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Monday, February 28, 2005

Freakin' Cowards

I am still "fortunate" enough to get the listserv emails, which means I am "treated" to the ramblings of whom I like to call the "Bumbling Uglies." This group, which consists solely of extremely unattractive men, seems intent on making a moutain out of every molehill announcement. You name it, a panel on civil rights, the death penalty, anything that is "liberal" or not worth raising a fuss over, they are raising a fuss over. The fuss generally involves a bunch of name calling, self-congratulatory posts, and things that are funny only if one never leaves their home.

All these people are doing is pushing buttons. In fact, I heard one of the biggest offenders explicitly state that very thing a few weeks ago. I believe the exact quote was "I know I am pushing buttons, but I am going to keep doing it until I am made to stop." I must admit my suprise at the declaration, or rather the contortionism. This guy was so full of himself, so self-congratulatory, that you could see his shoulder joint practically come out of the socket trying to pat himself on the back. I just sat there, about to puke, while Grant turned my head to make sure I wouldn't barf in his lap.

Don't get me wrong. I have pushed my fair share of buttons, and it is no doubt fun. But when you push some buttons, you got to be able to take the heat that results.

72 hours ago, the listserv got the latest email in the ongoing death penalty discussion. However, this time it came from a certain professor, whose views on this subject are well known. I respect this professor greatly, even though I disagree with her about this issue and many others. But the email was pure brilliance. She told the Bumbling Uglies (though she regrettably did not refer to them as that) to put action where their mouth is. She told them to deal head on with the problems the death penalty poses. My favorite quote? "I'm not sure where you got the idea that expression of political and moral opinions is inappropriate just because you disagree with them or are offended by them. "

Oh, I thought, this email will really stir the pot. However, it is 72 hours later, and there is not one response to that email. None. Suddenly, the guys who were typing up five emails a day all have such severe arthritis they can't type a response.

Now the Bumbling Uglies have been exposed for what they truly are-a bunch of uncivil brutes who can dish it out but can't take it.

But then, most of us knew that all along.


Allow Me to Demonstrate

We veered a bit off topic today in Family Law, which isn't at all unusual for that class. A classmate gave her views on breastfeeding and because of my experiences with that topic, I felt the need to raise my hand and expound a bit.

Once done talking, I noticed that the middle button on my blouse was unbuttoned. I'm sure the folks to my left who had a free view were highly amused.

Music to my Ears

T announced as she entered the car this morning: "I'm in a good mood today and I have no idea why."

Thank the Lord.

Any parent of a teenager will tell you this is a wonderful thing to hear. She's still in pain, but at least I'm not battling her mood as well. We head to the orthodontist this afternoon.

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Oh, What a Night

Yesterday started out well enough. We got up (relatively) early for T's volleyball game, for which I served as 'line-judge.' They lost the match but her team forced the other team to work for their win and duke it out in 3 games. T's team won the 2nd game, with T having that game's winning serve. All in all, it was fun.

After the game, I spent hours shopping with Amanda; we were looking for dresses for the upcoming Barrister's Ball. We both found dresses, she looks lovely in hers, tattoo included, and I was feeling OK about mine until T took one look at it and indicated she hates it. Great.

The evening was nice - T and I went to the theater and caught both Hitch (her idea) and Million Dollar Baby (my idea). We loved both of them. I'd thought Hitch looked cute, but wasn't too excited about seeing it. I misjudged it; it was hilarious. Million $ Baby was also good, though of course it totally ruined the upbeat mood established in the previous movie!

T took 2 Advil at the movies around 9:30p for her mouth pain. By the time we got home around 1am, the medication had worn off and she was in a LOT of pain - upper jaw, lower jaw, and ear, all on the right side. I called our PCP nurse line and got the runaround as I looked for permission to take T to the ER. I was concerned for a couple reasons: she is finishing a course of antibiotics for a R ear infx and I was worried she had some super strain that wasn't responding; also, it was 1am and I couldn't give her more Advil yet, but she was in enough pain to bring her to tears; how would she sleep?

Rude nurse notwithstanding (it's all about $, really) I decided to take T to the ER. We left the house and as we were getting into our car, I noticed some movement in one of our neighbor's minivans (we share a driveway). I got panicky but remained calm enough to continue getting into my car. I started the Jetta up and pulled out of the driveway, all the while asking Tori if she could tell whether that was our neighbor in his van. We backed out but then pulled up along the curb to view the van from a safer distance. The men inside apparently noticed our interest. There were 2 of them and they exited the van, leaving the sliding door open, and proceeded to walk farther up the driveway toward the houses on the street behind ours.

I called 911 to report that I thought my neighbor's car had been broken into. Then I drove down our block, turned, and headed back up the street behind ours. Sure enough, the 2 men were walking calmly down the street. I was still on the phone with the dispatcher and I notified her of their location. Unfortunately, they noticed my car and they veered off in another direction as I cruised past. Though I went this far, I was too scared to really examine them and try to get a description. Even if the cops had found them, it's doubtful they could have charged them with anything. Sigh. I rounded the corner, stopped and talked with an officer briefly in our driveway, and then returned to the more pressing issue - T's pain.

We headed to the hospital and waited for a while, which is too be expected, and then were seen by an attentive ER doc. He carefully examined T's ear, cheek, gum, throat, etc... He identified no problems and guessed she was experiencing deferred pain from her ortho appliance. I was relieved for about 5 seconds before I started to worry about the implications.

When I take her to the ortho tomorrow, what if he sees nothing wrong? I'll have to ask him to remove the appliance. Which means she won't be able to get braces, as there is currently not enough room in her mouth for her teeth. Double Sigh.

The doc gave T 2 Vicodin and a prescription for several more. We were released around 4am and she was finally able to get to sleep near 5am. We were awoken by some thoughtful neighborhood kids who have taken to setting off fireworks of some sort EVERY DAY. Nice.

So, today we are recovering and wondering what's in store at tomorrow's appointment. In addition, I'm trying to get things settled so I can take a quick trip to Arizona this week for the birth of my first niece (or nephew?). I'm doing fine, but approaching overload. Hope things calm down a bit this week.

The Self-Pity Train...

has left the station.

Those who know me know I don't wallow in my own self-pity. That is not one of my many faults. So, Thursday, I arrived in Podunk with a new attitude. The bar is over, and if I find out I passed at the first of May, great. If not, I will take it again. There is no shame in that. Until then, it's back to living, and actually doing some of the things I have been missing out on lately. Like films. Reading for pleasure. Antiquing. It also means the the past week I was not on the treadmill will be felt severely in my legs this evening.

Also, I start work tomorrow. It is the same place I did my summer internship. I love it there, and am so enthused about going back.

