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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Studious 3Ls

A good number of my nose-to-the-grindstone classmates are doing what any good 3L with classes ending, papers due, and finals looming should be doing: they are playing with this website.

I have some awesome samples to post, but can't figure out how to do it. The Hello service isn't reading them as pics, they are GIF files, I think. Anyway, if I can figure it out I will put up a few 'guess whos.' But for now...back to work!!!

Also, thanks to AC, who posted the link in October.

Fill in the Blank

On the radio this morning they were doing a "Damn all that money, I just could not get with __________."

A couple of the good responses were Grace Jones and Patrick Ewing.

I'd have to go with Donald Trump. So who's on your list of folks you couldn't get with, no matter how much $$$ they have?

Corollary (Or...this was my point yesterday)

So yesterday I posted about the Hummer commercial. I feel the ad is unfairly playing on a parent's desire for her child to be happy. Kevin said it's all about love and adoration - that parents want their kids to love them, I guess. I tried to explain further that parents want their kids to be happy - regardless of what parents get in return. Kevin had this to say: Sure, though in my mind it's part and parcel to garnering love for one's self, but I'm a cynic.

Kevin a cynic? Probably :) But a parent? Not to my knowledge - and maybe that's where we differ. I don't know if it's that we disagree, or if I simply haven't made my point clear. And since it's my blog, I decided to give it one more try, lest anyone misunderstand my position.

Parents love their children. And will often do almost anything for them to be happy. Are parents looking for love in return? Of course. But as any parent will tell you, if what you are looking for in return from you child, especially a teenager, is love and adoration - you are going to have to look really hard.

I know of no more powerful feeling than the joy that grips my heart when T makes a basket, scores a goal, spikes a volleyball, gets 100% on a test, or places in a speech contest. I know of no fear greater than the fear that T will be laughed at, made fun of, left out of activities of her friends, made sad.

I love my child. I would do anything for her. It has nothing to do with whether I receive anything in return. And I resent the commercial for playing on that innate instinct, that built in desire, for my child to be happy.

Freshest of Fresh

This morning I heard a radio ad for "fresh episodes" of Gilmore Girls and One Tree Hill - neither of which I watch. The ad had the word "fresh" in it at least 5 times. Guess they were looking for a 'fresh' way to say "all new" episode. But fresh? Are the shows sitting in shrink-wrap somewhere, waiting to be opened and sniffed like a can of Armoa-seal Folger's?

Not This Time, Pal

Worked for about 6 1/2 hours at the hospital yesterday after class. It was pretty busy, and I was completely grateful that I was headed home by 10:35pm. When I left, it was shaping up to be a merciless night for my fellow nurses.

I worked in our OB triage area, as I generally do. One of my patients was a 470lb woman, almost 6 feet tall, pregnant but not in labor. At one point in the evening, she pushed her call light. I walked over to her to see what she needed. She announced "I want to turn on my side." I just looked at her. She was on no restrictions, she had received no medication, she was completely mobile, such that her mobility is. "OK." I told her. What on earth did she want me to do about it? So she began to shift her weight on the cart and she said "make sure I don't fall." Ha. I was tickled by this statement. I just looked at her in disbelief - "how am I supposed to do that?" I asked. "I don't know," she admitted, "just do your best."

OK, nurses learn how to help people move when necessary. But to truly - safely - help this woman, I would have needed at least 3 other nurses. We were busy - there weren't that many people available to help. And that misses the bigger point: we'll help when needed, but why would she need help? Does she call a family member over at home every time she sits up, walks to the bathroom, turns? She was at the hospital, granted. But she wasn't 'sick' and there was nothing wrong with her ability to move of her own volition.

We got through the turning-to-her-side moment and later she was admitted to the hospital for observation. I got her ready, filled out the appropriate paperwork, and accompanied her to her hospital room for the night - she walked. Her father followed us and as we reached her room he asked, "what happened to taking people around in wheelchairs?"

He was serious. Lucky for me, he asked the question aloud and didn't seem to require a response. I'm not sure I could have given an appropriate one. Suffice it to say that the patient was healthy and entirely able to walk to her room. While I'm no delicate flower, no way was I about to push or pull this 470lb woman anywhere.

Monday, November 29, 2004

Slow Going

I set aside this entire day (before my 2pm class) to complete a law review edit. I have 30 pages to turn in and have gotten through 1 page in 1 hour. This is not going as I had planned. I really need to get this turned in - both because there's a deadline & because I have more important things to attend to, like outlining for finals!!! Here's hoping I get a burst of editing speed.

Bloggers - Help!

OK - I would like to get the links to my archives back up-and-running. Blogger has some tips for archives, but since I know so little about html and such, I'm not sure exactly what I should add to my template to create the archive links for my blog. (URL? paths? links? - I'm not sure which of the codes provided on the blogger knowledge page I need).

