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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Are Evening Students Snobs?*

I beginning to wonder if a great many students who work full time and attend law school in the evening are snobs. Have I posted about this before? No matter.

I have on many occasions heard from both evening students and professors who teach evening students the phrase "day student" spoken as though they were describing the slimy hairballs that collect in one's shower drain. "Day students," they snort, have no idea what it means to be stressed, to juggle competing (worthwhile) activities, to have difficult time management issues.

I am grateful that I was in a financial position and had enough family support that I could attend law school full time and not have to work full time. I will not pretend to know how difficult it is to work full time and attend law school classes in the evening. Hats off to those students who manage to do this successfully, especially those with families.

But I would like to state for the record that not all day students are 22 year old, fresh out of college, interested in nothing but getting a high-paying job, beer-swilling party animals.

I am a day student. I take classes full time. I also work part time. I also raise, as a single parent, my teenage daughter. Over my law school career, I've participated in moot court, law review, and dean's tutorial society. I know what it means to be tired. I know what it means to be busy. I know what it means to have time management issues. I know what it means to have to prioritize - when sometimes school gets the short end of the stick, and sometimes another part of my life gets less than the attention it deserves.

Many day students I know who don't work DO devote their time and energy to other wonderful pursuits, not the least of which are assisting clients through our law clinic or racking up incredible amounts of pro bono hours as they give of their time to help those who need it.

I'm tired of hearing about how easy day students have it. Shut it.

*I am of course generalizing in this post. I hope the evening students whom I've heard insult day students realize that they, too, were guilty of huge generalizations. I just get the distinct feeling they don't.

Law Student and Mother

Good post from Transmogriflaw about scheduling classes based on balancing the demands of law school and a family. It illustrates some of the difficulties of maintaining this juggling act.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

I'm Gonna Cry

I opened my webmail, generally home to hundreds of sent and received e-mails, and it says zero of zero messages. 0 of 0. Panic approaching......

The Amazing Race

A few thoughts from last night's 2 hour show (and I still read for both classes today - yay!)

-The brothers are now officially my favorite team. That race to the finish was great. They were so cute at the orphanage, running around with the kids; they seemed to truly enjoy the experience. "Stay out of trouble" one of them told the kids as they left. They are hilarious - one of them opened a clue and ad libbed "make your way home to Mom and eat chicken enchiladas until you fall into a food coma." What a riot - and I make great chicken enchiladas, by the way. But my favorite moment from last night's show was when they said an impromptu prayer for their cameraman after their accident. They seem like decent kids and I'm now rooting for them. (I'm looking past their wishes that the other teams self-destruct since they're all made up of people in relationships). Guess next week I should try to figure out which brother is which.

-Rob is getting a taste of his own medicine - like when Lynn and his partner wouldn't let them join on the bus. Bound to happen. And of course, he and Amber didn't stop to check on the crash site. They could have at least slowed down and asked if everything was under control.

-I was super sick of Ray last night; how fitting that the good-hearted brothers passed up him and Deana. Glad I don't have to see any more of Ray's ugly and mean mug.

-And finally, Gretchen and Meredith rock. They really hung in there last night after Gretchen's injury and the loss of their money (thanks in part to the $ donations of Uchenna and a few others). Gretchen is strong - she ordered Meredith to go find the clue while she received medical attention. Her best remark of the night was "I can't go to Soweto market like this."

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Johnnie Cochran was 67 years young.

You Don't Know Jack

I've changed the pre-set radio stations in my car for the first time in a couple years. I'm a channel flipper, so the set stations really just act as place holders along the dial, but they are the channels I check first.

104.5 lost their Oldies format (this is sad because I have cherished memories of being a passenger in the car with my Dad when I was young as he belted out the oldies - mostly from his 8 track collection. That said, I never listened to this station).

WENS 97.1 gave way last week to all country all the time. I got rid of that and added what is fast becoming my new favorite station: 104.5, Jack-FM. They claim to play hits from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. "Imagine if your iPOD was set on the shuffle mode, then plugged into a transmitter with 50,000 watts of power," their website reads. I don't know about the transmitter, but the selection is pretty good.

Over an hour or so I heard MC Hammer, The Stray Cats, Prince, and Billy Joel. It's not that they're always playing my favorite songs, but I like that it's nearly impossible to predict what they'll play next. You locals who still listen to 'regular' radio should check it out.

Customer Service Lives

I had class most of the day yesterday. Then I worked at the hospital until 7:30pm. I drove home to check on T and sit down for a quick breather. Then I geared up for a couple of late evening errands. That damn bar application is due this week and I had a few more pieces to put together.

This past summer I had a passport photo taken and had 4 little 2X2 pictures of myself. It was no glamour shot but it was doable. I used 2 of them to obtain a passport for the New Years cruise, used 1 for my registration ticket for the MPRE, and - wonderfully - had one left over to use for bar application purposes. I drove to FedEx/Kinko's in Broad Ripple around 9pm to laminate my photo to a 3X5 card.

An eager employee showed me to a 'self-serve' laminating station and then left me to fend for myself. I followed the directions and produced an 8X10 piece of laminate with my notecard in the middle. But the laminate didn't seal on one side so I asked the lady for assistance. She took the sheet from me and proceeded to run it through the machine again - without the protective cover that the directions urge one to use. I protested, "don't you need..." But she shook her head no. And out came the new result: it was sealed, but my picture was ruined. It had all these weird looking bubbles or something on it. Sigh.

She looked at the picture and began to ask me if I happened to have another. No, I don't happen to. Now I had to get another picture taken. She informed me that I didn't owe her anything. Really? Wow. I thought sure I'd have to pay for you to ruin my only remaining passport sized photo. Then she advised that I have someone behind the counter do the laminating for me next time. Was I on MTV's Boiling Points or something?

I was pissed. And tired. But I sucked it up and drove to the 24hr Walgreen's where I'd originally obtained the photos. I paid $7.99 plus tax for a hideous, pale, too-close picture of myself after a long day. I called both T and Amanda to rant and vent some frustration. Then I headed back to Kinko's.

I approached the counter and explained what I needed to another employee. She looked at the new picture and at the old one (which was not a hideous close up and in which I at least had a hint of color to my skin) and expressed her dismay at what had happened. Her sympathy seemed genuine and that relaxed me a bit as I waited for her laminate the card. I tried to work up the nerve to request I not be charged - since I'd had to purchase another picture through their fault.