While in Podunk, I mainly just chilled out, did some antiquing with the Mom, and watched some movies. Here are the reviews, in order from worst to best:

"The Village"
I wish I was as clever as M. Night Shyamalan thinks he is. "The Sixth Sense" was great. "Unbreakable" should have been called "Unbearable." "Signs" had it moments, which got further and further apart until the ending. Shymalan is famous for his twists at the end, and if you define a "twist" as being brazen enough to steal from the "The Wizard of Oz," I suppose "Signs" had a twist. Seriously, the aliens melted when they touched water? How 1939.
Anyway, this is the movie my mom picked out, and I had heard some good things about it, so I decided to go along for the ride. It took around 45 minutes to figure out the twist, but I won't ruin that here. Let's just say Jaoquin Pheonix does what he does best-brood and make sad cow eyes at everyone. Sigourney Weaver is her usual, brilliant self. Bryce Howard plays her part convincingly, but no more convincingly than seven or eight other actresses of her generation easily could. I failed to see how this is supposedly the debut of a great actress. This was just another blond with a cane pretending not to see. The only redeeming part of this film is that Shymalan has made this his most stylish piece, and much more attention is being paid to the details, except for where it counts the most-the script.
It is not so much that "The Village" requires you to suspend you sense of belief, this is the cinema and we are expected to do that. "The Village" expects you to suspend your sense of logic and feign suprise at the end and marvel over the genuis of Shymalan. No wonder people are tired of his films. 2 stars out of 4.

Garden State
This film is nothing more than a trifle, a simple and plain film that offers nothing groundbreaking or new, just a simple story about returning home and finding yourself along the way. And that is exactly what makes this film great. Everything is heartfelt and pure in the story, and it had one of the best scripts I have encountered in a while. How Zach Braff failed to get at least a Oscar nomination for best original screenplay is beyond me. The performances from the top to the bottom are excellent, and the sincerity of the script is matched by the sincerity of the performances. This film could have easily turned into syrup under someone else, which makes Braff's direction (his debut) so worthy of praise. And also add in what is becoming a dying art in the cimena-a soundtrack that works with, instead of in spite of, the film, and this film will only increase in prestige as time goes by. Natalie Portman gives a great performance, and after her short but great part in "Cold Mountain," I am starting to forgive her for the drek she spooned out in the new "Star Wars" trilogy. My goodwill towards her will last until the final installment of that series comes out this summer. 3 1/2 out of 4.

Supersize Me
I rarely went to McDonalds before, and I will never go again after seeing this film. I won't describe it in the detail, you know the plot. Fit and trim guy decides to eat only McDonalds for every meal for a month to see what happens to his body. The results aren't pretty. If, as expected, this film wins the Documentary Oscar tonight, it will be well-deserved. See this film! 4 out of 4.
And can I just say how lucky we are to have what appears to be the golden age of the documentary in our midsts! There have been some great ones lately, so many I am having trouble keeping up. Say what you will be about Michael Moore (and I have a lot to say about him, and little of it good) the best thing he has done for America is put the documentary front and center as a powerful tool of art.

Interview with the Vampire
This is one of my favorite films, and I saw it again for the first time since it came out on DVD. Can I just say how much I love this! Cruise and Pitt involved in a homoerotic lovefest that burns up the screen. Add Antonio Banderas to the mix and the fire engulfs the theatre. Great art direction, great sets, great script-this movie is a masterpiece. I read the book in high school, shortly before the film came out, and this is one of this films where the book is actually done justice, which happens when the author writes the screenplay. Why was "The Vampire Lestat" never made?
However, I am glad I watched this in such proximity with "The Village." Bryce Howard's "stunning" debut? If you want a REAL stunning debut, watch Kirsten Dunst's performance. Now that performance screams that a star is being born right before your eyes. That is the great thing about stunning debuts, you don't need a critic to cram the announcement down your throat, you see it on screen and know it for what it is.
And the line delivered by Cruise, "Claudia, you've been a very, very, naughty little girl," still gives me shivers. No need for stars with this one, this one is bona fide classic.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

I'll Be Honest

I wouldn't mind checkin' out that Fred Durst clip.

I'm just sayin'.

Friday, February 25, 2005

Manolos, Ma-no-nos...I Can't Tell

I had this great idea for a show last night. Or if not a show, then at least a segment on some show like Letterman or Extra! or Entertainment Tonight or that one that runs in the daytime with Star Jones and all those other women.

Anyway, it would go something like have models come out wearing crazy shoes and then have a 'celebrity' on the show, such as Joan Rivers, Debra Messing, Sarah Jessica Parker, or Paris Hilton (gag) to guess whether the shoe is a new Manolo or a definite Ma-no-no.

No? Not a hit? Whatever. Mark Burnett could make it work!

Calling All Parents

OK, ok. I need some help. Or some moral support. Or something.

My precious T is having some troubles. She is 13, about to be 14, and every bit a teenager. Last night at our house was high drama. I suspect the lack of my parents' presence allowed her to be a little more 'free' with her emotions and frustrations than she usually is. I had to actually warn her quiet down before she disturbed the neighbors (they're kinda nosy).

Our current frustration stems from the orthodontic appliance on the roof of her mouth. Some of you may remember that she had a device installed that is supposed to widen her upper palate over a period of time. That started out rocky, as she was in pain, but then resolved and we had almost a week of incident-free key-turning.

We are back in pain. One side of her mouth hurts day and night - whether I turn the key or not. She's been popping Ibuprofen, with my permission, like it's candy. Our check-up with the orthodontist is on Monday following school, and I've been trying to avoid having to take her earlier than that, which would disrupt both of our schedules.

I'm totally frustrated and so is she. For the past several days she has periodically been announcing that her mouth hurts. Or putting on a sad puppy dog face and gingerly touching the side of her mouth. Or letting out a moan and signaling that her mouth hurts. You get the picture.

So I'm worried that something's wrong. And I decided that we shouldn't turn the key yesterday - so as not to cause more pain and potentially wind up with her having to miss school today. But then she got mad and wanted, even begged me - her words - to turn it. She threw some of my words back at me: "but if it's just sitting here in my mouth and we aren't turning it, then it's useless!"

I just felt like I was in a no-win situation. I don't want to cause her any damage or even more pain. But I also realize that we don't want to get behind schedule because she wants the braces in and out as quickly as possible. I just thought, by the amount of pain she claimed to be in, that we should take it easy until our appointment on Monday. Sigh.

We made up. She's at school. And Lord willing we'll make it through the weekend. But I can see that I'm going to need backup. This is where you come in.

I don't have very many blog readers that are parents. And those that are have young children, not teens. So I need 2 things from you. Be on the lookout for any discussions in the blog world about orthodontia. Surely someone out there has recently been or is currently going through this. I could use some words of wisdom or even comfort.

Second, let me know - either in the comments or by email - if you read any blogs by parents of adolescents. I'd like to broaden the scope of blogs I read to include some folks who are dealing with teenagers, too. Put the word out for me - ask around - maybe we can come up with a few bloggers that might be able to help me get through these next 6 or 7 years with as much grace as possible.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

You're Hired!!!

