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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Great Big Overflowing Piles of Thanks

Another post dedicated to a friend, this time to former IU-Indy student, now graduated and working in the real world, Lawren.

As some of you know, my laptop is dead. *sniff* But Lawren is helping me keep up and not fall too far behind in notetaking. She has loaned me her laptop! I was able to take Word notes in Trusts and Estates today, which is awesome because that class is fast-paced and full of information.

Thanks again, Lawren! And Happy Blog Anniversary (one day late) to you!

Chuck on My Shoulder

Following the theme of posts dedicated to my pals, this one is about a little shopping trip I took to TJ Maxx this weekend. Now, Chuck doesn't like TJ Maxx, but I do. While I generally don't have the patience to wade through a bunch of crappy stuff to get to the good stuff, (a la Value City), I also don't like to spend much $ on clothes and have more often than not been pleased with TJM prices.

I received a little unexpected $ last week so I hit the store when I had a little time to myself Saturday. I have a good # of slacks, but felt like I needed a few more tops that would work in different settings. I headed for the knits. Almost every time I wear a knit top, I get a nice compliment from Chuck. (Would that he were straight - I've never had such a fan!) I trust his judgment and have begun to think that perhaps knits are flattering to me. As I browsed, I would check out each item and try to imagine what Chuck would say about it. "Perfect, accentuates your curves!" "No way, honey, couldn't even wear that to go antique shopping!"

I pictured a little Chukke on my shoulder, sort of like in SNL skits or something when there's an angel on one side and a devil on the other. Except Chuck is both all wrapped up in one. Thanks, Chuck!!!

Monday, August 30, 2004

For Kelly P.

Last week, in one of my classes, a kid behind me and to my left raised his hand a couple times to volunteer an answer for our prof. As I turned back around from looking at him I noticed something disturbing. No way, that can't be, I thought to myself. I slowly turned around to investigate. Yes, it was true - this boy had his dirty socked-foot propped up on the desk near his laptop and not far from his female neighbor, who looked none too pleased. Blech.

I will admit to occasionally taking my shoes off during class. But only if my feet are clean, and very rarely if I am wearing socks. I keep my toes in shape fit for public viewing and I keep my feet, bare or not, to myself - either on the floor or crossed under me. I quite likely would have vomited if this kid had been sitting next to me and put his stinky dogs near me. Oh, the horror!

Check it Out

Cute caption contest going on over at Josh's site.

Saturday, August 28, 2004

Harried Attorney Loses His Cool

Check out this link (click on "Lawyer in f***ing voicemail scandal). Great stuff.

link courtesy of Waddling Thunder

Friday, August 27, 2004

Jury Deliberations, Part II

Well, clearly none of you budding lawyers were moved to comment on this topic by my post on Wednesday. Nevertheless, I'm completely intrigued by the issue and dumbfounded that courts ruled it would be OK for jury deliberations to be video recorded. And as it's my blog...I'm still stuck on the issue :)

The reading assignment for last night's Evidence class included a bit about what happens at trial, which included a short discussion on jury deliberations.

"The performance of a jury takes place behind closed doors. There it selects a leader and deliberates its verdict. The lines spoken in the jury room, and the performance of individual jurors, are hidden from view. Necessarily hidden as well are the factors that prove persuasive and the personalities that become influential, among witnesses and lawyers, and among the jurors themselves.

This secrecy is intentional. One purpose is to encourage jurors to share their views with one another, a notion reflecting our democratic ideals and faith in the value of free expression and exchange of views - the faith that underlies the First Amendment. Another purpose is to insulate verdicts, both from public scrutiny (which would lead to relentless examination and criticism in the press) and from judicial review (which could have no purpose but to provide additional grounds for reversal). Paradoxically, one reason for such precautions is the widespread belief that jury deliberations may not live up to an ideal of enlightened exchange of views and sifting of evidence, and that the jury as an institution might not survive close scrutiny of its deliberative process."

Indeed, a short discussion with an attorney who has extensive experience in criminal trial litigation, but who has never seen the show, yielded several good points. One echoes the above text and is that a prevailing party would probably not want the deliberative process televised. Questioning juries after a verdict often reveals that they missed the relevant issues altogether and based their decision on some issue or piece of evidence that was only tangentially related to the case. This, in turn, would lead to efforts to overturn the verdict and would likely lead to loss of faith in our jury system. As I mentioned before, if such public information led to beneficial reform of our system of justice, then I would welcome it. I fear instead it would lead to disgruntled citizens who would hold no respect for jury verdicts and who would triple their efforts to avoid serving as jurors.

