camp) included a trip to the alteration shop. I recently bought I suit that I really like. It's a 3 piece pant suit and the only problem is that the top doesn't fit me. The pants fit perfectly and the blazer is a touch too big, which is just the way me and my long arms like it. But the top definitely needed altering. I told the guy at the shop it was either get a breast enlargement or get the top altered. We agreed that the alteration was less expensive. (And I told him what Mary told me when we had the same conversation in class - the alteration is a more healthy alternative.)

The other item I left at the alteration shop was a linen vest I bought as part of a skirt and top outfit. I just bought the 2-piece set on sale about a week ago - they are a pretty coral color and would be perfect for our 'casual Fridays' at work. I wore the outfit for about an hour on Saturday running errands. Then we had church directory pictures so I stopped at home to cut a loose thread from the front of my vest. Except that not only did I cut the thread off, I cut a hole right in the front of my vest. So damn frustrating. So I begged the guy to do what he could to hide the hole. (It's near a seam and I suggested extending the seam and then doing the same on the other side - we'll see). Hopefully this will teach me to slow down and be more patient - not likely, though.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004


I used to check site meter about once a day. Then when summer hit, people got busy, I stopped visiting most other blogs, and the quality of my posts went downhill (if that was possible) I noticed my number of readers went down as well. So I stopped checking and actually got to the point where I didn't care whether my numbers were up or down. I probably didn't check for at least a month.

Nowadays I do a spot check every now and then. Today I see that many a visitor has found my site by doing a search for Moshi pillows. (I still love my pillow, as does T!)

I also noticed that I had a visitor from Toiling Midget. Odd. But better than Toileting Midget.

Eggshell Skull

Slept in today, don't really have time to blog. But I did want to share this thought. I pass the Jehovah's Witness Hall (I think it's a hall, right?) about 3 times a week on the way home from work. I always become extra-alert for pedestrians. I don't want to hit one of the members 'cause I know they will refuse a blood transfusion and therefore might be more likely to die. That's all.

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Forget Gay Paris; Visit Gay Philly!

Philadelphia, a city rich in history and tradition, is running a new TV ad aimed at homosexuals and inviting them to visit the City of Brotherly Love. The president of the Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corp, which sponsored the ad, states the ad campaign is an invitation meant to make clear that gays are welcome in Philly because of what the city has to offer and because the city has a strong gay community. "We're not saying it's a gay destination; it's a gay-friendly destination."

A man in the commercial is seen writing a letter by candlelight to his 'dearest beloved,' asking for a meeting at Independence Hall. A scene at the Hall shows the man turn down an interested female and give his bouquet of flowers to his male lover. A gay media group claims it's the first time a TV ad for US tourism has targeted homosexuals.

Best part of the ad? The ending line: "Come to Philadelphia. Get your history straight and your nightlife gay." I love it.

Monday, June 07, 2004


My accounting prof instructed us to write 2 haikus, about accounting, for class on Tuesday. My submissions (unless I come up with something brilliant before Tuesday):

Taking Levy's class
Maybe I can use this stuff
In my real LIFO*


I love to haiku
Who knew this accounting class
Could be my fodder

*LIFO is an accounting term - I hadn't heard of it before this class, so maybe a few of you haven't either.


Sunday was pretty productive for me and T. My parents left in the morning for Texas so we are left to our own devices for a while.

We went to 10:30 mass and then stayed after for a bit to be in the group photo, taken from atop the school building, for the cover of the church directory. After mass (and after a delicious breakfast of chorizo con huevos) I cleaned out my car - including the trunk. Then I walked 3 miles, showered again, and we headed for some errands. We took 5 bulging bags of like-new clothes to Goodwill. The Goodwill store we normally donate to had closed up shop and I just knew I would wind up driving around with those clothes in my trunk forever. But by God's grace we happened upon the new location on the way to the car wash. We dropped off the clothes and headed over to get the car washed, inside and out. What a nice feeling to have my beloved Jetta sparkling clean!

Next we headed out to Galyan's to buy some softball equipment for T 'cause she has softball camp this week. Stopped off at Linens 'n' Things after that so I could buy another free-standing clothes rack on which to hang my clothes (no closet in my basement bedroom). Here we made an undeniable impulse buy. Right as we walked in the store there was a display full of Moshi pillows. They were clearly placed there to catch the attention of customers as they entered the store. T and I did just what they hoped we would - each picked up a pillow and began squeezing and hugging. They are super comfortable, filled with the tiniest of microbeads. We bought 2 - one for each of us - and even asked a salesperson to find a black one in the back for me. (T had snagged 1 of only 2 black pillows. I carried a red one around the store but decided I wanted black instead and by the time we got back to the front the other one was gone.) They were selling like hotcakes; at least I can take comfort in the fact that we weren't the only ones who fell victim to the setup!

