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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Am I On MTV's Boiling Points?

I've taken to studying for the bar at a nearby library branch. They have a quiet room that for the most part is a perfect place for me to study.

I arrived here today around 1pm and took up temporary residence in one of the comfy armchair/ottoman combos. Next to me - about 5 inches away - is a couch, and not the only one in the room. I thought about using the couch as a table for my stuff, but realized that would be rude and that sometime this afternoon someone actually might want to sit on the couch.

Um, yeah. About 30 minutes ago some guy walked in with a book of some sort and plopped right down in the middle of the couch and began to read. Fine. Then he jumped up, left the room for a bit, and returned. After about 10 more minutes of half-assed reading he decided to relax. He rested his back against the side of the couch nearest me and continued to pretend to read.

Then, less than 1 minute later he set the book down, took off his shoes, and full out laid on the couch. If I were breathing through my nose (which I'm not due to fear of what I'd smell) I'd smell his shampoo. If he has lice (I can't bear to look) they will soon be jumping to my arm hairs. He's put his arms up about his face and if he falls asleep and has a nightmare, he will surely punch me in the face.

Ah...up to the minute action: my tap-tap-tapping out this post appears to have annoyed him. What a shame. He sat up and switched sides of the couch, wisely choosing to keep his legs bent so that his toes will not be tickling my arm. If he touches me with his feet I will vomit. I may need to find a new study spot.

I Know, I Know

Study more, blog less - but a girl has to at least try to keep her sanity (assuming it was there in the 1st place).

Monday, May 30, 2005

Luck Be the Law This Summer

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I don't have a lucky highlighter; really - I don't. But I do have a certain way I like to do things. Our first bar review lecturer warned us not to spend time highlighting the outlines because it wouldn't help us retain the information. I considered following his advice for about 5 minutes. Then I figured - if it's worked for 3 years of law school, I'm not going to stop doing it now that I've entered the most intense studying phase of my life.

If you look closely, you may see that the bottom highlighter (from BarBri) says "highlights the law." I hadn't even noticed this helpful feature until someone recently pointed it out to me. Unfortunately, this particular highlighter has seen much use and better days and I had to replace it 2 days ago with the other pictured marker. No handy "highlights the law" feature to this one. I can only hope it will serve me as well as its precedessor did.

Last Shift

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I worked my last shift as a nurse Thursday night, a 8hr shift from 11p to 7a. I used to work the 7p to 7a, but over the past year or so I've been working only 4 hour blocks so I thought it'd be best if I kept it to 8 hours. I chose that particular night for several reasons including that bar review is just getting warmed up and that 2 of my best friends from the hospital, with whom I used to work regularly, would be working that night. As I walked from the parking garage to the building, I kept thinking of all the 'lasts' that night would bring.

There were 3 of us coming in @ 11pm, so there were 3 assignments from which to choose: a newly-forming post partum cluster, a labor patient who was dilated to 6 cm, and one who was dilated to 3cm. The other nurses all had busy assignments and it was clear the night wasn't one of those 'quiet' ones. One nurse was scheduled to go home @ 3am, which meant we'd somehow have to absorb her assignment when she left.

There was some joking in the nurses' lounge as I hemmed and hawed, muttering, "I don't really want labor. I don't really want post partum, either." The nurses laughed and one said "no wonder this is your last shift." I picked the patient who was 3 centimeters dilated.

I received report from the nurse who was leaving. My patient, M, was a 17 year old who was pregnant for the first time. Her membranes had spontaneously ruptured (her water broke) earlier in the day and she'd been admitted a few hours before 11pm. The nurse had just started pitocin, a drug given to induce, or this in case augment, labor (to make her contractions stronger and more frequent so her cervix would dilate and she would deliver).

The nurse also informed me that the father of the baby had at one time threatened to 'take' the baby once it was born and that the patient did not want him present at the hospital. I asked if we had made her 'no info', meaning that if someone called to ask about her progress or what room she was in, we would deny that she was a patient at our hospital. No, the nurse had not.

