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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Oh, My

T had her last day of summer school today - they went swimming. When I picked her up she informed me that one of her classmates invited her to his birthday party this Sunday. *beaming*

Unfortunately, that's the day she flies out of town so she's unable to go. But how nice of him to ask. I'm excited for her that she's made some friends. And - I'm realizing that I may not quite be ready after all for this thing called high school.

Family Law in the Midwest

A practitioner who specializes in family law delivered our bar review lecture (on family law, oddly enough) yesterday. He touched on the use of protective orders by family members, especially those filed pro se, and has coined the phrase "the warfare of hillbilly love" to describe the practice. I'm gonna try to work that in to an essay question on the bar.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Who Knew???

A million thanks to M@, who taught me the wonders of Ctrl + F5 yesterday. Amazing!

Family Stuff

My beautiful niece, Banana:

And... some good news. The lovely T has dealt wonderfully thus far with our adventures in orthodontia. You may remember some time back when she had to have a palate expander placed to widen her mouth. She had some trouble, including having it removed for a time due to a large and painful ulcer it created on the roof of her mouth. But her patience has paid off and she gets her expander removed today - yay! Her braces will remain for close to 2 years, but they really don't bother her. She's excited to have the expander removed to make it easier to talk and eat, and I'm excited for her.

And... more good stuff. T has her last day of a 2 1/2 week summer school gym class tomorrow. She's officially been a freshman for a couple of weeks now. What's good is that everyone she met was nice and she enjoyed the experience. The school itself starts in elementary, but she will be a new incoming high school student. Fortunately, she met at least a dozen other kids who are also new to the school, and a bunch that aren't but who were very friendly.

In fact, yesterday while she was waiting for me to pick her up - I often have to leave bar review early to keep her from waiting for too long - a person came over and introduced himself as her "vice president", asking if she was a new incoming student. They chatted for a while and he told her if she had any questions or problems she could contact him. While she told this story I assumed this was someone employed in school administration. Turns out it was a junior at the high school, randomly welcoming her and offering his assistance. Nice. I'm beginning to feel very good about our high school decision and I hope the positive experiences continue once fall classes begin.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Agony & Thrill

Small Defeat: I needed to pay for parking so I tried to break a hundred dollar bill yesterday at a downtown bank. The teller said she could only give me change for a $20 bill. "But this is a bank," I cried. She was unmoved.

Small Victory: I talked my daughter into drinking a V-8 for breakfast this morning. No need to see to it she eats any pesky vegetables tonight.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Tenure Turmoil

There's a bit of a controversy at my (former) law school involving a Professor who would like to be tenured. Here's a link to the "school" blog where some thoughts are posted.

Update: some interesting discussion going on at the IU-Indy blog.
Another Update: Seems local TV news now wants in on the action. Of course, local "news" is often a bit of a misnomer.

My observations:

  • Mrs. Holladay's article is incredibly one-sided. I spoke with one reader, not affiliated with the school, who stated "the school is discriminating against him." That is certainly what the piece would lead one to believe, but Mrs. Holladay left out some interesting facts, including that Professor Bradford has been teaching at the school for only 3 years and tenure is normally applied for after 6 years. In addition, she neglects to clarify that Bradford has not applied for tenure - a fact that is totally mischaracterized in the article. I've enjoyed this writer's articles in the past, but faced with the one-sidedness of this particular article, I have to say that I will question the quality and objectivity of her pieces in the future.
  • This story doesn't seem 'newsworthy' to me. Students, faculty, staff, and alumni are understandably interested, and of course the public has the "right" to information about happenings at the state university. But why would the general public care? The piece just seems sensationalist and I think it's unfortunate that the story has gone public in this manner. With the drama IU-Indy has endured regarding the drop in law school rankings, and with the past Christmas tree debacle, we don't need this kind of media attention. It seems self-serving at best, and its impact on the opinions of prospective students is likely to be only negative.
  • As I alluded to on the school blog, I am more than certain that we are not privy to all the facts. It amazes me that people who read a newspaper piece or a blog post can instantly be smug in the notion that they know exactly what's going on: that Bradford is being unreasonable, or that Roisman is some sort of witch. I know neither to be true, but you can bet there is more to the situation than we know.
  • Finally, for the record, I had Professor Bradford as a 1L and I've not had Professor Roisman for class. I thought Bradford was an incredible professor and I'm proud to say I was a member of his first law school class. He is brilliant, passionate, and inspiring. When I explained my frustration with the Indystar article to my Mom, she said "I thought you liked Professor Bradford." Indeed I do. But I'm dismayed with the article and the general discord that seems to be present among some members of the IU-Indy faculty.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

I Can't Wait

...until I can stop paying $55/month for my closet-sized storage unit. What a racket.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

It's All in the Jeans

I knew the moment I saw our bar review lecturer yesterday that she had recently had a baby. In fact, it had been 3 weeks. Don't get me wrong - she looked great and we were grateful to her for taking time to come teach us about Indiana tax.

