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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

14 Days?!?

I logged on to the computer when I got home this evening. Weatherbug activated itself, as it always does. To my surprise, when the weather window popped up, it was pink with white hearts. 14 days before Valentine's day??? Is that necessary???

Gag me with a spoon.

Are We on Candid Camera?

One more story from the weekend: T and I were at Meijer late Saturday evening. I tried to exchange a lamp I bought there, which I guess is yet another story. But not for now.

As we waited in the long line at the Service Desk so I could get my as-yet-unusable lamp back, 4 women approached the desk. There was a woman in about her 40's and with her were 3 girls, probably college-aged. They looked at us and at the poor schlep behind the desk and then forged ahead, saying "they'll understand."

They were reporting an infant in the parking lot - left alone in a car with one window comprised solely of plastic. They were all atwitter, looking to us to join in their incredulity. And I was incredulous, alright. Not just with whoever left their baby alone in the parking lot to be stolen from their car, but also with the women - FOUR of them - who all tromped in together to report their finding. Not a one of them stayed behind to keep an eye on the baby about whom they were so worried.

It was like they thought they could audition for Candid Camera.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Don't judge a book...Yeah, right

Saturday was relatively productive for me. I decided I was NOT going to work (I went Sunday instead) and allowed myself to sleep in as long as I wanted. The rest of the day included laundry, kitchen cleaning, vacuuming, vegetarian food shopping, a walk around my neighborhood (during which a stranger said to me, "trying to get that metabolism up?" Buzz off, jerk; what are you implying? Can't I just be out for a nature walk?)...and bill paying.

As the day unfolded, I timed everything just right so that I could run the bills - which included my mortgage payment - to the downtown post office before their last pickup @ 7pm. I got tons of stuff done, but I also did a little putzing around on the internet.

We got in the car around 6:30 and headed for the post office. As we got closer to, I realized I was in trouble. There was some sort of event going on and we got stuck in some nasty traffic. I was fuming but tried to stay calm. I remarked on how it sucked that we had to endure the traffic even though we weren't attending whatever the crowd-drawing event was.

We arrived just at seven and I mailed my bills - right after I discovered that last pick up on Saturdays is at six. Ha.

As we headed out of downtown, I told T that from the looks of the crowd headed to the Dome, the event was something I probably wouldn't want to attend.

T: (puzzled look on her face) What do you mean?
K: (watching passers-by) Well, I didn't bring my camouflage jacket. Or my plaid jacket with contrasting color sweatshirt hood sticking out from the collar. Or my high-top sneakers.
T: Mom, stop making fun of those people.
K: I'm not making fun of them, I'm merely saying I bet I don't want to go where they're going.
T: I don't understand why you think that.

I found out at dinner last night that I'd missed yet another Monster Jam. 'Nuff said.

Sad, Isn't It?

I was ECSTATIC this morning when I found out one of my clients doesn't require activity and task codes OR single entry billing.

This is what my life has become.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

What Animal Are You?

Don't you hate questions like that? Or stupid questions like, "if there were a movie made about your life, what would the title be and who would star in it?"* Uh-huh, me too. Nevertheless, it's recently occurred to me what type of animal (non-human) I would choose to be if I could. I can think of very few things more relaxing than spending hours at a time being the groomer or the groomee.

*Ha-ha. Great question to weed out prospective mates, no?

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Saturday Nonsense

Ten Top Trivia Tips about Kelly!

  1. Kelly can't drink - she absorbs water from her surroundings by osmosis!
  2. Only twelve people have ever set foot on Kelly.
  3. A cluster of bananas is called a hand and consists of 10 to 20 bananas, which are individually known as Kelly.
  4. Dolphins sleep at night just below the surface of Kelly, and frequently rise to the surface for air.
  5. Kelly has three eyelids!
  6. Kelly is the oldest playable musical instrument in the world.
  7. Over half of Americans are officially Kelly.
  8. Kelly can give birth ten days after being born, and is born pregnant.
  9. Only one child in twenty will be born on the day predicted by Kelly.
  10. It took Kelly 22 years to build the Taj Mahal.
I am interested in - do tell me about

Found at E. McPan's

Friday, January 27, 2006

Scary Stuff

My sweet Chuck sent me this link. Unfortunately, I won't be home tonight. I'll be watching Pride and Prejudice - a 6 hr movie - with several other female attorneys. Hope I stay awake at least until the 3 hr mark.

Anyway, I really want to see this Dateline special. I'll ask Pops to TiVo it for me. I spent a good deal of time on T's MySpace site this week. I learned that in addition to the one instant message account I already knew she had, she has 2 others - to which I was oblivious.

I've already lectured her countless times about the dangers of the internet and how the 16yo boy she "loves" is probably a 62 year old man posting pictures of his nephew. She informed me later that one of her friend's retort was that 62 year old men don't know how to use the computer. Right. I vowed to send her and her friends links to the stories of these online predators getting caught, but I haven't yet.

And while the online stuff is scary, the real life stuff is worse. Kissing? Making out? Help me, I won't be able to take it. And frankly I don't think it's happened yet. But I guess Moms are often the last to know.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Dinner Quote

The sweet spot on that thing is about the size of an embryo's nipple.

Thursday Confessions

For the first time, brought to you on an actual Thursday.