In addition, the inside of the jury room is (was) one of the few remaining places that has not been made the subject of a TV show, that was insulated from scrutiny by the media. While I admit to a penchant for some reality shows, and I concede that videotapes of jury deliberations would provide reams of valuable information for litigators, this whole culture of "life on display" is going too far. The process of jury deliberation is one that should take place behind closed doors - with no cameras present. Jurors should feel free to speak their minds without fear of judgment from American TV viewers. Having served on a jury myself in a relatively high profile murder case, I can honestly say that the knowledge our deliberations were being taped might have caused me to alter my stance. How the media might portray what goes on in a jury room should be the least of the considerations on the minds of jurors as they deliberate the fate of one of their peers.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

*tear rolls down face*

My computer died today. When I pushed the power button, the lights would come on and it would make the regular powering up noises, and then it would abruptly shut off with a click like it does when the battery is dead and I don't have it plugged in - except I did have it plugged in.

I tried another HP power cord @ Best Buy - no luck. I had a woman there print up my service plan info - she handed it to me and I saw that I had purchased my laptop on August 25th. And the plan expires August 25th. I was aghast. Surely this was a cosmic joke, or at least Candid Camera. "It expired YESTERDAY?!?" I exclaimed out loud. She calmly took the paper from my hand and pointed out that the expiration date is August 25 - 2005. Whew.

I walked around the store hugging my beloved laptop. I visited the computer department and was wooed by a good-looking salesman who could see that I was considering buying a new laptop on the spot.

But I did it - I managed to take a deep breath and convince myself that taking hand written notes for 2-3 weeks would be completely do-able. (Yeah, right.) And I had the service department send my computer to the manufacturer free of charge. If they can repair it, they will do so and return it to me. If not, I will get a new laptop -FREE. But I want mine back. We have a rapport.

Say a prayer for my laptop. Well, maybe it's not a prayer-worthy situation, but at least send good thoughts. I am so thankful that I have only taken notes for 2 class periods thus far on that machine. At least it wasn't the middle of the semester.
Anyone have an old beater laptop I can borrow for word processing purposes only? I'd be eternally grateful.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Pardon My Dust

So, things are under construction - again. I have added my IU Indy cohorts to the blogroll, but still need to add the other blogs I read/admire. Please be patient with me.

A wonderful person set up a bare bones movable type blog for me. I will spend some time playing with that and decide whether I want to stick with blogger or not. Thanks, M@!

In The Jury Room

I admit I only caught the last 20 minutes of this amazing program last night, but I was dismayed at what I saw.

I think this is a horrible idea. I can't for the life of me imagine how the Supreme Courts of these states thought it would be beneficial to allow cameras into jury rooms during deliberations or why attorneys on both sides agreed to the arrangement. While on the one hand I recognize the strong public interest in viewing jury deliberations, among both the lay public and the legal community, I think the possibility that jury members might be influenced by the presence of cameras should outweigh that interest.

My sister's boyfriend, J2, made a good point that perhaps cameras in the jury room would in a sense keep jurors honest. That jurors might make more rational decisions and keep their possible prejudices and biases to themselves in light of the fact that what they say would be broadcast on national TV. Perhaps. But I fear that the knowledge that others will view the deliberations and judge what went on in that room will cause more than one juror to make concessions and decisions that they would otherwise not make if the process was not going to be televised.

Jurors are free to tell their stories once their duty of service is complete. And so it should be. But the courts should work to reduce outside factors that might influence the decision-making process as it progresses, not introduce the ever-present eye of the media into the delicate process.

In addition, I fear that viewers will be blown away by what they see when allowed inside a jury room. There is no scientific method at work. 12 ordinary people hold the fate of another person in their hands. The public may lose a bit of their already shaky faith in our legal system if allowed inside many jury rooms. If that surprise at what takes place leads to beneficial reform of our legal system, I welcome it. But much more likely it would lead only to scorn of the current state of things.

Tuesday, August 24, 2004


I am so frustrated with this *%@! blog. When I make even the smallest of changes, I often lose the whole template without knowing it. All I did was change the color of the stupid NavBar and suddenly the whole template was lost. So I had to re-paste my skin onto the template. And of course I've lost my description, links, and list of blogs. Ugh. I'll try to make the necessary changes tomorrow.


Blogger has apparently made some changes. When I open this blog, the top half of the title line is cut off and there is a 'search Blogger' function at the top left corner and a 'next blog' button at the top right. I don't mind either one, in fact, I prefer them to the advertisement block. But I'm peeved that the title is cut off and I of course have no idea how to fix it or whether I even can.