I walked into the room and M was sitting up in bed, watching music videos on BET. Her mother had been with her when she was admitted to the hospital, but had gone home to get some rest. I was upset for M that no one was with her, but I wasn't surprised. She was contracting infrequently and she wasn't in much pain. Of course, it was my job to change that.

I immediately verified with M that she did not want her baby's father to be allowed in her room. I then explained that during the day, the hospital was open to visitors and we couldn't guarantee that he wouldn't arrive on our unit. I also recommended that she allow me to make her a 'no info' patient to reduce the chances that he would discover she was at our hospital. I discussed that 'no info' meant we would deny she was a patient, not only to him, but to anyone who called to check on her. She agreed that 'no info' was best, and I requested she call her mother to confirm. After all, M was one of 12 children - I wanted her mother to be aware of the change we were making, and also to spread the word to M's siblings so no one got upset if they called to speak with her.

M and I talked some more about her ex-boyfriend. She said he'd gotten upset when he found out she was pregnant and he'd denied being the father. A lie, she said. I asked how old he was and she said "he lied about that, too." He had told her he was 20, when he was really 50 years old. 50 years old. I was shocked. M wasn't the brightest teenager I had ever met, but I'm guessing she knew the difference between 20 and 50. I cornered the doctor later and requested and received a social work consult for M.

Our night was relatively uneventful, as uneventful goes on a busy labor and delivery unit. I kept increasing the pitocin infusion, and M's contractions became stronger. She got some pain medicine through her IV which cut the pain for a bit. She didn't want an epidural and even after her IV pain medicine wore off and I offered more than once to discuss her concerns and questions regarding an epidural, she didn't change her mind. Toward morning she had dilated to 6cm and I had her call her Mom, who came to the hospital to be present for delivery.

When I left around 7:30am, M was 8 centimeters dilated. Once a woman dilates to 10 centimeters, she is ready to push and hopefully deliver her baby. M was struggling not to push; since she had no epidural the pain and the urge to push were very strong. She did a great job dealing with the pain.

I reported off to a wonderful nurse and knew M was in good hands. I was SOOO relieved to be out of there. The brief night on my old unit confirmed that for whatever reasons, I no longer want to work there.

I used to love my job - and it showed. In the past I had patients and their family members actually say to me, "you love your job, don't you?" I did. But after a few years that changed. Because some of the challenge was gone? Maybe. But really, I still have a great deal to learn about labor and delivery. I could have worked there another decade and still not known everything there is to know so I don't think that was entirely it.

Staffing is a huge issue. We were rarely short staffed when I began work as an RN many years ago. That changed over the years and Thursday night brought back the dreaded feeling of knowing you were up to receive the next patient admitted to the unit. Am I lazy? No. I just know that when I have to divide my time between multiple patients, those patients are the ones who get the raw end of the deal.

Around 3:30am or so the charge nurse had informed me that I'd better get a room ready - in other words that if a labor patient was admitted before 7am, she'd be my patient. I was pissed. At that time, my patient was dilated to 6cm. Her IV pain medicine had worn off, she was in pain, and she was all by herself. Now I was being told that I might receive another patient - and that all the rooms near my current room were unavailable. How on Earth could I leave my patient to care for another? And how would I care for the 2nd patient when the 1st clearly needed my presence at the bedside? And yet the charge nurse had no choice. Every nurse on the floor had as much or more to do than I did. And so it goes on our unit.

I knew at that moment I'd made the right decision to leave nursing. My friends, my former colleagues, deal with those pressures every night and they survive just fine. But as my age (and knowledge about medical malpractice claims) increases, I no longer have the temperament to be placed in such precarious positions. And I no longer have the desire to even try to explain to my patients why they are being shafted and why I can't spend the time caring for them that they deserve.