1. I've told T what songs I want played at my funeral service.
I'm sure I've traumatized her by sharing this information, but there are at least 2 songs I would like played (On Eagle's Wings & Be Not Afraid) and I figured she was the most likely person to be around and have a say in the planning. I've told her enough times that if you ask her what the songs are, she can tell you. Mission accomplished.

2. My OCD requires me to watch the garage door touch the ground.
My case is mild, as anyone who's seen the wreck that is my house can tell you. That said, I feel almost forced to do certain things, and watching the garage door reach the ground in the morning before we drive away is one of them. I think I worry because I know if it senses something in the way it will stop its descent. T hates it but I told her she'd hate more returning home in the evening to find that someone had walked right into our house and carried away all our belongings. (Not that we have anything anybody would want).

3. I am, for lack of a better phrase, white trash.
Not because I just 2 days ago brought in 2 ceramic pumpkins from my front porch that served as fall/Halloween decorations (lots of people keep decorations out too long, right?), but because I have a dead car sitting in front of my house. I'm sure the neighbors want to kill me. I promised a friend I would keep an eye on his car while he was out of the country for a "couple months." It's now been almost a year and because I forget to go start/drive the car, the battery is long since dead. It's so dead it can no longer even be jumped. It is the bane of returning home every day, but I don't know what to do about it. I hate to pay to have it towed and get the battery replaced, and the plates have expired so if the tow company notices they'll likely refuse to tow it anyway. And there it sits.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Come Again?

In caselaw research over the past couple weeks I've encountered the following, each of which caused me to do a double take:

"A doctor's negligence caused his patient to become a toxic psychotic."
-Does this have anything to do with that Britney song?

"...since the doctor could not be located, the C-section was performed without an anesthetic..."

"The male plaintiff was sexually harassed by defendant by having pornography placed on his computer, being offered oral sex by defendant, and having gifts such as "bouncing penis'" on his desk, among other things."
-I'm wondering about the "other things."

"The patient had a vasectomy, and his scrotum began to swell an hour after the surgery. It continued to swell for several days, and he was finally admitted to the hospital, where the scrotal sac ruptured..."
-Intellectually, I know I shouldn't laugh.

Did your check engine light go on this morning?

-Funny you should ask.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

So Where Am I, Disneyworld?

Despite prevailing thought that I'm not working in the real world, I was swamped today and will be for the foreseeable future. On an up note, I'm on track for my billables for the month. I brought work home, though, not because I'm trying to make my hours (I definitely did today), but because there is so much to do.

In other news, some realtor sent out 'stats' today about recent sales in my neighborhood. 25 homes have sold here in the past I-don't-remember-how-long. It gave the average selling price and the highest. Guess who paid the highest? That's right, yours truly. What am I - a moron? I think my home is worth what I paid, but I'm definitely feeling like I could've gotten a better deal.

Sigh. Off to make dinner - with no meat.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Got Meat?

T announced this evening that she wants to be a vegetarian.

[I could pause here to list some of the items purchased on our latest grocery run, like hot dogs, sliced turkey, vienna sausages, breakfast sausage patties, italian sausage, bologna, chili, spaghetti sauce with meat, corned beef hash, and ham. But I won't].

I asked for her reasons, and after saying she's researched it some, she said she just doesn't think she can enjoy eating meat now that she knows how the animals are treated. Ok. I respect this. But I have to say I'm a little surprised. She's not exactly known for her love of animals, and she's never expressed concern about cruel treatment of humans or animals or anything else.

I heard her out and then made a monumental mistake. I said, "does this include sausage?" She loves sausage. She looked me in the eye and said yes but I couldn't help it - I laughed. It's not that I don't think she should be taken seriously, it's just that I think it's going to be more difficult than she's anticipated. She said "I knew you'd laugh in my face" and headed for her room. Yeah, I suck.

I made her a snack of strawberries and bananas and took it to her room to apologize. She accepted and I suggested she call her Tia, my big sister, who just tonight was making her first roast ever after spending over a decade as a vegetarian. I figured my sis could give T some tips and advice. Her advice so far has been: Trader Joe's is your friend.

I'm trying to keep a positive outlook here, despite the large amount of meat in the kitchen at the moment. This isn't a problem, really, but it's got me stressed out. I'm not much of a cook but I try. And over the years we've figured out what T likes and what she doesn't. Many of the dishes I make that she likes contain beef or chicken or sausage. I can adjust, and I will. But I'm barely keeping up with things as it is - now I have to figure out a whole new way of shopping and cooking, a way that is foreign to me. Some weeks I can barely keep us in toilet paper without collapsing from exhaustion.

And while I don't mind making the effort if this is something that really matters to her, I can't help but feel like this is just a trendy fad that will pass. She's been hinting recently that several of her friends have "become" vegetarians. I had no idea she was considering it herself. Wish us luck. Anyone need some sausage patties?

Offering Twice the Justice as the Leading Competitors

I'm close to speechless. Robin just sent me this link, so I haven't had time to explore it much. But what I've seen is plenty enough to, well, frighten me. I can only imagine my reaction if I'd seen these guys patrolling Broad Ripple last night as I headed to my car. I'd have probably peed my pants.

On the bright side, I now know what course of study to pursue if I ever get the urge to return to school again: asskickology.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

My Ears Are Ringing

And it's not a totally unpleasant experience.