As I browsed through some birthday cards I noticed the employee approach me with her finished product. It was perfect - sealed and cut to shape. She just held it up, handed it to me, and told me to have a nice evening. "Bless you" I proclaimed. Now that is customer service. I will now gladly return to the store instead of taking my business elsewhere or approaching that location with dread and anger. Several places of business could learn something from this woman.

Jesse Jackson Needs to Quit

-This much I know.

Monday, March 28, 2005

I Just Can't Get You Out of My Head

Amanda's been humming to the Bangles all day.

Deb wants to break free (Queen) from class this evening.

Me? I've had the Picture Pages song in my head since last night.

Picture pages, picture pages, something something something something some - thing!*
Picture pages, picture pages, time to grab your crayon and your pencil!!!
Something something something something picture page with you!

*I said the song - I didn't say I knew the words.

Best Laid Plans

I intended to have a veggie wrap for lunch - relatively healthy, especially by my standards.

After standing in line for 10 minutes at our 'cafeteria' I changed my mind for 2 reasons.

First, they were short a person so the lady making the sandwiches and wraps was doubling as the cashier. Each time she ran over to the cash register, she checked out about 5 or 6 people. So when I left the sandwich line I probably saved myself 15 minutes or so (which I need to read for class).

Second, when she ran the register - taking money and making change - she left her gloves on. Then she went back to preparing food ---- wearing those same gloves. No thanks, maybe tomorrow.

I now have a bag of Cheetos, a bag of Mini Chip Ahoy and a Sprite for lunch.

Today's Drama

Last night before I went to bed I threw in a load of clothes which included T's uniform pants and a couple of shirts. As soon as I woke up this morning I went down to the basement and put the clothes in the dryer so she could wear them to school.

T entered the kitchen for breakfast wearing her pajamas and her school sweatshirt, which was filthy and covered with stains. I made a face at her sweatshirt, unhappy that she was planning on wearing the stained mess to school.

"You could've washed it," she spat out in a way that only a 13-year-old daughter can.

My incredulous yelling ensued, complete with threats to stop doing her laundry altogether. It's gonna be a lovely day.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Easter Pictures - Cascarones

Painting eggs in preparation for Easter fun. Posted by Hello

T made me this egg - in honor of my fascination with thunderstorms. There's a gray cloud at the top of the egg with rain drops and lightning bolts down the sides. Posted by Hello

Gotcha (T and J) Posted by Hello

Our basket of cascarones - this year we only had 21, but there were less of us participating. (We missed you, Bob!) Eggs of note: the pink striped one says "Please don't break"; the blue one on the left is a Cubs egg; I think the black and white stripes are some sort of zebra or jail theme. All of these creations were courtesy of J2. So creative. My "Mommy loves T" egg is in the back. Posted by Hello

Feliz Pascua a todos!

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Don't Touch Me

I got an overnight package this morning and the mail carrier who delivered it was wearing bright blue latex gloves. She fumbled around, handing me a pen so I could sign in about 3 places for my stuff, and her gloves brushed my hands several times.

I got irked for some ridiculous reason. I'm sure there's a perfectly sensible rationale for the gloves this morning: fear of Anthrax? mail carrier with skin problems from handling so many envelopes and packages trying to protect her skin? desire not to add fingerprints to the package in case it winds up being something that need to be fingerprinted?

I just don't like it. It made me feel like she thought I was too dirty to touch.

Just a Saturday

Woke up (fairly) early this morning with good intentions of studying. I did get some reading accomplished, but other tasks required my attention as well. T had a classmate over for continued work on an 'engineering challenge' project. Sigh. Those types of projects were the bane of my existence in grade school and they continue to be now that my daughter is expected to complete them. They worked on it for a while and at one point when I emerged from folding clothes in the basement, the classmate's parents had arrived. Her father was helping with the drill and her mother and I chatted for a while.

Once they all left I got some reading done but kept interrupting that to fold clothes or start a new load of wash. I confess to watching a couple half-hours of Jessica Simpson on Newlyweds, too, but I read during the commercials. Then J and T set up for painting eggs for tomorrow. I painted 4 - pictures of our efforts tomorrow.

Made some quick pasta and zucchini, wrapped up the laundry, and now it's about time to head out to work. I signed up for a 4 hour shift tonight and they unfortunately didn't cancel me.

Here's some pre-Easter fun: Bunny Rap.

Friday, March 25, 2005

I (Still) Love Law School

I'm too tired for deep thought. Is is the weather? Is it the general mood this week of people around me? Dunno. But I do want to remark on a post I read last night at JCA's about how it gets on her nerves when people complain about the pointlessness of the third year of law school. She admitted that as a transfer student she isn't dealing with a 3rd year at the same school. And that most of those students vocally complaining about a 3rd 'pointless' year are those who have already lined up a job.

But what about students like me who are in the middle of the 3rd year at the very same school and who have a job waiting for them after graduation (and bar hell)?

My comment at Sua Sponte was this:
I am not a transfer student and I am completely enjoying my 3L year. Yes, I
complain about the workload, I'm a bit stressed over Spring finals, the demands
of school can be taxing.

But ultimately, I'm enjoying my experience. I love law school. I am not experiencing the inertia described [in the] above [comment]. In fact, I feel as though life has hurtled me through the last 2 1/2 years and I am enjoying this last semester, hanging on for dear life before law school spits me out into the real "working" world. I am in no way the same person I was, intellectually, when I entered school. I believe I have learned more in the last 2 1/2 years than in all 4 years of undergrad. I am able to look at things differently, to apply a type of critical eye I don't think I had before law school.

Perhaps my feelings are because I am an older student. I just turned 31 (5 days ago!) and I have been out in the real world before. Law school, with all its demands and despite the fact that I still work part time, is a vacation of sorts. I left the 'daily' grind of my previous career and embarked on a journey. I've enjoyed it and I'm in no hurry to see it end.

I don't understand at all why those who have the rest of their lives to
log billable hours are in such a hurry to do so. I am not.

Apprentice Stuff

-Craig should be proud of himself for sticking to his guns about his 'box' idea. It was excellent foresight about which customers would be interested and how getting the kids involved would be a benefit. T was funny - when they showed the Home Depot commercial about the do-it-yourself box based on Craig's idea, she asked if he got any money for that. Ha. Not a chance.

