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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Smokey and the Bar

I know I haven't posted on here for a while, but that is just the way it is. I have been trying to spread a rumor that Kelly and I were fighting over control of the blog, and she shut me out, but it didn't take. By the time the rumor had got back to me, the reason for the fallout was an attempted "conversion" by Kelly, with advice from the guy she saw at the same-sex marriage panel the law school hosted a month or so ago. You know, the "ex-gay" on the panel who nearly set the limestone in the atrium on fire with his flaming self. Apparently, ex-gay camp doesn't come with lessons on how to be, well, straight.

There were the usual reasons for my absence-work, trying to adjust to things after the bar, catching up on things I missed while I was studying, and a secret weekend involving me sick on the couch watching the entire first season of the "Gilmore Girls" on DVD. That last part didn't happen, and I will challenge anyone to a duel who says otherwise.

But a more sinister reason was also in place for me not posting. I was terrified that I would not pass the bar. I certainly did not want to talk about it too much, because what could people say besides "I am sure you passed." I would feel compelled to explain to everyone that I did not pass when the results came out, which would would have been too much. When you don't pass the bar, it seems like you are dead. People whisper "He didn't pass" in the same way one whispers "That's the one whose baby died in that horrible fire last week." And knowing the majority of my friends are just about to head into the exam, and already have a penchant for anxiety, would only have made matters worse.

I was okay until the Friday before-the one week deadline. Until then, it kinda floated out there in the ether, a possibility but not one that was fully upon me yet. That Friday, it finally hit me. I had the planning for Julia's baby shower to keep me busy until Sunday night. Around Monday, friends starting calling, asking how I holding up. It was as if there was a dying relative in the next room of the house, and I was bravely awaiting the inevitible.

I had devised what I called the "Oscar Plan" with my friends. Every January, Oscar nominations are announced at 6am in the morning. Actors who are expecting a nomination sleep in on that day, undoubtably with the aid of pills or liquor. If they are awakened by the phone ringing at 6am, they know they were nominated. If they wake up at 9am, and no one has called, they know they were passed over. My friends had explicit instructions not to call me unless I pased. I was taking off from work that day, and I was going to try to take a sleeping pill and forget about everything until the results came out.

The night before was a wreck. I had set myself up to fail, and was going over the list of things I needed to do in that eventuality. I was thinking a nice career teaching at an IPS school would be just the thing. Or selling shoes to elderly ladies at Nordstrom's. Or resuming my career as a champion figure skater.

I didn't take the sleeping pill, because I exhausted myself so much from worrying I was tired by 11. Add to the evening consecutive conversations with Kelly and Julia, and it was an evening to remember. Kelly was sympathetic for the first five minutes, but after I kept repeating my impending failure in a monotone voice over and over, she said, "Well, I need to finish this TV show, but you can call me around 11." The last part was stated in such a way to imply that at 11 her phone would be shut off. Luckily, at that very moment, Julia's call rang through and I was able to start my monotone ramblings all over again.

"Now, why are you so convinced you are going to flunk?" Julia asked."The omens are bad.""The omens? What omens?" Julia said."Like, a few minutes ago, I looked at the clock, and the numbers added up to thirteen.""Well, in that case, you probably did flunk." she said.

The way the results are posted is just horrible. If you see your name posted on the Examiner's website at 8:30 you passed. If you don't, you didn't. I knew I was supposed to wait for my friends to call, but I had to look. They were actually put there promptly at 8:30. I was listed. I screamed like a girl, then went through the list to make sure I wasn't in a part of list for people who didn't pass. That part of the list doesn't exist, but I wasn't taking any chances. I found my name, I found KeeKee's name, all was well. Amanda made the Oscar call with friends standing around. I was indeed nominated.

Heidi and several of us have a plan for studying for exams. We go through the class, and boost our confidence by picking people we know are dumber than we are. The night before the bar, I went through a list of people who passed the bar last time that I knew I was smarter than. If they did it, I could do it. My advice to my friends is the night before your exam, make me your person. I will gladly take the honor. After all, the test only has a "minimum competence" standard. And I am nothing if not that.


Friday, April 29, 2005

Notes to Self

I type class notes and often include little 'reminders' to myself amidst my notes when necessary. I happen to know that a few of my friends do the same. Here are a few 'notes to self' I've run across today while outlining:
  • I have a question, I think, about super generic or something. See if you can come up with this.
  • ...missed this, look it up.
  • I need to review this above section; I didn't get what she said.
  • I drifted here.
  • ...add this
  • WTF???

These actual examples have been brought to you courtesy of Kelly's Secured Transactions Notes. It's quite a treat to run into one of these gems while trying to condense, organize, and understand a semester's worth of material.