Donald Trump's hit show The Apprentice is holding an open casting call in Indianapolis on Saturday, February 26th at WTHR's downtown studio location. Auditions will begin at 10am and run until between 2pm and 5pm. (Production assistants begin handing out wristbands to those in line at 9am and will stop handing them out at noon). Don't be expecting glamour and glitz - WTHR's online information clearly states that The Donald won't be here and neither will any of the other on-camera "talent" associated with the show. In addition, groups of 40 people at a time will be escorted (herded) into the building for casting calls. And last but certainly not least, there will be no waiting area inside the station and no available bathroom facilities.

I briefly entertained the notion of showing up, but quickly dismissed it. T asked me why I don't audition and I truthfully stated that I have no desire to work for Donald Trump. I think being on the show would be fun, but working for The Donald is another story entirely. I'm not business savvy and have no business acumen. More importantly, the business field doesn't interest me.

Even if I was interested in business, though, I don't think I'd be well suited for the show. I am not at all creative. While the contestants all say they want to work in business, I am constantly surprised by the tasks to which they are put. Most of them seem geared toward marketing and advertising. And almost without fail, success with a task hinges on creativity. This has surprised me; I think of folks in the business world as intellectuals, risk-takers, number-crunchers, straight-laced. But creativity would not have topped my list of necessary attributes. I wonder if this is something that is actually important to Donald in an employee, or if the show just plays better with the type of marketing tasks we've become accustomed to seeing.

One Day at a Time

Besides being a good motto by which to live, this was a great TV show. I forgot to mention yesterday that I caught some of the reunion show night before last. I'd seen it advertised, but wasn't going to make a point of watching it. I'm so glad I flipped on the TV and watched bits and pieces of it, though. I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed that show.

Mackenzie Phillips and Valerie Bertinelli must be in their 40s and they looked great - I should be so lucky to look half that good when I hit their age. Bonnie Franklin didn't look so shabby, either. These women have taken care of themselves (notwithstanding bouts with drug addiction!)

The clips brought back so many memories of watching the show. Schneider was a riot, even though a bit of a slime ball. Ann Romano definitely had her hands full with daughters Barbara and Julie.

During the reunion show the actresses sat around and reminisced, discussing their memories and favorite parts of the show. I found it telling that when discussing their characters, they did so in the 1st person, such as Franklin saying something like, "I was so worried about you [Julie] when you moved into that horrible hotel." It didn't seem contrived; I think they developed such close relationships working on the show that they really felt a part of their characters.

It was a nice trip down memory lane.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

It's over

I am not going to comment extensively on the exam, the questions, the environment, ect. Let's just say it was one of the worst experiences of my life. Let's just say I never cry, never, but this situation came closer to bringing me to tears than anything since my father died. (Still didn't shed any tears, but sometimes I wonder if my tear ducts are broken). This was so rough, so abysmal, that the frustration I am feeling now is difficult to express. And to think, I am certain I will be repeating the experience in five months.

Looks like I spoke too soon about not being able to take the bar with all my friends.

At least there is chocolate.

Recipe for Sleep

2 Tylenol Nighttime capsules
1 Benedryl capsule
2 (or so) glasses of wine
A very dark room

...mix and serve.

The country has gone mad...

...with patriotism! Posted by Hello

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

I hate the world

I'm just saying!

24 more hours of hell...

Inexplicably Fun

This link, which provides statistical information about baby names over the past century, provided me with way more entertainment than I care to admit.

Link from In The Agora.

Greedy, but not Bastards

In Family Law we've been discussing parents' obligations to support their children. This led our Prof to briefly mention that in Indiana, adult children have an obligation to support their parents if the parents are unable to do so themselves. She quickly moved on to other related points, but several students raised their hands and brought her back to the parental support issue.

You could just see/hear/feel the panic coming off these kids in waves.

"What if I live in Indiana and my parents in live in California?"

"What if my parents live here in Indiana and I live in another state?"

Goodness. I'd have never thought such a simple idea could lead to so much alarm. Seems these kids had already easily dispensed with the possibility of a moral obligation to support their parents and were stunned upon finding out that they might be legally obligated to do so. Heaven help us and our parents.

Monday, February 21, 2005

Caption This Pic...

Posted by Hello

A Great Friend...

makes you a pan of lasagna so you don't have to cook until after the bar. Thanks Julia!

Well, into the breach I go. In 48 hours I shall be done. Wish me luck!

Advice for the Fellas

Courts in several states have ruled that an unmarried father cannot assert as a defense to his support obligations that the child's mother intentionally misrepresented her use of birth control. (from Family Law casebook)

Such courts essentially reason that it sucks that the mother lied to the father about her birth control use, but that the father could certainly have used protection himself if he was that intent on preventing pregnancy.

Wrap that rascal, guys!


-cold is getting stronger; I'm still trying to fight it off
-dreary, rainy day - which I sort of like - but it would have been nice to stay home in bed
-I forgot to bring tissues to school; I had 5 in my purse and have used 4 in an hour
-I left my glasses at home, as well; there's no getting around a headache today

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Only 2 Days Until the February 2005 Bar Exam

2 days until the big day!!! Good karma, good luck, best wishes, and ~~~~~~waves of law knowledge to all those taking the bar exam this week.

Most especially, good luck to my pals Chuck and Kyleen. They've put in tons of hard work and my thoughts will be with them these next few days. Knock 'em dead, guys!!!!

Why It's a Good Reason I'm No Longer a (full-time) Nurse

I worked another quick 4 hour shift at the hospital last night, from 7p to 11p or so. I assisted the resident in the GYN pod of our triage area.

I triaged and cared for a woman who had returned with concerns about her abdominal incision; she was approx 4 days post-op from a total abdominal hysterectomy. She was rather short, grossly overweight, smelled of cigarette smoke, and had no teeth in sight. She called her boyfriend, who accompanied her, "Daddy" - but she was 40 years old and he looked younger than she did. Maybe she looks younger with her teeth in.

She indeed had an infection of her abdominal incision. She needed intravenous (IV) antibiotics, but she pleaded with the resident not to re-admit her to the hospital. Seems her previous stay, following her surgery, was less than pleasant. I asked what had made her experience so bad. She began by explaining that her "colored" nurse had treated her poorly. (I'm sure the patient's use of this lovely terminology and its attendant attitudes had nothing to do with why the patient and nurse failed to bond).

Seems the nurse in question was supposed to give the patient an enema. The patient was constipated (to be expected after abdominal surgery) and was looking forward to the relief. She repeatedly asked her nurse to administer the enema, and the nurse kept saying she was too busy. Finally, near the end of the nurse's shift, she brought the solution into the patient's room and handed it to her, saying, "I'm too busy to help you with this. Just go into the bathroom and do it yourself."

The patient finished her tale of woe by saying, "that nurse just didn't want to stick her finger up my butt."

I hope you guys are proud of me. As each reply formed in my mind, I bit my tongue and held it back.