-Chris is annoying, seems to be a bit of a hothead, and is not liked by Trump. He'll be fired soon.

-As the show started, I predicted that Erin would be around until the end. Such a sucker for editing tricks; that's exactly what they wanted me to think. Seriously, though, Trump did like her and I think he was disappointed to see her go. She made the mistake of taking advantage of his fancy for her and getting a bit too familiar. Makes you wonder if that sort of thing (like all that winking) has worked for her in the past.

-I like Angie and while she made some bad decisions last night I'm hoping she'll redeem herself now that she survived by the skin of her teeth.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Too Little, Too Late

I am engaging in a bit of self-sacrifice for the next few days. The Catholic among you may have noted that I didn't post any Lenten resolution. I chose not to because I know just how lacking I am in self discipline. I didn't want to post that I was giving something up for Lent when I knew full well that I was not likely to adhere to the sacrifice for the entire season.

So I established a few goals and made a series of vague promises to myself and my Lord. And I have failed at most of them - not miserably - but failed nonetheless.

On a seemingly unrelated note, I have an addiction to popcorn. Ha - an addiction - yeah, right. No, seriously. Anyway, I became disgusted with myself on Tuesday because I had a bag of microwave popcorn (and added my own melted butter and Parmesan cheese) for lunch and then the same for dinner. Must to stop this behavior.

Every night - no matter what I've eaten for dinner - I crave this snack. Wednesday I vowed that in honor of the last week of Lent I would eat no more popcorn for the rest of the week. Last night was tough. But I did it.

I am not trying to be flip here. I realize that this 'sacrifice' of mine is simply infinitesimal in relation to the sacrifice that I am supposed to emulate during Lent. But since I didn't do so well with sacrifice this Lent, I decided it was the least I could do.

I could really use some popcorn.

Practical Advice for New Female Attorneys

I had the good fortune a couple weeks ago to attend a luncheon sponsored by our Democratic Law Society and the Women's Caucus in honor of National Women's Month. There was a panel of 4 women: 2 Marion County Superior Court judges and 2 partners from 2 of the big 3 firms in Indianapolis. The panel shared their thoughts on 'women and law' and offered practical advice to new female graduates. (Most, if not all, of the advice is applicable to males as well).

Find a Mentor. Find someone in the legal community who can serve as your mentor. It may be a judge or attorney you have already met in your law school endeavors. Mentors can serve as role models, function as sounding boards for problems and conflicts that will be novel to new attorneys, and will often alert mentees to opportunities for their careers of which they would otherwise have not been aware.

Set Boundaries. Don't take on too much in an effort to please superiors or out of the misconception that setting some boundaries is not an option. If faced with a new case or assignment on top of an impossible workload, say "I'm doing A and B and C - help me prioritize so I know what you want done first." New attorneys are reluctant to admit when they are overburdened but need to remember that honesty up front prevents a superior from being inconvenienced later if the work does not get done - or gets done sloppily.

Include Your Family. Talk about work with your children (keeping confidentiality in mind, of course). Broad conflicts that you encounter can be understood by even young children. They might learn some life lessons about conflict resolution and working with others, but most importantly they will feel included. As one panelist put it, "it's not your work life and your home life; it's your whole life." Indeed, as the practice of law can be demanding, having a 'whole life' mindset might help provide some perspective.

Take Control of Your Career. (I found this piece of advice to be the most compelling). Don't just sit back and let things happen to you. Form a plan, or at least a direction, or else projects will simply come and go and the years will fly by before you've formed a game plan for your career. Take the initiative; be assertive.

Ask for Feedback. Ask your superiors how you are doing and in what ways you can improve your performance and work product. One panelist mentioned that many years ago as a new attorney she requested monthly lunches with her supervising partner for the purpose of assessing her work performance. She found the feedback to be immensely helpful and she continues the monthly lunches to this day.

Don't Burn Any Bridges. This should be self-explanatory. Treat everyone you meet with the level of respect and professionalism you would want in return. This includes the obvious judges and other attorneys, of course. But law students don't forget - your fellow students will for the most part be practicing in your legal community; they are soon to be your colleagues. Respect is key in all interactions. You never know when that person you ticked off in law school will one day be across the courtroom from you or in charge of hiring at the firm to which you wish to transfer. This advice applies to all public interactions, as well. One panelist told of cutting someone off in traffic only to learn later that day it was one of the partners at her new firm.

Don't Take Things Personally. This corresponds to treating everyone with respect. Panelists agreed that they often see attorneys become personally angered or offended by the outcomes of the legal battles they wage. Remember that opposing counsel is just zealously advocating for her client, as are you. Be professional.

Put Family First. Kids will only be young once. Make every effort to attend school programs, sports events, etc.... (This advice was offered by one of the judges on the panel and she didn't offer any examples. While it is excellent advice, I tend to think this is easier said than done depending on the demands of your particular job.)

Be Open to Experiences. Both of the judges on the panel indicated that they did not set out intending to become judges. For one of them, who was in private practice, a local judge requested that they fill in as a commissioner during a temporary absence; this was her first exposure to the possibility of becoming a judge. Be open to such unexpected opportunities.

Break Out of Your Shell. (I left this one for last because it's the toughest one for me to follow). Make an intentional effort to make contacts with others in the legal world. Yes, this means attend functions in the legal community and mingle. It also means call colleagues with whom you have not spoken in a while. Stay in touch with your current classmates; you will be referring clients to these future attorneys and hopefully vice versa. Get involved in your community; serve as a role model for citizens in your area.

Survivor Stuff

-The little sock puppet show put on by - who was it? Coby and Katie? - was mean. They were making fun of Angie and Bobby Jon. I realize opportunities for entertainment are limited out there, but I think it says something about those guys' personalities.

-The jellyfish were beautiful; it would be incredible to be able to swim through hundreds of them like that without being harmed.

-Ibrehem is still worthless and I'll be pissed if he somehow makes it to the end.

-Tom seems like a sweet guy; it was nice of him to try to make Janu feel better and bolster her confidence.

-I was happy to see James' cocky ass go. His "my God says it's time for Ib to go" comment was the last straw for me.

-I have a feeling this season is going to frustrate me. I'm already pissed that Angie's gone despite her hard work and my gut tells me that Steph isn't going to benefit from her strong performances thus far. There are only 3 Ulong tribe members left; even if they merge next week - which they might - it will be tough for those 3 to save themselves from getting picked off by Koror.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

More Study Room Sounds

The girl next to me in this study carrel has headphones on but the music is plainly audible from where I am sitting. Current selection?