I am grateful for my experiences as a nurse. They have contributed to who I am today and I wouldn't change a moment of them. But it's time - past time - for me to move on. I wish the nurses with whom I've worked all the best and I'll continue to pray for them. They are indeed, as a friend once said to me, doing God's work.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

For the Record

I had study plans for today. And I did manage to get some practice questions (and answers) in while getting a pedicure and during T's manicure. But I have been fighting a bad headache since around 3pm. The pain is mostly temporal and hovering in and around my right eye. Nausea kicked in a couple hours ago. I took 600mg Ibuprofen, had dinner, tried 2 extra strength Tylenol, and recently took another 400mg Ibuprofen, all to no avail. What does seem to offer temporary relief is the ice-pack thing T filled up for me, but the relief is just that - temporary. I'm off to bed, hoping to fall asleep.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Best Overheard Quote From the Bar Last Night

From a man to a woman:

You know why you're so nervous in here? Because you're terrified that I'm going to kiss you and 5 of your boyfriends are going to see it.

Friday, May 27, 2005

No Words (Well, A Few)

I just got home from my last shift at the hospital at which I have worked for over 9 years. Crazy. Sad. Exciting. I'm sure I have deep thoughts about this rolling around in my head, but I'm too tired to develop them just now. I woke up at 6:15am YESTERDAY and haven't been to bet yet. (OK, I took a small nap in the afternoon yesterday, but that doesn't count).

So - off to bed. Have a great Friday. As always, more later.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Soliciting Bar Review Advice

What I'd like to do every night:
-read material for the next day. I can't give this up; some of the material I haven't seen since 1st year, some of it I've never seen. In order to get the most out of each lecture and not be completely lost, I need to keep doing this.

-25 or 50 practice MBE questions.

-"Mini-outline" of the topic covered earlier that day.

In reality, all of this isn't getting done, for various reasons. So - what's your thought on the mini-outlines? I've noticed that for some of the topics the outline we're given is short enough that I can just use it. For the longer ones, I have a difficult time condensing information (it was a problem for me in school, too) and working on creating my own outline takes me forever. If I attempt to do it for each subject I'll never meet that goal by the end of our study time. Any suggestions?

Notice and a Hearing

I've been mulling over what to do with my blog now that I've graduated and that I'll soon return to the 'real' working world. I'll spare you the permutations of my thought process and announce that the current plan is to continue blogging.

That said, because this blog is not anonymous, there will be serious confidentiality issues that will preclude me from blogging about most things regarding work.

So - here is your notice that this blog may very well become even more of a journal/personal log type blog. I won't have school to blog about, I'm working my last nursing shift - ever? - tonight, and I'll only be able to say so much about life as an attorney. What's that you say? Where's the hearing? That's what the comment box is for.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005


I studied at the local library branch for a bit last night. On a potty break, I saw that someone had posted a request (inside a bathroom stall) for a roommate with the restrictions that the applicant be a non-smoking, non-drinking female with no kids. The homeowner indicated in the ad that currently living in the 3 BR house were she and her daughter. Some random patron had scrawled, next to the restriction on children, "that's not fair; you have one!"

I apparently have all the free time in the world because I whipped out my pen and replied "She's just being practical; there's clearly only 1 bedroom available."

I try...

...to refrain from just giving you a link and leaving it at that. But really, I'm in bar review, cut me some slack. This is hilarious. Read it - especially if you are a practicing or hopeful public defender or prosecutor. I'll add that several of the graphic descriptions in the post apply to some of the patients I've encountered over the years working as a nurse at our county hospital.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005


One more thing to cross off my list of things to do: I reserved a room at the Omni Severin, a 4 star hotel, for 3 nights - at a rate of $70/night!!! Yay - I'm ecstatic!

Chuck, we clearly differ here. This, to me, is exactly the sort of thing I need to worry about now so I don't have to worry about it later. It's not at all a 'namby-pamby' detail to me. I would fret, as you must know, over getting to the exam on time. Now that I'll be downtown I can worry less. Take my luggage to my car the 2nd morning of the exam? No thanks. I get completely irritated with little details like that when I have more important things on which I should focus.