-"Can you blame her?"
-"Would YOU want to stick your finger up there?"
-"Well, I wouldn't have wanted to either. Maybe Daddy could help next time."

See? I've lost all compassion. All sense of decorum. Well, almost all. I know a couple nurses who probably would've come right out with it. It's definitely a good thing I'm making a career move.


No, no, no. I do not want to get sick. Students and professors at school are sick, kids in T's class have been passing something around for weeks. I suppose it was only a matter of time. But I was sure I was going to escape it. Spring is just around the corner...isn't it? I've managed so far to dodge the current bullet flying around, surely I can hold out until the season passes, right?

But I woke up this morning with a sore throat. I had a bit of a cough all day and could just feel things beginning to percolate in the back of my throat and in my nasal passages.

I need to seriously rachet up the OJ intake, double up on the vitamins, try to rest, and generally think healthy thoughts. I will not get sick. I will not get sick. I will no...*cough* Damn.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Missed Opportunity

Kelly P, if I'd have known they existed, I might've gotten you one of these for V-day.

Friday, February 18, 2005

Too Many Good Things (but I'm not complaining)

The next couple weeks will be full of 'good things' for me. Tonight begins the celebration of my birthday. OK, it's not for another month (March 19, to be exact) but since my parents will be out of town at the time, they're taking me, T, J, and J2 out to dinner tonight to celebrate early. And...it's Friday. So, seafood it is. Saucy Shrimp, here I come!

The next thing to look forward to is the birth of my very first niece (or nephew, if the ultrasound technician was on crack). My sister is due on the 1st of March. She's in Arizona, and I'm still 'planning' to try to fly out and be present for the event, as much as one can plan such a thing. Which brings me to the next 'good thing' - the Barrister's Ball.

I didn't go to Barristers' my 1L year, and I don't regret it. I didn't know as many people, wasn't sure with whom I'd sit, and mostly didn't think it was worth the $60-$80 bones, or thereabouts, per couple. I did go last year - and had a fabulous time. Several of us jumped in and bought our tickets early this year - so we could 'sign up' for tables for the sit down dinner. I've not only bought my ticket, but have committed to getting a hotel room with the lovely Amanda so we can enjoy the night without worries of driving.

Problem? Barristers is March 5th. Sis is due March 1st. I just found out last night that if she doesn't go into labor on her own, they'll induce her on March 3rd. Sigh. Actually, it's a great sign that her OB is on the ball enough to already have a date set for induction, if needed. And an induction would almost certainly allow me to make it to AZ in time for delivery. But such a trip would mean I'd miss Barristers. It'd be for a good reason, however, and family calls!!! Not only would I love to support my sister through this event in her life, but the labor and delivery nurse in me literally aches to be there to 'keep an eye' on everything.

So, kids, if I miss out on the ball...have a Jack and sour for me, take lots of pics, and promise we'll party in style on some other occasion soon after I get back.

So. Random.

Yesterday morning as I left the house and pocketed my cell phone, I noticed that I had received a text message during the night. Odd.

Text message from 11:08pm: Can U go 2 Canada?

Well, thoughts of Prince notwithstanding, I cannot. But thanks for asking.

Sample of Today's Wrong Songs Artists...

-Snoop Doggy Dogg
-En Vogue
-George Michael
-Mark Morrison (Return of the Mac)
-Warren G

It was a clear black night, a clear white moon...

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Sell Your Stock in Tapered Pants, People!!!

Oprah had some fashion experts on her show today. Well, they were more experts in 'how to dress' rather than in fashion. The focus was how to look 10 lbs lighter instantly by wearing the right clothes. They had a few good tips, I thought.

But I'll bet Oprah had them repeat at least 6 times that NO ONE should be wearing tapered pants. No one. They look good on no one, no matter how slim. If you think this won't have an effect on the sale of tapered pants, then you should buy stock in them!

OK, I really am reading for Toxic Torts. I am. And I need to hurry, because BOTH Survivor and Apprentice are on tonight. Woohoo! I only had Oprah on while I made dinner. Then I had to come downstairs, log on and check Oncourse to make sure our assignment hasn't changed (because our Prof changed it last week via Oncourse). I thought while I was online I'd give you this handy dandy bit of investment advice.

Back to work.

No Better Sound

-Simply wonderful.


After T's orthodontist appt and my haircut on Valentine's Day, we had dinner at Applebee's. It's not my favorite place, but it was close and I thought they might have some soup for poor T who was having trouble chewing and swallowing with her new ortho appliance.

After dinner, we headed home and she helped me file taxes using TurboTax online. She was in control of the mouse and I directed her point-and-clicks. She kept a close eye on the side of the screen where the service kept a running total of our expected refund, and she would alert me every time it increased.

We filed and this morning I checked back, as instructed. Federal return, accepted. State return, accepted. Let the money roll in!!!

Yes, I'm one of those sorry saps who has more money withheld than I should and then receives a large refund every year. I know I shouldn't - I should put that $ in an account every pay check and allow it to earn interest. But my powers of self-discipline are limited and I'd be more likely to squander the small monthly difference in $. This way, I can take the chunk of money and do something useful with it, like pay off my credit card :)

Pain in the Ear

Poor T woke up in the middle of the night with an earache - 2nd time so far this year. Luckily, we had some of the anesthetic drops on hand from the last bout, so she was able to go back to sleep. Guess who will be heading to the MD this morning?

The Real Superstar

I received an e-mail with the best reason I can think of for why a student can't participate in the tutoring program (see post below) = he's in Afganistan until May. Good reaason.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005


OK, I get it. The 2Ls and 3Ls at my school are all superstars. They are all juggling multiple classes, jobs, activities, pro bono commitments, and on and on.

I'm in charge of setting up our Dean's Tutorial Society One-on-One tutoring for this year. In that capacity, I sent an e-mail yesterday to a large group of 2nd and 3rd year students. Every student to whom I sent the e-mail had previously indicated an interest in the program on a questionnaire. I did not randomly hit anyone up to volunteer.

The e-mail was innocuous enough, I thought. I simply let them know that it was time to match 1Ls in need of individual tutoring with willing tutors. I reminded them that the more volunteers we have, the more students we'll be able to assist. I announced a meeting next week to go over the procedure and asked people to respond to the e-mail so I'd have an idea of how many were interested.

I received at least a half dozen very quick replies of this variety: "because I am already writing a law review article, working 80 hours a week, writing a LARC paper, serving as a Contracts tutor, preparing for a moot court argument, and generally being a complete superstar law student, I don't think I can add one more thing to my plate."

Let me be clear. First of all, I appreciate each person who even bothered to take the time to respond. I do. And secondly, I totally understand if folks are too busy to take on another commitment. There is no expectation of participation. But what I object to is the tone I noticed in a few of the responses. It was sort of in the "I am already busy and you should already know that" variety. You know, the "how could you think I have time for this when I'm already doing fill-in-the-blank?"