Clarification: There seems to be some curiosity, via e-mail and otherwise, so I just wanted to let you know the ringing ears were from a Big Head Todd concert I attended last night, see today's lyrics. I wasn't trying to be mysterious, just, ah...succinct. And the ringing has stopped.

I Knew Something Was Missing

Yesterday, while a relatively good day, left me feeling ho-hum. I slept too long and while T was at school from noon to 3, I went to work. Except I sort of jacked around and only got about an hour of work done.

When I picked T up she declared she was starving, which is unusual for her, and I got her agreement on going out to eat - something she normally doesn't like to do. I know - switched at birth. I suggested Tony Roma's, her eyes lit up, and off we went. (We even called Mama and Papa to see if they wanted to join us, but they were busy). As we approached the restaurant, my good mood plummeted. It's closed. For good. How could that be? Tender ribs, good salads, and fantastic herb butter for the bread. We settled on Steak 'n' Shake, because it was nearby.

While waiting for our lunch, I scoured the paper looking for a listing for the spelling bee movie. Nope. No longer playing. And Castleton Arts - have they closed? No listing in the paper, phone number disconnected. I'm always the last to know.

From lunch we headed to the pedi/mani place; I got my toes done, T her fingernails - in black. I rented 2 movies and we came home.

After literally begging my daughter to watch a movie with me (she declined) I settled in with a margarita to watch Legally Blonde, which I'd never seen. It was cute, but the DVD decided after about an hour that I didn't need to see the rest of the movie. I bit back my frustration and popped in Better Off Dead (based on Manda's recommendation). I realized I'd seen it before, at least most of it - but that was OK. I let it play in the background as I drifted off to sleep and wondered why my daughter didn't want to spend some time with me.

And then this morning - the kicker. I found out yesterday was National Hugging Day. Who knew? I didn't get a one.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Snippets (starring K and T)

Me: (Audible gasp)
T: What?
Me: The gas bill is $300
T: But it's always freezing in here!
Me: Yeah.


Me: Watch out or I'll bust a cap in your ass...
T: If you're going to say that, which I don't think you should...
Me: I should say "yo' ass?"
T: Yes.

Nice to meetcha'

We had new neighbors move in this week, which I originally welcomed as a positive development, because the house had been vacant for a while.

2 days after they moved in, T says "I think our neighbors are having a party." Sure enough, loud music could be heard from the direction of the house next door. Not a good sign. I realize not everyone is still mostly packed after living in a new house for 3 1/2 months, but having a bona fide party after only living somewhere for 2 days would be a stretch for even the most Martha of Stewarts. It ain't happenin'.

Instead, as we have come to realize, the 1st act of home ownership carried out next door was the setting up of an unnecessarily loud sound system, used to treat neighbors far and wide to the sound of booming bass, day in...and day out.

I Give You, Mother and Child Reunion:

-Who knew?

Friday, January 20, 2006

I have it on good authority...

Opposing counsel sent a revised demand letter today, adding to her already shaky claims the threat that if she actually files suit she'll pursue a res ipsa loquitur line....

She then cited a case to support her use of res ipsa, calling it "Second Circuit" case law. Never mind that we are in the 7th Circuit. When I looked up the case, I discovered it was 2nd circuit, all right - 2nd circuit court of appeals of Louisiana. I'm sure the court will be impressed; I'm shaking in my boots.

More Confessions

It's Friday and as predicted I forgot to do "Thursday's Confessions" yesterday. So, here you are:

1. I eat popcorn off the floor.
Waste not, want not and all that. We have a popcorn maker here at work. It's on my floor, maybe 20 or 30 feet from my office. Someone makes fresh popcorn every day, around 8:30 or 9am. The smell is irresistible. We have the little red-and-white-striped bags that say "fresh popcorn" and everything. I already had a bit of a popcorn problem before I started working here, but it is now officially out of control. Occasionally I drop a couple pieces on the floor in my office. And, well, I just pick them up and eat them. As a friend of the family likes to say "everyone has to eat a little dirt in their lives."

2. I'm not very smart.
I confess this quite a bit and generally those listening don't believe me. Maybe this will be a recurring confession, with different examples each time. Today's example is that not so long ago I was still confusing the number of US states with the number of cards in a deck. Really.

3. I once defaced government property.
Come on, wet cement at the downtown post office? Who could resist? Everyone wants to make their mark in this world...

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Brought to You by the Number 4

I've been tagged. It feels more like a splat or a thwack, but since it came from the lovely E. Spat, I will comply... (It's not that I don't like memes, it's just that I can never think of clever answers for them.)

4 Jobs You've Had
1 - Ice Cream Scooper at Baskin Robbins. E. Spat's answer started this same way, but I promise this was the 1st job I ever had, except for babysitting. I like ice cream, but I don't go nuts over it, so this was a good job for me. I'd often take my 2 free scoops after each shift home to Mom and Dad. (Butter Pecan and Black Walnut?) I learned how to make and decorate clown cones, ice cream cakes, and ice cream pies. I was pretty good and the owners earnestly informed me that these skills they were teaching me would always serve as a fallback position for employment. Good to know if the whole lawyer/nurse thing falls through. (And it made them rich; why not me?) Our store had a mobile unit that traveled every summer to the State Fair. It was crazy busy out there, but tons of fun. And I had nice muscles in my right arm from all that scooping.