Next it was on to Marsh for dinner (Greek salads) and stuff for T to eat for lunch this week now that school is out. After dinner we biked about 6 miles round trip to the softball camp location as T will likely have to bike it herself a couple times this week. Then I paid my bills and read a bit for class before falling asleep.

It's so nice to have a weekend - or any day - where you feel like you have accomplished things. There is certainly always more to do, but chipping away at the To Do list (and boldly crossing out the things I have done) always provides me with satisfaction.

Sunday, June 06, 2004

Generation Gap

Yesterday I told T that Ronald Reagan had died. She said, "Who's Ronald Reagan?" Ahem.

Call Me "Patches"

OK ladies, I need some advice. I have a nice dark denim skirt I bought from Old Navy a year or 2 ago. Almost ankle length, it has a slit in the front seam to about my knees. It's comfortable and perfect for class or any casual occasion.

Now, I don't want to know if the skirt is in fashion or not. I'm willing to be wrong about that. I like the skirt and want to wear it, but I ruined it last year. It has a grease stain, about 2" X 3", just above and to the left of the top of the slit.

My question: can I put a patch there to cover the stain? The stain has been there so long (over a year) I'm sure there's no way to remove it. But I hate to just get rid of the skirt; I barely wore it and I really like it. What about maybe a dark patch, like flowers but in black or dark blue? Since the denim is dark, it wouldn't be super-noticeable unless you were close up.

The fate of my skirt is in the hands of my very few readers.


Contumacious: Obstinately disobedient or rebellious; insubordinate

Please use this word in an complete sentence that illustrates the word's meaning.

*I ran across this word in an opinion I was reading Friday. I had never heard of it - I hate it when that happens.

Saturday, June 05, 2004

The Pope

U can be the President
I'd rather be the Pope

Thursday, June 03, 2004

Lord Hear Our Prayer?

My church treats the prayers of the faithful time a bit differently than most other churches. Any member of the congregation can raise their hand and Father will call on us section by section to stand and announce what we would like everyone to pray for. I have always liked this practice. It's different and it's what I got used to growing up.

Over the years - or maybe as I've grown older I've become more aware of it - people have used this time more and more as soapbox time or to rattle off their rote prayer needs. One parishioner stands up and educates us on the latest happenings in Haiti or in the US political arena. Another routinely prays for something like "for those who in need of prayer, those who have no one to pray for them, and those most in need of God's mercy." Or there's "to always tell someone about the goodness of the Lord."

Don't get me wrong, I don't have a problem with these prayers. But after hearing one of those a dozen times, I get the point. Every member of the congregation could get up and state that. Let's try to keep the public prayers to pressing issues of concern. I begin to feel like it's just the obsessive/compulsive nature of those people, rather than the desire for prayers of the whole church, that compel them to make the same prayer request, verbatim, week after week. They should rest assured that all I have to do is see them out of the corner of my eye at prayer time and I will remember their prayer requests - it's Pavlovian at this point.

One recent repeater has a prayer that has me troubled. "For an end to abortion, capital punishment, and euthanasia." Now I realize that I am Catholic. And that my church is against all those things. I am too, for the most part. But when she prays for those things, what is she really praying for? For an end to the need for abortion, capital punishment, and euthanasia?

Take abortion. I used to be staunchly against it. Now I am still against it but after 7 years working in OB/GYN at the county hospital I could certainly cite a few examples where I would be hard pressed to explain how life was a better option for those children. Perhaps instead of an end to abortion she should pray for more respect for life - all life. Pray for major shifts in the way people treat one another. Pray for major shifts in policy that will truly leave no child behind, and not just empty lip service. Pray for little girls to grow up with endless self-esteem so they will not allow themselves to be used as baby-making machines. Pray that all children, including those abandoned by mothers who don't want them or think they can't care for them, will find safe and happy homes.

Or capital punishment. I'm against this too, though I don't have much of an answer to the argument that I might feel differently if one of the people I care deeply about was brutally murdered. Deb posted about the death penalty recently and my thoughts mostly echo hers. What I think we should be praying for is for our nation to make education a real priority. For our children, all of them, to be fed, clothed, loved, educated, made productive members of society and not embittered desperate criminals. We need to pray for mercy and be merciful. We need to pray for forgiveness, and we need to learn to forgive.