Everyone's a Comedian

My older sister has a unique sense of humor. Here's one of her favorite jokes, created by her:

Why does the bar of soap say Dial?
-Because it wants to use the phone!!!

That has provided her with immeasurable happiness over the years.

My Dad recently got in on the act and created a joke of his own, only slightly higher brow:

Why wouldn't you want to buy the new Honda?
-Because every time you got out of it you would feel out of your Element!!!

Isn't family great?

Thursday, April 28, 2005

First Last Exam

My first exam of this, my last semester, is today at 1pm.

Surprisingly, I'm ahead of the game in exam preparation compared to previous semesters. This doesn't necessarily mean I'm better prepared, I've just managed to keep up with the last minute preparations.

I finished the outline for this morning's exam around 10pm last night. For me, that's excellent. I'm taking tonight off from studying and then I have an exam Monday, Tuesday, and Friday of next week. The most shocking news is that my outline for Monday's exam is complete. Seriously, that's unheard of.

2 outlines down, 2 to go.

And then the fun begins.

One Up

The infamous Chuck, who passed February's bar exam, has adopted a new saying that I'm sure will never get old. He'll always have one up on me and he's loving it:

"Well, when you've been an attorney as long as I have, then you can tell me about..."

Wednesday, April 27, 2005


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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

I'm a Grandma

Posted by Hello...and at such a young age.

It happened virtually overnight. T became the proud Mommy to Rebecca the Egg yesterday morning. She is charged with the care of Rebecca for 4 days. T must take Rebecca everywhere she goes, allow time for 3 feedings and 2 naps a day, keep a log of their activities, and procure a babysitter as needed.

What you see is baby's first picture. The family resemblance is uncanny. We are very proud.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Last Law School Class Ever*

Last class just let out.
Secured Transactions.
Very anti-climactic.

And the studying continues...

*as a JD candidate

A First in this Time of Lasts

The end of law school draws near but I still managed a first in studying this weekend. I drove some of T's youth group (they had about 40 kids in all) to laser tag Saturday night. We were there from 9p-midnight. After spending a few minutes on the 'observation deck' watching the kids run around trying to 'shoot' each other, it was time to study.

That's right, I studied for my Toxic Tort final by blacklight, with techno music blaring all around me. I'd never studied quite this way before, but the setting was surprisingly conducive to concentration. The techno music kept me awake and alert - but there were very few actual lyrics to distract my thought processes. And the blacklight was awesome. An employee offered to turn on a regular light for me, but I declined. After all, the pages of my text were literally glowing; highlighted portions were ablaze. The contrast with the printed words made reading easy - black letter law, indeed.

Why I Love Indy. Or, Hail Storm - April 22, 2005. Or, Why It Doesn't Matter I'm Spending Spring Studying for Finals.

Back patio as Friday's hail storm began. Posted by Hello

Back patio 2 minutes later. Posted by Hello

Tons of baby leaves were torn down from the trees. Posted by Hello

Can you say 'hail damage?' Posted by Hello

They have layers, like geodes. (Hey, I didn't know). Posted by Hello

The misty aftermath Posted by Hello

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Coincidence? I Think Not.

My Mom pointed out the eerie similarity between this picture of my graduation gown and these pictures of the vagina purses. You be the judge.

Very observant, Mom!

Whooooooooo Are You? (who, who, who, who)

Found what I thought was a good idea on another blog* this week. He found it somewhere else. And so it goes. Anyway, the gist is that I'd like to know a little something about who you are. Generally less than 10% of daily visitors ever leave a comment. So that leaves me a little curious about the others.

Are you a blogger? A lurker? A casual visitor, directed my way by a search for "swollen uterus"? A regular reader?

I'd love it if you'd leave a comment today that gives me an idea of the nature of your visit here. "Take a moment and introduce yourself, if you would be so kind." I'll likely keep this post @ the top of my blog for a few days. Thanks in advance!

*The title of Random Penseur's blog cracks me up. Random Pensees? I'm close to sure it means random thoughts, but of course my immature mind reads 'random penises' every time I see it!

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Let Us Pray

One of the unusual things about my church is how we handle petitions. As in most Catholic churches, our priest reads a list of prayers and after each says, "Let us pray to the Lord," to which the congregation responds, "Lord hear our prayer." Unlike in most churches, once the list of petitions is complete, we go section by section and take prayer offerings from any member of the congregation who would like to offer one.

I've recently come from mass and so, I offer these prayers:
-For T's youth group, as they enjoy a pitch-in dinner tonight and head out for an evening of laser tag, may they be safe (especially the kids I'm driving!) and have fun.
-For those who are celebrating Passover, that the holiday is rewarding and fulfilling.
-For a neighbor who lost her 21 year old granddaughter in a car collision, that she may find peace and solace.