It can be done. It doesn't have to be done, but it can be done. I served as a tutor in 2 different capacities last year, and I was certainly not the only one who did. I also held a part time job, was on law review, cared for my daughter...you get the picture. I only asked people who had expressed an interest in tutoring. There was no easy or even feasible way for me to edit that list of people to exclude those who no longer have the time to help. If I had left someone out because I figured they were already too busy, I'd have just gotten an e-mail asking why they'd been excluded.

Not to get too schmaltzy here, but serving as a tutor is an opportunity. Dare I say it - an honor. No one is required to do it. I just wanted to make sure that those who wish to participate were afforded the chance. I had no intention of overloading anyone or implying they weren't already sufficiently giving of their time to school activities. Maybe I'm just being too sensi.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

The Key to Torture

T had an ortho appointment yesterday (before the haircut experience). Her palate is extremely narrow and needs to be expanded before her braces can go in. They placed a 'spacer' on the roof of her mouth. It's is made of acrylic or something similar, I think, and each side is cemented to one side of her upper jaw. In the middle of the contraption is some sort of hole where I have to twice a day place the "key" I was given and crank the appliance open.

Yes, I am torturing my daughter twice a day by cranking open her upper palate. This is purely medieval. It hurts me, it hurts her. Who dreamt up this insanity?

Just Cut My Hair, Lady

My vanity has reached an all time high.* I am actually getting re-takes after seeing my proofs for our graduating class composite picture. I look fat, my hair looks awful, I'm all washed out cause I went with a sort of sand colored suit to be 'different.' Trouble with that? Add it to a similar-in-color background and my pale face and the whole effect is not pleasant.

So, to try to correct the problem, I got a quick haircut last night. Saw the proofs Saturday, called for re-take yesterday, today's the only day left. I called the girl that cuts my hair but they're closed Mondays. And because of work and class today, no time to have it cut. So I hit Great Clips last night.

I pulled out my proof photo and told the lady what I didn't like about my hair. She picked up the picture, "you don't like this?" No. "Good," she says, "let me tell you why." She proceeded to tell me why the layers hit my face in just the wrong place, that she had studied some sort of Chinese something-or-other, which I assume is like feng shui for facial structure and hair length, and then ended the whole spiel with, "and that's why your face looks so fat." Nice.

OK, I appreciate honesty from people, but she carried it a bit too far. And while my hair looks better today and I'm relieved I got it cut before my re-takes, all she really did was give me a trim. She didn't perform any 'do magic.

Not to mention that while she cut my hair she went on and on about how she could feel the waxy build-up, I was using the absolute worst over the counter stuff out there, etc., etc.... I didn't bite. Just smiled politely and waited for her to end the pitch. No way was I buying stuff for my hair there. Seriously, they must get a 90% commission or something the way they go at it and try to sell you shit. Just be quiet and cut my hair - please.

*I'm still not as bad as the woman who cut my hair, though. She had her passport photo re-taken. Gimme a break.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Which is Worse ?

Being single on Valentine's Day.

Being single at midnight on New Year's Eve.

So many things are not as they seem

Monday's Radio
(Great tunes heard on the way to school)

Forever and Ever, Amen - Randy Travis
So Far Away - Dire Straits
One of These Nights - Eagles
Boot Scootin' Boogie - Brooks and Dunn

I'll Say Only This...

I hope Amanda gets her Valentine's wish today. No way can you guess what it is. Good luck, girlfriend!!!

Sunday, February 13, 2005

That's My Girl

It occurred to me the other day that I hadn't asked T what she'd given up for Lent. I knew she'd had to come up with something at school on Ash Wednesday.

So I asked her. And she got a sheepish look on her face. "I didn't give up anything."

But I knew what she meant. "What did you promise to do, then?"

Her look remained. "Well," she said, "it hasn't exactly been working very well."

Ah. "Be nice to your Mom," I guessed?

Sort of. "I promised to try not to take my bad mood out on other people."

Fabulous! OK, she's right, the resolution has often fallen short. But it's encouraging. After all, sometimes recognizing there's a problem is half the battle. Maybe there's some hope :)

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Today's Must Read:

A tribute from one of my heroes to one of hers.

Friday, February 11, 2005

Labor Pains

Tommy's got a funny story up (yesterday) that brings back fond memories of my days caring for labor patients.

So Much for Freedom of Speech

Under the pseudonym of Sarcastic Journalist, Rachel Mosteller wrote this entry on her personal Web log one day last April:

"I really hate my place of employment. Seriously. Okay, first off. They have these stupid little awards that are supposed to boost company morale. So you go and do something 'spectacular' (most likely, you're doing your JOB) and then someone says 'Why golly, that was spectacular.' then they sign your name on some paper, they bring you chocolate and some balloons. "Okay two people in the newsroom just got it. FOR DOING THEIR JOB."

This post, like all entries in Mosteller's online diary, did not name her company or the writer. It did not name co-workers or bosses. It did not say where the company was based. But apparently, Mosteller's supervisors and co-workers at the Durham (N.C.) Herald-Sun were well aware of her Web log. The day after that posting, she was fired.

-Nice. And a bit scary. I hear firing bloggers is all the rage these days. I toy with the idea of asking my soon-to-be law firm if they have a blogging policy. I don't think they do, as summer associates we were provided with their internet use and e-mail policies. I hate to even open that can of worms, of course, but it might be a good idea to go in knowing where I stand.

Any advice? IA? Kevvy?


Don't you just love it when you are stressed to the max and need a break, and are counting the hours until you get that break? Then, you find out a train wreck beyond anyone's dreams will be making the break all the more pleasant for you, albeit very uncomfortable for some others. And it is not a subtle train wreck either. I mean, I live three miles from the railroad tracks, and I can hear this train about to derail, caboose and all. Sometimes, you can be your own worst enemy.

But what's a boy to do?

Drink, that's what. And I suggest you do the same.

I'm just sayin!

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Today in the News

3 things I heard about on the news while getting ready this morning:

Camilla-Parker Bowles and Prince Charles are getting married.
-I'm not a royals stalker, so I don't have super strong feelings about this. But I couldn't help but feel a pang of sadness when I heard this news. It's not sad news, really, and I wish both of them a long and happy marriage. But the whole situation is just tragic. And did the conspiracy theorists ever float the idea that Charles may have had something to do with Diana's death? I'm not saying I think he did, I just had a flash of "boy, Charles and Camilla sure got what they wanted" this morning when I heard of the impending nuptials. Hopefully Diana's in a place where she's happy for Charles and his soon-to-be bride.

Wrongful death trial continues in case of student who collapsed on football field in 2001.
-Travis Stowers' heatstroke death, which occurred during Clinton Central HS football practice, garnered national attention as it came on the same day as the similar death of Minnesota Vikings' tackle Korey Stringer. Attorney for Stowers' parents claims the school was grossly negligent in allowing practice to continue longer than the maximum time period established by the IHSAA. Defendant school corporation's attorney responds by pointing out that coaches informed the players of the dangers of heat-related illness and that Stowers should have stopped practicing if he felt ill. Trial began earlier this week in Marion County and will likely go to the jury early tomorrow.