This may just be the impetus for me to ditch Blogger. I hate to because its generally user-friendly setup is perfect for me since I know very little about HTML or computers in general. I also don't think I should be spending any $ on this hobby. But that's just the problem; you get what you pay for. Which means I am currently at the mercy of whatever changes Blogger wants to make.

Back to 'Normal'

I'm back from vacation. We had a wonderful time hiking in the mountains, shopping in Mexico, hanging out by the pool with family members we don't get to see often enough.

I'll resume posting this week, but probably at a slow pace. I have tons to do to get ready for classes to begin.

Sunday, August 22, 2004


For years, Wall Street Firms have been bastions of sex discrimination, sexual harassment and woman-bashing in general. An excellent article in today's NY Times chronicles a number of abuses and attendant lawsuits by women against such firms as Morgan Stanley, Smith Barney and Merrill Lynch.

In a suit in 1973 against Merrill Lynch, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commision (EEOC) discovered blatant evidence of sex discrimination against women. A test Merrill Lynch gave to applicants included the question, "Which quality in a woman do you consider most important?" The choices were beauty, intelligence, dependency, independence and affectionateness. An applicant received two points for dependency or affectionateness, one point for beauty and zero points for intelligence or independence!!!

The firm entered into a consent agreement with the EEOC and agreed to discontinue that test (WOW!!) and hire more women as brokers---they've never met their hiring goals and in the 10 years from 1995 to the present have only gone from 14% of their brokers being women to 15 %

Is it any wonder women continue to struggle so much in the work world? Sad but true, especially for the Dad of 4 wonderful daughters and an equally wonderful granddaughter.

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Missing "The Gilmores"

There is a great show on the "WB" called "The Gilmore Girls",which is one of the 20 something hours of "must-see" TV my better half and I watch each week during the regular TV season. As Molly, Kelly's Sis says, "You guys watch WAY too much TV". With 4 hours of Law and Order and 3 hours of CSI every week this upcoming season, she may have a point :-)

Anyway, the Mom and daughter on "The Gilmore Girls", while not the same age as Kelly and "T", they are about the same ages apart, hence I long ago dubbed Kelly and "T" "The Gilmores". Well, they've been gone now over a week-----and don't get me wrong, my wife and I have enjoyed our alone-time, but dang----we MISS the Gilmores!!!! It's always so nice having them around----saying hello on the mornings I'm up and going to tennis, chatting when Kelly comes home from work, trying to get a good night kiss out of "T"-----We can't wait to see them on Monday.

Friday, August 20, 2004


Kelly's grandfather (my Dad) has had his share of absurd run-ins with the bureaucracy of late. On his recent trip to California for my little brother's wedding, he left his keys at the airport in Indianapolis. On his return, when he went to check on them, the lost and found person (apparently the only one at the very large Indianapolis International airport) had gone home. He tried calling her a number of times, leaving unreturned messages. Finally, he drove back to the airport.

He was told the "l & f" person was out sick. He asked for a supervisor and finally someone told him they'd check for him. He was asked to describe the item and he said it was a leather key holder with 4 or 5 keys and a medal with a Saint on it. When the "bureaucrat" returned, he asked Dad, "Which Saint is on the medal?" GEEEESH

This week, we tried to apply for a passport for Dad. When we arrived at the Post Office, dutifully carrying the correct filled-out Form DS 11 and his original 1919 birth certificate, the pleasant lady said, no, that wouldn't be sufficient and it would be returned----seems the Passport office only will take a certified birth certificate prepared at a $10 charge at the Department of Health. Needless to say, Dad was disenchanted. Another problem has been that in 1919, his birth certificate was completed erroneously, with an incorrect middle initial, one letter wrong in his surname and a Jr. added. (just for spite??) Believe me, I've spent much of today trying to find out how we're going to overcome that problem.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Wide Open Spaces

For those who have not yet heard, my younger sister is moving to Washington D.C. at the end of this month. While I will be consumed with misery, loneliness, and a small bit of envy, I will mostly be paralyzed with fear for her. Mainly because my sister is just about the most helpless person I have ever met. And the crime in D.C. is bothersome. But mostly I worry just because she doesn't really know how to do much.

Take for example a small dinner party I was hosting in her honor last week.
She was supposed to be delivering her old gas grill to my house so we could cook out. She arrived with said grill in three pieces. While she did know how the lid fit on, she did not know how to hook up the gas. And once the gas was hooked up, she had no clue how to turn the grill on. She had the grill for over 1 year at this time. Now in one year, don't you think a normal person would have learned to turn it on? But no, not my sister! Any time she wanted to use it she would have her neighbor turn it on! The obvious answer of course. Too bad she did not bring her neighbor to the dinner party.

