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Thursday, September 30, 2004

You'll Get No Debate From Me

Professor Cooper has spam troubles. Which means readers can't comment on his blog. So I'll just say here: I share his gloom.


So I'm torn regarding what to do about this blog. For a while now I've been thinking I would rather have an anonymous blog. Not because there are things I want to say that are so horrible I'd have to do it anonymously, but just because such a blog would allow me to post on any topic I wish, with no worry that someone will be shocked, hurt, or offended. And what if I did start a new blog? Would I quit this one? Try to keep it running? How would I ensure people wouldn't put 2 and 2 together? On some anonymous blogs, readers seem to think it's a sport to try to figure out the blogger's identity. And if I switch, should I tell those close to me about the new site - or is that certain to cause revelation of my identity in the future?

As I consider making this change, I think about the blogs I read and their authors. Some of my favorite blogs at the moment are anonymous: The Uncivil Litigator being a perfect example. That blog also illustrates one of the top reasons I think I should make the switch. I'll be (God willing and I pass the bar) working next year. As a lawyer. At a relatively big firm. With important clients. And numerous attorneys. I would love to be able to post about my experiences without fear of rubbing someone the wrong way, or, God forbid, divulging something confidential.

But I have several friends who post, as I do, under their own names. Josh and Chuck come immediately to mind. I like both of these blogs for different reasons. Josh is a wealth of knowledge on several topics including religion and politics. He doesn't need to post anonymously and having his name out there furthers his political aspirations. Chuck is Chuck - one of a kind. Shock is the name of the game at his blog - he enjoys it and so do we, his readers.

So I guess I have to ask myself what the purpose of this blog is. Is it for me? Is it for others? Is it for something else? Maybe once I pin that down, I can make a well-reasoned decision about whether to go underground in the blogging world.

The Apprentice - One Night Early

So I caught last night's Apprentice, despite being exhausted (I did manage a little nap before it began - I am just feeling worn out this week for some reason).

Honestly, I don't have much to say about it. Jennifer C. was voted off and probably deserved it. While I admit conflict among contestants is part of the appeal, seemingly 80% of last night's show was the women bitching at each other - enough already!!!

I heard on the radio this morning that ratings for the reality shows as a whole have been dropping. Could it be that I'm outgrowing my affair with these shows? Say it isn't so. While I won't pretend the shows I like (Survivor, The Apprentice, The Real World - ok, even The Newlyweds, though I haven't seen an episode in months) have any educational value or add any enrichment to my life, I just enjoy watching them. I think it is the guilty pleasure of a continuous hour of mindless entertainment. We all have to let our minds rest sometime. And for me, the reality shows are a good escape.

I'd honestly hate to think I'm losing interest in these silly shows. They are so simple, so easy to digest in a sitting and feel as though I've truly gotten a break from everyday worries.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Presidential Debate - Behind the Scenes

We could all probably guess that much preparation goes into presidential debates. Here are some behind the scenes rules and regulations that are in place for tomorrow night's debate, culled (not by me!) from 32 pages of a 'memorandum of understanding':

  • Candidates can take notes with whatever paper and pen/pencil they wish, but those items have to be OK'd prior to the debate by the Commission on Presidential Debates.
  • The commission will hold onto the paper & writing instruments until debate time and will place them on the podiums for the candidates. What's going on here - fear that they will bring a cheat sheet cleverly disguised as an ink pen? Sounds like high school.
  • Candidates cannot use steps or risers or anything that will make them appear taller than they really are. Hee hee.
  • When a candidate is speaking, that's when he, and he alone, will be in the TV shot. Ah, no shots of Kerry with Bush's prized soccer/national security moms in the background, and no shots of Bush with clapping minorities who have removed their ties.
  • TV cameras are to remain locked in place - they can tilt or rotate as necessary, but that's it.