Feel free to leave your own prayers intentions/thoughts/wishes in the comments.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Start Spreading the News Butter

Posted by Hello Oh yeah, baby. This is great news. Who's in the best category? I am. I may not be able to wear a size zero dress, but I'm gonna live longer than those who can. Woohoo!!!

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Good Luck!!!

-February 2005 Bar review results will be posted tomorrow morning. I'm nervous for my friends and can't imagine how I'll be feeling the night before my results will be publicly announced.


Posted by Hello [When I typed wow I got an image of a little kid holding 3-fingered w's on either side of 'o'-shaped lips. But I digress.]

Any small talk with fellow students, be they 1Ls, 2Ls, or 3Ls, invariably begins on their part with some version of "bet you can't wait to get out of here," "it's almost over; aren't you excited," "can you believe you're almost done?" You get the idea.

My stock (and truthful) answer is that I am in no hurry. I quite honestly don't feel that excited. Instead I am nervous and a bit sad. I've enjoyed law school - and not just because I did relatively well here. I certainly could have done much better and I've had my share of disappointments.

But I've been in the working world, I decided I needed a change, a challenge. I left a good job and changed career paths entirely. I've said this before, but as much work as law school has been it is also a bit like a vacation from work. Never again will I have so flexible a schedule. I'm in no hurry to begin working, because there will be no more breaks for me. There's no going 'back to school' after this.

In the end, though, it doesn't matter whether I'm ready or not. Graduation approaches like a locomotive barreling down the tracks, headed straight for my contented-student bliss. I tried on the ensemble when it arrived and Amanda is right, seeing myself in that gown really brought home that I am about to graduate from law school, that I've almost earned my J.D. and this part of the journey is nearly complete.


Toulouse Ust
PsideWalkYiN is for Neglected

Fun with Flickr

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

It's 4-20

I'm just sayin'.

Doin' My Part

I'm low on time and energy. Quick story. As a nursing school student, I was required to fulfill some sort of community education requirement - teach something to a population that needed the information.

What did I end up with? Teaching self-testicular exams to high school boys. That's right, I carted around this little suitcase filled with testicular 'models', miniature testicles covered in this stretchy material. They contained examples of what a tumor might feel like. It's sort of funny, looking back, but the boys handled it quite well - no pun intended. I was able to keep the number of flying balls to a minimum.

The endeavor was extremely worthwhile and I'm proud that I got past my nervousness and completed it successfully. Testicular cancer is the most common cancer in young men between the ages of 15 and 35. And most importantly, it is almost always curable if found and treated early.

So, men, testicular self-exam. Learn it. Do it.

The Amazing Race

I just want to say that I am liking Uchenna and Joyce more and more. Joyce ROCKS for letting them shave her head last night. She may have cried through it, but she didn't hesitate. I'd have been a wreck, trying to decide whether or not it was worth it, and probably coming out on the side of vanity.

I the 4 teams that are left, and am super happy to see that Meredith and Gretchen still plugging along (though Gretchen really should not have climbed on top of the elephant and made things more difficult for Meredith).

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Pope Benedict XVI

Whatever Floats Your Boat or Finds Your Lost Remote

I love thunderstorms. Love them. Some think this is weird, others share my affinity for the natural event, the awesome display of power.

Local weather is predicting storms for Wednesday. I hope we get some serious stuff. Last time there was a chance for storms, I didn't get so much as a clap of thunder.

And of course, whenever I wish (pray) for a strong storm, I also issue a side prayer that no one gets hurt, receives property damage, or has to deal with a flood. In addition, as T has developed quite a fear of storms, I only want them to happen when I can be around to keep her calm.

I'm ready - bring 'em on!!!

Giving Thanks

As finals approach, I am sooooooooooo thankful that I'm not sick.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Want to Feel Old?

Age gauge.


A Law Review Story

As a follow-up to my offer to sell my law review supplies, here's a feel-good law review story from a reader who is a practicing attorney. May we all be so fortunate!

My first week [at work], I was in a meeting with a partner and two
associates walked in to get a brief signed that was being filed
that day. The partner wanted to take time out from our meeting to read the thing,
so he asked them to give me a copy since I would be joining the team
on that case. So I read along and say to the partner "can I make corrections
right on here
?" He says "what corrections"? I note that there
are a few minor bluebooking problems and go on to correct about 25% of
the cites. Obvious things like F. Supp. and including case nos. and dates
for electronically published cases. From that point on, no brief went out
in that case until I was given last look at it. So if you think all that
work is wasted; it is not. It can help you make a name for yourself.

Yay! Nicely done.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Just Weekend Stuff

The weekend's been great so far. T and I got up early yesterday and walked with Deb in the Race for the Cure. We had a great time - even at the end when Deb and T jogged to the finish and left me in the dust.