The theme from "Chariots of Fire." Go get 'em, gunners.

Sign on School Refrigerator

"To whomever stole my healthy lunch out of this fridge:
You stole food from a hungry pregnant woman.
That is not cool.
Please don't ever do it again."

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

For Those Interested...

...another perspective on Terri Schiavo.

A few thought about tonight's The Amazing Race

-Ray and Deana limped in at 6th place tonight. He said something like "I'll take it. For now." Good call, Ray, since no one's offering you any other option. Ray is an ass. He kept putting down the older couple (about whom he said 'they're a couple decades older than they need to be' - need to be for whom? they seem to be doing just fine) and the mother and son, saying he would hate to lose to them and that they are weak.

-I still have a crush on Boston Rob. I know, I know.

-I got sick and tired of Patrick's whining tonight and by the end of the show was actually hoping he and his mom would come in last - which they did. Patrick's a quitter and it was painful to listen to him berate his mom as she tried to cheer him on while he wimped out at challenges. He called himself a 'realist' but he is a pessimist. Maybe he'll gain some insight when he sees how he was portrayed on the show. He said "maybe I need to lighten up." Ya' think?

-Next week's show looks a little more exciting. Poor Gretchen has blood dripping down her face and it appears another pair has an automobile collision. Hope Gretchen and Meredith are able to hang in there.

So What?

Yes, I'm wearing flip-flops (pink sequined) today and it was 34 degrees when I left the house. So what? I'm ready for spring, dammit!

Nothing Important to Add

I've remained silent on the Terry Schiavo situation for several reasons including that I haven't followed the case very closely and that I don't have anything to add that hasn't already been said. Here are some links to bloggers I know who have weighed in on the topic.

I have a few thoughts rolling around in my head about the whole thing today, though, after seeing Michael Schiavo on Larry King Live* last night. A caller asked Michael what took him so long to request that Terry be allowed to die. His lawyer responded that Michael's fight to have Terry's feeding tube removed has been going on for about 7 years. But she has been in her current state for about 15 years. So what of those first 8 or so years?

Well, Michael - understandably - was hoping against hope that Terry would recover. She was 26 years old when she collapsed in her home in 1990. She was a very young woman and it took her husband many years to accept the fact that her condition was not going to improve. Once Michael came to terms with Terry's condition and decided that her wishes for "no tubes" ought to be respected, he began his struggle to have her feeding tube removed. Only problem? Terry's parents haven't quite made their peace with what Michael says are Terry's wishes.

So it was OK for Michael to authorize treatment - against Terry's wishes - for approx 8 years because he wasn't ready to deal with the reality of the death of his young wife. But now that he has managed to come to terms with things (with a little help from his new fiancee, I'm sure), he has requested that Terry die - despite that her parents have not had the same revelation/epiphany that Michael has. How very self-centered of him.

I sincerely hope that Terry's parents realize that Terry has done all of us a monumental service. This case has people all over the country talking about life and death and living wills. It illustrates the absolute need for each and every person - even young people - to execute living wills so that their wishes regarding medical treatment will be respected. I called my personal expert last night and requested a sit-down where we can talk about what it means to be in a coma, to be brain dead, to be in a persistent vegetative state. I intend to get a living will and I want to be as specific as possible about my wishes. But I need more education about these terms and their implications before I can make such tough decisions.

I'm terrified of death and as many of you know it's often difficult for me to make decisions where there are uncertainties. But worse than forcing myself to make choices regarding the end of my life would be to leave such agonizing decisions to my family members.

*I don't watch that show much and I was completely unimpressed with Larry last night. Why so awful? He didn't ask any insightful questions and even repeated a question or 2 after Michael had previously answered. Is he always that bad? Is he just getting too old? What's the deal?

Monday, March 21, 2005

Hilarious (in a you-had-to-be-there sort of way)

I occasionally watch Cold Case - it's one of my parents' regular shows and I can enjoy a single episode without having to watch every week.

Several of us were recently discussing Lilly's hairdo. It's a little wacky, looks like she woke up late and threw it in a casual ponytail or bun that is now falling out.

But the funniest thing is that on last night's episode they actually had Lilly sitting in a hair-stylist's chair and saying that she has had a hard time adjusting to paying $50 for a haircut.

Heh. $50 for that? I'd ask for my money back :)

-and on an unrelated note, Scotty (Danny Pino) is hot.

Sounds of the Study Room

-whhhhhirrrrrr of the heating/cooling system
-tap tap tappity tappity tappa tap tap tappity tappity tap tap TAP! of a laptop keyboard
-cough. cough. cough. of a student who should go home
-sqeeeeeeeeak of my highlighter

Sunday, March 20, 2005

I Am Thankful...

...that Indianapolis did not receive 23 inches of snow this weekend. Amen.

The Magic Didn't Last

I dropped to tied for 5th place in both my family pool and the Yahoo tournament pick 'em I entered - entered for fun, Scott. Too bad. Wake Forest's loss hurt me pretty bad since I had them in the final four.

Still, it's been fun - I did surprisingly well for a while considering how little - how very little - I know about college ball. Go Illini!

March Madness, Indeed

3L year. Should be a piece of cake; we're almost home free. I think about the madness that was the 1st semester of my 2L year: OCI initial and callback interviews, moot court, law review - edits and researching my own note, work, etc...

So now, with my note long since written, no more interviews, no moot court, and a spotty-at-best work schedule, I should have tons of free time. I should be not only caught up on all my reading, but kickin' some ass in the creation of outlines for fast-approaching finals.

And yet I can still barely keep up. I'm one of those for whom the amount of work I have expands to fill the time in which I have to do it. And the list of things to do continues to multiply and currently includes compiling my work history so I can mail in my bar application, making reservations for T's spring break trip, and ordering graduation cap and gown (and announcements!).

I was extremely productive today, despite being tired from last night's slumber party festivities. I can only pray I'll be able to keep the level of productivity up as the week progresses.

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Beautiful Birthday Flowers!!!

...from Mom, Dad, and my sisters. Thanks guys :) Posted by Hello

Me and My Girl

Me: Guess what?
T: What?
Me: It's Saturday!!!
T: Oh yeah, we need to get up and clean the living room.
Me: Well, yes, but - something else! (expectant look on face)
T: Oh! Happy Birthday, Mommy!