I'd appreciate any helpful suggestions!

Update: Archives are back! While I certainly haven't written anything award-worthy or that need be included in the history books, it's nice to know all those posts are not lost, floating around in a black hole somewhere. Huge thanks to M@ for his help!!!

Just a Little Sensi

I saw a commercial yesterday that I didn't like at all. OK, I admit to being a bit sensitive (or "sensi" as my sisters and I say when referring to a person who takes a particular subject a bit too seriously) about the matter since I have a teenager who wants a Hummer.

Posted by Hello The commercial, as best I remember after seeing it only once, features a mother dropping her son off for what appears to be his first day of junior high. She asks if she should drop him off at a distance from the entrance - as many kids of that age would request - heaven forbid classmates know a kid actually has parents. But the kid declines and allows his Mom to pull up right to the school door.

The boy gets out of the car and walks into the building. He's a pretty clean-cut kid, short and preppy with blond hair. He walks through a crowd of taller, darker, meaner-looking kids who need haircuts. So of course we think he'll be made fun of, have a tough time fitting in, etc... Then the commercial cuts back to the Mom and we see our little hero has gotten out of a Hummer. The kids stare in admiration and one of them says "nice ride" or something along those lines.

So what's the message here? "Buy a Hummer - your kid will be cool?" I hate this commercial. I realize it reflects some of what goes on in the real world of teens - and adults - but I just wish this message wasn't so blatantly out there. It's unfortunate that a group of advertising execs came up with this idea and actually thought it would be successful enough in selling the over-priced vehicle to go with it. In my view, parents have enough to try to keep up with in keeping their kids happy.

One can hardly blame them, though. Too often people are seen as popular, likeable, successful based on how much money they make, what material possessions they own, or 'who they know.' This type of attitude is lamentable, but it's clearly pervasive enough that it's gonna sell some Hummers.

Friday, November 26, 2004


Mom uttered 2 words today that, combined, give me the willies: turkey soup.

In the interest of full disclosure, I admit that I don't love turkey. But turkey and I get along well enough. I routinely order turkey sandwiches at Subway and I'll enjoy a few leftover Thanksgiving turkey sandwiches. But turkey soup? I'll have to draw the line.

Lucky for me we've got plenty of microwave popcorn on hand - my favorite dinner!

A First

I withdrew some $$$ from an ATM today - no, that wasn't the first, unfortunately. What was new to me was that with the bills came a piece of paper the exact size of the paper money, except it was an advertisement. I think it was for a mortgage loan - low rate for refinancing, if I had to guess. I was peeved - barely glanced at the ad, then placed it right on top of the money dispensing machine.

I'd say the ad was ineffective at best, completely annoying at worst. Don't mess with my money; I want the bills I ordered to slide out of the money machine and nothing else.

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I have much for which to be thankful. The list, a portion of which I provide below, is literally endless. I am thankful for:
  • My God, who has bestowed upon me so many blessings.
  • His Son, who died for my sins.
  • 2 eyes that see; 2 ears that hear; a nose; a mouth; a voice with which to speak; 2 arms; 2 legs; 2 hands, 10 fingers; 2 feet, 10 toes; all my body parts and the blessing of good health which enables me to use them.
  • Food in my belly; food in the fridge; food in the pantry; money in the bank (for more food!); credit cards in my purse.
  • My beautiful wonderful daughter; my whole family including my parents, my sisters, Grandpa, Grandma, aunts, and uncles, cousins, and my niece (or nephew!) to be.
  • A house to live in that has heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer.
  • A place to sleep that is warm, dry, clean, safe, quiet, clean, mine.
  • My friends, those from the hospital and those from school. I hope we remain friends for many years to come.
  • My country - I am truly blessed to have been born in this nation.
  • The soldiers who believe in our country and are willing to put their lives on the line when our country deems it necessary for our freedom, my freedom, T's freedom.
  • The families of those soldiers who must live with the sacrifice made by those brave soldiers.
  • My professors: Wright, Cooper, Magliocca, Bradford, Orentlicher, Wilkins, Braun, Landis, Schumm, Lopez, and others. They have all influenced me in different ways and are part of the reason that I still love law school.
  • Opportunity - the opportunity to be an American, to receive an education, to work in a field caring for others, to begin a new career.
  • My job - the one I currently have and the one waiting for me after I graduate.
  • The Colts - they give us something to cheer about, a diversion, something to be proud of.
  • My blog readers - thanks, guys!!!