Makes me think our moot court participants should come up with some preliminary groundrules. I suggest the following:

  • Opposing parties must coordinate color and type of suit. Thus, 2 females arguing against each other must both wear blue skirt suits, for example, or black pant suits.
  • The 4 participants to a given argument should mutually agree to argue only policy points and no case law. As a matter of fact, they should agree not to read any of the cases at all - that way if one of them goes down, they all go down. This would have worked better last year when the participants weren't required to write a brief before oral arguments began.
  • Agree to lavish love and appreciation upon Moot Court board members! (this one's for Amanda)
  • No ass-kissing of the judges - especially before the argument begins. Sit down, shut up, review your argument until time to begin, and do your networking/schmoozing at some other function!
  • If one person is just doing a horrible job and the entire room has broken into a cold sweat of sympathy and wishes he/she would just be quiet and sit down, that person should be allowed to do so - immediately!!! Note to participants: please practice your argument - at least once - have mercy on everyone else in the room, would ya'?


My drink: Jack and sour.
Now with 3% less alcohol.

Go here for more information. Go here to sign a petition of protest. (This means you, Dad!)

Lawren and M@ were way ahead of me.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Looming Threat

I am hurriedly trying to finish my Evidence reading before this evening's class. I can't seem to focus. This is partly due to the shooting pain in my back referred to earlier this morning. And I forgot to mention that my allergies are bothering me today, but they have given me a break for about the last hour. Just now, the Lexis rep came into the computer room where I was reading to give a 'private session in the company of other students quietly studying' to a 2L.

But the biggest distraction is the Bar. That infamous exam I have to take once I graduate. I attended an IBA session at lunch time which covered what I need to know to start preparing for taking the Bar in the summer of 2005. It was a good presentation, most notably providing us with a calendar of the bar review course which runs from May 23 - July 12. Most surprising, the room was 1/3 full of 1Ls. 1Ls? Seriously, this seems a bit much. I have a friend or 2 who attended last year, as 2Ls, which means they are more organized than me and better able to retain that kind of info. But 1Ls? Come on, they don't really need this info. They'll forget it, requirements may change between now and when they graduate, they may not even graduate. (And they ate almost all the damn pizza - pizza police!)

So now I have visions of 2 months, give or take, spent studying for the bar. Ugh. Not inviting at all. And totally counterproductive to the pressing task at hand - reading for class. Must to concentrate!!!

Bonus: IBA gave out free bar review pens. I took 2. But they are blue ink - I don't like blue ink - that's what I get for being greedy :)

Ruby Tuesday

I like the song.

I don't like the restaurant.

Rocky Start

I'm sleepy. I slept funny on my neck and now have a muscle cramp in my lower neck/upper back. I was for some unknown reason running late this morning and so brought my makeup to school (must to get a parking space!) and applied it in the bathroom. I have a ton of stuff to do today. Wah!

Monday, September 27, 2004

Most Embarrassing Class Moment

My most embarrassing class moment was last year - I think it was 1st semester. We were sitting in an early morning class and my cell phone began to ring in my purse. I was mortified. This was the only class I'd had whose Prof included a "technology policy" in her syllabus. It basically said there should be no ringing phones in her class and no beeping coming from laptops. And of course, it took me 3 or 4 rings to actually dig the damn thing out of my purse and stop the ringing. Worse still, I stopped the ringing by opening and closing the phone - thus hanging up on the person calling. Who was calling? A partner at a firm with which I had recently interviewed. Smooth move, Scanlan.

I'm guessing one or more of you can top this embarrassing class moment.

Friday, September 24, 2004

Keepin' it Real

I thoroughly enjoyed last night's dose of reality TV. As mentioned in the post below, I don't really have time to fill you in on all my observations from the latest episodes of Survivor: Vanuatu and The Apprentice. Suffice it to say that I'm not super interested in Survivor just yet because it's so early in the season. It's hard to get worked up about the folks who get voted off at this stage. I even missed most of the plotting and scheming 'cause I was flipping channels. As for Apprentice, Maria should've been voted off last night and Ivana should have at least been in the board room!

Now for best quotes from last night's episodes
  • "I'm too simple. I just belong on the farm." - Dolly, after she got voted off Survivor, explaining how she isn't cut out for the game and that she's just a simple farm girl. How long before we see this simple farm girl on the pages of Playboy?
  • "I don't need a person that's got a problem working for me." - The Donald, after firing Stacie J. on Apprentice. Really, Donald? I'm guessing 99% of his employees have 'a problem.' Not to mention he's got a problem or 2 himself.