T and I took off immediately and hauled ass to Greenwood, where she had a soccer game at 10am. We made it for the 2nd half and she got to play. They won 3-1.

On our way home, we stopped at my Grandpa's house. He enjoys visits from his grandchildren, of course, and I love being in his home. It brings back dozens of childhood memories. I hadn't yet seen his new car - a brand new Victory Red Chevy Impala - so he got to show it off a bit.

We rested a bit after returning home and having some 'lunch' (popcorn for me). Then, after some studying from both of us, T spent the evening babysitting and I was off for a pedicure and some shopping for one classmate's baby shower and another's bridal shower. I may have gone a little overboard on the baby stuff.

Today I'll try to figure out how to attend both T's track meet and the baby shower, which occur at the same time. Should be interesting.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

I've Been Summoned

That's right, I've received another summons for jury service.

I've been on juries twice before - both in criminal cases. I LOVE jury duty. I find it fascinating and always have (despite the boring moments).

This is in general good news to me, but unfortunately the week I'm up for is the 1st week of bar review. Could I miss a class or 2 and make it up? Probably. Do I want to start bar review that way, stressed out and scrambling to catch up? No way.

I will NOT be able to concentrate on the case at hand with my bar review worries swirling around in my head. I'll be sure to tell that to the judge; I've got to get out of it, at least temporarily.

Friday, April 15, 2005

My New Blog Obsession

Check out this blog, A Girl Walks Into a Bar (Exam). It's one law school student's experience leading up to taking the California bar this July.

It's informative and entertaining, at least to someone like me, who is of course already worried about the bar. She posts on everything from bathroom breaks during the MBE (there are none) to meditation to helpful links.

It's nice to know there's someone out there who is already obsessing over this more than I am. I realize it's a bit early, and that I need to get through finals first.

But like I told Amanda, I WANT to get good grades. I NEED to pass the bar.

Just to Confirm

My classmates - you know who you are - think I'm crazy for even considering going to the all-school graduation which takes place a couple hours before the individual ceremony held by the law school. Am I? Just checking.

(Not Really) Reality

Survivor: Yay! I'm glad Stephanie is still around and survived the "merge", such as it was. I'm sorry to see Coby go since he was great for comic relief. Better him than Steph, though. And that Tom - such a lightweight =-)

Apprentice: It was past time for Chris to go. Unfortunately, I'm not really rooting for anyone anymore. I liked Angie and was sorry to see her go last week (though I think it was justified). I would've been pulling for Tana and Craig but both disappointed me last night when they wimped out and went to bed and left Kendra to finish the project. Unfortunately, I don't like Kendra much either, though can't put my finger on the reasons.

Scary Stuff

Our school library started extended library hours for finals. I'm not quite ready for this - mentally. But it's time; it's definitely time.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Original Post Deleted by Me.

I changed my mind. I'm not looking for a fight.

For me to comment on a blogger's publicly stated opinions is one thing. For another blogger to criticize my parenting skills and my daughter's responsibleness is quite another. I'll leave it at that.

Fiction is the truth inside the lie*

I've been totally roped into this, but I have to hurry up and do it so I have 3 females to whom I can pass it along!!!

1. You're stuck inside Fahrenheit 451, which book do you want to be saved?

I'm somewhere in between Kelly P. and E. Spat on this one. I think I attempted to read this book when I was younger, but I don't remember it. I DO know that Ray Bradbury wrote it, and that it has to do with fire. That's it. Um, I'll go very low brow on this one - shocking, I'm sure. I'd save Stephen King's The Stand. He is my absolute favorite author. I LOVED to read in grade school and spent most of my spare time doing it. King was my favorite author and The Stand is my favorite of his novels (with Different Seasons being my favorite of his short stories collections, written under his pen name, Richard Bachman: The Running Man, The Body, and my personal favorite, The Long Walk - great stuff).

2. Have you ever had a crush on a fictional character?

Um, does this include the crushes I have now? OK, I have a notoriously bad memory and I'm low on creativity but I was able to come up with a great fictional character crush. Martin Q. Blank from Grosse Pointe Blank. Now, you might protest that it's actually John Cusack on whom I have a crush, but really, I don't know the guy. He might be an ass. This was a great movie - loved it, loved it. And OK, he's a hitman, which wouldn't mesh well with my pro-life leanings, but he's a reformed hitman - that has to count for something. I relate to his disdain for the high school reunion, too. Sigh - he was adorable.