2 - Jack of all trades (except computer repair) at a store that bought and sold new and used computers. I answered phones, helped customers, kept track of inventory and made purchases of computer parts and more from our suppliers as needed, and frequently burned bags of microwave popcorn. Good times. I did learn a ton about computers, which knowledge is now probably obsolete.

3 - Home Health Aide. This was, of course, while I was in nursing school. I met some incredibly interesting people when I was a HHA, some I came to care for quite a bit. I also encountered some eye-opening prejudices. Sick elderly people with little to do who spend life cooped up in the comfort of their own homes are often brutally blunt and love to share their (unsolicited) opinions. I guess they feel they've earned it, and there's no one around to offend except the young and impressionable aide. I quit this job the night I spent on a client's couch with roaches running over my legs. I felt bad for bailing, but thankful at the same time that I could afford to do so.

4 - Girl with a price check gun at Meijer. I worked 3rd shift, 10p-6a, at the Meijer on the west side of town with my ex-husband, who stocked shelves. I quit the morning he and I got in a huge fight, he rushing through snow-covered roads out to Meijer to harass me and me leaving early to rush home before he could find me.

4 Movies You Could Watch Over and Over
1 - Anchorman
2 - Donnie Darko
3 - What Dreams May Come (*sniff*)
4 - Princess Bride (love!)

4 Places you've lived
Um, I've only ever lived in Indy. I've lived in 3 apartments, 1 townhouse, 1 double, and 2 houses.

4 TV Shows You Like to Watch
1 - The Real World (so what?)
2 - Local Government Access TV (I promise)
3 - Over There (is this still on?)
4 - Cold Case

4 Places You've Been on Vacation
I don't have much exotic going on in this area...
1 - Canada (including Niagara Falls, which was beautiful)
2 - Texas, Texas, Texas
3 - Caribbean Cruise
4 - Ventura, Calif (for like, 2 days, and it was mostly overcast)

4 Websites You Visit Daily
Does this include blogs? It'll have to
1 - Dictionary.com (I've lost my ability to spell)
2 - Fresh?
3 - Google (all day long)
4 - Going Bananas

4 of My Favorite Foods
1 - Cheese
2 - Pizza
3 - Bread and butter (is that 2?)
4 - Did I mention cheese? (today's lunch was 4 cheese grilled cheese and a cup of Cheddar Ale)

4 Places I'd Rather Be
Hm. I'm getting tired and I'm sort of a homebody, so...
1 - Home in bed.
2 - Home on my back patio in the sunshine.
3 - Arizona with my family.
4 - Dancing.

4 Albums I Can't Live Without
1 - The Paul Simon Collection (I just got this shortly after Thanksgiving but can now not live without it. The amount of happiness this brings me in the car on a daily basis is ridiculous.
2 - Purple Rain Soundtrack
3 - Sade, tie between The Best of Sade & Lovers Rock
4 - Tito Puente, best of... (*you awake out there?*)

4 People to Tag With the Lists (sorry kids)
1 - Manda
2 - H
3 - M@ (you need a diversion)
4 - Kevvy


Not Right.

Kenny G has a version of Outkast's The Way You Move.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

One Small Step for Man...

This weekend I had 2 'dates', sort of, both with men I've recently met. Saturday evening I got together with a very nice man for a drink. He's about 42 years old. I met another very nice man for 'coffee' Sunday morning. He is 47. In the minivan on the way to the Colts game* Sunday, I updated my family on these happenings. The following exchange then took place:

Kelly's Dad: Aren't there some nice available men in their thirties?
Kelly's Mom (hitting Kelly's Dad on the arm): Be quiet!!! This is progress....

Next Mom will post a chart on the wall of her kitchen, complete with gold stars to track my dating progress.

*Ouch. It still smarts to talk about this. Maybe if they'd take down the banners and signs on the Dome that say "Make it Personal" in letters a kabillion feet tall, that would help.

A Sad (but adorable) Goodbye

Professor Cooper has said goodbye to blogging. I'd never even heard the word "blog" until he discussed his blog in my 1L Civ Pro class in the fall of 2002. I suppose you can direct your complaints about my clogging the internet with this drivel toward Professor Cooper.

We'll miss your writings, Professor! Best of luck to you.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Find a penny...

It's one of those days. And while I generally prefer rain to sunshine, even I'm getting a little tired of the dreary weather around here.

Back to work for me! But you should go here for truly mindless entertainment.

Monday, January 16, 2006

By Degrees

The Good: I didn't see even 1 Steelers fan on my way to work this morning. (I've nothing against them, I just didn't want to see one today).

The Bad: There were no granola bars at the drugstore, therefore no breakfast for me.

The Ugly: Goes without saying.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

So. Excited.

Yes, these are Colts tickets. 5 of them. Bought at face value 2 days before the Playoff game. I don't even know what to say. Except that I am JAZZED (cue jazz hands).

Friday, January 13, 2006

Friday Confessions

I commented over at Elaine's earlier this week that I was contemplating starting a regular feature or 2, one possibility being "Thursday Confessions." It's quite likely, as with a few other random attempts in the past, that I won't follow through with this as a weekly thing. But we'll see how it goes. And, of course, it's Friday. But since I didn't do it yesterday, I'm doing it today. I think it's better suited for Thursdays, though.