Flash forward to the following day, as we begin our harrowing journey to D.C. to hunt for apartments. We are driving along 70 East which becomes the Pennsylvania Turnpike. It happens to be about the worst excuse for a four lane interstate I have ever seen. For most of the drive it is four lanes crammed into a road bed that is about as wide as my parents driveway with no shoulder and a concrete barrier down the middle. I felt like I was driving along a toboggan run. Then we get to the construction zone. My sister is already so antsy that she swears the road is giving her an ulcer when I see a sign that says "Turn lights on in construction zone. It's the law." So of course being a law student, I want to turn my lights on even though it is the middle of the day and I really don't see what the point is. But some Pennsylvania politician thought it would be a good idea to drive with your lights on in a construction zone so the workers can see you coming right before you hit them. Anyway, so I ask my sister where to turn on her headlights. Her response? "I don't know." What does she mean she doesn't know! "They turn on by themselves" she informed me. She has had this car for two and a half years and has never learned how to manually turn on the headlights.

But finally we make it to the D.C. area and are ready to begin looking at apartments. First my sister decides we need to buy a map of the area. So we buy a little pocket edition street map of the area. She wants me to do the driving, which is fine with me. We find the first two complexes with few problems. Now we are ready to search for the one that she is certain will be apartment gold. Eureka.

We head out and I tell her to start looking at the map and make sure we are going the right way. 20 minutes and 20 feet later (did I mention the traffic problem in the D.C. area? It is equivalent to the entire state of Indiana getting in their individual cars (screw that pesky car pool lane!), driving to 465 and just sitting there. Fabulous, simply fabulous.) she announces "I think we are going the wrong way." So I tell her to look at the map and make sure. As I glance over I notice that she has nothing in her lap. She had put the map and the directions to the apartment in the back seat and was just staring out the window. "I don't know how to read the map" she informed me. At which point I told her "Get the f__king map out and learn how to read it!" She of course starts crying, which is in my opinion about the biggest waste of time unless you have just been dumped or had someone die. It accomplishes little and you sure as hell can't read the Northern Virginia street map through blurry eyes. So I told her to quit that crying and figure out where we were. Which she never did, but thanks to me we found the apartment complex anyway. I assure you, there were no thanks from her.

I guess what worries me the most about my sister is that she seems to have no motivation to overcome her helplessness. These are just three examples in three consecutive days of something she could/should be able to do, but she can't. It took her 18 years to learn how to turn on the washing machine or dryer. She just learned how to use the dishwasher two years ago, she can't sew on a button, or iron, or check her oil or just about anything practical. She is a wonderful person, who has been coddled by my parents and she has always been content with that situation. And here she is, embarking on the adventure of a life time and I worry that these little things will be such hurdles for her that she will be miserable. Perhaps I am over reacting, but that is my job. I have not been a big sis for 25 years for naught.

Now quit your crying dear readers, I'm sure Kelly will be back soon with a better caliber of post then I can produce. Hope you are having fun Kelly!

Tuesday, August 17, 2004


"What would I do with all that time?" "Won't I want to kill my spouse"? "I'd be sooo bored". "I'd have to get another job".

These are a few of the things one hears about the prospect of leaving a job and entering the world of retirement. It only seems like yesterday that I'd get an internal memo and if the word "retirement" was included, it went straight to the round file. But before I knew it the time had come.

So far, it's heavenly. My wife and I can not believe how blessed we are to have each other, our health and our new patio. (where she is currently dozing after reading today's paper, doing the crossword in it and working on the USA Today crossword)
She deserves this rest as she awakened before me, and she worked so hard yesterday getting the house ready for one of my high school buddies and his wife to visit last night.

I slept to just past noon, did the dishes and we're planning on seeing a movie this afternoon. So for us, at least, retirement has been a joy this first year and I have high hopes for many years to come.

Saturday, August 14, 2004

The sub-Standard

We have a neighborhood grocery we use prolifically, but which long ago earned and has since kept the nickname the sub-Standard. (it used to be a Standard grocery) The name was earned mostly because one can almost always rest assured that at least one item on an even very short grocery list will be frustratingly absent from the store.

But this morning's jaunt to the sub-Standard proved even more nerve wracking and blood pressure elevating than usual. When I'd gathered my few items, some tortilla chips, Rotel chilis and tomatoes (for my wife's wonderful "meaty bean dip" for today's reunion) and a 22 pound bag of ice, I approached the check out lanes. The 1st lane had only 2 people and the only other lane had about 8, so naturally I got into the shorter line. I quickly discovered why it was short-----there was a register malfunction (not uncommon at the sub-Standard) and the manager was futilely working to fix it.