Gettin' Out of Dodge

So I was sitting in the basement going through a LARC brief written by a 2L friend of mine. I heard a helicopter overhead. Then I heard it again. And again. I went upstairs to see if I could get a look at it - no luck. I turned on the TV and heard the breaking news: a Butler University security officer had been shot in the parking lot of Hinkle Fieldhouse and the suspect was armed, dangerous, and on the loose. (The university's campus is a few blocks from my house).

Needless to say, I' m not too thrilled that I'm home alone at the moment. Helicopters continue to circle, when I look out the window I see a Sheriff car with flashing lights at every corner. It's a small taste of what it would be like to live in a 'war zone' - and a bitter taste at that.

So, I'm out of here. I've got class soon and need to get to campus anyway. Say a little prayer, if you are so inclined, or at least send out sympathetic thoughts for the family of the security guard - the 31 year old was pronounced dead at a downtown hospital at 11:08am.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Get a Job - Part I

Jobs I've had:
  • Babysitting (as a teen). Kinda funny I did so much of this because kids drive me crazy; I have no patience for most of them (not even my own, poor thing!)
  • Scooping ice cream at the local ice cream place. Loved this job and the owners loved me. They taught me how to make and decorate ice cream cakes - I can always fall back on that skill if needed.
  • Scooping ice cream for my employers (above) at the mobile unit out at the Indiana State Fair. I have vivid memories of Hoosier hicks singing "Achy Breaky Heart" and walking around wearing complete outfits covered with painted handprints and bearing the words "U Can't Touch This."
  • Sales associate and inventory manager (talk about embellished titles!) at a computer store that built, repaired, and sold new and used computers. I know all about your motherboard, RAM, sound cards, mini towers, etc... And I might even be able to build a computer - hope you don't expect it to run.
  • Home Health Aid. This job was fun - for a while. I met so many different elderly people in the city of Indianapolis - people from all different backgrounds and walks of life. The job was profoundly enlightening due to time spent talking with my patients. As for the tasks I performed, I was little more than a glorified housekeeper. Best perk = getting paid just to spend the night (yes, sleep) at patients' houses. Worst assignment ever = sleeping on a patient's couch and waking up to find roaches crawling on me. That's when I quit.
  • Registered Nurse on the labor and delivery unit of the county hospital here in town. I loved this job. Nothing could be better than getting paid to assist with deliveries. (But once even the miracle of birth became somewhat 'routine,' I knew it was time to move on!)

Note to Chuck

Me = 30 years old *wince*

Kate Jackson = 55 years old

Seriously, Chuck, I'm flattered - all except for the age thing!

Wednesday, September 22, 2004


Do you ever get the creepy feeling that your life is the subject of some over-dramatic Lifetime movie and you are the main character? And that even the background music around you (on the radio; on TV; coming through the phone when you are on hold) would make the perfect soundtrack for said movie?

Just wondering.

Yes, Yes I Did

I tripped on the sidewalk at a busy downtown intersection today. My excuse? I was staring at a man on the corner who was talking to 2 women. I thought it was Vern Yip.

You've Gotta See This

If you haven't already, hop over to Lawren's and check out Cybil. Fabulous.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Don't Think; Just Write

I uttered the above words to my daughter last night as she struggled to produce a 5 paragraph 'essay' about the story Flowers for Algernon.

We were side-by-side on the living room couch, each charged with a fair amount of 'homework' (she because she missed 2 days of school last week and I because such is the nature of law school!) and doing our best to complete it. Occasionally I would glance over at her, only to find her staring off into space. "T, do your homework" I would command. "MOM, I'M THINKING!!!" she would respond. Obvious Mom retort: Don't think - Just write!

Would that it were that easy. Despite my harsh orders, I am actually all to familiar with feeling like I have no idea what to write next. The ghastly feeling can cause simple blogger's block but can also cause more serious trouble when associated with tasks such as 'homework', memos, briefs. T made a valiant effort and I insisted on bed at a decent hour - she is recovering, after all. Someone could definitely make a pretty penny by discovering the cure for writer's block. I'd buy a lifetime supply.

Prada Tricks

Reaction from people on the street to this new fashion fad.


Josh says something this morning that I was just saying yesterday:

Among academic circles I'd be embarrassed to say I haven't read much of Francis Fukuyama.
Me, too Josh! *giggle*

Monday, September 20, 2004

Maybe I'll Just Sit

I often think about the phrase "If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything." It sounds good - it's short, to the point, and drives home the message that one must stand firm in one's values and convictions in order to resist being duped or sinking to low levels.