3. The last book you purchased?

Ack. The bad memory in play again. The last book I bought was in an airport. Some paperback that looked interesting. But of course I read it and have no idea what the title might be. Let me Google......................................woohoo! found it! The Man in My Basement by Walter Mosley. When a stranger offers Charles Blakely, a man down on his luck, $50,000 in cash to rent out his basement for the summer, Charles needs the money too badly to say no; intrigue ensues. It was pretty good - if lacking a satisfying ending. Again, staying away from the high brow stuff. Seriously, I need mindless stuff if I'm gonna allow myself to read something other than a school book. Speaking of which, I just ordered Q&A - Secured Transactions - online yesterday. So that is technically the last book I bought. But that's boring.

4. What are you currently reading?

I am currently reading A Purpose Driven Life, along with 2 of my gal pals. We haven't discussed any of it yet, though - we need to get on that! No other books for pleasure. I started Chuck Palahniuk's Diary when I was in Arizona for a few days last month. But I never finished it - it's currently on my bookshelf. I'm doing good to read the twice-a-month Indiana Lawyer paper put out by our local bar association. I don't even read the newspaper. Maybe if I stopped blogging I'd have time.

5. Five books you would take to a deserted island?

Ick. This is the kind of question I hate - see above, bad memory/low creativity. I'll try, but I may wimp out about halfway through the list.
-1 - The Stand. Stephen King (see above, this was my favorite book around middle school age).
-2- The Bible. God and various editors (seriously, I have read so little of the Bible it's embarrassing. If I was stranded, which I'm assuming is part of the question, I'd want the Bible with me - both to turn to for support but also so I could utilize my free time trying to answer the many questions I have about my own faith).
-3- Something by Ken Follett (2 of the best books I've read are Pillars of the Earth and A Dangerous Fortune. I was drawn into the detailed stories and totally lost in the characters. I think these are the only 2 of his that I've read - is there another that someone suggests?
-4- Surprised by Joy by C.S. Lewis (as mentioned above, there are many things about my faith with which I struggle. One of the reasons Lewis wrote this book to was to answer "requests that I would tell how I passed from Atheism to Christianity." This book has been recommended to me and I've looked for it at 2 local bookstores, but I've not yet read it. Stranded on a deserted island would be the perfect time to do so).
-5- I'm losing steam here. Really, you're lucky I could come up with 4, though now that I look back over the list I think it's a good one and I hope I have time to read more over summer. Ha - not likely with bar review, but a girl can dream!!!

And now, without further ado, I curse Deb, Heidi, and AC with this blog 'chain letter.' Enjoy!

*Stephen King

House for Sale in Indy (Really)

This is a wonderful house - check out this website for more pics, details and contact info. Posted by Hello

Hoosier Hostage in Iraq

Jeffrey Ake, a 47 year old father of four from LaPorte, Indiana, is being held hostage in Iraq. I pray for Mr. Ake and his family. I simply cannot imagine how horrible this time must be for his loved ones.

While no one wants to hear that their friend or family member has died, I would have to guess that hearing he is being held hostage by ruthless terrorists is particularly gut-wrenching. When a loved one is gone, after time one can attempt to comfort oneself with thoughts that they are in heaven or that their pain on earth has ended. But when a loved one is still on this earth, likely living each day in utter terror, carrying on with life must be difficult. I would be plagued with guilt for being in a safe place and for experiencing everyday comforts.

And some part of me would wonder if there was something I could do to save him. Storm the White House? Fly to Iraq and search for him?

Please pray for - or send good thoughts to - Mr. Ake, his family, and all other hostages and their families.

"The Enlightened"

I frequently lament that I am not one of "the enlightened" ones. Since entering law school I've encountered people who are brilliant and who have wonderful ideas about how the world should work. I am in awe of many of them and I've often wished I shared their unwavering convictions.

I've run across another of "the enlightened" this morning. Her name appears to be Christy and she is a 2L. That's right, even 24 year old 2Ls - especially 24 year old 2Ls - have insight into the world that I do not.

A couple of gems from Christy, from a new series she has begun that addresses what she thinks is one of America's biggest problems = the entitlement attitude:

-"Senior Citizen Discounts: Discounts for the rich and white, and what to do about it. I'm only a second year law student, but I think that the best way to attack these senior discounts is to play the race card. Once something gets painted as racist, that's the end of the debate. When talking to my friends, I discover many of them believe that seniors have somehow "earned" their discounts, that they deserve them."

-"If you put women who take time out to have kids on the same level as those who haven't, then you're essentially punishing women who make a responsible choice not to have kids."

Sigh. I've so much to learn. And I eagerly await the rest of Christy's series.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

For Sale

Lovely set of red and blue Pilot pens. Posted by Hello

Now that my law review duties are complete, I no longer need these pens. They carried me through a year of cite checking as a 'member' and another year as an 'articles editor' and can do the same for you. Red for errors that must be corrected, blue for style comments and editorial suggestions.

These fabulous pens can be yours for 3 easy installments of $9.99. No warranty provided. Call 1-888-577-8257. That's 1-888-LR-SUCKS.