When I realized the completeness of the futility I started to head to the longer line. Simultaneously, the manager called to a worker to open the "express" lane. I quickly moved in that direction and was a happy 3rd in line. (I even had initial hopes the 2 people in front of me were a couple, but alas, no) The elderly gentleman was processed quickly and when I noticed the similarly older woman next in line had only a half gallon of my favorite butter pecan ice cream, I believed I was out of there well ahead of most of the longer-line poor souls.

Ooooops, my butter pecan friend asked the checker for cigarettes. Well, the sub-Standard apparently only has one key to the locked-up gold-like smokes, and the checker couldn't find it. Finally, he located it and came back to double check the lady's preferred brand. Of course, (in keeping with the long tradition) they didn't have the long type of her brand---would the short type do? She then decided she needed two packs and off she tooled to find the checker at the cigarette lockup.

Most of the other people in the earlier long line had now left, but more kept filling it up, precluding my switching back. When the checker finally rang her up, I turned briefly away, and when I looked back her ice cream and cigarettes were on the counter, but she was nowhere to be seen. The checker looked at me sheepishly and he said, "She went to her car---she didn't have enough money". My ice looked ominously like it was developing a sweat.

By the time she tooled back in, all of the people who'd been in line previously and a number of others had gone merrily on home. She handed the man the dollar she'd retrieved from her car, only to be told that she now had $12.00 of the $12.98 she needed for those cancer sticks. So, back out to the car she went. I'd finally resigned myself to taking deep breaths and doing my best to remain calm----I will, after all, be that lady's age in the all-too-soon future.

She finally left and I thought I would now be on my way-----uh oh----I'd forgotten the legacy of the sub-Standard. One of the bags of chips I'd selected had been sliced open at some point, so the checker had to call for Bobby to come up, look at it, and go and retrieve another. I think Bobby took his break while on this quest. He finally returned, I paid and the checker apologized for my wait.

The sub-Standard maintained it's well-deserved reputation another day.

In Toastmasters, the 1st speech is a brief introduction of oneself, so I thought I'd do the same with my 1st post as one of Kelly's guest bloggers. Also, I feel as tho' I know some of you from your comments. I'm honored to be chosen.

The one rule Kelly gave me to be a guest blogger was I'm not allowed to shower her with accolades and tell you all about how wonderful she is, so please don't take the absence of same to mean I'm not an exceptionally proud father. She didn't give me a rule not to be boring, but I'll try and self-impose that one, if possible.

My 2 proudest things in life are my beautiful brilliant wife, with whom I shared our 31st anniversary on Saturday, (she has already achieved sainthood) and my equally b & b 4 daughters and "T" (Victoria).

We're very recently retired and like to travel. I play tennis 3-5 times a week and try to get in a weekly golf outing with my Dad. We love the movies and playing all sorts of games. We're in a number of groups surrounding the game playing like our Trivial Pursuit gang, wherein every other month my high school buddies and I try to win the six pie pieces before our spouses. We like eating at Mexican restaurants and 4 and 5 star restaurants.

Today we're going to my 40th high school class reunion. I graduated from the now-closed Latin School, a prepatory school for the Catholic priesthood. Obviously, I didn't persevere in that endeavor. I know a 40th high school reunion is unimaginable to you oh-so-young readers, but when yours gets here, remember back to today when I told you how very soon it would actually arrive.

Hope I haven't put anyone asleep. It's eerily quiet here at midday on a Saturday, I guess a precursor of the empty nest I'm not looking forward to. Have a great day


I'm headed to AZ in the morning - actually, in 4 hours. It's been a long week and if I make it safely on the plane (and safely to my destination) I'll be happy. Just after midnight and I still have to pack. I think it's gonna be an all-nighter. Myself, T, my sister J and her man J2 will head to the airport around 4:30am. I'm looking forward to some sun and relaxation!

I've asked some wonderful people to guest blog for me in my absence. Be sure to check in to see what they have to say; I know you'll be as kind to them as you are to me. See ya'.

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Nerd Alert

Just thought I'd let you know that our fall classes are currently available on Oncourse. Some instructors have even posted required texts and assignments for the first day of class. Yay! Yes, I'm excited about the new semester. I will admit, however, that my excitement was tempered a bit when I saw the first T&E assignment. Back to the grind soon...

Well Said

..."keep all the fags out of the wedding chapels, too."

Loyal readers, read the linked post before you freak out.


Currently on LaunchCast as I study for the MPRE: Paul Simon's Cecilia.
Great song.

At the Movies

As I mentioned, my family and I saw The Bourne Supremacy on Saturday. I don't do movie reviews - we liked it, and you don't have to remember (or have seen) the first one to enjoy this one. It's a good movie if you're looking for something entertaining with action. Violence was minimal if I recall, though there was a suicide scene I found jarring.