But, as with most things in life, it really isn't that simple - is it? In the current frantic climate as we approach November's elections, I keep coming back to this idea. People all over - students here at the school, bloggers, members of mainstream media - seem to be dead set in their political positions. What disturbs me about this is the extreme partisanship I have noticed. Is it just me? Or are people bitterly divided, more so than in the past, across political lines?

Perhaps I notice it more because I feel moored somewhere in between, and in the past, I have felt firmly rooted somewhere to the left of center. My parents are Democrats. I have always considered myself one, as well. And yet, I disagree with many stances taken by the Democratic party and most Dem candidates. I've heard a classmate or 2 state that they have become more liberal since entering school. I think the exposures I've had at school to new people and new ideas have had the opposite effect on me. And yet, I am no where near declaring that I am a Republican. Far from it. I am confused (and under-educated) on a variety of issues that divide the 2 main political parties.

What puzzles me the most is how often I feel like the only person in this middle category. So many people are ardent supporters of their political parties - I'm just amazed that things are so clear for them. That they can defend their positions with such gusto and seemingly without any doubts. Unfortunately, when people 'discuss' issues with such fervor, I don't think any progress is made. No one seems to be keeping an open mind or leaving room for compromise or middle ground.

I pride myself on being open-minded. I listen to both sides of a debate and try to truly understand where each side is coming from. While I think this is a good approach, I guess where I falter is in the final analysis. I am horribly indecisive - which is, I suppose, why I find myself in this 'no man's land' of politics. While I certainly don't think that's a better place to be than to the far right or far left, I am left wondering what I'm missing. Why do I think the issues that divide the nation are complex, intricate things that require more than shouting and yelling, more than finger-pointing and candidate-bashing? I see important issues that require discussion, open minds, trade-offs, and balances. I think people are confusing listening to what the other side has to say with "falling" from their own stance.

Sunday, September 19, 2004

The Blue are Blue

Well, it's not looking good for the Colts. I'm studying for an online quiz I will take in about an hour, but I have NFL.com GameCenter going and have been checking it frequently. I got excited about 10 minutes ago when the Colts scored a touchdown to tie the game @ 10-10. I'm less excited now that the Titans answered right away with a touchdown of their own, taking it to 10-17, Titans. I'm not sure the Colts can withstand this onslaught.

It's not helping the mood any that the official Colts site keeps posting the score as a loss when they are losing. It'd be a little better if they could have an "I" for incomplete or in progress, or at least an asterisk denoting that the game is still going. (And when the game was tied, they didn't have the score posted at all. The stats there went from L 3-10; replaced by the time of the game - noon; replaced by L 10-17.) Seems a bit like a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Hang in there, guys!

Update: 31-17 Colts!!! (2:22 remaining) I hope it's safe now to shut the game off and take my online quiz - 'cause that's what I'm gonna do. Strong work, boys!

Saturday, September 18, 2004

So Convenient

I have to take an 'online quiz' for my evidence class this weekend - I can do this anytime between now (actually 10am yesterday) and tomorrow around 11pm. So, I had planned to spend all of today studying.

One minor detail interfering with that plan is the upcoming cruise my family is going on over New Year's. T and I have never had passports, so I need to get that squared away. We got photos about a month ago when I needed one for my MPRE registration. My Dad helped out and obtained applications and certified birth certificates for both of us. It takes several weeks to get passports back once you send in the apps, so today seemed like the perfect opportunity to turn in our materials. Unfortunately, while the application is rather simple to fill out, the soap opera quality of some of my past life slowed me down in that endeavor this morning. I am divorced and the app asks for my ex's birthdate and the date of our divorce. I was pleasantly surprised to discover I couldn't recall his B-day, though it eventually came back to me. As to our divorce date, I had to search high and low among the organized chaos of my important documents. In addition, I had to look up some personal information about T's father that I don't know off the top of my head - yet another desperate search through piles of important papers. Time for studying was ticking away.

I finally got everything settled and had to drag T to the post office with me - seems if you are applying for a passport for a minor, the minor must accompany you. Fine. So we arrived, and mercifully only had to wait in line for about 5 minutes. To be informed by the USPS employee that they only process passports Monday through Friday from 8:30a to 4p.