This week's confessions:
1. I like Celine Dion's song "My Heart Will Go On."
I'm not a Celine fan, in general. And I enjoyed the movie, but I didn't go nuts over it. And while I'm usually into lyrics, these don't particularly speak to me...I just like the song. Which reminds me of a story about my wedding. My Mom, bless her heart, was sitting and discussing wedding plans with me and my (now) ex-husband. She asked if we'd thought about what song we would dance to as 'our song.' My ex immediately suggested Celine's "When I Fall in Love." I think it was newly out at that time, or I just hadn't heard it very many times. I had a blank look on my face and my ex had to describe it to me and maybe hum a few bars. Once I recognized it, I agreed it was a good choice. You should've seen my Mom's face. She couldn't believe I was considering having a song I barely knew as 'our song.' Ha. Guess it was clear who wore the pants in that relationship. Anyway, we went with something else - but I do love that song, too - now that I know it. And I now wear the pants in all my relationships :-)

2. I never balance my checkbook.
I might have balanced it once a few years ago. Whenever I go a longish period of time without writing a check, like if I'm on vacation or something, I always check my account balance and see it if matches what I have in my register. It never does, but the bank always says I have more than I say I have, so I don't worry about it. I don't reconcile my bank statement with my register or anything crazy like that. Also, I prefer to write checks. I won't get a check card until companies stop accepting paper checks, which I fully expect to happen in my lifetime.

3. I am spoiled.
OK, this may not be news to some, but I just want to put it out there that I'm aware. My parents are amazingly generous, I am blessed with a wonderful family, and I am lucky to have the things I do. I became incredibly aware of this last night when T and I ordered pizza. I asked for pepperoni and extra cheese - of course! - and when it came, not only did it not have extra cheese, there were fully 2 pieces with NO cheese at all. I began bitching and moaning - I mean really, if I ask for it and pay for it at least give me the regular amount. Then I was ashamed for being so spoiled. I immediately asked for forgiveness for my greediness. And I enjoyed my pizza. (T also volunteered to eat the offending pieces - before we'd even eaten the others. She has her moments.)

Still My Baby

Thunder woke me up before 5am this morning. I love thunderstorms, so I was happy to listen to the storm for a while as I tried to drift back off to sleep. It got loud, though, and I was sure it would wake T.

Sure enough, she came in my room about 10 after five and asked if she could lay with me. Once she's gone, I'll miss moments like these the most, when she still seems like my little girl. We slept in a bit, lulled by the rain and content to be there together. In fact, I could barely get her out of my bed after my shower; she claimed it's so comfy she couldn't get up.

On the ride to school, I unfortunately managed to burst the magic bubble of love surrounding us. T mentioned that government was only a required class at her school in certain circumstances. I declared that I was going to make her take it even if her school didn't. She was none too pleased and still not convinced even after I tried to explain how important it is. Too bad. She's young enough I still have some control over what goes on in her life, thank goodness.

Happy Birthday, Pops!!!

Friday the 13th, not bad, huh?

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Secret Message to Amanda

You're not an atheist, are you? (Plus - smegma isn't really a bad word).

Parking Garage etiquette

If I get to the parking garage, expertly park my car, grab my stuff, and walk quickly to the elevator (because I have a destination in mind and work to do)...and if you were there long before I was, fiddle-screwing around with your hair and your crap and pouring drinks out on the ground and generally taking your sweet ol' time...I do NOT think I should have to hold the elevator door open for you when you finally decide you'll mosey on in to work.

I will anyway; I just won't like it.

Want to Lose Weight?

Sheryl says commenting will make you skinny. So have at it, people. I get an average of 130 unique hits a day. Accounting for people who check from 2 different computers and the dozen or so of you who comment regularly, that's still a lot of people who have the power to make my day just by saying hi.

Don't be a lurker. You know who you are, and in some cases, I know who you are. So - see the post below - and comment. It's your civic duty. Or something like that.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Better Late Than Never

It's National De-Lurking Week!!! We're half-way through and I had no idea. Thank goodness I discovered it before it was too late.

I previously made a request for blog-readers-not-commenters to leave a little hello in the comment section. It was mildly successful with perhaps a couple dozen people coming out of the closet, so to speak.

Speaking of coming out of the closet, did I tell you this funny story? I introduced myself to a live-and-in-person blogger at the grocery store not too long ago. I recognized her and her girlfriend from the pictures she posts on her blog. She goes by Snowy and I was pretty sure I didn't know her real name, so when I ended up behind her in the cashier line I smoothly asked, "Is it Snowy?" Unfortunately, the lovely pair thought I'd asked if it was snowing and nearly dismissed me as a raving lunatic to be completely ignored, since it was 50 degrees outside at the time. We cleared things up and LT asked what my "real" name was. I replied that I was blogging under my real name and said, "yeah, I'm out, but sometimes I wish I wasn't." Um, smooth Kel. I'm out? To my blogging acquaintance who not so long ago blogged about her real experience with coming out? Oy. I'm not sure they noticed. But if they did, they had the grace to let me simmer in my own embarrassment without further comment. Thanks, ladies!

Back to the topic at hand...you who are lurking, this is your week to shine. You don't have to say anything witty, a nice hello will do. That's a good tip for any first introduction, come to think of it.