So I'm older once again. While I don't relish getting older, it's most definitely better than the alternative. It's just the kind of day I like, warm outside and overcast. Well, it's only 46 but it supposed to get to 52 or something. We were awakened by a long loud blast of thunder - and I love thunderstorms. The day is off to a good start.

I'm heading downstairs to make blueberry muffins. T and I diligently refrained from eating meat yesterday, almost. We decided to have an early dinner at a locally-owned restaurant and we both chose the cheeseburger off the limited menu. Oops. We completely forgot it was Friday. Later that evening she ran up the stairs and said, "Mom, it's FRIDAY." Uh-oh. I responded, "and we ate cheeseburgers for dinner." So we intend to refrain today instead. Guess that means no pepperoni pizza for me tonight at the slumber party!

Friday, March 18, 2005

NCAA Tourney Bracket Picks

OK, I gave in an filled out a bracket the other day. Peer pressure is tough. I ran across several blogs, including Lawren's, that included links where you could go and fill out a bracket. I held strong until the "just for fun" invitation from ITA. I decided to sign up - what's to lose but dignity?

I spent a little time surfing the web, checking out a few stats and learning just a few things so I wouldn't wind up with the losing-est bracket of all time (though I still may). I e-mailed my Dad to verify that my final 4 picks weren't outlandish and when he responded he invited me to join the little family pool that was forming, which I did. I haven't yet sent my $3, mind you, but my sister's boyfriend J2 is sure to win so I'll just plan to give him the dough next time I see him.

So far, I'm doing surprisingly well - especially since I don't follow college ball at all. Texas, Alabama, and Pittsburgh let me down yesterday but I'm currently tied for 2nd with 3 other people (out of 14) in the friendly ITA competition. Not to shabby says me. Yay!!!

I'm glad I joined the bracket craze; it gives me teams to root for in the games I would otherwise not care about. March Madness rocks: basketball fun, St. Patty's Day, spring break, my birthday. Woohoo!


I took the bus to campus today to retrieve my car - it's not the first time I've taken a bus, but it has been quite a while and it's the first time I've ridden since our bus system switched from Metro to IndyGo.

My first mistake was two-fold: I underestimated how long it would take me to walk the 1.8 miles from my house to the bus stop (actually I underestimated the distance), and I left later than I'd planned. So I was hoofin' it to the bus stop, walking quickly along Meridian Street as cars whizzed by, praying to make the 11:08 bus since the next one wasn't scheduled to arrive until 12:07. Lucky for me it's a nice day and the sun was out. The wind pushing against me didn't help much, but I kept going and managed to make it in time for the bus.

There was 1 man already waiting for the bus at the stop. I nodded to him and waited a few feet away, forming a line of sorts. Soon another man joined us and he also kept a respectable distance, but on the other side of the 1st man. We waited for 5-10 minutes for the bus. It was during this time that I realized I had no idea of what bus stop etiquette consists these days. Should I make conversation? Was occasional eye contact in order, a sort of acknowledgement that we are all still waiting for the same bus, which was by now late? Or should I keep my eyes averted, lest I seem to be prying into my companions' business or sizing up the reasons they were using public transportation?

I don't know what's conventionally done, but we waited in silence. When the bus arrived, it stopped short of the actual "bus stop," thus putting the man who had arrived 3rd right in front of the bus doors. To my delight, both men indicated that I should board the bus before them. Chivalry is not quite dead, then. What a nice gesture from both.

To my surprise, the bus was roomy, clean, and comfortable. It had indeed been a long time since I'd been on a bus. The driver was downright cheerful and seemed to know on a first name basis about 75% of the people who boarded as we traveled along the route. He greeted each person, even the strangers, and wished each person getting off the bus a good day. As he drove, he chatted happily with a regular rider who stood right behind his seat (that passenger made me nervous because I had visions of her flying out of the windshield if we were in a collision).

At one stop, a couple of teenage boys were ambling toward the bus. The driver called out to them and asked them if they were trying to catch the bus. They said they were, but the driver got fed up, slammed the doors shut, and continued along his route. He grumbled "trying to catch the bus my foot; you ain't trying to catch this bus if you're just gonna keep slowly walking along. You'll be catchin' the NEXT bus!" Highly amusing.

I made it downtown and walked the rest of the way to school. And I continue to be thankful that I own a car that runs and can take me wherever I want whenever I want. Not environmentally friendly, I know, but very convenient and a near necessity in this town with its pitiful public transportation system.

Fun in River City

Ok, fun in Indy. Anyway, a bunch of folks got together and howled at the moon last night. We had a good time despite that the musical selections could have been better. Hard to complain, though, when they'll play your requests. We just couldn't come up with anything fabulous.

Hit Ike's later for a bit; it was packed. I have quite a bit of energy now, will hit the wall later. Guess I'll channel some of this energy and take a bus downtown to get my car. Then I need to ride out to T's new school of choice and let them know they are the lucky educators who get to experience the wonders of my child for the next 4 years. Parenthood is emotionally exhausting.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Survivor: Palau

This was one of the most frustrating episodes of Survivor I can remember. Poor Ulong, they just suffered one defeat after another. First Ibraham or whatever his name is screwed up the challenge. I agree with Amanda that James was quick to judge him, but Ibraham's bitchin' at tribal council was too much for me. He advised that his tribe members look to ALL his performances and not just this one. All I could think of was last week when he got his ass beat in the challenge that involved strength and balance. That type of challenge should be his strong suit.

After that loss, they dealt with the frustration of having to watch Koror eat. And of having to let Koror witness their own tribal council. And then, adding insult to injury, stupid clueless mighty Koror got to bestow immunity on a member of Ulong. Ibraham? Why? Let that poor team who keeps losing decide for themselves who should go.

Angie did not deserve to go. She and Steph have carried their team for the past 2 or 3 weeks. I know Stephanie is frustrated, but I'm impressed with her ability to keep her cool. I'm not sure I could've sat their quietly while Jeff dealt out one humiliation after another.

Note to self: it's just a game - mindless entertainment, at that.

It's Good News, Really

I'm at a loss. T and I are trying to choose between 2 high schools for next year. She really liked one on her shadow day but I basically ruled it out as too expensive. I just spoke with the financial aid department at that school, however, and they are prepared to offer us an astronomical amount of aid for next year, stepped down in amount each following year as I become a real working gal and not just a student.