There is so much more - I just wanted to list some of the things I give thanks for today. While I have an abundance of blessings, I want to say in particular how thankful I am for my sisters. Forgive me - I have allowed myself a bit of sadness today - this is the first Thanksgiving of my life that I will spend without even one of my sisters. 2 have moved to and 1 is visiting Arizona - so they are together today. I hope they have a wonderful time, I know they will, and I want to say that I love them and am so thankful for having each of them in my life.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Random Bits
  • Watched the end of episode 1 (on tape) and all of episode 2 of The Amazing Race last night. I generally don't get involved in more than Survivor and Apprentice, and I haven't fully committed yet, but with a little extra time to relax on my hands due to break, I watched this show. Of course, it may help me to not give in that my favorite pair, Melissa and Maria, lost last night - because neither one could drive a stick shift. They were fun to watch because they never complained; they encouraged each other the entire time and had a blast, even when they were losing.
  • Caught some Family Feud on TV this morning while doing dishes. One family's last name was Rash. 2 of the members of the Rash family were named Kern and Karma. I'm just sayin'.
  • One of the questions on Family Feud was something like "what do you think Martha will do with her time in prison?" Someone guessed pray - that wasn't one of the top answers.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Beyond Comprehension

A friend and fellow nurse related some disturbing news to me a few days ago. About 3 weeks ago she was raped in her own home. She is a single mother, like me. She began the story by saying something like "when's the last time I talked to you? I don't think I told you someone broke into my house."

I was horrified. One of my worst nightmares come true for her. And the way she began the story, so casual, as if we were just catching up on missed news - the worst of it was to come.

She'd gone to bed early. All the lights in the house were on and she'd been watching TV earlier in the evening. She woke up to find a man standing in her bedroom going through her things. I and the other 2 nurses she was talking with gasped. In her bedroom? My God, I can't imagine the paralyzing horror. She said she was scared, but pissed. The first thing out of her mouth was "What the fuck are you doing here?"

But her anger and bravado were no deterrence. The intruder raped her at gunpoint.

She provided more details, but she told the entire tale in a detached, matter-of-fact tone. I would have thought she was still in shock of some sort did I not know that this is how she tells all shocking news, as if it were just a matter of course for her.

And while she has been through many trials and tribulations in her life, I can't help but think this is different. And I can't figure out why it doesn't seem different to her. She continued with her story, rushing past the incident itself, and ending as though the point of her story had been her outrage upon receiving the ambulance bill.

I'm worried for her. I spoke with her alone and told her as much. She said, "I'm fine. Really I am. I know it's crazy but I really am fine with it." My best guess is she's in denial. But it's so much like her regular behavior and the way she deals with tragedy that I wonder how she will ever move past that point. Or if she even needs to. I'm guessing she does, but I'm not her. I can't imagine the strength it would take to face the reality of the situation. Not just the physical act itself, but the total violation - of privacy, of safety, of security. She has not returned home, has the place almost sold, and is moving to another home.

I just don't understand this crime. I know it is a crime of anger, not of lust, and yet I cannot comprehend what would motivate a person to invade another person's life in such a manner. I pray for her - and for all people who have suffered similar atrocities.

So Grown Up

Dropped T off this morning for the last of her 3 'shadow' days, where she spends a day with a freshman in high school to help decide where she wants to go next year.

It's a school we are relatively familiar with, and yet on the way this morning we realized neither one of us knew where the office is located. I offered to go in with her and find out but she declined.

She said, "I had to ask at one of the other schools, too. I just said 'where do shadows go?'" Ha. It's funny to watch your child grow up and become so independent. I hope she has a great day.

Monday, November 22, 2004

Got a Cough?
  • Expired-for-2-years children's cough syrup will not work - even if it's the nighttime kind, and even if you take way more than the recommended dose. Trust me.
  • Someone else's albuterol inhaler might help, if you have endured innumerable fits of coughing in the space of several hours. Though as a nurse, I of course do not recommend taking prescription medicine that's not your own.
  • A few Bud Lights, interspersed with a few shots (such as the wonderful Lemon Drop), followed by 4 generic Nyquil capsules will allow you to sleep for several hours without disturbing others in the house.
  • Don't go to church.


Everyone - and I mean everyone - is talking this morning about Friday's fight between the Pacers and the Pistons. Local TV, national TV, local radio, national radio, etc.... It's definitely the topic du jour. For that reason, I refuse to talk about it. Not one word.

Had a great weekend, except for the fact that it involved very little school work. Out to eat Friday with Mom, J, and J2. (T went shopping with a friend). We only went to Olive Garden - nothing exotic - but it was tasty as always and we giggled the entire time, no wine involved. Poor J2.

Saturday T participated in this year's first speech contest. She took 2nd place in OI (oratorical interpretation), 8th in prose. Yay! And her school took 1st place both in Marion county and overall. Great job all around.