Role Reversal

T had a CT scan* this morning as a result of yesterday's MD appointment. He didn't find anything wrong, but I think use by her school of the language "rule out" sort of obligated him to order the test. The scan itself was uneventful, we'll get the results in a day or 2, and T is feeling fine but tired, which isn't new for her.

While we waited for the tech to call T's name, we watched the morning news on TV. The weatherman (he looks a little like that guy from Wonder Years) told us that today's drizzles might change to snow showers and he said, "It's not big deal, though." Except I heard, "It's no big dildo."

Mind you, I realized what I'd heard didn't make sense. And I knew I was wrong in thinking I'd heard it. But I'm telling you, that's what I heard. I was gripped by a fit of uncontrollable laughter that doubled me up in my chair. T looked at me like she wished she could change her name and move to Seattle on the spot. "Calm yourself, Mom, " she ordered.

The laughter resulted in tears and when the tech called T back for her scan, I was busy lamenting that my mascara was probably going to run. You can guess T's answer when I asked her if she wanted me to go back with her.

I thought children having to take care of their parents didn't happen until much later in life.

*I asked the tech if T's braces would interfere. She politely told me no without pointing out that surely I was thinking of an MRI, which uses a magnet. I realized my error later. I'm a nurse, not a radiologist.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I'm taking suggestions for my new work password...


I've got the blahs. Did you people know it was supposed to rain today? I didn't. I generally like the rain, but not when it's this cold. The whole day is just blah.

I had my 1st appearance in front of a judicial officer today - as an attorney, anyway. It was a pro supp hearing. I'll be totally honest and say I was super nervous about it. I knew going in it was no big deal, but I hate the unknown and so I couldn't help it. I didn't blog about it beforehand, cause I was embarrassed to admit I was nervous. A young attorney here went with me to talk me through the procedure before court began. We were talking as we entered the courthouse and I accidentally walked into the same little revolving door compartment she did. Then my big red bag got us stuck in the revolving door. Good times.

Me: Um, why on Earth am I in here with you?
She: I don't know but now we're stuck. Are you really nervous or something?

Yeah, so what. Anyway, I'm glad it's overwith and hopefully that little exposure will help to calm my nerves the next time I have to appear in some capacity. And - I'm not the only one who does silly things as a new attorney. Did you see what H has been up to? Crack me up. I did discover yesterday that I'd dated Saturday's time sheet: December 7th, 2005...but at least I noticed before anyone else saw it.

Anyone got a good cure for the blahs?

Monday, January 09, 2006

Me Duele la Cabeza

T called me from school today around 3:30 in the afternoon. I was surprised to hear from her because she was supposed to be at a sports "workout" for spring sports. She launched right in: she'd been having sharp pains in her head and trouble concentrating during class today. When her friends heard her "symptoms" they declared it sounded just like what they'd experienced in the past when diagnosed with concussions.

T had been rough-housing with a friend on Friday and when they both lunged for something she'd stolen from him, his knee hit her forehead. There was no bruise, but she complained of a headache Friday evening. The rest of the weekend passed without a peep from her about the incident.

Of course, T tromped over to the trainer today and related her story and the diagnosis of her friends. The trainer promptly declared T needs to be taken to the doctor and can't participate in any sporting practices or events until she is cleared by her doc. Sigh.

My first question when I got her in the car: Do you think staying up until 4am Saturday night had anything to do with your inability to concentrate in class today? Naturally, she didn't.

I'd already been planning a post about recent parenting decisions I've made. See the list below. And add to it the decision not to call up T's crazy friends and harass them for convincing her she has a concussion.

-T hates it when I compliment her unless she's asked for it with a "Do you like my necklace/makeup/outfit...?" Friday she looked adorable when I dropped her off at school, but I refrained from annoying her. It worked out, though. When I picked her up I asked her how many people told her she looked beautiful and she smiled and said actually quite a few had come up and said, "you look so pretty!"
-I forced her to do Christmas thank you cards last night. She did them and returned them to me for mailing, unsealed. I debated whether to read them and in the end I did. She is such a sweetheart; they were gracious and personal. I'm glad I read them.
-Last year's taxing high school decision has turned out to be a good one, despite trouble with grades and overly-cautious trainers.
-I didn't yell when she told me she and her friend stayed up until 4am Saturday night.
-I tried not to become alarmed when T's favorite store became Hot Topic.
-I tried not to become alarmed when T began listening to a band called the Killers (and I came to love Mr. Brightside).
-I'm having trouble suppressing my alarm at the fact that T has acquired a "boyfriend" on myspace.com, a boy she's never met in person. Double sigh.

You can find me on the block disobeyin' the law

This morning in the car this Young Jeezy song (had to look up that spelling) came on and I turned up the volume.
T: I find it funny that you like this song; you're just not that type of person.
Me: What type? A gansta'?

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Missing My Sweetie...

Who wouldn't? Seriously.

Fright Show

Scary: I was dispensing legal advice last night at the club at around 2am.

Scarier: Someone was listening.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

No Joke

This billable hours stuff is no joke. Not that I thought it would be, but I'm letting you know just in case you had any doubts. I'm at work and kicking myself for sleeping in until 7:20 instead of getting up when my alarm went off just before 6am. (And it wasn't even a worthwhile sleeping in, as my snooze alarmed every 10 minutes).

I started out the week - and therefore the year - behind, since Monday was a firm holiday. I'm now playing catch up, because I want to start next week at least even with my goal. I sense that it's very easy to fall far behind and that catching up could be a real bitch.