Gary, a strange bed in a strange room? I'm not one of those people who gets unnerved when I can't sleep in my own bed. I am a bit of a home-body, and I do love my bed, but I find hotels infinitely relaxing - provided there is no convention of wild teenagers running up and down the halls - I'll have to pray about that one. Seriously, my messy and cramped bedroom causes me anxiety that I won't need once bar time rolls around. The Omni should provide just the relaxation I'll need.

IA - Jack makes a great traveling companion.

Tommy - no WAY is this my last post about the bar. You've been warned.

Anon - you rock! I wouldn't have had the courage to gamble on Priceline without your comment. And I probably wouldn't have figured out a way to ensure I got a downtown hotel, either. Thanks!!!

Random Minutiae

-Last night my Mom offered to make tacos for dinner. I had to check with T, though because I'd already suggested hash. That's right, corned beef hash, out of the can, warmed up and eaten straight off the plate or out of the bowl. And I was right - she picked the hash over tacos made at home.

My best friend in high school and I had a joke about hominy and hash, though I can't for the life of me remember now what might have been so funny about the foods. There's no tellin'.

-I took the duvet cover off my bedspread the night before last to wash it. So currently the bedspread is white. I like the color change (the duvet is dark blue), something about it is quite appealing. I don't dare leave it uncovered, though, because the white likely gets dirty quickly.

-The past week or so my head and torso have been very itchy. Anyone who sat behind me in PMBR review can attest to that. Maybe I'm allergic to blogging. It could happen.

Monday, May 23, 2005

More Decisions

I made the decision pretty easily to stay in a hotel downtown the night between the 2 days of July's bar exam. I don't live far from downtown, but I figured any reduction in stress level would be beneficial and if I stayed downtown, I wouldn't have to fight traffic or worry about car trouble, etc...

But I didn't quite think it through. The bar is the 26th and 27th. If I stay downtown only the night of the 26th, that means I will still have to find a good place to park - all day - on the 26th, the first morning of the exam. I am sure to be a nervous wreck and I think it would help immensely if I was already downtown that morning. Not to mention that after the 1st day I'll be tired and worried about the next day, so checking into a hotel may be the last thing in the world I want to do.

That brings us to 2 nights downtown, the 25th and 26th. But wait! That would require checkout on the 27th, which is day 2 of the exam. Check out is surely by noon or so and the 2nd day of exam torture will just be getting warmed up at that time. No way do I want to have to check out in the early morning of the 27th, before testing begins, and once again figure out the best place to park.

So...it's looking like 3 nights would be best. I easily decided the expense would be worth the peace of mind. Until I did some searching online. Will I need the peace of mind? Yes. Am I willing to pay for it? Yes. To the tune of $129 or $139/night? Hm. Now that's a tough one.

Not Meant To Be

I received a jury summons for this week. Yay! I love jury duty. The only problem is that with bar review classes, I can't take advantage of this opportunity to do one of my favorite things - be a juror. Actually, I find it difficult to be a juror in that I take it quite seriously (I've served twice). But the process intrigues me so much that I enjoy the experience immensely.

I'm requesting a one time deferral, as allowed by law, and hoping they'll ask me to serve again some time in the next 12 months. Off to bar review.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Proof PMBR question drafters have too much time on their hands

The award for best 'characters' in last week's PMBR practice problems goes to:
-Property question #39, which featured Rufus-Reefer who owned Grassacre, a plot located inside Weedville in 'Humbolt' County. Rufus entered into a land sale contract with Doper, of course.
-Property question #12, which featured Kristofferson and his 2 kids, Bobby and McGee. Bobby later married Janis.

-#42, featuring Oatbran, who sold Colonacre to Periodontal. Ick.


Here's the final tally of my scores on last week's practice tests:
-Crim Law 42%
-Torts 36%
-Evidence 44%
-Contracts 46%
-Con Law 48%
-Property 50%

True to form, the subject I enjoy the most and thought I had the most knowledge of, Torts, is the one in which I scored the lowest. Our reps informed us that 40% is average for these quizzes, so I guess there's not too much for me to worry about just yet.