From there it was hurry home, change clothes, pick up Chuck and head to ice skating. We had a great time - took a few pics (haven't developed them yet, asking for a digital camera for Christmas!) and spent a good amount of time on the ice. Chuck had never been; T and I tried to give him a few pointers. I'm no expert either, I can simply get around the rink without having to hold onto the wall. Chuck did great for his 1st time out. We would have had a better time if Chuck and T hadn't bickered like siblings almost the entire time. (And if I wasn't having uncontrollable coughing fits).

After skating it was home for a quick shower before Kee Kee picked me up and we drove to Muncie to see Kelly P's husband's band. They were awesome and we had a great time. That Fritz - not Fitz, Amanda - is quite a dancer, maybe next time I'll ask him for a few pointers ;)

Topped everything off Sunday with an awesome win by the Colts. (Also watched Eli Manning make his first NFL pass completion ever; it'll be fun to watch his progress as a rookie quarterback). Some grocery shopping and laundry...and time to start another week.

It's (past) time to kick it into high gear for finals!!! Should have done some studying this weekend, but don't regret one bit the great time I had.

Friday, November 19, 2004

Alpha Dog Competition*

George: Me first, me first - I'm the President, dammit!
Bill: I don't care, it's MY library!Posted by Hello

*Totally stolen from Wonkette and the NYT

I Don't Like It

I turned in the 1st of 3 high school applications for my daughter today. This one was to my alma mater, a Catholic high school that's doubled in terms of number of students since I graduated.

The application was simple enough - the usual personal and school background info was requested, along with an essay for T to write - she did a great job, if I may say.

But on the front page of the application, in the upper right hand corner, was a small square box. It's a place to put your child's photo - optional. I don't like this. I mean, why would an application need (or even want) to be accompanied by a picture? I attached a photo, and why not, T's a beautiful girl. But that's just it -what if she wasn't? Would it make a difference?

Thursday, November 18, 2004

I Can't Read!!!

No, I didn't lose my eyesight. (thank heavens) And no, I did not forget to bring my glasses to campus. What I did forget to bring with me today, however, are my highlighters. Yes, I highlight in my casebooks as I read. I use 5 different colors: yellow, pink, blue, orange, and green. Somehow after reading last night I forgot to put my highlighters back in my bookbag.

Can I still read for class? Well, yes. But it just isn't the same. I feel like I'm not retaining the information in quite the same way. Guess I'm too much of a creature of habit.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

It's Feed a Cold, Right?

*sniffle* *snort*

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Caption Contest

Posted by Hello Update: You guys came up with some good stuff - I just love this pic, that smirk on his face is priceless. I think Kev is our winner, though. His comment reminds me of Bush's promise to help OB/GYNs 'practice their love' across the country. Good stuff.

I Feel Like Crap...and Today's News isn't Helping

Fight breaks out at annual Vibe awards; one person is stabbed.
Come on, folks. Can't we behave like adults for one night?

Arnold wants to be President after 1 year of experience as Calif governator.
I don't like this at all, though I admit it's just a gut feeling.

Mother held on murder charges after police find a 7 week old baby and a 16 mos old toddler dead in apartment.
There are no words.

Monday, November 15, 2004

Big Move

Josh is saying goodbye to his blog. He will be phasing out his individual blog and has joined a collaborative effort at In The Agora. Pay them a visit.

Horrible Timing

I've got a cold or something. I don't feel good. Slightly sore throat, runny nose, stuffed up head, general icky feeling. Swallowed liquid NyQuil Saturday night and slept like a baby. Had a glass of wine last night and then 2 NyQuil caps - woke up 2 hours after falling asleep and about every hour and a half after that.

If I have to have a cold, I wish I could at least schedule it for a more convenient time. Classes will be winding down soon and it's time to start gearing up for finals. I need all the energy I can get and my current status isn't going to help me kick in and start preparing for exams. Here's to vitamins and orange juice!

Sunday, November 14, 2004

That's Just Great

This past summer my law firm hired a company to come in and provide health screening and assessments to employees free of charge. Summer associates were offered this service and I took advantage of it. The assessment told me a bunch of things I already knew and something I didn't know: that despite my deplorable eating habits, my cholesterol is fabulous. I get that from my Dad.

So yesterday I receive a letter from the company that conducted the health screenings. Seems 2 of their computers have been stolen - both containing my personal information. Wonderful. They recommended I call the credit bureau and place a 'fraud alert' on my credit file, which I did. So if someone tries to open a new account using my info, supposedly they will be blocked from doing so.

On the bright side, now that this alert is in place I can request a free credit report - and my rating should not be affected. In other good news, Colts are kickin' ass today (it's halftime).