I was thinking yesterday about how I used to work 3 twelve hour shifts a week, usually 3 days in a row, and then I was off for 4 days. I liked that schedule, but it was the night shift, and as the years passed I experienced more and more sleep problems. I could work 12 hours straight, sometimes with no lunch break, without a problem. It was exhausting, but completely doable. Now I have trouble billing 7 or 8 hours in one day. I can be here for 9 hours and still only manage 6 hours of billable work. It's extremely frustrating.

I realize it's a whole different type of work. It's not like I could just walk out in the middle of a delivery for a break, or zone out, or check my e-mail. And it didn't take me long to figure out what I was doing at the hospital; I quickly became proficient at my job. This job, however, is a different story. I'm often at a loss for how to approach things and I waste time figuring things out that veteran attorneys can breeze through in no time.

Back to work! All is not lost, though, there will be shopping later, and even some partying. But the necessary evils must be taken care of first. Oh yeah, your password will expire in 4 days....

Friday, January 06, 2006

I Think I'll Just Sit For a While

I may have posted about this topic once before, but it's my blog and I've still been thinking about it, so....

I often hear the phrase "if you don't stand for something you'll fall for anything." It's a good saying, generally causing people to nod in agreement or raise their fists in the air to show their support for 'something.' But I think it ignores a valuable middle ground.

In the not-so-distant past, I worried about my lack of convictions. Not that I don't have certain issues about which I feel strongly, but on the whole I never think that my position is the only 'right' one, that I have all the answers. My parents taught me that every person's opinion has some value, has the right to be heard - and even considered. So when people begin "discussing" (debating) political or other issues, my position is that there isn't one right position. I tend to listen to everyone's point of view and then just let things marinate a bit.

I'm beginning to come around to the notion that there isn't anything wrong with this. Many people have that win mentality that causes them to argue "their side" no matter what their reasons for doing so and no matter who they offend in the process. This is dangerous thinking. Much more can be accomplished if we listen to each other, if we consider what others are saying, and if we try to synthesize all the valuable points into an effective and beneficial whole.

I came across this quote somewhere last year and it put me on the path to comfort with my 'indecisiveness':

"Even a little knowledge of ethical theory will suffice to convince you that all important questions are so complicated, and the results any course of action are so difficult to foresee, that certainty, or even probability, is seldom, if ever, attainable. It follows at once that the only justifiable attitude of mind is suspense of judgment; and this attitude, besides being peculiarly congenial to the academic temperament, has the advantage of being comparatively easy to attain. There remains the duty of persuading others to be equally judicious, and to refrain from plunging into reckless courses which might lead them Heaven knows whither."

It sums things up nicely for me: I find most issues enormously complicated. Not because I don't understand them (sometimes I don't, though) but because I see that they have many ramifications. That they have evolved over time in complex environments and that they will impact many people. Suspense of judgment or thorough consideration, though not indefinitely if action needs to be taken, often seems the wisest course.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Secret Message to Bob~

Now I have to go check my mascara; I laughed so hard I cried and my mascara isn't waterproof.

Not Much Better

I don't think I'm better than anyone else. That's just not the type of person I am; it's not the type of mindset I was born with or developed. But I seriously can't get over these people who devote their lives to complaining about their various physical ailments.

First off, I am thankful for my good health. I am, and I thank God for it every day. I don't want to be sick and I truly feel for those who are sick or who deal with real, chronic health issues on a daily basis. But I'm not talking about those people. I'm talking about relatively healthy people who can't go 24 hours without complaining about their headache, sore throat, sinuses, cough, stomach ache, sore foot, carpal tunnel, aching back, etc....

I have some issues. I had back surgery in high school. I've got chronic back pain. But I'll bet a good portion of my blog readers - especially those who don't know me in real life - didn't know it. Because I don't find it necessary to talk about it DAILY and to UPDATE THE ENTIRE FREAKING OFFICE AT THE TOP OF MY VOICE every time the location or intensity of my pain changes - or doesn't change.

And I think a huge amount of fault lies with the enablers. Everyone around these people feeds into the bullshit, asking how they are or whether they feel better every chance they get. It's one thing to be concerned about your friends and colleagues. It's another to supply them hourly with the chance to go on at length about their latest problem. And why do they even ask? Because we all know the answer: "Not much better." or "Better, but guess what's bothering me now." They will never admit to being fine, to feeling well. NEVER.

I know, I know. It's sad that there isn't much else going on in their lives, that they don't feel there's anything else worth talking about. Some of them might even be clinically depressed. I feel for them. But for the love of Pete, can't they at least keep it quiet?!? Thanks for letting me rant. I feel better already.


I have none.

That's not exactly true: I have a couple posts rattling around in the ol' cabeza but they are of the sort that would take more than 60 seconds to write. And last night I spent too much time goofing off to think through any semi-serious blog post.

And today I'll be busy working. I've started off the year behind in my billable hour requirement - shocking - ha. I'm such a procrastinator; I'm always playing catch-up in some area of my life.

Have a good day, kids, and when things get bad just think of my poor toe. I wore a pair of shoes yesterday I hadn't worn in a while. After walking to lunch I'd formed and broken 2 blisters on my left big toe. Simply putting shoes on today was excruciating. And the offending pair wasn't even cute.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

That's an Elephant of a Different Color

I'm having a horribly bad hair day. I wasted 2 tenths of a billable hour in the bathroom this morning trying to rectify the situation to the point of halfway decent, to no avail.