Why is it, though, that celebrities seem to bounce back into great shape immediately after they have babies? Is it that we don't see them until they are back in top form? Or is it that they already have awesome genes so it doesn't take much for them to return to looking fabulous?

I really just want you guys to reassure me that it's totally normal I haven't quite regained my girly figure since having my baby - after all, it's only been 14 years.



Friday, June 24, 2005

More on Loan Consolidation

I am about halfway through electronically signing my loan consolidation application. I've paused the process with some concerns about grace periods. I have some loans are still in grace. It's my understanding that if I complete the loan process with Sallie Mae before July 1, but choose the option whereby they hold processing of the application until just before my grace period ends, I essentially get to keep my grace period but also get the benefit of the pre-July 1 interest rates.

Can anyone out there confirm or refute this?*

*I called Sallie Mae, and they confirmed. But I'm worried about the information being accurate. Their customer service reps don't always seem to be the most knowledgeable of folks, apologies to anyone is knows or is one.

Hold Me the Right Way

If I'm going to be on hold for 10 minutes (Sallie Mae), then I'd like to request that you simply let your cheesy hold music continue to play. Every time you break in to play a recorded message, telling me for example to log on to SallieMae.com, at which location the loan consolidation service is currently DOWN, I get a flutter of hope in my chest that is it my turn - that I'm finally going to get some human assistance.

By the time a human does actually come on the line, I'm so desensitized to the interruptions that I barely notice.

Mind Your Own Business

I'm a little on edge cause T mentioned that one of the kids at summer school asked some of the others if they were attending on grant. (We, of course, can only afford the prestigious private school due to the generous financial aid/grant money they offered us.)

My worries were eased a little when she revealed that the kid himself has received a large chunk of grant money. But really, who cares? It's summer school; it's gym!!! Go run a lap or something and mind your own effin business.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

I'm eternally grateful

to the boy who just walked into the reading room and turned on the lights. Glad to know the light police are out in full force, even in the summer. The 3 other people in here studying and I had struggled for hours trying to figure out how to turn on the lights. Being surrounded by natural light was not enough; we needed help. We needed the light police.

Thanks for Nothing

No wonder I'm frustrated with bar review. Every day our lecture covers a different topic. These days we are well into the potential Indiana essay topics, including tax, corporations and other limited liability entities, and commercial law. Yuck.

My problem isn't with the subject matter, though, it's with the "outlines" supplied to us by the individual lecturers. 25 pages? Nice. 3o-some pages? Not bad, I can easily turn that into my own mini-outline. 53 pages? That's pushing it. But 83 jam-packed pages is NOT an outline. 83 pages forces me to decide what's important and what isn't. For a topic I didn't take in school, I have no idea. I thought that's what bar review was for - to tell me what I need to know.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

For the Record

I consider myself both a Democrat (though I have voted and will vote for members of other parties) and a Christian. The 2 are not mutually exclusive, Rep. Hostettler.*

*I love that picture; check out the guy behind Hostettler.

5 Year Plan

It's official. If there are no prospects on the horizon in 5 years, I'm joining the Millionaire's Club.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Presents in My Inbox

Thanks to AC, who provided helpful information about loan consolidation.

Thanks to my Westlaw rep, who made my day!!!

Thanks to Gary, who provided tickets to tonight's Indianapolis Indians game - we won, and T and I had a great time :)

Monday, June 20, 2005

Isn't that like the dude at the hotel who recommends a restaurant?

I still haven't consolidated my loans. I need to do this ASAP, or so I'm told. Loan consolidation bites. Especially when you graduated from undergrad, like, 8 years ago. I don't have all the info on those damn loans!

I began the process today. I have been sitting in front of this computer for HOURS trying to get the ball rolling. I first visited this site, which allowed me to view information regarding all of my loans. The bottom line isn't pretty.

Next it was here to consolidate. Except - the site is unbearably slow - due, I'm sure, to a horde of procrastinators like me trying to consolidate before July 1. I starting filling out the application, only to become stumped when they asked for the account numbers for my loans. Amanda and I talked consolidation last night and she'd said something about an option where they would search for my information for me. I called her and she said she consolidated with Sallie Mae. Aha.