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Seasons Change

Yep, the fall-to-winter transition is upon us. But that's not what I'm talking about. T had her last basketball game of the year, indeed of her entire grade school career, today. It was actually a tournament game, and since they lost they don't advance. I've gotta hand it to those girls - they played their hearts out right up until the last buzzer.

So we had a moment of sadness (me more than her, I think, as I watch the years of her childhood fly by). And we are now focusing our attention on the upcoming volleyball season. T loves volleyball and she's much better at it than she is b-ball. Here's to a successful season - and at the very least, some happy memories.

Busy Bees

Tons on tap this weekend, including: high school entrance exam for T, high school open house for both of us, T's tournament basketball game, fondue party with nurses from the hospital, STUDY!!!, more laundry than any 2 people should have, etc....

Here's wishing you all a productive (or relaxing - whichever you need more) weekend.

Friday, November 12, 2004

Thursday Night TV

I almost always watch Survivor and Apprentice (think I missed a Survivor episode this season, but I'm pretty well caught up on the happenings). And last night I watched ER. So here are some disjointed thoughts about last night's shows:

  • I like Scout. And Eliza is annoying.
  • I think the best thing for the women to do is stay together and vote the men off. Then they can turn on each other.
  • Amy is right to worry about being seen as a threat, I think. But I think the others are too worried about the men and any woman that 'annoys' them to pay attention to her just yet.
  • Chicken bones. I'm sure I'd have appreciated the gesture, but it was a little gross, you know?


  • Donald went on, in his little bit where he gives business advice, about confidence. Well, I think that was a little misleading as applied to last night's show. Did Sandy and her team (Kelly's team) have confidence that Chris and his team were lacking? Yes. But it was well founded in the belief that Sandy's experience in running a bridal shop gave them a competitive edge.
  • Chris was the right person to go. I think it was Carolyn who made the excellent point that both shops had about the same amount of merchandise for sale. The project was lost on marketing. And while I think Sandy's expertise allowed Kelly's team to hit just the right target population (through the Knot.com mailing), Chris and his team definitely could have come up with a more efficient marketing plan.


  • I could definitely relate to the opening scene. The job of triage can be a difficult one. It's what I do at the hospital (though on in an OB/GYN setting, and not a general ER one - no men). What often makes it the most difficult are the patients themselves - not assessing them, but controlling those who get upset about their wait time. I understand it's frustrating, but we are a county hospital who has to take all patients who present themselves for treatment. If patient didn't treat our urgent visit center as a clinic, we could be much more efficient in our treatment of those really in need of care.
  • Where did Darlene come from? I didn't know she'd joined the cast. Is she a med student or an intern? Either way, her complaint of having to do a 'nurse's job' was dead on. Med students and residents think themselves above menial tasks traditionally the province of the nursing staff. That gets old after a while.
  • Privacy - where the hell was the privacy curtain between Ray Liotta while getting a rectal exam and that little kid with 3 TVs and no babysitter who was getting a shot of some sort?
  • Could Mekhi Phifer be any hotter? Whew.

Local Ladies - Warning

Local police are on the lookout for a 'sexual predator' who has attacked 2 women in the Broad Ripple area. One women was sexually assaulted near the intersection of Central and Westfield after leaving the bar Landsharks around 4am in the morning. Another was attacked at 52nd and College Ave about a week later on Halloween night, but got away before she was sexually assaulted.

I think common sense is the name of the game here. Avoid dark and isolated areas. Take a cab home if you aren't able to drive. Above all = don't walk around ALONE at night, no matter where you are.


I like it when professors use that term to refer to getting some of the 'logistics' of class out of the way, especially at the start of a semester. You know, like going through the syllabus, discussing how they don't want to discuss the final exam, etc...

Anyway, I have done some blog housekeeping this morning. I deleted at least one blog from my 'blogroll', added a few, and added the webpage of a classmate as well. Just trying to keep everything up-to-date. FYI. See if there's a new link that interests you.

Did You...

...drop an egg on the kitchen rug this morning?

No? Good, then only one of us did.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Seriously, Folks

So - the civic duty posts below were inspired by recent worries over my real contributions to society and my community. I am lucky enough to have already lined up at least one person, whom I greatly respect, to compose a letter regarding my moral fitness to be an attorney (as required to be submitted with our bar applications). However, I was given pause when said person requested not only a copy of my updated resume but also a 'list' of my various "charitable/organizational/sororital/civic endeavors/volunteering" activities.

List? That implies more than one, right? Oh, man. I thought hard. I scrunched up my forehead. I dug way back into time, sure there were some laudable activities in which I had participated that would prove I am indeed of sufficient moral fitness to be admitted to the state bar. Or to be considered a good person, for that matter.