So now, from a financial standpoint, T can essentially go to any high school she wishes. Poor thing is now 50/50 regarding her 2 choices, due to my originally telling her the one she liked was not an option. She got herself all psyched up for the other and even kinda used to the idea. Now she's thrown for a loop, not to mention that she's afflicted with my disease - inability to make up her mind about almost anything.

I wish I had a crystal ball and could see into the future, see what high school holds for my one and only child. Both are excellent schools. She will receive a fantastic education at either institution. The main question becomes which school will she enjoy more. At which place will she make friends and fit in and be happy and find things to do that she enjoys?

I'm reminded of a post a read last night about keeping up with the Joneses. Most of the posts over there are over my head, but I think one point of this post pretty clearly is that money does not buy happiness. An education at a more expensive, more exclusive school is not necessarily a better one and will not necessarily make your child a better or happier person.

This is all true. But it's difficult for me as a parent to dispel from within my head the notion that it's my duty to provide my child with every possible opportunity we can afford or access. Something gnaws at me and tells me we should choose the more expensive school simply because it is more expensive. Crazy, I know. Parenthood does this to a person, I think. A dear friend who eschews fashion fads and expensive trends is expecting a baby. When shopping for newborn essentials, she found herself picking the most expensive item every time, assuming that something was wrong with the cheaper brands. I pointed out that she would never make purchases for herself based on price, so she shouldn't get sucked into doing so for her child. Now look at me.

Each school has its pros and cons. I want T to continue to get a Catholic education (which she would at one) but I'd also love for her to attend a school where she could participate in any sport she pleases at any time in her high school experience (which she could at the other). I want her to benefit from a vast community of alumni within Indy, should she decide to stay here, but I also think we could benefit from a school slightly smaller in size, where we would be less likely to get lost in the shuffle in matters like scheduling classes.

It's good news. I know it. Sorry if I seem to be whining or complaining that we get to choose between two wonderful schools. It's just that by nature I worry and my worry has me completely paralyzed this time - afraid to make a decision in case it is the wrong one.

Oh yeah, we have until Friday to decide. Aye.

Yes or No?

I can't decide whether to order graduation announcements. Actually, I'd decided not to, but I'm waffling (maybe I should run for President). I was against the idea because I was afraid family members would think I was just asking for money.

If I'd arrived at law school fresh out of college and was headed toward my first 'real' job ever, then I wouldn't worry about it. But at my advanced age it seems a little funny to send out announcements. What do you guys think?

On My Way

I'm on my way to a productive day. I am actually up and at school and it's just now quarter 'til 9am. I'm the first person in the reading room, and perhaps one of the first in the whole library.

As should be evident, of course, I'm blogging instead of working. But getting up and getting here is half the battle. I may just do something productive today.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

The Amazing Race

Another entertaining show. No matter what you think of him, you have to admit that Rob is pretty clever. Tonight he got at least 3 other teams to give up at the roadblock and take a 4 HOUR penalty. Risky stuff when you're in a race. But it paid off for him and Amber. Matter of fact, he should have done it before he ate the nasty stuff he did eat.

I'm glad to see that Meredith and his wife are still in it. And Lynn and his partner ROCKED. They were so excited to beat Rob and Amber; they're a trip, no pun intended. I would say I'm pleased to see the mother and son team still going strong, but the son sort of disappointed me tonight. They finished by the skin of their teeth, no thanks to his whining and yelling at his mom. Maybe if faced with 4 lbs of disgusting meat I'd have done the same thing. Hopefully he'll keep that kind of attitude in check and I can go back to rooting for the 2 of them.

Fun With Public Information

I remember playing with this link during my 1L year. It provided me with more amusement than I care to admit. I stumbled across the link again today on the blog of an IU employee.

Just type in the last name of any IU Faculty/Staff member and up pops their salary based on July 1 budgeted salaries.

All I can say is that for that money, I'm correct that a certain tax professor could have deigned to write on the chalkboard for me a couple times. I mean it was TAX - not philosophy. I think a little chalkboard writing would have been appropriate, not to mention helpful.


One Thing, One Thing

One thing I like about myself = My hair. OK, it's not perfect. But knowing some of the alternatives, I'm quite happy with it. I've always liked brown hair (yes, I'm biased) and not ever wished I was a blond. I can generally wear my hair straight or curly, whichever I prefer on any given day (except rainy days). I do wish it was thicker, and I should maybe look into some meds before I lose too much of it.

One thing I don't like about myself = My hands. They are manish and not pretty. My wrists are very skinny and my hands are proportionally too big and look like they don't belong. The veins on the back of my hands stick out (which is good if I need an IV, but at the moment I don't). My nails won't grow but instead are brittle and prone to breaking.

The Ides of March

And...Happy Birthday to one of my favorite professors.

Sorry, Professor, I couldn't help myself. Just be thankful it's Spring break and we don't have our usual Tuesday class today. I had all kinds of embarrassing things planned for you. This will have to suffice.

Hope you thoroughly enjoy the rest of your day!!!

Monday, March 14, 2005

Do You Have a Favorite Quote from The Princess Bride?

Inigo Montoya: You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

Inigo Montoya: You seem a decent fellow. I hate to kill you.
Westley: You seem a decent fellow. I hate to die.

Inigo Montoya: You know Fezzik, you finally did something right.
Fezzik: Don't worry, I won't let it go to my head.

Clergyman: And wuv, true wuv...

Westley/Grandpa: As you wish.

I Need Spring

I'm hurtin'. My skin is itchy, especially on my shoulders and upper back. My scalp is tired of dandruff shampoo (a must for me in the cold winter months) and wants something a little more whimsical and fruity.

And I am tired. Dog tired. Even when I get plenty of rest, I am simply exhausted in the mornings. I think it's just a lack of Spring. I'm hoping once we get some consistent sunshine and soft warm breezes my energy level - and corresponding attitude - will increase.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

A Little Bit of Heaven on Earth

No classes this week - Yay! Don't get me wrong, I'm not ready to be out of school yet, but I love a break from classes just as must as the next kid.

And I'll be studying - I plan to hit school at least 3 days this week, hopefully more. In fact, I hope to have a post titled "Most Productive Break Ever" at the end of this week, and for that title to be true.