I pressed on and found out I could use my SSN as an account #. But I am simply not patient enough. I ran into another roadblock and gave up. I exited and hit up Sallie Mae. They offer a concierge service that's supposed to look up all my info and in 2-3 days they'll e-mail me my application for my approval and signature.

This sounds WAY too easy. I'm nervous. Time is running out. 2 questions, fair readers: what's the difference between consolidating with Sallie Mae versus the government-run site? & has anyone used Sallie Mae's "concierge service"?

I'm beat. Time to read Secured Transactions outline for tomorrow's bar review lecture. Zzzzzzz.

I said maybe

I share the frustration that some have with our media, who prefer to cover celebrity stories over other more important happenings. That said, readers don't come here for hard hitting news and insightful social commentary. So I'll take this moment to make one comment only on the TomKat* situation.

Maybe, just maybe Katie Holmes isn't as naive as most people seem to think. First of all, I don't feel a bit sorry for her. She's marrying Tom Cruise, for pete's sake! Whether or not the marriage lasts, she will survive and she will benefit.

Conversation between reporters on TV the morning of the engagement:
R1: And 2 Hollywood superpowers have announced that they are uniting.
R2: Well, one of them is a superpower, anyway. (harsh!)
R1: If Katie Holmes wasn't a superpower before, she will be now.

I think that says it all. She has gained fame and she will almost certainly gain power (if not respect). She's young, but I'll bet she's smart enough to have figured that out for herself. Cruise better be careful, she may just break his heart.

*phrase found at MP&S

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Check it Out

I will not claim to be 'turning over a new leaf' just yet. But I just want to say that for the first time in my life I bought organic vegetables. I'd planned to make a pasta salad last night and Deb's post has been roaming around in my head ever since I read it. So while getting ingredients last night, I picked up 3 organic tomatoes and an organic zucchini. Delicious.

Read Deb's post. Thought-provoking.

Speed Dating Addendum

-I forgot to say that the best part of the evening was the pre-dating get together with my friends. We sat, had some food and a drink or 2, and talked. Very nice.

-I also didn't mention that T didn't want me to do the speed dating. I think that had something to do with a CSI episode she'd seen where one of the speed daters ended up dead. As far as I know, everyone survived our event.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Speed Dating

First off, I don't have anything particularly witty to say, but I'll give a recap because several readers have let me know they're curious about the whole thing.

I found out about my event from an e-mail sent by a friend. In the end, 4 of us participated in the event. There were 10 guys and 10 women total (2 cancellations/no shows for each gender). On one hand, I was a little disappointed that there would only be 10. On the other hand, by the end it's difficult to remember what you talked about with each guy so too many more and it would have been impossible to keep them straight.

The women sat in designated places (8 of them at tables or tall booths, but 2 of us - including me - on these uncomfortable low-to-the-ground soft 'loveseat' type things. I wasn't thrilled with that, but we managed). The men were told at which station to begin and then were to rotate after each 5 minute 'session.'

An e-mail from the coordinator stated the event would start sharply at 6:30. Around 6:30, she guided the men who had arrived over to the stations at which they were supposed to begin. The guy who was directed to my seat sat down and we began chatting. It wasn't too bad, he was a nice guy, but it was clear from the start that there were no sparks. We continued chatting and I began to think surely it had been more than 5 minutes. I mean, I hate small talk (why'd I agree to this again?) but I was certain over 5 minutes had really passed and it wasn't just me. Several minutes later the coordinator announced that we'd wait another couple minutes before beginning in case the no shows were trying to find parking. Now she tells us. The guy and I exchanged incredulous glances. I knew he wasn't feeling any sparks either when he informed me we'd already been talking for 17 minutes? 17, you say? But who's counting, right?

After that shaky start, the men rotated through every 5 minutes (there was a bell!) without any problems. The toughest part was jotting down a few notes in between each guy (so as not to forget who was who) without offending the guy who was next. We had little laminated cards we were supposed to use: Green with "let's talk" on one side and red with something like "I'm busy" on the other. They were just too corny - I couldn't do it. Generally, though, the guys were standing and taking down their own notes, so it wasn't too big a deal.

Here are a few excerpts from the notes I took:
M - blue eyes, tall, likes storms
D - music, farm
C - gay? bald, big lips, blue eyes
T - black shirt, black pants, drunk?
T - crooked teeth, works downtown, looks younger?