A commenter last week indicated that taking practice tests before studying the material is a waste of time. I disagree, though I admit it's perhaps because I've bought into the rhetoric spewed by the PMBR reps. Either way, it's useful to me to see where I stand - without having reviewed any substantive material. I purposely decided to take each test cold to get a feel for whether I was performing in the average range or not.

In addition, the board of law examiners is not just testing us on our substantive knowledge of the law, but also on our ability to take their exam. I'm guessing the more of their practice exams I complete (and review the answers to) the better chance I have of conquering their problems.

Finally, on a more personal level, I need achievable short term goals to keep me going. The enormous task of "studying for the bar" will not keep me focused and working this summer. I need smaller tasks, ones that I can boldly cross of my list of things to do to create a feeling of accomplishment and productivity. Reading through an outline serves almost the same purpose, but taking a 50 question practice exam is a bit more satisfying to me.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Billable Hours

Doable, right?

Check out this calculator, which I found at transmogriflaw's.

Punch in your commute time, time for lunch, and estimated personal time...and find out how many hours you'll have to work at home to meet your firm's billable requirements.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Last Blast

After PMBR last night my friends decided to partake of a beverage in the downstairs restaurant/bar. I was exhausted, begged off, and headed home.

Once home I realized 2 things: our class had let out almost a full hour earlier than planned and so the Pacers game hadn't yet started & T had completed her homework, including a project, which I had anticipated would take her all night.

After some encouragement from Mom and my sis, and a short prayer for my 2nd wind, T and I hopped in the car and headed downtown. We found a nice man on the street who happened to have a couple extra tickets to the game, we parked for free because by then it was nearing the end of the 1st quarter and they had stopped charging, and we made our way into Conseco.

The game was - for the most part - great. We led for most, which was fun. The last quarter was of course frustrating and I think we were the victims of some bogus calls. In any event, the Pacers couldn't pull it off and their year is over. But it was awesome to be there for Reggie's last game, to see him fight back tears as Pacers fans and Pistons players alike stood to cheer for him as he exited the game. We definitely witnessed a moment of Indiana basketball history. As T said, "I'm framing my ticket."

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Do you have a friend who will let you reach over and polish your eyeglasses on her sweatshirt?

I do. Thank you, sweetie. It just looked so soft.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Bet You Can't Guess What This Post is About

So I was dreading last night - I knew I'd be a bit depressed/discouraged after taking the PMBR Property practice test. Yesterday's Evidence practice test was a bit of a boost, weighing in at 44%. But after attempting to answer a few Property questions I knew I was in trouble.

So I completed the practice exam, vaguely recognizing a few concepts and forcing myself to pick an answer for each question - a guess - without peeking at the answer key. And I scored my best yet, 25/50 = 50%.

What did I learn? I'm better at guessing than applying any of the knowledge I've gained in law school. I was right about last night - definitely discouraging, just not for the reason I thought it would be.

Back Up Off Me

Perky Patty suggested that we shouldn't sit next to our friends for bar review. A group of us has been sitting near and around each other for the past couple days, with no problems that I know of. But I wonder if this is good advice for when the 6 day dabbling is over and the big time review starts next week. Personally, I think a stranger with annoying habits would be more distracting.

In other news, I began a disturbing downward trend yesterday. Monday's Crim Law (which I haven't had since 1st year) score was 42% - right about average. Yesterday's Torts (I took Envir and Toxic Torts just this semester) score was a depressing 36%. Here's hoping I can halt the downward slide.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

E-M-B-A-R-R-A-S-S-I-N-G Admission

I was writing the word 'embarrassing' and, as usual, couldn't remember how to spell it. I used to be a pretty good speller, but the autocorrect function on Word has totally ruined me. I KNOW the word has 2 r's and 2 s's but when I write it, it just looks funny.

I looked around my room for a dictionary, but remembered mine was upstairs in the living room. So I logged on to the computer to use dictionary.com, my lifeline, to double check my spelling.