I didn't come up with much, I'm afraid. Sure, I'm a busy person, but that's no excuse. I know people far busier than I who manage to invest large amounts of time in charitable endeavors. Not to mention that before I began law school, when my full time job required only 36 hours a week of my time, I was no Elizabeth Dole or Mother Teresa or Florence Nightingale. What did I do with my time? Who knows.

And I give money to various organizations - but that's not really what this is about. What matters is time. I think volunteering is important. And I make various weak but sincere attempts to become involved. First or second year I signed up to do Teen Court. I watched the video and showed up, excited, for my first experience. The kids were pros - they'd been through it all before, were bored with it, and didn't need or want my help. Ack. I was sort of turned off by it. I should've asked someone in the program what might be a better location where I could contribute - but I didn't.

There there is volunteering around the city with T. I signed us up for 2 Saturday mornings this semester to pass out food and groceries to some of Indy's needy. I had to cancel both times due to her crazy schedule: high school entrance exams, speech contests, and basketball games consume our Saturdays this fall.

But these are isolated examples. If I think 'giving back,' or just simply giving, is so important, why don't I do it? Why don't I have more accomplishments in this area from which to create a list of my civic/moral endeavors? I don't have a good answer, but I hope to change this behavior (or more accurately, lack thereof) from this point on in my life.

Civic Duty (again)

Apparently some of my fellow students are as dedicated to making a difference, making a contribution to society, as I am.

I like to call them "the light police." Generally when I arrive in the reading room - which is surrounded by windows - the lights above the tables are off. I prefer to study this way - bright light gives me headaches.

Invariably, some civic-minded student who enters the room to study goes over and switches on the lights. Some uptight tie-wearing kid just turned them on this morning, at 8:24a (or 7:24a my laptop time). One of these days I'm gonna get up, go over, and turn the damn lights right back off. This is a democracy - we should at least take a reading room vote to see who wants the lights on and who wants them off.

Pivotal Moment

Last night felt like a pivotal moment - you know like in Survivor when they show snippets of past seasons' 'game changing moments' or something along those lines. I'd kept up with school work for the week through yesterday's classes. But for today, I have a large amount of reading for T&E and over 90 pages for this evening's Evidence class. I promised myself I would get busy at home and get some work done.

I got home around 4:30p. In my never-ending quest to lose some weight, I knew I should take advantage of the nice weather and go for a quick walk. I entered T's lair (bedroom door closed, music blaring) to see how her homework was coming along. She was in a good mood and asked me to stick around for a while. What parent of a teenager can resist such a request? So I hung out there for a bit. Then I checked my e-mail and went for a 3 mile walk.

When I returned, I helped T with her homework. Seems she has been spending 'too much time' (according to her teachers, and I'd have to agree) taking notes in history and needs to learn a more efficient way of taking notes. So I took notes for her - as a model of sorts - on a section in her book. Then I heated up some food and served both of us dinner.

After dinner, I headed back to my room to do some reading and T came along. I had to fold some clean clothes to give her a comfortable place to sit. Once done with that, it was time to listen to T do her speech - she'll be graded today at school on giving her speech. Then I sent her off to take a shower - easier said than done getting her to quit 'dilly-dallying' and do what she's supposed to do.

Game changing moment had arrived. It was 9:30pm and I was exhausted. I had well over 100 pages of reading before me. So I did what any good law student and competitor would do - I fell asleep. Mind you, I got up a short time later to say prayers with T at bedtime. But then I decided no way would I get through any dry school reading without falling asleep. So I made a conscious decision to go to bed.

And to top it off, it took at least an hour (so much wasted time) to fall asleep!

This was a game changing night 'cause finals are fast approaching. And I think it'll be tough to catch up on missed reading while at the same time keeping up with new reading and beginning to synthesize information and prepare for finals. I'm up for the challenge, sort of, but advantage is certainly with my competitors at this point!

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Overheard at the Bar

Yep, I walked to Friday's for lunch. I convince myself the 'exercise' is good for me - and I somehow managed not to get a cheeseburger, so maybe it will do me some good.

The man next to me at the bar (I didn't have time to wait for a table) came up with both of these gems in less than 20 minutes (and he was talking to the bartender, not me - thank goodness):

"I love cheap Chardonnay"
Congratulations, sir. Not something I'm sure I would declare proudly in public, but more power to you.

"He's turned out to be one hell of a basketball player, shit on me." (about Pacer Fred Jones)
Shit on me? I think this was a variation of 'I'll be damned' or 'by gum!' Nevertheless, no one should say this - ever - under any circumstances. Not even one of Ask Chuck's readers involved in a kinky bedroom escapade.