But tonight is nice. I'm hangin' out, watchin' mindless TV - what's on tonight? Cold Case? Sunday Stew with a new Pimp My Ride? I can't wait. Not doing any homework tonight or worrying about reading for class tomorrow. It's like a little piece of heaven right here at home.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Wondering if You Passed the MPRE?

I thought I'd do a 2-for-Tuesday (I know it's Saturday, so what?) of old blog posts that answer reader search requests. I've had several visitors looking for answers as to how to interpret their MPRE scores. I know those who took the exam today won't get their results for a few weeks, but here's what I posted in September regarding the somewhat confusing results:

Did I pass the MPRE?

OK, for those still wondering whether they have correctly interpreted the less-than-clear MPRE results they received in the mail, I have the following information, taken directly from the
Indiana Board of Law Examiners' webpage:

"each applicant is required . . . to attain a scaled score of at least 80 on the Multi-state Professional Responsibility Examination within two years before or after the date the applicant successfully takes the Indiana Bar Examination."

The results came with a raw score and a scaled score. From the language above, looks like no calculations are necessary and you should go by the scaled score.

For those not in Indiana, check out your own state's requirements, which can generally be found online.

Good luck to everyone!!!

Cascarones - Our Easter Tradition

Someone got to my blog the other day by doing a search for 'cascarones.' Since Easter is coming awfully early this year - March 27th - I thought I'd repeat what I posted about cascarones last year on Easter:

Happy Easter!!! My family celebrates an Easter tradition called Cascarones. Here are a few cascarones websites.

Long before Easter we begin saving egg shells. Instead of breaking the egg open in the middle, we just gently tap around the pointed end to remove a small piece of that end - just enough to get the contents out. Then we rinse the shells and set them to dry. The best place to store them is, of course, an empty egg carton.

Close to Easter (J, J2, and T were doing this last night) we paint the outside of the eggshells. We don't dip them in dyes - we hand paint them with brushes. They are usually covered with anything from names of family members to flowers or abstract designs. Bright colors are a must. Once the paint dries, we fill the eggs with confetti. Usually we cut up the funnies to make the confetti. Then we glue on pieces of tissue paper to cover up the hole.

On Easter my Dad hides the eggs in the yard. (Yes, I am too old for this - but it is so much fun). Then my sisters and my daughter and I (only 3 of us here this year) hunt for the eggs. The best part is that once we have found all the eggs, we run around the yard cracking the cascarones on each other's heads. It's a blast!!! Sorry I don't have the ability to share the pics. Take my word for it that we make quite a sight chasing each other around the yard and cracking eggs on our heads. Enjoy your Easter!

That was last year's account. This year, unfortunately, it may be only T and I. Unless...J, are you and J2 coming up? Guess I need to start saving egg shells just in case. I'll be sure to post pictures this year if we have them. Happy egg-making.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Simple Pleasures

My PMBR materials came in the mail 2 days ago. T left me a message on my cell phone, "you got a box today from P-M-B-R? It's really heavy." Indeed it is heavy. It's about an 8 1/2 by 11 box, maybe a foot or more tall. It contains 2 thick 'workbooks' with practice questions, a tall stack of flashcards, and a CD holder with maybe a couple dozen CDs on various multi-state topics.

It's a daunting sight, to be sure. I'm not ready for this. But I did get immense pleasure from the materials. I LOVE the smell of new stuff. I put my face between the pages of the workbooks and inhaled - heaven! Even better, the package had been sitting outside and the pages were cold on my face. The CDs' smelled fabulous, as well.

I know I'll hate this stuff later, but at least I was able to enjoy it for a day.

Progress - (n) movement, as toward a goal; advance

My to-do list continues to grow even as I cross items off. But I try to take comfort in the things that I do accomplish every day. I had Amanda assure me the other day that one simply can't do everything in one day, that taking things one day at a time is a reasonable approach.

Some of the things I accomplished yesterday:
-securing a certified copy of my driving record (to be submitted with Bar application)
-finalizing last 2 out of 3 recommendation letters (to be submitted with Bar app)
-grocery shopping, T was in need of lunch fixins
-reading for class, yesterday's and today's

Thursday, March 10, 2005


Found: one pair of black high-heeled shoes, size 7 1/2, in a 1st floor room at the Courtyard by Marriott on Sunday morning, March 6th. Shoes are potty trained and rather easy to care for. Looking for a good home. If these are your shoes or you are interested in giving them a place to live where they will be cared for and well taken care of, please e-mail justplayinblog@gmail.com Posted by Hello

Hands are Tied

Blogger is having big problems today - I'm not even sure this will post but since it's the first time I've even been able to log on and get to a 'create' field, I thought I'd give it a try. I had some other things in mind for today, but these technical difficulties have my hands tied. The format on this screen now is all screwed up - I hope they get this shit fixed pretty soon.

I know you get what you pay for, but sheesh.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

New Links

I updated blog links a bit today. And check out this archived entry from WTF for a laugh.

Amazing Race

Yep, I'm watching this season - so far. I only caught a few minutes of last week, but after last night's show I'm relatively up to speed. Thoughts from last night's show:

-Why do teams still get so excited about being the first team to embark on a given new challenge or journey? This often seems like a detriment instead of a benefit - such as when they leave in the middle of the night (they could stay and get more sleep) and arrive at a bus stop or train station (like last night) that doesn't open until morning. I'd be pissed.
-Can't quite decide what I think of Rob and Amber. Rob's awfully resourceful and I guess he should be allowed to use whatever strategies he dreams up. But I think his dirty tricks are gonna come back to haunt him. And using the $ of his 'partners in crime' to bribe the bus driver and then not chipping in himself was just mean. How in the hell did he and Amber manage to stack all 180 books in one trip?
-The gay male couple crack me up. Favorite quotes from Lynn last night were "We both love shoes," and "We're good at pullin' up the rear." Heh.
-I love the mother and son team; they are adorable.
-I don't remember $ being such an issue in previous rounds; perhaps I just wasn't paying enough attention. Several teams had to beg for money and shopping items last night.
-Last week, the handful of teams who rolled in after the 1st place team were clearly disappointed not to be in 1st place. This week, we inched closer to the state where every team will simply be glad not to be eliminated.
-Speaking of the elimination, the guys were super nice to the girls who lost. Very sweet - they were all choked up. But seriously, was it necessary for that chick to have her thong all hanging out of her sweat pants? Can't say I'm glad she's gone.