The guy who might have been drunk sat down and was eating a piece of bread with butter. (We were in the bar of a restaurant). He bit hungrily into it, scattering crumbs everywhere, and then apologized, explaining that he was hungry, and reached to put the bread down on the table. I told him not to apologize and to enjoy his food because if I was hungry I wouldn't put my food down for him. I'd of course already decided there was no match with this guy, so no harm in being direct :)

We had forms where we wrote each guy's name down next to his assigned number. As the event progressed, we were supposed to circle either "match" or "friend/business" or both (or neither) for each person. If what you circle matches what the man circles, then the organizer e-mails your personal information to your match. She said women typically only put their e-mail address and men tend to give both e-mail and phone numbers. I stuck with e-mail.

I was trying to keep an open mind and not be too dismissive based on a short 5 minute conversation, so I circled match for 4 men. In hindsight, I was only attracted to 3 of them and can't imagine that a full date would change my mind about the other guy. 3 of those 4 men also picked match for me. (The one who didn't was the one I thought might be gay. Seriously, I'm not lying. I checked with my friends and they didn't get that vibe from him, though. But in all honesty he did utter the words "I like women" in our 5 minutes. I promise he did. I don't know why he felt compelled to make that clear).

In a nod to being old-fashioned, I've pretty much decided I'll wait for the guys to contact me and if they don't then their loss. 1 of the 3 has been in touch, and we've exchanged e-mails. Can't say any more - as I'm sure I'll mention the blog at some point.

The event wasn't awful but I don't think I'd do it again. (Check back in 5 years). I was surprised to learn that at least 7 of the 10 guys had speed dated before. I assumed it'd be full of women who had speed dated and men who were just 'checking it out.' For some reason, I was a little put off that the guys had been through multiple events. I realize that's not fair, but it gave me a creepy feeling nonetheless. If any readers have a specific question about the event that I didn't answer, feel free to e-mail me. Happy dating!

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Speed Dating

I have some observations, but not really any funny stories. I don't have time to post them this morning, though - I'll do it this evening.

I will say this - it was OK, not toobad. But I don't think I'll do it again. Something about it was just weird, kinda creepy or something.

I did have a few matches - more later.


Never odd or even is a palindrome. It's intriguingly displayed in a work of art at the new and improved Indianapolis Museum of Art. I went there the other day to get my Mom a late Mother's Day gift - a gift certificate to Puck's, a new restaurant at the museum operated by Wolfgang Puck.

I was taken with the palindrome and the way it was displayed, which is why I posted it yesterday. I thought maybe someone would notice - but if someone did, they kept quiet.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Never Odd or Even

This is Livin'

You're standing in the kitchen thinking that you're out of both parmesan cheese and cream cheese. Then Mom hands you a new parmesan from the pantry and Dad reveals he just bought some cream cheese. Woohoo! Thanks, guys. Have a great time!

Back in Action

Same bat time, same bat station.*

*Translation: I finally bought another cell phone - same number as before. Call me!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

All the girls walk by, dressed up for each other...

I've always loved the insight in that statement. Women dress up for all different occasions, including those that aren't really occasions at all. While they may often have in mind the impact their ensembles are going to have on men, I think they are also frequently (whether they're aware of it or not) dressing to impress other women.

We (several of my friends and I) have this speed dating thing tonight. Heaven help me. I agreed to do it because I thought it would be fun. Sure, I can spend an evening talking to some guys and then going for a drink with my girls. But Chuck is right, I shouldn't be doing this in the middle of bar review. Because all the sudden yesterday I started getting nervous about what to wear. I don't need that kind of stress right now.

Even though I was exhausted and had tons of reading to do, I headed to the mall - and I don't even like to shop. I didn't have any luck (I'm so sick of seeing camisoles I might puke). The funny thing is, the more I thought about it the more I realized that if there weren't going to be other women present judging each other's get-ups, I would feel less pressure about what to wear. Also, the age group is 24-34 years old. What was I thinking? It's not a 'professionals' event, either, so I fully expect at least half the women to be dressed like total tramps. I refuse to go that route. I'm not prude, but this just seems different than a night out club hopping and I'd like to think I could dress more classy and get away with it.

So, I'm off to class. But then speed dating in the evening. We had family over for late lunch yesterday and I explained the event to them. My Grandpa wished me luck before he left. So sweet.