Civic Duty

Last year when I would arrive at school every morning around 8:15am, I was often one of the first cars to arrive - not very first, but within the first couple dozen in our 'law school' parking lot. This year, the lot fills up even faster than last. I generally make my way to the last couple rows and park in the next available spot. Lately, I've noticed there are often spots near the front that are too tight a fit for most cars - sometimes because others have parked crooked or maybe because the spot is sandwiched between 2 enormous gas-guzzling SUVs. I have taken it upon myself to park in those spots. My little Jetta fits quite nicely in even the snuggest of parking spaces. I see this as my civic duty - to help others with large automobiles by parking where they likely wouldn't be able to without causing some damage.

Can't say I don't do my civic duty.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Just How Far Have We Come?

Proud Parent Moment

I had a parent-teacher conference with T's teacher today. At this level (8th grade), they request that the kids come to the meeting. I like this approach - keeps communication open, allows all parties involved to address any potential problems. T's teacher, Mrs. C, was my 8th grade teacher; it's somewhat of a strange feeling to be sitting before her with my daughter who is now her student. We are blessed to have her as T's teacher. She's an excellent teacher, has an enormous amount of experience teaching at this level, and she takes a personal interest in each student's well-being, progress, and plans for high school.

T is doing well. She is solidly on the honor roll and her teacher thinks she is quite intelligent. Mrs. C obviously enjoys having T as her student, and complimented her on her verbal/language arts skills. She also noted that T is always respectful of the teacher and all T's classmates. Yay!
Parent-teacher conferences can be nerve wracking. Not only do you want your child to do well, but of course there come feelings of personal responsibility when they hit trouble spots. As a parent, I do my best for T. Things aren't perfect, but I try every day to show her that I love her and that I want her to be happy and to feel she can accomplish anything in life. School is of course not the most important thing in life, but it is a huge focal point for kids her age (13yo). It's nice to get some affirmation that things are going well and to have someone I respect so much give me her opinion of my daughter as a bright and respectful "good kid."

Excellent Questions

Yesterday T and I were enjoying a balanced nutritious meal that involved individual packets of ketchup. She took a look at the packets and asked those tough questions that a parent never knows quite how to answer:

Why is it called fancy ketchup?
Does fancy ketchup cost more than regular ketchup?

Monday, November 08, 2004

Dad's Angels
Posted by Hello
Testing my ability to post pics: my sisters and I at Reunion 2004

Blue Monday!!!

4-3 Colts take on the 5-2 Vikings tonight. Go Blue!

Better Than Fiction

I stopped by the drug store this morning right when it opened - 8am - to pick up pictures from 2 rolls of film I dropped off a week ago. This marked the 4th trip to retrieve those pics. First time, they weren't ready 'cause I ordered a picture CD and that takes longer. 2nd time, oops - the clerk shouldn't have told me to come back that day 'cause there's no delivery on Saturday. 3rd time, yesterday, I waited until 7pm because delivery doesn't come until 5pm. Little did I know that by 7pm on Sundays my friendly neighborhood drug store is closed. Ugh.

I successfully picked up the pics today and had this little exchange at the counter. The clerk, clearly having recently rolled out of bed and put on fresh clothes, was smelling her own shirt while she waited for my credit card to process. Mmmm, new fabric softener, she informed me. I nodded. Then, it's the new Downy! Ah, I tried for a knowing smile (never having smelled the new Downy). Then she leaned over the counter and pulled her shirt in my direction: here, smell!

That is why at 8am I could be found leaning over the counter at Osco smelling the shirt of the store cashier.

Sunday, November 07, 2004


I got a solid 8 hours of sleep last night, at least. I haven't had that much sleep in weeks. While I don't feel particularly rested, it's nice to know psychologically that I had 'enough' sleep to allow me to be highly productive today.

I'm off to run errands and have laundry, studying, and paying bills on tap for the rest of the day. The Halloween pics are still not ready for pick-up; it's been almost a week - the guy at the drug store promised me a discount once the pics finally arrive.

Poor Taste

Steven Bochco is going to produce a TV series for FX entitled "Over There." The show, set on the front lines of Iraq, "will explore the lives of a select group of Army soldiers in combat as well as the families they left behind."

I think this idea stinks. It is in extremely poor taste, especially because the conflict in Iraq continues with no signs of letting up. We don't need a show that will only serve to further blur the line between reality and fantasy, especially when the reality is so grave. Respect for our real soldiers and their families should dictate that this project be shelved.

Friday, November 05, 2004

It's the Weekend!!!

OK, it's not really the weekend yet. It's only 11:11am laptop time, which would be 12:11p my time. And I still have to get through mediation class. Ugh. I like the class, but today we are role playing a mediation. I hate role playing. I so am not looking forward to it.

In other news, my goals for this weekend are to: cheer T on at her basketball game on Saturday, get some homework done, and figure out how to or whether I can post pictures from Halloween on my blog.

Have a great weekend!

More Red

Sometimes I can't resist picking the scab.