Act now and receive a well-used BlueBook (pictured)*. This BlueBook is reliable and trustworthy. Paper clips currently in place, marking such riveting sections as abbreviations and US Tables, will remain with the book.

*The paper clips, stapler, and bottle of Ibuprofen pictured are not included. Finals are rapidly approaching; I need all the help I can get!

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

The Joys of Parenthood

Yesterday after school T had soccer practice. After practice, she showered and we ate dinner. Then it was homework time. By 10 o'clock she had finished math and social studies and was JUST BEGINNING a 300-600 word essay due today - and assigned more than 2 weeks ago. Her bedtime is 9:30. Seems she's inherited her mother's knack for procrastination.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Gas Station Horror Stories

Someone arrived here today using the above search. Sorry to disappoint. But while we're on the topic, I'll provide full disclosure regarding the 'gentleman' who hit on me at the gas station a couple weeks ago. I mentioned it here, but didn't give details. That evening I took that guy's phone number but didn't give him mine.

I called him a couple days later. We chatted for a while and he seems like a nice guy. He's 2 years older than me and we discussed tentative plans to go out later in the week. I was planning on somewhere close to home so I could easily meet him there.

I talked to him again over the next couple days and began to change my mind. He started peppering his speech with terms of endearment, for me, like "sexy" and "sweetie." Stop. I don't even know you. You saw me once, for about 10 minutes. It was getting icky.

To top it off, the other night he called around 10pm wondering what I was doing. It was Friday night and I was studying. That's right, studying. He indicated he was bored and I told him to go out. Then he asked me to come to his house and 'cuddle' with him. "NOT A CHANCE" was my verbatim response. He took the hint that night, but has continued to call.

Clearly, I have to ask this guy to quit calling. Sigh. I shouldn't be surprised. Maybe this qualifies as a gas station horror story, after all.

Property Damage Only

While I was driving T to school this morning, another driver ran a stop sign, tailing the driver in front of him and sailing through the intersection. I commenced to yelling and screaming and generally voicing my displeasure and frustration. "That's why it's a good thing I don't have a gun," I concluded.

T turned her head toward me and her eyes got very wide.

"To shoot their tires, just their tires," I explained.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

I'm Off!!!

It's a great evening to get together with friends, have a cookout, indulge in a beverage, and play some Bocce. I think I'll do just that.

Friday, April 08, 2005

Why 13-year-olds Should Not Have Cell Phones

You may be thinking that it's obvious why 13-year-olds shouldn't have cell phones and wondering why I thought it was a good idea in the first place. Easy - so I can keep track of T at all times. (And because it made her ridiculously happy at Christmas).

So what's gone wrong? T dropped her cell phone in her Sprite. Oy vey.

Thursday, April 07, 2005


I got nothin' today, folks. So this one is for Kelly P and Amanda. A nursery rhyme - ahem - *clears throat.*

Three blind mice,
see how they run...
Where the fuck are they going?*

*Mr. Clay

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

My Poor Baby

Poor T. She called just now, which I thought was a bit odd. Turns out I was right. When I asked how her day was, she unloaded with her current troubles.

Seems she went to dinner at BW3 with my sis and her family. Then T got to feeling sick. They left the restaurant and stopped at a gas station, my sister and her boyfriend going in to get some Pepto Bismol, T staying in the car with the baby. But then T had to use it - right away. So she left the car and brought the baby inside. Problem? She didn't know the keys were in the car and now everyone is locked out of the car.

Poor baby. She was crying, she feels really bad about her mistake, and she feels rotten because she's sick to her stomach. "I wish you were here," she cried. Me too, sweetie. I hope they get this situation resolved quickly with a minimum of stress to everyone. Sigh. Arizona is too far away for even me to rush to the rescue.

Those Wacky Patients

Some encounters I had with a few patients during my last shift:

1. Part of my duties include fielding 'nurse calls' while attending to the patients in our busy triage. A patient called with a question, "My doctor told me on Friday [5 days before] that I have a swollen uterus. Why is my uterus swollen?"
-What am I psychic? I understand that patients sometimes forget to ask questions of thier health care providers, but this one seems like a question that would have been automatic. And how about calling your DOCTOR - the one who examined you - and asking him.

2. As I took initial vitals on a patient and worked her up to be seen, she described why she had come to the hospital, "I was sitting in the theater, felt something burst, and I was covered in fluid."
-Mind you, this lady was not pregnant. She was sure a cyst had burst within her and fluid had come gushing out. GYN doc ruled her just fine. Fluid? Urine.