Now I ask you, how convenient do you think it is for working parents (or student parents) with school age children to get to the post office between those hours on school days? I'll tell you: NOT VERY.


My baby is sick. (If she could see me writing this she would be quick to point out that she is NOT a baby. But on a good day, she might admit that while she isn't a baby, she is indeed my baby. But I digress.)

T has been having tummy troubles for about a month. We had one visit to the doctor a few weeks ago and she counseled us on the value of a high fiber diet and sent us on our way.

Since then, T has missed 3 days of school due to a hurting tummy. So on the 2nd such day I made another MD appointment. A different pediatrician informed me yesterday that he thinks T has reflux - reflux esophagitis. Poor thing. So we now have a veritable pharmacy of Prilosec, Maalox, and Tums (along with some meds prescribed yesterday to combat T's troubles with allergies and an asthma exacerbation).

To my relief, the doc informed me that the reflux was much more likely genetic than something brought on by stress. I plan to look into her Dad's family medical history to see if this hypothesis pans out. In the meantime, I'm praying she recovers quickly and is soon back to her (mostly) energetic self!

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Best Line

Best line from tonight's Apprentice:

"You could put dog feces in that ice cream and it's gonna taste good!" - Pamela

A Few Things I'd Like to See

  • Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake walk by each other at some celebrity event and share a knowing wink.
  • A cop, speeding just because he thinks he can, get pulled over and ticketed by a fellow cop.
  • A presidential candidate that inspires me.

Just Curious

Don't think!!! Just answer:

Would you rather be right or happy?

Nothing original here, stole this right from nikita, but am interested in the responses.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Trapped in a Vicious Cycle

I'm not exercising because I don't have any energy.

I don't have any energy because I'm not exercising.

On my drive home from school today, I contemplated going for a bike ride later this evening. When I got home, I promptly put my PJs on and sat down to eat the wonderful dinner that Mom prepared for us. Just no energy.

Penny Pinching Tip

The latest issue of the Indiana Lawyer contains an ad that promises a 20% dry cleaning discount to IBA members at Deering Cleaners downtown.

20% ain't nothin' to sneeze at! A-choo!!!

God Bless You!

I've been wondering about this phrase lately. When I sneeze in a public place, such as in class or in a restaurant, I appreciate it when someone 'blesses' me. As some of my family and friends know, such a blessing or similar wish for good health (Salud!) is definitely expected when I sneeze in their presence. It just makes me feel better and it's a nice gesture.

So when people I don't know (or with whom I am only casually acquainted) sneeze, I generally bless them. Force of habit causes me to say "God bless you" most of the time, though sometimes just the "bless you" emerges. Am I offending people when I do this? Especially those who don't believe in God? Would it help to simply eliminate the reference to God and then the person 'blessed' could fancy they had received the blessings of Buddha or Mother Nature?

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Made Me Laugh

Courtesy of Inter Alia

It's Back!

This past Thursday was the season premiere of The Apprentice. Last fall, I tried to post my reactions to each episode - and I will do the same this time around. This one is way late...

The show was generally entertaining, following almost exactly the same format as established in the inaugural season. Actually, this is my biggest beef with the new season - while I know if a show has a winning formula it would be wise to stick with that formula, it would have been nice if they had changed some things up just a little. They seem to have almost the exact same racial/ethnic mix as last season, complete with a crazy black female (Omarosa/Stacie J.) and a weirdo white(ish) guy (Sam/Raj). There is even one Asian female, as there was before. Couldn't they have mixed it up a bit? It seems way too contrived to me now and therefore I didn't enjoy it as much as before.

There were a few changes - it's interesting to see that the big corporations want in on the action now that they know how successful the show was - this week it was Mattel; there will be more to come. And of course, the drama. Those scenes with Donald in the limo cancelling appointments and such on the cell phone were just a bit too much. My Mom and I agree that we are glad they left the boardroom the way it was - I can just picture a boardroom with flair, complete with spotlights-on-crack a la 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?'

All in all, a good way to relax for an hour. Cut the dramatic contrived stuff (to a more acceptable level) and it will be golden!

Did I pass the MPRE?