Hope spelling doesn't count on the bar.


For defendant to be guilty, the facts must tell you there was some damage to the structure. Charring is sufficient damage; mere blackening is not.

And that's all we know for today.

Sunday, May 15, 2005


I just realized - I am SO not looking forward to the 6 day PMBR that begins tomorrow morning. And not just because I have to go to bed now so I can get up in time to get ready, though that is part of it. But mostly because it's going to be an eye-opener. It'll show me all that I DON'T know - which is a substantial amount of information.

Tonight for the 1st time in a long time I had an LSAT flashback, and it wasn't pretty. The LSAT was the first standardized exam that kicked my ass. Well, I guess it didn't kick my ass, since I managed to eke my way into law school - which certainly wasn't based on my undergrad grades. But it was the 1st time ever I took a standardized exam and didn't excel. I'm guessing this week promises to be that experience, exponentially worse, and times 6 days.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Dispelling the Rumor

Since Kel will be busy with the utter humiliation that is PMBR next week, I may try to actually post a little here next week. But first, I want to get a little myth busted.

Ever go to one of those asinine panels at the law school about government lawyers? Ever get the line, "Working for the government is extremely rewarding as far as personal and profession sastifaction. You don't get paid as much, but it is also a job where you can come in at 9 and leave at 5."

The first part of that is true so far, the second part is very true, but that third part is utter bullshit.

You know where to find me if you need me,

Thursday, May 12, 2005

At the Grocery Store

-I know Kraft Cheese "Product" isn't really cheese. But tonight for the first time I saw it just sitting out, plain as day, in the cracker aisle in a cardboard display. It was unrefrigerated - not even pretending to be cheese - I was amazed.

-Later as I wandered down the condiment aisle - not condoms, people - I saw a squeeze bottle of some mysterious pink substance. I had to do a double take when I thought I saw 'horseradish' on the label. No way can horseradish be pink. Wrong. Cranberry horseradish sandwich spread. Vom.

-In the parking lot, a woman dropped something - right in front of a ginormous SUV that was turning into the row. The SUV stopped, the woman bent over and picked up whatever it was, and then she waived at the driver as if to say "thanks for not hitting me, such a kind gesture." The driver waved back, a sort of "no problem, always happy for the chance to do a good deed." I'm guessing she was really thinking "lucky for you I just washed this tank."

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

What You Didn't Know About Me

I'm addicted to Tetris.

Luckily, I thought my Gameboy (it's actually T's Gameboy, but I'm the one who uses it) was lost for about 9/10 of the school year, so it didn't pose too much of a distraction. I would say that I can play Tetris for hours, but honestly, after about an hour it starts to make me feel a bit nauseous. So I play a little bit here, a little bit there - all day long. I love it. And I'm good at it. It's nice to have a skill to fall back on if this lawyering gig doesn't pan out.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

What To Do, What To Do

I have 758 e-mails in my school account's inbox and another 258 in the 'sent mail' folder. I could probably pare it down by a couple hundred, but, being the pack rat that I am, most of those e-mails hold certain memories for me and I do not want to just delete them. The account will be closed in a few weeks. I suppose I could forward everything to my gmail account, but that seems a bit obsessive - not that that's ever stopped me from doing something before now.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Graduation Day!!!


Thursday, May 05, 2005

Best Ct of Appeals Footnote EVER

FN 1
The trial transcript quotes Ms. Hayden as saying Murphy called her a snitch bitch "hoe." A "hoe," of course, is a tool used for weeding and gardening. We think the court reporter, unfamiliar with rap music (perhaps thankfully so), misunderstood Hayden's response. We have taken the liberty of changing "hoe" to "ho," a staple of rap music vernacular as, for example, when Ludacris raps "You doin' ho activities with ho tendencies."

Too Much Freedom of Speech

I just used Chaplinsky as a verb.


There is a girl - a woman, actually, she is grown. She is in the library. She is sniffing. Incessantly.

Why do people do this? I don't know her, but I may have to force her to blow her nose.