I've no idea what to wear or even what to expect. Anybody have a speed dating story? Any suggestions from the guys on what to wear? Whipped cream is not an acceptable response.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Save the World in August

I actually wrote the above statement in my bar review notes. Last week we had a lecture regarding tips for taking the essay portion of the Indiana bar. Our lecturer warned that during the bar was NOT the time to display our desire to change law with which we disagree, but instead it was our time to show that we KNOW the law, no matter our feelings about it. He told us to work to change laws we didn't like, but to wait until August to do so.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Lost and Found

I haven't found my cell phone - I'm sure it's lost to the Netherworld by now. But yesterday I did a load of laundry that contained all of 6 items, including a t-shirt, a towel, and my rather large duvet cover. When I pulled the load out, my watch appeared at the bottom of the washer! I have no idea how it got there, but I'm glad to have it back. It's been missing for months but I've been reluctant to replace it. Since I lost my phone, though, I was going to have to get a new watch - I no longer had a way to tell time.

So yay for my found watch and boo for my missing phone.

For Your Edification

Do you know what a "trucker bomb" is? I didn't. But now I do. Ignorance is bliss.*

*link found at ThatWunGy

Friday, June 10, 2005

(De)Magnetizing Personality

Quick, check your credit cards. Run to the store, grab some feminine hygiene products or a bottle opener, and head to the nearest check out to have them swipe your card. My less than a month old credit card has been magnetized, or de-magnetized, or whatever the hell happens when the strip on the back stops working in the card readers. First, the automated pre-pay machine at the parking lot rejected it. (It worked the day before.) Same at the restaurant where we had late breakfast/early lunch. Type in the numbers and no problem. Try the ol' El Swipe-o and no dice. I thought it was an isolated incident, until...

I tried to use the automated machine at a different parking garage (with cash this time) and stood behind a good looking young man who was having trouble. Turns out the machine wouldn't take his credit card. Hm. Coincidence? I think not.

Stay tuned for updates on the magnet strip bandit - and keep an eye on those charge cards, folks.

Do you ever wonder...

...if the person sitting next to you is part of the witness protection program?

I Hate the Yellow Pages

I spent a ridiculous amount of time yesterday searching the Yellow Pages for my nearest Radio Shack location. But I couldn't figure out where in the h--- Radio Shack would be in the Yellow Pages. I tried: electronic, electric (since I was there), radio, stereo, retail, system, and who knows what else. I never found it. Then I picked my lazy ass up off the chair and retrieved the White Pages from the desk. 5 seconds later I found Radio Shack, where it should be, alphabetically located in the 'business' section at the back of the White Pages.

I hope this isn't an indicator of my ability to do other kinds of research. Yikes.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Do I Want to Sign a 2yr Contract with Cingular?

I'm eligible for an 'upgrade.' If by upgrade you mean if I sign another 2 year contract, putting me under contract with Cingular until July 2008, I can pay the special online price of approx eighty bucks, just as any other Joe Schmoe off the street would if he signed the contract.

So fine. Except I've been unhappy with their service, but I'm not sure if it was the phone or the service. I had some LG phone of theirs - tiny little thing. I often get dropped calls and spotty reception. But, I'm looking at the Motorola V220, which is supposedly a much better phone. If the phone fixes the problem, I'm more than happy to shell out the dough and sign the contract. If it doesn't, I'm going to be one unhappy camper. Any nuggets* of wisdom?

*I worked 'nuggets' in for Amanda and Kelly P.


I am livid. LIVID. Our phone situation at home is rapidly deteriorating so I decided to do something about it this afternoon. T dropped her cell phone in a Sprite during her spring break. Hasn't worked since. My landline battery got weaker and weaker and finally decided not to hold a charge at all. And then, as we know, I lost my cell over the weekend.

So I spent 30 minutes calling all the cab companies in Indy asking if they had my cell phone. The lack of spoken English (not mine) made that endeavor less successful than it might otherwise have been. Fine. I'll get a new one. At least there's the comfort that I had insurance on both our cell accounts, so if I pay the $50 deductible (X 2) we will each get a new phone. Or not.

I called the company who handles Cingular's insurance replacements. I begin with the story of T's phone. When did the incident occur, the lady wanted to know. Uh-oh. I knew right there. I should have said yesterday. Why didn't I say yesterday? Because I'm going to be a lawyer and lawyers don't lie. Shit. So I diligently search through my calendar for T's spring break date, which is when she ruined her phone. Guess what? I'm anywhere from 5-8 days past the 60 days I had to call and get a replacement phone. I tell the girl that when I spoke with the Cingular rep back in April, she didn't say a damn thing about 60 days. "I'd love to replace your phone, but I can't." Sure lady, whatever.