OK, for those still wondering whether they have correctly interpreted the less-than-clear MPRE results they received in the mail, I have the following information, taken directly from the Indiana Board of Law Examiners' webpage:

"each applicant is required . . . to attain a scaled score of at least 80 on the Multi-state Professional Responsibility Examination within two years before or after the date the applicant successfully takes the Indiana Bar Examination."

The results came with a raw score and a scaled score. From the language above, looks like no calculations are necessary and you should go by the scaled score.

For those not in Indiana, check out your own state's requirements, which can generally be found online.

Monday, September 13, 2004

Riding the Curve

Got my MPRE score in the mail Friday. I was previously aware that Indiana requires an '80' to pass the exam, but what I didn't know was, 80 what? Percent? Scaled Score? No idea.

So the results came with a raw score and a scaled score. And no word on whether you passed or failed, but an assurance that your ambiguous results were on their way to the state bar of your choice. Great.

I place a couple frantic calls to friends I knew had taken the exam on the date I had. I learned a short time later that I passed. Whew. I had been nervous about it for several reasons: I'd gotten right at 80% on all the practice exams I took, I didn't want to take the damn thing again in the middle of the school year, and my raw score was definitely less than 80%.

The results came with a short explanation of how the scores are scaled, something about adjusting for "variations in the difficulty of different forms" of the exam. Sounds like a curve to me; I'll take it. Good luck to everyone taking again or for the first time in Nov or early next year!!!

Saturday, September 11, 2004

Quite a Scare

Thursday night just after the Colts game we had quite a scare here at my house. I haven't posted about it both because it scared me so much I can't seem to find the right words and because I feel a little silly that I found it so frightening when nothing much really happened.

I've decided to let my Dad's words tell the story - he loves to tell stories and does a good job doing so. The following is the text of an e-mail he sent to some friends and family members. (My words in brackets).

Subject line: BCS--Bowl Championship Series or Blood Curdling Scream????
It was nearing midnight----Vanderjagt had just missed his 1st field goal attempt in 43 tries and the Colts had once again succumbed to those nasty New England Patsies---[T] was sound asleep (and thankfully stayed that way throughout)

Kelly got up, not interested in the final 10 seconds of the lost cause, and went to the kitchen----THEN-----a BLOOD curdling SCREAM (BCS) emanated from somewhere in the vicinity of the kitchen---my initial thought was there's a damn mouse in the house (or had Kelly realized I'd forgotten to eradicate the dead cricket from a few days ago??)------but when a second BCS began, [Kelly's Mom] and I jumped up to find Kelly already speaking to the 911 lady---

She had seen a man entering our patio through the patio gate---when she screamed, he turned and left the way he'd entered, causing Kelly's second SCREAM, as her first thought was he must have had some business there---she could only tell the young policewoman, who arrived after a tour of the neighborhood didn't produce the fellow, that he had short hair, was either tanned Caucasian or light skinned African American and had a blue, possibly denim button downed shirt---not bad for a split second sighting, I'd say.

There've been numerous break-ins in an adjacent neighborhood of late, some brazen, with people at home. Well, we're locked up tight now and are hopeful this will be our ONLY encounter with the neighborhood burglar or whatever he is

Keep us in your prayers


[Kelly's Dad]

Friday, September 10, 2004


Et tu, Vanderjagt?