No review here, just a couple funny moments from the theater. There was a woman apparently suffering from OCD sitting behind me and T. She and her husband smuggled in some Diet Rite of their own to drink with the movie popcorn they bought. At one point, he asked her what time it was and her response was "twenty-two 'til eight." I cracked up. Twenty-two 'til? I can sympathize with not rounding, I guess, but it still seemed odd. And the movie was scheduled to start at 7:45, so her answer wasn't really even geared toward letting him know how far we were from movie start. I'm easily amused at times.

On the way into our particular movie, I'd noticed the marquee above one of the other entrances. It read: Little Black Bo. I was a bit surprised and instantly curious as to the premise of the movie. It crossed my mind that it might be short for something else, but the only thing that came to mind was Little Black Boy. I wondered why I hadn't heard any scuttlebutt about a movie title with such potential for controversy. I pointed it out to T, who informed me that the movie was Little Black Book. Whew.

Mom likes to watch the credits down to the last copyright symbol. So we sat after the movie and watched the credits roll, while 4-5 movie theater employees (young boys) cleaned the aisles and essentially gave off vibes that they wished we'd leave. On our way out the narrow corridor, T and I passed a kid who'd just thrown something away, was headed back in to continue cleaning, and was steadily rapping at normal volume. His rap included references to "pimp" this and "bitch" that. I won't pretend T has never heard such words. And we had just come from a PG-13 movie with violence and 'brief language.' But I was offended and didn't think this kid should be able to carry on that way in front of customers. Which is just what I told the manager. I think T was mortified - by me, of course.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Little-Known Basketball Fact

Former Pacer Wayman Tisdale is a respected jazz musician. Yesterday, I caught some of a Tony Cox interview with Tisdale on NPR. Tisdale discussed his musical career and his newest album, Hang Time. They played a bit of the title track and it was nice - smooth jazz with a bit of funk.

Hang Time is Tidale's 6th album. His father bought him a Mickey Mouse guitar when he was very young. The guitar started out with 6 strings, but in time there were only 2 left and so Tisdale was only able to play the bass parts. He's been a bass player ever since.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Peer to Peer Network

I'll be adding this blog to my blogroll as soon as I get a chance. Insightful, intelligent, and, like me, - a mother! (She'll be headed to law school in 2005).

Walk On

I've been walking 2-3 miles at least 3 times a week for about 2-3 months. I have also been trying, for the most part, to make healthier food choices. In addition, I have some hand weights I have been using to try to tone my arms - though I admit I don't use these as regularly as I should.

What to show for it all? I've gained weight. Some of this I attribute to the fact that I went to lunch with attorneys at work relatively frequently this summer. I ate a good-sized lunch way more often this summer than I normally would during the school year. But one might think my increased activity level would, if not counteract this increased intake, then at least balance it out. Nope.

So, I'm getting frustrated. I try to tell myself that if I hadn't been walking, things would be worse. I'd have gained even more weight. My metabolism must really be slowing down in my old age. Is the walking really doing me any good? Tommy says the goal should be making changes to my metabolism - which will take a long time. But he also mentioned a recent study showing that the often recommended exercise "3 times a week for 30 minutes" is really not adequate for losing weight or getting in shape.

Excuse Me, Miss?

On my (just shy of) 3 mile walk this morning, a family with a new college student stopped me as I walked through Butler's beautiful campus. Did I know where Robertson Hall was? Ah, sounds familiar but I had to make my apologies. (I should have directed them to the Welcome Center, but by the time I decided on that, it was too late because I had long passed them).

So, the question is: did they think I was a college student who would know where things were on campus?

Most likely answer: they thought I was an assistant professor out for my daily constitutional!

Monday, August 09, 2004


I bought an HP before 1L year. I had never owned a laptop, and I resisted getting one for school purposes because I was unfamiliar with taking notes by any method except handwriting. I started 1L year taking notes by hand. Very early into that 1st semester, I decided to give the laptop a try. I've never looked back. I realize that millions of students before me have successfully completed law school without a laptop - or any other kind of computer for that matter. Nevertheless, I can scarcely imagine sorting through, organizing, and learning the voluminous amount of information we receive in each class without my trusty laptop.

I've been lucky in that I haven't had too many problems with mine. In fact, the only problems I've had have been of the virus sort. Twice now, (maybe 3 times), I've had to back up all my info, clear my hard drive, and rebuild it using the disks provided when I bought the computer. Lucky for me, this has worked like a charm each time. Now I think it's time to do it again.