Marion County Prosecutor Carl Brizzi made an appearance on the CBS Early Show.
-Lovely. Indianapolis is getting national attention due to a brother and sister who killed their mother and grandparents, buried them in a basement, and then were caught speeding in Missouri. Brizzi didn't miss any opportunity to describe the crime in the most gruesome terms possible during this morning's interview. When asked about Kari Allen, 18, confessing to the 'murder,' Brizzi responded that she had indeed confessed to being the lookout while her brother did the 'stabbing, suffocating, and beating.' He made sure to repeat these horrific details during the short interview. Then he speculated that this might be a death penalty case, but that the decision had yet to be made. Yeah, right. Brizzi is intense and it was clear he already has these suspects dead and buried. I also noticed that he mentioned the 3 murder victims were good people who didn't deserve to die. I agree - no one deserves to die that way. But it gives me pause that the kids allegedly approached their mother and asked her to join them in the plan to kill their grandparents in order to obtain $200,000 the elderly couple had saved. The mother refused, but you have to wonder what would have given them the idea that she might have helped. The fact that Kari is a high school student is terrifying to me, given T's age. I have a feeling we'll be hearing much more about this in the future.

And a bonus story:

Governor Daniels turns his nose up at the Governor's mansion.
-The beautiful home at 46th and Meridian streets is apparently not good enough for good ol' boy "My Man Mitch." Daniels does not want to live in the newly renovated (to the tune of $1.4 million) Governor's mansion. No, no. This fiscal conservative, a virtual 'every man' of the Hoosier Heartland, had purchased a $600,000 plot of land in a gated community in affluent Carmel, Indiana. Plans for the home, which were recently approved by Carmel authorities, include 7 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, and a home theater. Unfortunately for Mitch, the $3.5 million home could take some time to build. Guess he'll just have to tough it out in his current Geist abode.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Sittin' Sisters

...in honor of the 1st day of LentPosted by Hello

Pic obtained here

Why WiFi?

Does it stand for Wi Fidelity? Like HiFi is for Hi fidelity? I thought fidelity had to do with stereos or speakers or something. I suppose I could look this up, but it's easier to ask you guys. Anyone know?

Ineffective Assistance of Counsel

I finally went to bed around 12am-ish. I'd been waiting for a friend, M, to arrive. We'd invited him to spend the night because I was taking him to the airport this morning. We got up before the crack of dawn - 3:30am - and trekked out to the airport. M is flying home to Mexico today. He's a friend I met through my sister, who originally befriended him when she lived here and worked at Friday's. M has been living and working his ass off in Indy for 6 years. He's a nice guy and very sweet. He has in the past commissioned enormous birthday cakes, made with some sort of milk or cream and requiring refrigeration, as a surprise for my and my sisters' birthdays. He's not seen his family for 6 years and was excited about returning home. They knew he was planning a trip soon, but only his father knows today's the day. He plans to surprise his mother and little sister.

He calls me occasionally if he has a question regarding something that he doesn't quite understand. After 6 years his English is decent, but there are still things that often elude him. He informed me months ago that he was planning a long trip home and needed a place to store his car while he was gone. I agreed to help and we decided I'd drop him off at the airport and make arrangements for his car.

The only hitch this morning was that the airline desk didn't open until ~ 5:15am and we had diligently arrived @ 4:30a. *Sigh*. But M checked in without a problem and I walked him to his gate.

I was happy to help but I began realizing last night that perhaps I didn't really do him much good at all. Maybe I missed a chance to make a real difference for him. The things I did anyone could have done. But I didn't think much about my role as an almost-lawyer and whether I should help him find a way to safely and legally return to the U.S. Why didn't I press him on the legal issues? I have a friend who has spent countless clinic hours working out immigration messes of other people. Was I not willing to do the same for my friend?

I had asked about his return trip. "I have my business" was his response, along with "I know a man." Indeed. M's business is his own. He is a grown man, a hard worker, and has proven extremely resourceful. In fact, he absolutely has the resources and wherewithal to hire an attorney and get legal advice if he so desires (he paid for an attorney's services for a friend who had a brush with the law last year). He is completely confident that he will return to Indy in a few months.

I, on the other hand, can't help but worry about his return trip. Was it my role to simply be his friend and provide him with a ride to the airport? Or should I have persisted and played 'attorney'? Once I'm a lawyer, will I continue to struggle with my role, friend vs. attorney, when I encounter friends who could use legal advice but don't want it?

I don't know if I missed an opportunity to provide more meaningful help for M. But I do know that I wish him a successful trip home and a wonderful visit with his family.

And I wish him a safe return to Indy.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

That's What I Get

I've been knocked down a peg or 2 for publicly gloating about how much I love my VW. Volkswagen is investigating accidental deployments of side airbags in Jettas, Golfs, and GTIs built between 2001 and 2003. My Jetta is a 2002.

VW claims it's not a defect at all, that in the instances when the airbags deployed for 'no reason' there was an impact of some sort (such as, for example, a large pothole). That's comforting. And it's also why I screamed in terror when I hit a chuckhole on my way home from picking T up from volleyball practice this evening.

Anybody need a ride?


From actual court testimony (and my desk calendar):
Defense: You indicated at the time you seized it, it had damage io the dashboard?
Witness: That's correct.
D: And one of the windows?
W: That's correct.
D: Do you yourself know what happened?
Prosecutor: Again, I beleive that is an area-he is going into an area you already ruled on.
D: The last time they had it, it got damaged.
Judge: I have not heard any words of magic, have you, Virgil?
Court Reporter: No, I haven't
P: You mean, I should say I object?
Judge: That's the one.
P: Excuse me.
J: That brings the rubber duck down.

One of the best memories of my clinic was Professor Lancaster making all the students, one at a time, stand up and shout out our best, "Objection!" I like to pepper mine with some righteous indignation, as if to also say, "You mean, I am actually being made to stand up and talk because this idiot can't formulate a correct question?"

What's your method?

It's a Good Day

In my short 4 hour shift at the hospital I met several very nice patients, started an IV and admitted a patient to labor and delivery, and had interesting conversations with colleagues I don't get to see very often.

Then...I decided to swing by the 'law school' parking lot and just verify that there were no spaces available. And a classmate appeared and vacated a spot right near the building! Woohoo!!!

To top it off, today is free pizza day for graduating seniors. Free pizza rocks.

(I also have new-found excitement because I just read this post of Amanda's and was reminded that I found a $20 bill on Saturday. $20 bills rock, too.)

And I almost forgot: I'm still psyched after receiving an e-mail yesterday telling me that a case I worked on all summer received an unanimous Panel decision in favor of our client and all defendants; the attorney I worked with was grateful for my help. Yay!