3. I was triaging a pregnant patient who presented for complaints of nausea and vomiting. When these patients are dehydrated, it's important to re-hydrate them. I asked, as I always do, when was the last time she had kept any liquid down after attempting to drink. Her response? "Never."
-Never. Come on, people, be honest. Exaggerating your problem will only make us skeptical, not get you some sort of 'really sick person' special treatment. Never? You've never managed not to throw up after drinking something? A dip of her urine revealed that her body must have evolved to not need water - she was not dehydrated in the least.

Off to work!!!

Songs to Blog By

I'm eating a quick lunch at a place near the hospital before my shift begins, and enjoying the background music:

Kissing a Fool - George Michael
What a Wonderful World - Rod Stewart version (though I'd prefer Louis Armstrong)

Feed Me

I ran down to our 'cafeteria' between classes to get a sandwich. They make soup, sandwiches, wraps, and pizzas.

I stood in line for 5 mintues.

I ordered a turkey sandwich.

They are out of bread.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Blessed With a Beautiful Day

Indy was blessed with a beautiful day today. It's currently 74 degrees and sunny. I just returned from a 5 mile walk. Grass is growing, flowers are blooming, and people are out and about. I'm grateful I had the time to get out and enjoy the day.


I had dinner at Banura1 last night. It's a Greek restaurant on the northwest side of Indy. The owners used to run Banura's at 56th and Illinois, which was right next door to the Baskin-Robbins at which I began working when I was 15. I made friends back then with the guys running Banura's and I was devastated when, several years ago, the parents who owned the place decided to sell. The brothers who had been running it didn't want to take over and Banura's went away.

A couple years later, it was back - but in a different location. Seems the 56th & Illinois area had been taken over and no one was willing to sell. No matter - I wish it was still close, but I'm just glad to have them back.

I had a large greek salad with extra feta cheese, a tyropita, and a cheeseburger with fries. (OK, so the burger's not Greek, but I had a craving). I washed it all down with a Pacifico (ha!) and some water. Delicious. Relaxing.

The owners were glad to see me, as always. "Kelly!" I hadn't been in for a while so the brothers took turns sitting at my booth and we caught up on each others' lives - work, kids, etc... It's indeed nice to have a place where they know your name.

Monday, April 04, 2005

Final Game

With about 8 minutes or so to go in the first half, I'm joining Daniel and putting my prediction out there so others can laugh at me later. I realize the game is underway, but this is the prediction I made when making my picks, before the tourney even started. I have Illinois over UNC, 79-75.

That said, if Sean May has a fabulous game and UNC emerges victorious because of it, I will not be surprised. Something in May's face during warm-up gave me the feeling that he was not playing for 2nd. He looked focused and relaxed, not yet 'in the zone' but well on his way.

Update: Wow. UNC is up, 40-27. Illinois hasn't been down by this much at the half all season. I'll say this, if I was in the Illini locker room right now the last thing I'd want to hear is Weber's voice. He can barely get above a whisper with winding up in a pre-pubescent croak. Wouldn't motivate me a bit, though it seems to have worked just fine for his team this season.

Gag Me With...Perfume

OK people, listen up. If you are in professional school and about to embark on a career as an attorney, you need to quit with the cheap perfume. By cheap, I don't mean inexpensive. I mean foul.

That crap you wore to the high school dances isn't going to cut it anymore. Please find something subtle or light; the idea is not to send your classmate/colleague into fits of vomiting or an asthma attack.

Also, know the difference between perfume and body spray. One spritz of perfume will suffice. Better yet, spray it in the air and then walk through the mist. Dousing oneself in perfume is overkill.

Be kind to your fellow students. Second-hand perfume can be deadly.

Relax. Breathe.

I called the Board of Law Examiners this morning and explained my predicament. The nice woman on the phone listened to my tale and said she thought I was covered by having sent the additional information to them Friday night. In fact, she indicated that some people realize weeks or months later that they should probably have included something else in there apps and they are allowed to add it as an addendum. As long as the question was originally answered, the application is still considered complete despite the omission.

Everyone Could Use a Hug

The girls at Go Fug Yourself created a hilarious website as an April Fool's joke - Go Hug Yourself. Seems they just might stick with it. As Heather put it, "...as it turns out, being sarcastically nice is almost as fun as being sincerely critical." And reading the new site is almost as fun as reading the fug. Check it out.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Interview Advice

Last week Igots contemplated possible reasons for his latest ding letter:

Did I do something wrong at the lunch? Maybe it's because I ate that piece of fish that I dropped on the floor. Or perhaps it's because I
"accidentally" touched that associate's bosom... I don't know.
Too funny. It brought to mind a trick I pulled while at lunch with 2 associates during a call back interview last year. We were eating at Rock Bottom; I ordered something that for some reason didn't fill me up and one of the associates ordered a burger or sandwich that came with fries.