I Thought That Was Included

Graduating 3Ls recently got letters in their mail folders explaining that they will need to submit an official transcript showing degree granted and graduation date to the Board of Law Examiners in order to be sworn in once (if) they pass the bar. The letter included detailed instructions on how to submit the $7.00 per transcript fee in order to obtain the transcript. Geez. You'd think we'd get at least one for free.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Bathroom Etiquette

The part I get: your butt has a phobia. You insist on forming a make-shift fanny protector out of toilet paper to spare your ass contact with toilet seat germs (never mind that you use a permeable absorbent 1-ply to do this).

The part I do NOT get: that when you are done doing your business, you leave your MacGyver'ed protective toilet paper ON THE SEAT. As though some toilet fairy is going to come along behind you and properly dispose of the stuff.

Seriously, people, do what you must. But when you are done, flush it.

I started studying about 10 minutes ago

I'm already hungry for lunch.

Quick Update

Here's where we stand. 3 finals down, 1 to go. Family Law II? Check. (Lousy performance, though. Reading those damn sample answers provided by our prof caused me to change my relatively well-proven approach to answering essay questions and I'm sure I turned in a pile of shit.) Environmental and Toxic Torts? Check. (Feel better about this one, but it was loaded with issues and time constraints were tough - supposedly a 3 hr exam for a 2 hr class and I could've kept writing for 5 more hours.) Secured Transactions? Check. (Slogged my way through this one yesterday morning going up against brainiacs who'd memorized all the rules along with their quirks and exceptions. Not my shining moment.)

I took yesterday afternoon and evening 'off' and had lunch with T, took a short nap, attended a musical at T's school, and paid bills. Today I'm studying for my last final, Friday's Freedom of Speech, Press, and Religion - which follows a ceremony at T's school and a luncheon for the students and their families.

It will be a relief to be finished, to be sure, but I don't think it'll hit me until Sunday or Monday. Saturday will be busy with J's graduation in Bloomington and then back to Indy for mine on Sunday. Somewhere in there I think (hope) I will start to feel a tiny bit of relief before bar review starts up and the madness begins again.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Donald Herbert

This is amazing. Here's an AOL version that's even more poignant.


That is all.

Monday, May 02, 2005

Shutting Down

I am unsuccessfully fighting the urge to stop studying for Secured Transactions. Or, better yet, to calmly study for a few hours and then go home and go to bed. Must. Study. Until. Midnight.

Word has it that several people in my class have already gone home, secure (no pun intended) in the knowledge that they have already memorized all the information. Great.

Could I pass if I went home now? Yes. Is that good enough? Shit. No.

Deep Thoughts

How often are deep thinkers thinking deep thoughts? 80% of the time? 15% of the time? Do the profound ideas come in waves, do they roll around uninvited like so many stresses seem to do late at night when one is trying to sleep? Or does there have to be concentration, a purpose to sit down and come up with a theory or solution, a pre-determined time to focus energies on solving a particular problem or conundrum?

What do deep thinkers ponder as they walk from the office (or the ivory tower or their chambers) to lunch? Is it often - or ever - 'Man it's cold out here; boy I could use a nap; I sure wish it was Friday?' Or do they see every person, every street corner, every vehicle as a variable in some larger equation, some risk analysis or economic theory?

Just wonderin'.

I Love My Sisters

The hilarious jokester, the any-minute-now-graduate, the wonderful mother. All of them. That is all.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Meeting Needs

What is it about having a tissue when my daughter needs one that gives me such a feeling of satisfaction? Maybe it's because she hates to blow her nose so when she actually asks for one I know she really needs it.

But seriously, it's crazy to derive pleasure from such a simple gesture, isn't it? I mean, we have so much to worry about and get through in these next 6 or so teen years. Having a tissue when T needs one pales in comparison. School, peer pressure, alcohol, drinking, don't say it - sex - oh my. Stop. OK, my heart is starting to race. Better get back to stressing/studying for exams and stress about parenting later.

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