My computer informs me I have a virus again. I did very well for a while downloading the latest virus protection updates. But somewhere between studying for finals and running myself ragged working my summer job along with taking a summer class, I slacked off on the protection and caught a computer bug. Thus far, I haven't noticed any problems. But I'd hate to get deep into the semester and encounter problems that caused me to either lose info or not be able to take notes.

So tomorrow I'm saving all the data I want and then clearing out the hard drive again. I think the worst part will be my favorites. The number of sites, mostly blogs, I have added to my favorites since the last time I had to de-bug has grown. I don't know an easy way to save all the URLs so I can replace them when my system is ready to go again. Wish me luck!

Blog Lull

Yes, there has been a bit of a "blog lull" as my Dad put it. I had been thinking of it as a "blog slump", but I think lull is more descriptive of the pause in posting.

No real reason for the lull, other than things keeping me tied up for a few days.

Last Thursday was great - a bunch of my friends and I checked out salsa night at the Jazz Kitchen. As you may recall, I had been once before with my sister - but I had never tried the lessons. This time, several of us met for dinner (which was delicious - I recommend it for anyone who hasn't tried it) and then stuck around for a free salsa lesson and a bit of dancing.

We had a great time. The lesson and dancing were fun, but I need MUCH more practice!!! Not to mention that us 'working stiffs' got tired pretty early and checked out around 10pm.

Friday was my last day at work. I spent the day finishing up my last project, cleaning out my desk, and saying goodbye to the associates and partners with whom I had worked this summer. My summer position was a great experience. The attorneys are friendly, willing to give advice, and obviously dedicated to their jobs. I found the actual work to be much more interesting than I had anticipated and I think I would fit in well at the firm. Offers go out toward the end of August - I will keep my fingers crossed.

Friday night the summer associates (9 of us) and several attorneys from the firm hung out at the Distillery after work. It was relaxing and we were able to kick back and let our hair down after 3 months of working hard to make a good impression. My officemate, IL (short for Ivy League), and I had a blast yuckin' it up and re-living our favorite summer office moments. I'm so glad I was 'stuck' in an office with him this summer and I hope we both get to return to the firm and work together again.

Saturday I worked a short shift at the hospital, caught up on some rest, and had dinner with my family at Mama Corolla's. It's a wonderful small Italian restaurant near Broad Ripple, another must for those who haven't been. After that, The Bourne Supremacy. Good movie - very entertaining. I was worried I'd be lost since it had been a while since I'd seen the first one (The Bourne Identity). No problem - the story stood mostly on its own and they did a nice recap of the first installment anyway.

Yesterday after church my family and I went downtown to walk along the canal a bit. We had lunch at the Distillery and then spent about an hour on the canal in a paddle boat built for 4 (there were 5 of us). The weather was beautiful and we had fun hanging out together. In the evening, T and I set out to Putt-Putt on the west side of town. What I had forgotten was that the Brickyard had let out and traffic would be horrible. We got stuck in traffic and the normally 20 min drive took about an hour and 15 min. No problem, I thought. After all, I called Putt-Putt around 7pm and asked what time they closed that night. "Ten o'clock" the guy told me. Despite the traffic, we arrived in plenty of time for a couple rounds - 8:25pm. Except the guy had just locked the doors. Ugh. I stuck around, waiting for him to leave, and asked him why he closed early after telling me he'd be open 'til 10. He cited the lack of customers and offered to open back up so T and I could play. I declined - wouldn't that have been awkward. I did ask him why he didn't indicate on the phone that he might close early. He claimed it wasn't dead at the time and plus, it had 'been quite a while' since I called. Well, yes it had. As a matter of fact, I had been stuck in traffic all that time. So, we were out of luck but are planning to try another night this week.

Today I am studying for the MPRE. Haven't sat and studied for a while - need to get back into the groove. This evening I'm taking T with me as I give shots to kids at a fire station on the west side of town. Should be fun.

I plan to get back to more regular posting this week.

Thursday, August 05, 2004

Shots for Tots

Next week I get to participate in Marion County Health Department's "Shots for Tots" program. The MCHD arranges for parents to receive free immunizations for their kids before the start of the school year. Due to a vaccine shortage, free shots were unavailable for the past 2 years. But the program is once again up and running this year. Check out an immunization schedule or call your pediatrician to see if your child needs back-to-school shots.

I will be one of the several nurses at one of the designated locations who actually administers the shots to the children. It can be difficult for the kids, but most of them are very brave about it. This year the MCHD provided a little PowerPoint presentation of info for us nurses. My favorite tip was along the lines of "Never apologize to a child for providing an immunization." Excellent point. Natural reaction might be to apologize to the for 'hurting' him, but all kids (and adults) need to understand the importance and benefits of proper immunization.