Update: I love purple!!!
Thanks, Kevin


I successfully registered for classes this morning. The new system isn't exactly flawless, but it serves its purpose. As I registered for my one hour of law review credit, I had a thought. I am paying for the privilege of the mind-numbing task of editing law review notes and articles. Damn. What a racket!!! Who would've thought you could get people to pay to do such tedious work?

I think I'll look at it as paying for the privilege of not having to take 1 extra credit hour of class - now that's worth the price.

Behind the Times

Indianapolis neither 'springs forward' nor 'falls back', which is just fine with me. I think the whole time change thing is sort of silly, myself. What I noticed this week, however, is that my laptop is apparently set to the wrong time zone. It currently says 8:17a - but it's 9:17a here. I know how to get in and change the time - accessing that stuff is pretty easy. Problem is, you get at least 100 choices and I never know which is the right one - obviously, or I would have picked it from the start.

I'm inclined to just leave it the way it is. That is, until I show up for class one day an hour late!!!

Time Change Benefits

On the bright side of the recent time change, I was delighted to hear the Wrong Songs on my way to school this morning. They were jammin'. For half the year, it comes on here in Indy @ 7am Friday mornings - I'm not in my car that early. Now it will come on @ 8am - woohoo!!! Though we in Indy don't have to change our clocks, we feel the effects from other states that do.

Sample of this morning's selections: Warren G, Snoop Dogg, EnVogue, Guns 'n' Roses, LL Cool J, Naughty By Nature, Tribe Called Quest, Mary J Blige, Al Green, Sir Mix-a-Lot, Tony Basil (Hey Mickey), and a personal favorite: the Jackson 5 (When I had you to myself, I didn't want you around...)!!!

Great pick-me-up on the way to school.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Blessings and Prayers

Please join me in praying for (or sending good thoughts to) a friend of mine and his family who lost a beloved family member yesterday. We should all be so blessed to have such shoulders on.


My daughter announced yesterday that she wishes weeks had 9 days to them, with 2 days dedicated to nothing but sleep. Hmm. It's a thought.

Every Day

I'm a firm believer that a person learns something new every day. Today? A caller on a local morning radio show informed us listeners that there is such thing as anime porn - I think she said it's called wowie. I'd have never guessed.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Bayh/Obama '08

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Random Election Day Thoughts
(Updated throughout the day)

  • (12:15a) Headed to bed amidst a sea of red.
  • (3:07p) Having a hard time concentrating on the large amount of reading for class I need to do. (Partly to blame on Professors answering cell phones in the library reading room, but no matter). Bloggers report early exit polls show Kerry either very close or in the lead in key states such as Ohio and Florida.
  • (2:16p) Raining steadily in Indy. Still raining in Ohio, too.
  • (1:57p) I wonder why voters aren't required to show ID before they vote. With all this talk of voter fraud and possible dirty tricks being utilized, seems to me requiring ID at the polls would be a sound move.
  • (1:59p) I forgot to post something that struck me as funny when I voted this morning. My polling place is located inside a Catholic school. While I was waiting in line to vote, and several voters were filling in their ballots, a student voice came over the (loud) school intercom. We all listened to the school prayer while we voted. (St. Peter, pray for us... St. Paul, pray for us...)
  • (10:30a) Interesting Election Day Reminder at Instapundit. It addresses my fear that no matter who wins, we will remain a bitterly divided country.
  • (9:59a) I voted around 8am this morning. I checked in fairly quickly, but I hate how there are several different tables for different precincts and no one initially directs me where to go. They all sort of look up at me with half-smiles on their faces and I have to guess where to begin.
  • There were more people voting at my polling place then I've ever seen when voting. Once ready to vote, I waited in a line of about 4 people for a 'table' to open up where I could go 'bubble' my ballot.
  • I was the 85th person to cast a vote on my machine.
  • There were, I believe, 3 voting machines at my location.
  • The 'inspectors' or whoever they were sat a bit too close to me for my taste - I've always had a thing about needing my personal space.
  • Those damn leaflets they hand voters as they walk in the door are a waste of paper.

Election Day!!!

Monday, November 01, 2004

Savor the Moment

Every now and then, as a parent, your child gives you a sign that you have done something right. Those moments are rare and fleeting for me and for many other parents, I suspect. I was blessed with one of those moments this weekend.

T took a high school entrance exam for 3 hours this past Saturday morning. As we drove home from the test, I asked her how it was and she described the parts that were easy and the ones that gave her some difficulty. Then she volunteered that there was an essay portion to the exam. The topic? Discuss someone who is an inspiration to you. Whom did she write about? Me.

Wow. An unbeatable feeling. And just as remarkable as the fact that she chose to write about me is the fact that she decided to tell me. An honor.

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