And euthanasia. This is the one that really got me started. I find this fundamentally different than the other 2. What I object most to about abortion and the death penalty is the fact that a human is making a divine decision to end another life. I find the "pro-choice" argument for abortion about the most asinine thing I have ever heard. Take away the baby's choice and give it to the mother. So ironic. Whatever your stance, euthanasia is different in that the person who dies is the one who decides. I just don't see how it is my place to tell someone they have to live in agony, despair, and humiliation because I believe euthanasia is wrong. So what is she praying for here? For euthanasia to end? But what about those people who feel it is their only chance to die with dignity? Who feel it is the only thing in their lives they have any control over? Pray instead for an end to suffering. An end to disease. An end to loneliness and sickness. Pray that all who wind up in situations where they feel like euthanasia is the only answer will find a support system, will find faith, will find some reason to live and will find peace with that decision.

Maybe she is thinking all these things when she makes that prayer request. Maybe she is just keeping it short for brevity's sake and she knows that we will know what she really means. I dutifully answer "Lord, hear our prayer" in response to her request. But inside I am wondering if that is really a prayer I want answered. I am wondering if those nodding their heads in agreement are really thinking about what an end to those things means.


Summer associates at my firm are strongly encouraged to go on an annual canoe trip. I've never been canoeing - at least not in my adult years. The trip is tomorrow and I've been a little apprehensive about it. I'll be with mostly people I don't know. The 2 other summers with whom I am pretty well acquainted aren't going for various reasons. I know one purpose of the trip is to get to know other associates and partners. But I'm not sure a canoe trip is a place I can put my best foot forward. What do I wear? How do I dress for potentially getting dunked in the river but also respectably?

Actually, I think it will be fun. I hope it will. Yesterday's e-mail with directions and reminders for the trip suggested we wear shoes that will not fall off if our canoe overturns. As I don't want to wear my tennies, I decided to get some Teva or Teva-type sandals. First, my Mom has a pair and I tried last night to no avail to squeeze my enormous feet into her pair. I decided I would walk to the Circle Center Mall on lunch today to see what I could find in my size.

I found a pair - at Nordstrom. I'm appalled at the money I will spend for convenience sake. It was the only place I found in the mall that sold those type of shoes. I have class after work and my daughter has several things she wants me to help her with when I get home after class. I just don't have the time/energy to go bargain hunting for the shoes tonight. So I bought them. To the tune of $68. They'd better last my entire lifetime.

Wednesday, June 02, 2004


This morning's pick-me-up on the CD player while driving to work?

Charlie's Angels Soundtrack, with particular attention to:
Destiny's Child - Independent Women
Leo Sayer - You Make Me Feel Like Dancin'
Marvin Gaye - Got To Give It Up
Deee-Lite - Grove Is In The Heart

Anyone out there feel me on this? Even just a little?


I take Capitol Ave south into downtown almost every day; it leads to both my school campus and to the office building where I am working this summer. This morning I passed a woman standing on the bus stop wearing a burgandy uniform. The uniform resembled scrubs that most medical professionals wear in hospitals but it was more tailored and had some detail around the collar and sleeves.

I wondered how the woman feels about the uniform. Does she hate standing in public with it on? Is she proud of it?

The bus stop woman's uniform sends a clear message: I have a job. I have responsibilities and I am living up to them. I am a contributing member of society. I hope she takes pride in those facts as she dons her uniform every day while getting ready for work.

Freak of Nature

Indy has been getting a lot of rain lately. Almost every day for a week or more there has been rain or chance of storms in the forecast; today is no exception.

I am probably in the minority here, a freak of nature if you will, but I like the rain and the storms. I don't want the storms to produce damage - I just like to sit at home, relax, watch the lightening and listen to the thunder through the rain. As a child, I was terrified of thunderstorms. But as I've aged, that has changed. Something about an overcast sky is very soothing to me.

(Sunday's storms - and tornadoes - were a bit much, even for me. That's a story for later when I have more time.)

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

The Shape of You

I often gaze at the hairdos of other women and wonder what possessed them to style their hair in such fashion. Why would someone want a hairdo in the shape of a pineapple? What causes women to mold their hair into shapes resembling upside-down shovels (minus the handle)?

Today it dawned on me that most of these creations are accidents. I don't know why I never realized this before. As I checked out my hair in the bathroom here at work, it was clear to me that I didn't pick this 'do on purpose - it was simply a compromise with my hair, as it is every morning. I try to get it to do one thing, it does something entirely different. And we compromise. This must be how other women wind up with their hairdos. At least, I hope that's how one winds up in public with something resembling a dead poodle on her head.

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