A Quick Little Stick So You Don't Get Sick!!!

Signs and Symptoms

'Sticking' with the nurse theme, here's a sure sign that the woman (or man) in the (public) restroom with you is a health care professional: she washes her hands, leaves the water running while drying them, and then uses the paper towel to turn off the faucet. I get the strangest looks from people sometimes. Who are they, the water conservation police? They should be more worried about those who don't wash their hands at all. Sheesh.

Wednesday, August 04, 2004


I resolve, after posting this, not to check any blog nor check my (school) e-mail until noon. For many, this may sound like an easy task while for others, it may sound as nearly impossible as I think it will be.

I decided upon both e-mail and blog so that in case I fail in my mission, perhaps I can claim some vestige of success if I fail as to only one of them.

We are entering the home stretch as summer associates here at 'my' firm. Friday is my last day. It's amazing to me how fast the summer has flown. I plan to work diligently this morning and am hoping to be able to stick to that plan. Anyone else going to join me and resolve to do the same today?

I'll check back in around noon. ;)

Update: I did it! Not even one slip-up. I admit I checked online weather a few times, but I wanted to see when the second round of morning rain or storms was arrving. And I did turn on Launchcast, but not until after 10am. It wasn't so bad, but I don't think I could do it every day - back to the grind for now.


This morning when I stepped outside to come to work the atmosphere was perfect. It was several minutes before the skies would open up and the storms would start in earnest. The air was still and clear; there was nearby rolling thunder and gentle flashes of lightning. It wasn't raining but there was no mistaking that it would be very soon.

I got in my car, opened the sun roof, and sat there to enjoy the can't-be-duplicated anticipation of an approaching storm. Excellent.

Recent Searches

Here are some interesting recent searches that led people to my blog.
  • The ubiquitous "moshi + pillow." I had no idea that would lead to such traffic.
  • "Lifesavers + new + flavors." They should stick to the traditional stuff.
  • Google search: "taping + catheter + to + scrotum." Ouch! I got nothin' here, except I highly recommend against it.
  • AOL search: "women + carrying + babies + past + 11 + months." Glad I can be of service here. Women do not carry babies for 11 months. I checked out Guinness online to be sure there's no record of this; all I could find was that the longest interval between the birth of two children to the same mother is 41 years 185 days. My goodness. Shortest interval between births? 208 days - busy year.

Tuesday, August 03, 2004


Robin described an experience she had this weekend with a rude woman at the grocery store. Which got commentors to talking about how people in Indy are quite rude. I was a bit surprised, not because I disagree, but because I have often heard visitors to our city or state talk about how nice everyone is - Hoosier Hospitality, ya' know.

But maybe things are changing. It reminded me of my weekend. T and I went to the pool near our house. It's a club at which you have to be a member, but it gets very crowded on nice days in the summer. For various reasons, we didn't arrive until around 1pm. The problem with arriving this late in the day is that chances of scoring one of the multi-colored wooden decks that circle the enormous pool are slim.

All the decks and all the individual chairs, chaise-style and otherwise, were taken. When I was very young I wouldn't have dreamed of asking someone if I could share their deck with them - how embarrassing. Today, I would. But there was only one potential candidate - where less then 1/2 the deck was being used. And since the 'owners' weren't present, I didn't want to be so presumptuous (read rude) as to plop myself down without their consent.

So I found one lone deck at the very end of the row - completely in the shade (I was hoping for a little "tan maintenance"). I deposited my stuff and T and I went off to eat lunch. When we returned, we did another quick survey of the area and to our surprise found an empty deck in the sun. Yay!

I got settled and T went off to swim. Probably 15 minutes later, a man and a girl that appeared to be his daughter came over and proceeded to make themselves comfortable on 'my' deck. They were sweaty from playing tennis and they began removing their clothes, in preparation for a swim I suppose. He never once made eye contact with me. He didn't give a sheepish grin, didn't pantomime sitting on the deck to gauge my reaction, and certainly didn't ask if I minded if they shared.

I was irritated, to say the least. Most annoying was that I had purposely been patient and avoided being rude to anyone and now this guy was being just that. T came back, giving me questioning looks and mouthing "Who's that?" and "Did he ask?" I answered loudly "I have no idea" and "No, he didn't."

Monday, August 02, 2004


1. Are you taking the MPRE this August?
  • (a) Yes, I'd like to get it over with as soon as possible
  • (b) No, I'm putting it off as long as possible.
  • (c) What's the MPRE?

2. Have you started studying for the MPRE yet?

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