They were very nice, both young relatively new female attorneys. They put me at ease and we were having a nice lunch at which I felt comfortable - too comfortable. It was clear that B, one of the attorneys, was done with her food and wasn't going to eat her fries. I tried to hold back but just couldn't. I asked whether she minded (she didn't) and proceeded to eat her fries.

My gaffe apparently amused and impressed them; they liked that I felt at ease enough to do something so, um, unorthodox for a professional interview, and they passed this information along to the 'powers that be' at the firm. Lucky for me, it didn't kill my chances of an offer. In fact, I will begin work as a new associate at that firm this September.

Still, I'd have to suggest you not try this at your own interviews. Individual results may vary and all that.

Should I Take Accounting for Law Students?

A reader arrived at my blog this morning through a google search of the above question. I thought I'd post my 2 cents on the topic in case that person returns.

Short answer - yes.

I had NO prior accounting experience - from school or otherwise - before taking this class. I took it for several reasons: It's offered in the summer and I took 1 class each summer to help lighten my load during the school year; I knew NOT A THING about accounting so thought it might be a good idea to get some basics down; I heard it was a relatively easy class so it was a good choice since I was working full time when I took it).

The official course description of the class, which can be found here, reads: [this class] introduces students to basic principles and techniques of accounting for law students with little or no prior background in accounting. Selected legal problems involving the application of accounting concepts will be considered. Enrollment is limited to students with no previous credits in accounting.

I'm glad I took the class and I recommend it for those who want to learn the very basics of accounting. I generally don't like 'math' classes but our instructor, Professor Levy, took things slow enough that I was able to follow along and understand the concepts.* It wasn't a difficult class and it introduced me to some concepts with which I was totally unfamiliar. As a bonus, I now get incredibly excited when I'm in another class, such as secured transactions, and the instructor says something like 'FIFO'. "I know what that is!" - I announce, quite proud of myself :)

*I'm guessing that if students who do have some accounting knowledge take the class - even though they're not supposed to - they will find it incredibly slow-paced and boring.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

"Our Holy Father John Paul, 84, has returned to the house of the Father."

Pope John Paul II 1920-2005

Friday, April 01, 2005

Too Much

My day. Where do I begin? And more importantly, where will it end? As to my unexpectedly being awakened at 3:30am, I will only say that I love my friends. I do. Oh, and that Chuck has adorable pajama pants.

Next was class, for which I could have been better prepared but muddled through when called upon. Then a nice lunch with Deb and a certain pregnant classmate.

After lunch I called Elwood, Indiana, home to the courthouse that had possession of the last speeding ticket - from 1991 - I was trying to track down for my bar application. They had assured me 2 days ago that they could fax me a copy of my speeding ticket when they retrieved it from the attic, which they only do on Fridays after 2pm. So I called, to make sure my ticket was going to be plucked from the dusty confines of the attic. To my surprise, they had already pulled it. To my dismay, they had decided they could not fax it due to 'privacy laws.' So I hauled ass to Elwood and back, barely sliding into class approx 5 minutes late for a stellar review session on Freedom of Speech.

Despite a minor setback which I chose to overlook while compiling my tickets to submit with my application (Marion County records had in error copied the wrong ticket for one of my infractions - a ticket of some random guy born in 1968), I delivered my bar application to the Indiana Board of Law Examiners' office without incident. Or so I thought.

I drove home, picked up T and dropped her off at soccer practice. I filled up my then-empty gas tank (and got hit on at the gas station; Him: is the young lady single? Me: Am I single? Him: Yes, I was talking about you. Me (looking around): Oh, I thought there was a young lady standing behind me or something).

Home for a short break while T ran around in the mud, I suddenly had a horrible realization. I had neglected to include my divorce on my bar application. Quite frankly, I had spaced the issue entirely. I married when I was 19, officially divorced when I was 21. The section of the bar app under which this falls reads "...list of each and every civil court case or proceeding in which I have been involved as a party, including but not limited to, bankruptcy, divorce, guardianship and paternity." When I was 21, I didn't even know what 'civil' case meant. I should know by now.

But when I first read this statement, I skipped over the examples and realized with horror I would have to list the med mal suit in which I had been named (along with other nurses, the doctors, the hospital) several years ago. (It was dismissed.) I never returned to carefully read the section and I completely didn't think to include my divorce. It was so long ago. I am an idiot. The board will either think I was trying to hide this information for some unfathomable reason, or they will think I am stupid and careless. Either way, I'm doomed.

I intend to type up a statement, another Attachment, just now. Then I will copy it and send it in tonight - so it will be postmarked today, which is the due date.

I also still have to take T shopping for shorts, come home and 'help' her pack a suitcase, and then get up around 4am to drive her to Chicago so she can catch a Spring break flight to sunny Arizona.

I'm tired. I'm dumb. I tried to keep up with today, but it's proving too much for me.

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