Velvet Ass-Angels

Recommended Blog Read - Same Sex Marriage

Compelling post followed by thought-provoking (for the most part) discussion.

Monday, March 07, 2005

The Ball of Drunken Sorrows

Who knew my friends were so haute couture? At the Barrister's Ball the other night, it was a regular red carpet. I haven't seen that much designer wear, well, since I was in Hollywood last Sunday to accept an Honorary Oscar for lifetime acheivement. Why just at my table, you had Amanda in Prada, Heidi in Dior, Kelly P in Escade, Kelly in D & G, John's wife Jen in Stella McCartney, Deb in Vera Wang, and KeeKee in the very Givenchy gown that Jaqueline Bouvier Kennedy wore to the Inaguration in 1960. Such label whores, every last one of them.

This was the first year I went to the ball, and I must say I had a good time. It's pretty much just like a wedding without the crappy sap. The food was better than I expected, and one can't complain about an open bar, though my favored Midori was nowhere to be seen. The only part that really sucked was the DJ. If you want people to get out and dance, playing "I Wear My Sunglasses at Night" will not do the trick. Near the end, it seemed more like people were dancing in spite of the music instead of to the music. But such is of a trivial nature.

Our secret campaign to get Deb elected graduation speaker work, for which I am exceedingly grateful. The last thing I could have tolerated was the Tracy Flick wannabe telling us how she she vomited up her last meal so the bum on the corner would have something to eat. I don't have dental insurance yet and can't afford the cavities from her sugary diatribe. I am also grateful that the evening speaker was not one of the Bumbling Uglies, especially the really stinky one.

It was also great to see my favorite prof, the great Professor Torke, get the award for Best Professor. He deserved it, and I am glad he got in his last year.

Kelly P also won an award, this one for Best Supporting Actress under 5'8" or something like that.

Kelly's sister may have a baby in Arizona, but Kelly returned home with a pair of brand spanking new "twins" of her own, if you know what I mean. And I thought Zeppelins went down with the Hindenburg. Wowzer.

Best lines of the night:

"Sorta like Serpio"
"Dumbass, it's Serpico."

"Hey, did you know Lawrence Inlow got a haircut on the helicopter?:
"He did?"
"Yeah, a flattop."

"That guy is too ugly to be with her, she has to be a paid escort."

"Um, why is that guy with a woman?"

And there are plenty of other lines that are funny only when one is drunk or if they were funny, I was too drunk to remember. Oh, there was Kelly P getting rum and coke all over her due to her own tomfoolery. That was hi-lar-i-ous!

Such is the law school prom.

Why Stay Open?

T and I stopped at Chili's yesterday on our way back from her grandparents' house. It's not my favorite, but I was craving some queso and looking for a place I could get it that had more of a food variety for T.

We sat down and when our waitress came to take our drink order, she informed us that they were out of:
-chips and salsa
-boneless buffalo wings
-a bunch of other shit

Seriously, why stay open? OK, we did stay. So I guess that's why. But I wish we'd left; I ordered a cheeseburger, medium, and it came so pink I was afraid to eat it. Damn.

Not On Atkins Diet

Lunch = Bagel with cream cheese and a bag of Cheetos

Rock Star

Another Barrister's Ball survived. We had a blast. Posted by Hello

Anna Michelle (and her proud Tia)

The newest addition to our family. What a cutie! Posted by Hello

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Blessings and Joy

Anna Michelle was born today, 3-4-05, at just after 8pm in the evening, Tucson time. She is 7lbs 3 oz and simply a beautiful little girl. Mom and babe are doing well; thank you so much for your prayers and wishes.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Don't you hate it when...

You see a really hot guy, and then as you get closer, realize it's a freaking lesbian!

I'm just saying!

Miscellany from Arizona

-The weather here is beautiful. Weatherbug says today's high was 68, but it definitely seemed like mid-70s when I was laying out in the sun. Heaven.
-Hard to beat the day I had today: slept in (a little), had a bag of Smartfood White Cheddar Popcorn for breakfast, approx mile-long walk in the sun around the park with my sister, sunning for a couple hours, reading a book *for pleasure*, a shower in my sister's Best Shower Ever, and now waiting for carry-out Outback to arrive.
-Sis is to eat a light dinner and then arrive at the hospital this evening @ 8pm. The induction will begin shortly thereafter.
-My wonderful J, J2, and Tommy are holding down the fort in Indy for me. A million thanks to all of them for enabling me to be here. OK, sorry - starting to sound like the Academy Awards or something.
-I got to feel the baby move today - awesome stuff; can't wait to see her!!!

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Say a Prayer; Wish us Luck

I'm off to Arizona this morning. Yesterday was my sister's due date and it passed without incident. Tomorrow is the day her induction is scheduled. As her older sister, I would love to be there to witness the wonderful event. As a labor and delivery nurse, I have a need to be there to 'monitor' things. I'm sure her own nurse will be thrilled by my presence ;)

Say a prayer or wish us luck for a healthy Mom and healthy Babe.

(I received the nicest e-mail from one of my profs in response to my e-mail explaining my absence this week. "Of course you are doing the right thing," she wrote, and then she wished blessings on our houses. Just what I needed as I prepare to take off. Hopefully Chuck with his newfound free time will pick up the blogging slack around here while I'm gone. Ciao.)

What a Relief

Our orthodontist appt went well the other day. I had a serious discussion with the Dr about the pain T had been in. I could tell he was a bit hesitant to remove the appliance, which makes sense because it was cemented in. He removed it and a large ulcer on the top right side of the roof of T's mouth was revealed. Ouch - it looked quite painful.

So the appliance is out for now, T's mouth is healing, and she is back to her old self. Thank goodness.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Question of the Day

If you have sex with your clone, is it:

A. Incest
B. Masturbation
C. ?

I won't mention the friend of mine who thought this up.

Apologizing in advance to Kelly's Dad for making this blog rated R again. ;)

Happy St. David's Day to my fellow Welshmen,

Given a Choice, Which Trading Spaces Designer Would You Pick?

- I'd have to go with Laurie as a designer. She's into symmetry and clean lines and doesn't go as crazy as Hildi and Genevieve sometimes do.

-I'd pick Frank to work with, but not to design my room. He seems like tons of fun, but his designs are often too country kitchen for me.

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