So I e-mailed my colleague, Court Jester, because he and I were scheduled to take an applicant to lunch today:

It's a bad hair day - I just wanted to get that out there so it's not like the white elephant at lunch. I am, unfortunately, all too aware.

I thought nothing of it until I received his reply:

I've heard of the elephant in the room, and I've heard of the white elephant gift exchange, but never the white elephant in the room. You're a ground breaker.

Have I mentioned I love the people I work with?

Just Because

T and I went bra shopping last night and didn't have much luck. But I did by myself another one of these - talk about an impulse buy! I love these robes. They are silky on the outside, but soft and fleece-lined on the inside. I bought one for T and one for my Mom a couple years ago. Guys, if the woman in your life doesn't have one of these, run - don't walk - to Victoria's Secret and get her one. The mall was selling them for $40, less then half the original price.

I bought a black one with very light pink piping (thought it was white in the store). I put in on almost as soon as we got home and wore it while I made dinner, while I did some work, and then to bed. They may not be the sexiest thing out there, but the mood they create by virtue of being so luxurious-feeling may just get you the desired result anyway. Plus, what woman wouldn't appreciate a 'just because' gift?*

*Or you could get one now while they're half off and hide it away for the next special occasion. Just be sure to put her name on the bag or box in case she stumbles across it and doesn't believe it was intended for her...

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

E-mail Quote of the Day

"It's much better to have a blog than a husband because I do not have to mess with my blog's dirty underwear or crap attitude."

A gem. May I give credit where credit is due?

Calgon, take me away...

Over break I (not so) jokingly answered the question of whether T likes high school by saying that she's having a blast there but only time would tell whether she'd passed any of her 1st semester finals.

Well, time has told. And she passed. Some of them.

Breaking News

-Hat tip to the Court Jester for the link.

Monday, January 02, 2006


1. The ability or capacity to perform or act effectively.
2. A specific capacity, faculty, or aptitude. Often used in the plural: her powers of concentration.
3. Strength or force exerted or capable of being exerted; might.
4. The ability or official capacity to exercise control; authority.
5. A person, group, or nation having great influence or control over others: the western powers.
6. The might of a nation, political organization, or similar group.
7. Forcefulness; effectiveness: a novel of unusual power."

It has come to my attention that some believe my newly acquired degree and employment status in the legal field gives me some sort of power when it comes to men and/or relationships. I've mulled this over and, quite frankly, can't seem to grasp it. Power to do what, exactly? And to whom? I suppose one could argue I have the power to choose, the power to be picky. Problem is, there wasn't exactly a long line of hopeful suitors to begin with, and there still isn't.

Even if I bought it, even if I agreed that my current situation has opened certain doors of opportunity for me, what on Earth am I supposed to do about it? I mean, really, doesn't power imply an audience, a kingdom, some minions over whom to wield one's power? Cause let me tell ya', there aren't any minions around here unless you count the guy at the sub shop who implores me to keep smiling every time I order a turkey on wheat.

And that is just it, the other side of the coin. While I may possess some extra *star* quality now that I have my JD (and frankly, I'm close to positive that someone who would be impressed with me for that isn't someone in whom I'd be interested in the first place), the problem is that I've likely educated myself right out of the market - or so my friends keep telling me.

The fact is that MANY men are intimidated by independent women who can take care of themselves. And still others can't help but want to be the primary breadwinner in the home, and so don't want someone making too much $$ with whom they have to compete for that title. And then there are the ever-so-delightful bunch who admire and appreciate intelligent women of independent means, they just don't want to marry them, preferring instead to find nice women over whom they can exert just the tiniest bit of control - women who could happily spend hours discussing pastry recipes or comparing furniture color swatches.

I don't have a point here, really (hence the title of my post), I just felt the need to throw this out there. And ultimately at this point, I don't really know what I want, so the above discussion matters little. The times I'm lonely, or feeling overwhelmed with daily responsibilities, or would like a companion to accompany me to a work event, equal the days and nights where I am happy with my life, thankful to be in charge of me and T's lives, and can't imagine having to share decisions with anyone else.

Informal Poll

1 - If one were engaged in a movement to bring back the saying "tits" as in, "That show last night was tits!", should that person end such campaign?

2 - Assuming the saying made a comeback, shouldn't it be "the tits", as opposed to just "tits"?

3 - For those voting, were you aware "tits" was ever popular in the 1st place, as an exclamation or expression of approval?

Dear Dumbass,

If you are going to steal something and use your bicycle as the getaway vehicle, make sure the item you are going to steal is not a 40 foot aluminum ladder. Doing so will make it easy for the police to see you, identify you, and capture you.

Just a note!


In My Backseat

-A hammer
-An IU-Indy Fall Alumni Report
-A Best Buy bill
-A dead computer modem
-2 empty plastic water bottles
-A white & blue window scraper
-An empty Paul Simon CD case
-A bright yellow coupon for Athletic Annex

And you?

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!

I can't think of a better way to start the new year than hanging out at home with family and friends, laughing all night long. Special thanks to T for informing me that my camera has a timer function and for figuring out how to work it in no time flat.

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