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Saturday, August 20, 2005

First Date/Last Date

I had a 'date' last night. Actually, I prefer to think of it as 'dinner', but there's no telling how the other party thinks of it.

The guy in question, lets call him H, is a local politician. I met him a couple weeks ago on a Saturday. My friend N, (who is a nurse) had a party/cookout at her house that day. After everyone left, 3 of us headed out to a bar on the west side that N occasionally frequents. That's where I met H. (N told me she's seen him every time she's been to that bar). I admit I was intrigued to find out he was involved in politics, not because I wanted to date him, but just because I thought it would make for interesting conversation.

We chatted for a while about his life, his 'day job', his family (not married), and then we debated gay marriage. He asked if I'd like to go to dinner some time and I accepted and gave him my cell phone #. I was in my right mind, I made the decision free and clear, but I just want to say: there is no way in the world that H didn't know I was less than sober when I met him.

Cut to later. He called several times and we finally arranged, around T's busy schedule and my house hunting, to go to dinner last night. I let him choose and so we met at Ruth's Chris*. Yum.
*(This is my favorite restaurant; it might have been a coincidence, but it's possible I told him the night I met him of my love for RC. No matter, except that he acted last night as though it was a coincidence). The day we made our final plans he called back 1 minute later to ask what I'd be wearing. I understand the practicality of this, but it weirded me out a little. After all, he's a grown man and his desire not to be 'overdressed' struck me as a bit insecure. Whateva.

I have to add here that I know 2 people who know H. So I asked them for the skinny and both were pretty sure we weren't a good 'match' for going out. And one, a friend of my Dad's, went so far as to predict that by the time the salad came I'd be wondering what in the hell I was doing with this guy.

I'm pleased to say it wasn't nearly so bad. H's company was fine. There was just no connection and I have no desire for a repeat outing. One recurring theme of the evening was my asking questions about him that we had already discussed the night we met. I warned him - repeatedly - that I remembered almost every subject we'd already covered, just not the details. (The night I met him N's party started @ 5pm and we didn't return to her house until around 5am. 'nuff said.) So every time I would ask him something during dinner, he would exclaim that he couldn't believe I didn't remember that and pout, claiming that I hadn't been listening. That got old quick. Seriously, I had too much to drink that night - I don't remember what you told me - either tell me again or don't, but get the eff over it!

And the highlight of the night had to be when he guessed that I was 33 years old. I am NOT 33. Really, who does this? What over-40-year-old-man doesn't have enough sense to lie and go low when guessing a woman's age?

He asked me several times if we could go somewhere else for a drink after dinner, but I told him - honestly - that T was waiting at home alone for me. He then wanted to call T and ask her if I could stay out later. I kid you not. I refused to let him do this and was happy to return home to my girl.

All that's left is to try to diplomatically get out of another date, without pissing this guy off. Fair readers, you think it can be done?

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