Easy to Please

It never fails to please me when I turn on my car's interior lights and the dashboard lights up - neon blue with red highlights. I love my VW.

Monday, February 07, 2005

Poll of the Day

Prenups: yes or no?

Why or why not?


You are married, no kids. You and your spouse have a poster on the wall that displays George Carlin's complition of 2,443 dirty words and phrases.

When you have kids (and they are old enough to read), will you take down the poster?

Obligatory Super Bowl Post

Someone got to my blog today by doing a google search for "Tom Brady + Circumcision."

At the Car Wash

Deb wrote about her car wash experience last week. Here's mine. I had my car washed Thursday, paid for a full service wash - inside and out. They did a great job and it was wonderfully refreshing to have a clean car for the first time in several months.

One problem: I noticed later that night that half of my front bumper was still dirty. Not streaked, but covered with the old dusty dirt-and-salt combo that I had hoped to remove. Not only did the wash itself not clean this mess, but the guys who did the polishing at the end missed it, too.

So I contemplated going back and did so on Saturday. I took my receipt, waited in line, and explained to the guy that I wanted to run back through the wash for free. He gave me the "I'm the low man on the totem pole" bit and wouldn't help me. So I paid $4 for an exterior wash. The car wash was busy and they had us bumper-to-bumper through the wash itself. So much so that I realized the person who was supposed to be mopping our front and rear bumpers was doing only the rear of each car. I knocked on my window from the inside and pointed at my front bumper in an effort to get him to clean it, to no avail.

I parked after my wash and inspected my front bumper. Still dirty. I went in and complained to a manager-type. He was patient with me and jumped up to come out and look @ my car. Then he grabbed a cloth and began polishing up my front bumper. At this point, I felt a little silly. After all, I could have done that myself. But since I'd paid - twice now - to have someone else do it, I didn't think I should have to. The guy was nice enough and I thanked him and headed on my way. But I was pissed with myself for not articulating what I really wanted: my $4 back. Damn.

Random bit: the guy behind me in the car wash line was jamming away on a harmonica as we slowly rolled up to and through the wash. Don't see that every day.

Spelling Bee Addendum

I forgot to post the best part of last week's spelling bee.

A girl who had done very well approached the microphone. The 'pronouncer' read the contestant's word: ludicrous.

Oh, no. I knew what was coming. I put my head down because I didn't want to watch (but I did listen). And then it came.


Poor thing.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Go Patriots!!!

Just a quick programming note to tell everyone that Just Playin' officially endorses the New England Patriots in their quest for the Super Bowl. Not only did they pay for their own stadium, they have that hunk Tom Brady.

You may ask yourself, "Why in the world is Chuck posting on Saturday night? Doesn't he have a life?" No, I don't, at least not for the next two and a half weeks. I just decided to take a quick break from typing up my agency and partnership outline to let everyone know I am blowing champagne bubbles to you right now.

Quote of the day: "Do you know when a gift becomes a loan? When the relationship is over. Have you ever heard that, sir? Well, neither have I. I just made it up. I'm going to have to put it on coffee mugs." Judge Judy

I found out my scores on the mock MBE placed me in the 77th percentile. I also liked how BARBRI sent me a detailed breakdown of the question areas, and my score in each. How I managed to get 4/4 in land sale contracts and 0/4 in mortgages, I will never know, but now I know what areas I need to work on.

I took a few hours off from studying this evening to watch "Thirteen." It was an excellent movie. 7th grader Tracy wants to be popular, and gets her wish when in-girl Evie befriends her. However, you should be careful what you wish for. Great performances from Rachel Evan Wood and Nikki Reed (who also co-wrote) and Holly Hunter was magnificient as Tracy's mother, who is at first ignorant of what is going on, then in denial, then totally implodes when the full revelation of what her daughter has been doing confronts her. I recommend this film for everyone, except a certain person with a teenage daughter and is already paranoid about what she may get into, in which case watching this film will probably send you into a steeper tailspin.

While viewing what DVD's the library has on order the other day, I hit the jackpot. They have ordered so many complete seasons of so many great shows, I will be spending the rest of the winter after the bar curled up with a cup of hot tea and my favorite shows. "West Wing," "Carnivale," "Law and Order," "24," "Sex and the City," "Curb Your Enthusiasm," "Monk," "Nip/Tuck," and of course season two of "Green Acres" just to name a few. A few of these shows I have never watched, but have heard great things about them, and it will be so much more convienent to watch them in this format. I put so many on the "my list" feature, I filled it up! I don't know who did this, but I am giving all credit to Robin.

Charles Foster, President of the United States Figure Skating Association, resigned yesterday. Talk about the perfect job for me. Think I have a shot?

Friday, February 04, 2005

Revengeance is Mine

T was in a spelling bee last night. I have to say, I had more fun sitting there watching those kids (ages 5th-8th grade) participate in that spelling bee than I've had in a while. Not to say that I don't have enough fun, I'm just admitting that this really did fit my idea of an excellent way to spend a couple hours.

The kids were awesome. Some would swagger to the microphone, some would creep slowly up to it. Some were confident in their answers, a few were totally nonchalant about it, and several would raise their voices toward the end of spelling their word, clearly asking a question, guessing. The shortest kid - a boy - was too short for the microphone and the number they gave him to hang around his neck reached to his knees. The tallest child - a girl - was too tall for the microphone and she was a 5th grader who hates being mistaken for an 8th grader.

T did well. She made it to 6 out of 7 rounds, the last 10 out of about 40 kids.

She got stumped on vengeance. She spelled it v-e-n-g-a-n-c-e. I had my head down, holding my breath because I knew I didn't know how to spell it, and was worried she'd be in the same boat. "I'm sorry, that is not correct," intoned the judge.

The worst part is, T's principal turned to me and asked me how to spell it. V-e-n-g-e-n-c-e, I spelled. Ha.

Decisions, Decisions

I have a dilemma. I've been invited to a Super Bowl party on Sunday. Actually, it's the pre-super bowl poker party that I'm excited about. I 'met' the nice couple who invited me through my blog.

Translation? I know intimate details of their personal lives but I don't really know them - or their friends - at all. (I did meet one of them face-to-face, once, briefly - when he did me a huge favor.)

So what's the dilemma? Is it whether or not I should go? Nope. I'm going - I've already RSVP'd and I think I'm gonna take T with me - I need all the help at poker I can get :)

The dilemma is that I don't know what kind of beer to take with me. Are they beer snobs? Or are they content with Budweiser or Duff Beer ;)

I could just ask them, of course, but that would be too easy.

What's my problem? Am I trying to mold my actions to conform to others' opinions? Maybe. But I like Bud Light, Pacifico, and Killian's, to name a few - and all for different reasons. I'm just flexible on the subject, easy going. Maybe a little too flexible, cause my vice of indecision causes me to spend way too much time on little things like this.

Happy Birthday to Me (well, to my blog)!!!