Thursday, September 09, 2004

~~~Waves of Good Fortune

Sending out waves of good fortune and positive vibes to:
  • My friends K., H, and J. who all have interviews today. Just be yourselves, you guys - I hope it works out the way you want it to!!!
  • All others with interviews during this OCI season.
  • Myself, as today marks 2 weeks since I relinquished my laptop to the manufacturer for repair. They estimated 2 wks turnaround time so I'm hoping UPS delivers my sweetie-pie all fixed up and ready for action very soon!

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Class Amusement

I had fun yesterday listening to Prof Evidence refer to the defendant in a case we discussed as a "fight-pickin' mutha'" every 30 seconds or so. Just not something that seems to roll off his tonuge - rather amusing.

Next Best Thing

I stopped at the drugstore on the way to campus today. I needed a few items and while I was there, I thought I'd pick up a few Tootsie Roll Pops to enjoy while I study.

Couldn't find one sucker in the whole store, so I bought the next best thing:
2 boxes of Luden's Wild Cherry Cough Drops.


A few things this week that have left me scratching my head in wonder:
  • Yesterday morning I parked in our "law school lot" next to a man I've never seen before. I asked him if he was a 1L (b/c I had a question about the 1L's schedules). He said, "Oh, no. I just work downtown." I'm confused - don't you have to be a student in order to purchase a parking pass for campus??? (And if not, NO WONDER we have a horrendous parking problem).
  • Later, I pulled up to the Taco Bell/Pizza Hut drive through to order a bite to eat before evening class yesterday. The sprinklers were on - and were "raining" directly into the car window of every driver who attempted to order some food. If it had been a hotter day, this might have been a welcome refresher.
  • This morning, a woman on crutches with an apparent broken leg was attempting to cross busy Capitol Ave (near Methodist Hospital) during morning rush hour. She ventured out across the middle of the street - one late at a time until some driver in the next lane noticed her and stopped. Why on Earth didn't this woman cross at the light? She's looking to break the other leg.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Busy Week, Bad News

I had a great holiday weekend and now it's back to the grind. I've got a ton of things to do between now and Friday; I'll be glad when this week is over!!!

I whine a bit here about our crappy graduation situation.

Others have already weighed in on this.

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Give Grandma Her Hootch

I was talking with a person this weekend who is barely an acquaintance and he mentioned that his 93yo Grandmother was recently hospitalized. Seems she and Gramps, 95 years old, have been living on their own (taking care of themselves, Gramps paying the bills, doing the shopping, etc...) until a couple weeks ago when Gramps got sick and was hospitalized. I don't recall Gramps' illness, but it was identified quickly and he was being treated.

Meanwhile, Gran falls ill. She's having some sort of seizures, it seems. MDs and family can't figure out what's wrong with her. They're thinking stroke or TIAs (mini-strokes) or something along those lines. Turns out Gran was in withdrawal. Yep, Gran has the DTs. Seems that Gramps was keeping Gran well supplied with drink, Scotch I believe. Once he wasn't around and she ran out of her supply, trouble set in for her.

So the caring grandson goes on to say that they were all so thankful they figured out the problem and now Gran is receiving Ativan (sedative/anti-anxiety med to keep her calm) and will be put in some sort of isolation until she dries out. I not-so-subtly asked what Gran had to say about all that. Grandson smugly answered that she has no say, that according to the docs she couldn't make decisions for herself. (Which may be true - I know nothing else about her).

You've gotta be kidding me. The woman is 93 years old. She has lived her life, most of it I hazard to say, and she likely developed that addiction decades ago. I just do not see what purpose it serves to try to 'cure' her of it now. I realize the hospital can't give her booze, but her damn family should damn well take her home and give her essentially whatever she wants. Just plain ridiculous to torture that woman in the hospital. Honestly, what are they trying to accomplish?

Flip? Flop!

Check out this speech given by Zell Miller, easily found on Miller's website, introducing John Kerry in 2001. Umm, hello? Maybe he should have taken the speech off his website before his performance at the RNC?

link courtesy of Robin

Wednesday, September 01, 2004


Small measure of success today: I managed to get the list of blogs I read back up and running along the right margin. I think. If I inadvertently left you off the list, feel free to drop me a comment or send me an e-mail. I've included a few blogs that weren't on the previous list. (And there are yet a few I'd like to add, but will need to wait until my laptop comes back from the laptop hospital before I can do so).

You Say It's Your Birthday???

Today is my sister's birthday. I'll call her Bob :) (Inside joke)
She is 25 years young today. I'm guessing she has to work today (she's in AZ), but I hope she got to relax and enjoy even if just for a bit.

When my parents brought Bobby home from the hospital I was 5 years old. I sat on the couch and was coached in how to properly hold a newborn. I was proudly holding my baby sis but my Mom noticed there was an expression of concern on my face. I was both appalled and intrigued by that nasty yellow/brown/red thing on her belly button. Mom had to explain to me about the cord and I was relieved yet a little skeptical to hear it was normal.

This theme has repeated itself throughout our lives - I have to constantly be assured that Bob's quirks are normal and to be expected from some people - Just Kidding, Bobby!!!!!! Love you and miss you.

Happy Birthday, Bob!!!

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