So now I'm pissed. And I'd already all but decided not to replace my phone through the insurance with a comparable one, because my phone was a piece of - wait for it - shit. And now I'm mad at T all over again for ruining her phone in the 1st place. Shit. I'm off to Radio Shack to find a battery for my landline. Lemme guess? They stopped making them 5-8 days ago. Wouldn't surprise me a bit.

I Smell a Scam

I had a message on my (home) phone* last night from some Howl at the Moon employee. He says I've won a party for me and 100 of my friends. Dude, for starters, I don't have 100 friends.

More importantly, I'm guessing this is a scam. I've been to Howl a couple times, but the last time was in March. If he said he'd drawn my name out of a 'fishbowl' the next day I might be less skeptical. But 3 months later? Come on.

I'll bet this 'party' means I invite 100 people to Howl to spend money. Free cover? Maybe. Free entertainment? Standard there. Free drinks? Highly doubtful.

*For my friends who have my cell phone # and with whom I've not spoken lately, I lost my phone Saturday night :( I just checked my Cingular bill and no one has made any calls on it since I lost it. I left it in a cab. Only problem - I don't know which company. I might bite the bullet and call all the cab companies in the phone book today. Anyway, that's why I'm not answering my cell.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Library Guy

There is one guy in the quiet room who has been here since before I arrived today, which was around 11:30am or so. He's all set up at a table with books, a laptop, and a couple of weird-looking drinks, one that appears to be called "Stacker" and the other a "Rockstar" energy drink.

He's in and out about every hour or so - small bladder, I presume.

He turned around (I'm at a table behind him, for use of the AC outlet) about 20 minutes ago and said, "you know there's a perfume called 'Intimate Beauty?'"

Um, no. Never heard of it. What, do I stink?

Less Victory, More Field

Posted by Hello Monday we went to an Indians game @ Victory Field. It's a great venue and it was the perfect night for a game, if not a tad on the sweaty side. Victory wasn't ours - the Indians couldn't quite pull it out - but the game was good and the company was better. We had a fantastic time.

Yesterday Mom and I had our first golf lesson of 5. Our golf pro was nice and very patient. He's 29 and has been teaching golf for 9 years. Maybe that'll be my next career move :)

Off to bar review. Today is (another) 100 MBE questions. It's nice they do a mock MBE but I'm glad I took the 6 day PMBR and am happy to have those materials. Back to the grind...

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Long Night

Still recovering.

Monday, June 06, 2005

MBE-Colored Glasses

I saw 2 good movies last night and this is all I can think to say about them:

-at the beginning of Mystic River, 3 young boys are playing in the street and they contemplate stealing a car for a joyride. One announces that his dad would kill him if they did and the leader of the group insists that they'll be returning the car after they take it for a ride. I immediately began calculating whether that'd be larceny - almost certainly not, since there would be no intent to steal.

-in The Forgotten, Julianne Moore and co-star break into a house while trying to solve the mystery of their missing and forgotten children. Dad said something about 'B&E' and I felt the need to point out that while they had broken and entered, they weren't guilty of burglary because there was no intent to commit a felony therein.

Good to know that even if I don't pass the bar I can annoy my family with useless information for years to come while we watch movies.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

I should probably...

...stop sitting down to do MBE practice questions with a tall Coors Light. Posted by Hello

Friday, June 03, 2005

My Graduate

Posted by Hello
Notwithstanding that some people believe one cannot graduate from the 8th grade (I presume they think one can only be promoted to 9th), here is a picture of T descending the aisle at her 8th grade graduation night before last.

I am super proud of her and her accomplishments. She is a wonderful girl and I hope and pray that she is happy and successful in her future endeavors, starting with summer school (gym!) in a couple of weeks and the beginning of freshman year in the fall.

I can't even believe she is so grown up. But of course time is not waiting for me to get on board as it propels us forward into the unknown.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Make Me Laugh

I could use a lift - if you have a good joke or story leave it in the comments, would ya'?

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Note to Self


To Be The Big "O"

If you were Oprah and a mere sentence from you would send millions of people flocking to the stores, to what product or service would you direct the herd?

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Martinis, Persistence...
Overheard in New York
The Perils of Being in 3D
Post Secret
preaching to the perverted
Ruth's Blog
...the slack daily
Texas T-bone
30 Something Baby Doc
Unnamed Source
Waiting for the Punchline


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