Don't worry, Manda and Kelly P, I'm not trying to steal your birthday thunder!!! Happy real birthday to both of you :)

And, full disclosure, my real birthday isn't until next month.

But on this day one year ago my blog was born. It seems more like a blog birthday than anniversary to me, though I'm not sure I can explain the distinction that exists in my mind.

Here's my first post ever (excluding the obligatory 'testing' post) on this blog.

I've definitely had a blast this past year 'playing' in blogdom!

Thanks, Mom

My Mom looked at me as I was about to head out the door yesterday and said, "You look like you've lost some weight." Sigh. If only.

I had to laugh. And then I told her the truth: "I just bought bigger clothes."

It was a good try on her part, though.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

My Fervent Prayer

My sis had a doctor's appt about an hour ago in Arizona. Haven't hear from her yet, but I hope all is well. She's term now, if she goes into labor they won't stop it.

Official due date is something like Feb 28th or March 1st. It'll be any day now!!!

I pray that she remains healthy, the delivery goes without a hitch, and we soon have a healthy new baby in the family. I can't wait to have a niece (or nephew!) to spoil - it will be my first.

And, if that prayer is answered and I could have one more, I want it to be that I can somehow make it to Arizona to be present for the delivery. That would be wonderful.

American Idol beat the State of the Union in ratings last night

Heartbreak and the Listserv

KeeKee and I at lunch on Friday when she tells me, "My yearly horoscope says that I will be engaged by December, so get ready."

"Great!" I said. "I've always wanted to be a maid of honor!"

"Um, my sister will be my maid of honor. You will have to be something else."

How rude! As if it is not enough that the Bush Administration seeks to deny me my fundamental right to bridal registry, my very own PFF deserts me.

Everytime a new semesters starts, the student listserv starts to heat up again. And then, just like the clockwork, the catty private emails among my friends start flying. For example, someone posted on the listserv that their textbook was stolen, and he was looking for a replacement. Shortly thereafter, I get the message forwarded to me with the comment "Well, maybe if he wouldn't leave his books in his library study carrel by themselves for hours at a time, along with his dirty trash and stinky lunch, his book wouldn't have been stolen." Rrrrrrr. Save that venom for finals time, when you will really need it.

But you know me, I don't judge, and realize we all mistakes and just need understanding and compassion. So I sent him an email offering him the use of my classical mythology textbook from undergrad. Strangely, no reply.

Then, I got an email from a certain friend. The email went like this, "I have circumcision questions to ask you. Will you be up to the task of answering?" Those familiar with my circle probably know who would have need of such advice, but it was still hiliarious to receive this email in the middle of studying, especially since I didn't know I was an expert on the matter.

Friends, you gotta love them.

Another Small Confession

I like Secured Transactions. Don't worry, I don't love it - I'm just enjoying it so far. Like with Income Tax last year, we've started out slow and I am thus far following along without getting too confused. But perhaps as with tax, we'll hit a point in the semester where the subject matter goes whizzing by me and I'll wind up lost and confused (and pissed off) for the rest of the semester. I hope not.

The class is by no means riveting, but I entered with the expectation that the subject matter would be completely boring and that I'd not be the least bit interested in it. (I'm taking it cause I haven't taken any other UCC classes and figured I should take one to help with bar review). Perhaps if I'd started all law school classes with such low expectations, I'd have enjoyed my classes more than I did.

I think one reason I like the class is that it's rules-based. Funny I'm just realizing I like rules-based classes in my last semester. Sec Trans seems a bit like a puzzle to me, which is what I enjoyed about Civ Pro. If you know the rules, you can for the most part work out how things should turn out in a particular case. No fuzzy balancing tests - yet.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Small Confession

I heart Old Navy. When I first heard we were getting one in Indy, I thought nothing of it. Sounded like another expensive department store to me. But once I tried it, I was hooked. I can't always find something I like there, but when I do it's generally something I just love.

Over the past couple weeks I've picked up some favorite new purchases.

My first pair of these pants, in 'brown kelp' according to the website, was so comfortable and so perfect that I went back and bought a pair in 'thyme green.' Love them!

I've also purchased 4 of the same sweater. I know, 4 is crazy. I can't find it on the website, but it's a sheer sweater, very lightweight. I bought it in black, white, and blue. Unfortunately, the blue was the victim of Deb's crazy scissor hands, but I liked it so much I went back and bought a replacement (on sale!).

I also have this coat in 'Spring Poppy' (red) - when I showed it to my Mom she exclaimed, "What a throwback!"

And my absolute favorite - I was SO excited to see these... a new version of my favorite sequined flip flops!!! I bought them in 3 colors. I can't wait until Spring - too bad it's gonna be another 6 weeks :)

Go Grandpa!!!

My 84 year old (or is it 85? man, he just celebrated a b-day; my memory stinks) grandfather just purchased a new car this week. Yes, a brand new car. He is fully independent and drives himself wherever he needs to go.

As far back as I can remember the cars he and my Grandma had were some shade of blue, generally in the baby blue category. I spoke with him on the phone the other night about his new car. "What color is it, blue?"

Nope. Vibrant Red. Awesome.*

*I hope I have as many of Grandpa's genes as is possible. I should be so blessed.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

How Many E-mails Are in Your Inbox?

I have 513 in my school account's inbox. I have tried to get rid of unnecessary messages over the past couple years. This is total evidence that I am a packrat. I won't even go into how many are in my 'sent mail' folder.

The Apprentice is Looking for Hoosiers

That should be fun - good luck to producer Mark Burnett if he is indeed trying to re-create some Rupert Boneham magic.

I wonder why this casting call is for MBAs and business professors only? Perhaps, as the director at the U of I speculated, the theme will be MBA grads versus their former professors. I wonder if Scott would qualify for the casting call?

New Blogger on the Block

The Fabulous Kelly P Posted by Hello

My apologies to Kelly P; I posted her old, dour-faced anime image yesterday. Here's the improved smiling version, - much more true-to-life. In addition, welcome Kelly to the blogging world! Check her out at Jelly Beans and Corduroy. As always, be kind and patient with this new blogger.

Bad Beer Ideas

First, Queer Beer, as noted @ Lawren's. This sounds doomed. The member of a gay rights organization is quoted as saying "I'm happy to see that homosexuals are being taken seriously as consumers." Taken seriously? With a product called Queer Beer?

Next, B-to-the-E. This is Budweiser's new creation. The beer has been infused with caffiene, guarana, and ginseng, and supposedly has hints of blackberry, raspberry and cherry. Can you say gross? Bud is trying to keep up with the changing trends in the market. Increases in beer sales last year didn't keep up with increases in sales of alcohol used in drinks like cosmopolitans. In addition, the infusion of caffeine and the slimmer can undoubtedly are attempts to cash in on the success of Red Bull as a drink mixer/chaser.

I couldn't have put it better than a friend who said "What the world needs now is more ambitious, energetic, peppy drunks." Heh. Yep, that's just what we need.

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