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Friday, March 31, 2006

Life in the Fast Lane

While sunning yesterday afternoon outside my sister's apartment, I was greeted with the sounds of a couple of boys riding their Big Wheels or similar tricycles. What could be better? Seriously.

As a child I spent hours riding my yellow and black Big Wheel around and around our apartment complex. I might have even been singing while I rode, because I remember catching the occasional bug in my mouth. But that unpleasantness could not be outweighed by the sheer joy of whipping around at top speed, totally in control of where I was going and how I was going to get there.

Sometimes don't you want to go back, for just a couple hours?

Brush After Every Meal

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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Life's Hard Lessons

Sweet Banana, at just over 1 year old, is busy learning every day. She has a respectable number of words in her vocabulary, which is sure to take off any day now. There is, of course, mamamama and dadadadada. From there "uh-oh" came, as it often does, frequently accompanied by throwing food or toys on the floor.

Her next achievement? The fascinating "dia-per." At least this kid knows what's important in her life. There is something that sounds distinctly like "hi" and her mom and I are certain we heard her say "light" last night at the restaurant.

But her crowning glory (for the moment) is "please." Bob taught it to her and she uses it often and correctly. She utters it when she wants another cookie, some more fruit puffs, some of what the adults are eating, or some more baby food. It's unmistakable and simply adorable. She has clearly learned what it's for, but with that knowledge comes a hard lesson: Just because you say "please" doesn't mean you're going to get what you're asking for.

Fortunately, I'm only here a week and it's not really my job to teach her that particular lesson (is it?) Because to look into those big blue eyes when she says "please" and then deny her what she's so politely asking for is heartbreaking and, frankly, nearly impossible for this Tia.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Overheard in the (Minn/St. Paul) Airport

Young Girl (looking bleakly at her male traveling companion, realization dawning): I'm going to be with you 24-7.

Young man: (Continues eating his pizza, oblivious to the despair of his traveling partner).

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Flying Away

Monday night, after midnight. In less than 4 hours Kelly's Dad will be here to pick me up and take me to the airport. I haven't started packing. In fairness to me, I've been home less than 2 hours. But as soon as I hit the door, I made some dinner and all my energy just seemed to fade away...

It really is time to get busy, though.

I'll be gone a week, but I plan to post about every other day while I'm gone. Be prepared, though, for posts and pictures starring none other than the incomparable Banana. Can't wait to see my girl!

Someone hold the fort down until I get back. Have a great week everyone!

Monday, March 27, 2006

Make It Stop

Window washers creep me out. Not as individuals, but just when their ropes and bodies are dangling in front of my office windows.

Do you see that? Down there - coming from the end of the tunnel?

It's almost here. Today will be busy and I may not get any sleep tonight at all, but it doesn't really matter. Because tomorrow will come* and when it does, it will be time for my vacation - yay!

Today is looking good already. My pants are loose, though I'd better not tell my Mom. The sun is out, and though I like rainy days it's nice to see the sunshine today. I got to sleep in a little this morning because T is on her own vacation. I even danced around the bathroom a bit this morning (to Sade) while I was getting ready.

Please, God, let me get through this day without going crazy. A nap tonight would be nice (I haven't started packing and my flight leaves at 6am; after seeing the crazy state of the airport this weekend, I know I have to get there super early tomorrow), but is optional. And please see me safely to Arizona tomorrow. Amen.

*I realize tomorrow is not promised, I'm just hoping to be around when it does come.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

You'll Read About Me One Day

Lawyers are fainting in court and being rendered speechless during oral argument.

I'm sure my day will come, and you can all say "I knew her when."

Where's the Love?

I don't have a scale at my house. I've never owned one, that I can remember, but I don't really need one. As far as I'm concerned, whether you've gained or lost weight really only matters if you can tell in the mirror or in the way your clothes fit. I don't need a scale for that. Scales only serve to make people crazy when they're a pound up or down; not having a scale decreases my stress.

Yesterday I went out to a delicious dinner at Bravo! with my family. I went home with them to watch a movie and for some reason I weighed myself for the first time since I'd moved out in October. The following conversation ensued:

Me: I haven't weighed myself since I moved out. I was [] pounds then and now I'm [] pounds...seven pounds lighter!!!
Kelly's Mom: Bitch.
Me: Dad! Mom called me a bitch!
J (Kelly's sister): hahahahaha

Covering All Their Bases

The portion of my bill that I send in with my mortgage payment says "please don't send cash."

I'll try to refain.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

That Explains It

My health insurance company (don't get me started) sent me new insurance cards this week. I can't figure out why, all the information looks the same. On the piece of plastic to which they were attached it says this:

New cards are being issued.

The Ultimate Professional

I had a meeting with a client and several other people outside of Indy yesterday. I knew I had a stack of business cards in my purse and was glad I'd thought to carry so many all the time, just in case.

As I transferred the cards from my purse to my bag, I noticed they looked like they'd gotten wet. How could they get wet? They'd been in my purse. I sniffed them - beer. I'd spilled beer on my purse, most likely on St. Patty's Day. Fantastic.

Think I could've passed them off as the latest in scratch 'n' sniff business cards? Classy.

Friday, March 24, 2006


Sometimes one's epiglottis doesn't work.
Sometimes Moms fall asleep while helping their daughters study for biology.
Sometimes, even with your favorite blogs, you read a post but you have no idea what it's about.
Sometimes at work, I do something right. Other times, I don't.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Everybody Needs Love

I just don't understand why *most* people aren't satisfied with the love of God, their family, and friends. I mean, wouldn't it be great if those of us who are lucky to have that kind of love in our lives just walked around feeling blessed, loved, appreciated every day? And that finding another kind of love, a romantic love, would just be icing on the cake - but would certainly not be something needed or even sought after.

But people aren't satisfied. Every day around the world millions - billions? - of people make horrible decisions and engage in ridiculous behavior, all for the love - or worse, the simple attention - of people of the opposite sex (or same sex, if that's your pleasure). It has my mind boggled today.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Why I Hate Chinese Food*

My fortune from today's lunch: YOUR JUDGMENT IS A LITTLE OFF AT THIS TIME.

Yes, it was in all caps. First of all, it's not a fortune - I mean, it's not a prediction, which is what I think a fortune should be. Second of all - "a little off"? Ha. That doesn't take a genius to figure out. And last - don't tell T; I need all the credibility I can get. Her report card arrived at our house last night and I can safely say there will be very little joy at our house for some time to come.

*I don't hate it, or at least not all of it. I had lunch at PF Chang's today and the crab wontons were delicious. But don't serve me anything with peanut oil. Ick.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Color of Money

I received several brand new ten dollar bills today, and they're red. Or orange. What they aren't is green. Money should be green; there are songs about it.

In unrelated news, I cut off a guy in a big truck with a bald eagle/confederate flag vanity plate on my way to T's school this morning. Also, this morning while getting ready I without a doubt thought today was Tuesday. This means I didn't put the trash out and I've apparently lost an entire day of my life. I can't even deal today.


Indiana's Court of Appeals published this spanking today:

"Before turning to the merits, we also pause to comment on the tone of RBL's brief, which we find in multiple places to be argumentative and disrespectful to opposing counsel...Such vitriol is inappropriate and not appreciated by this court, nor does it constitute effective appellate advocacy. See Wright v. State, 772 N.E.2d 449, 453 n.1 (Ind. Ct. App. 2002). The use of impertinent, intemperate, scandalous, or vituperative language in an appellate brief opens it to being stricken by this court. See id. We have chosen not to do so here, but admonish counsel to adopt a level of professionalism in any subsequent dealings with this court." Hoosier Outdoor Management Corp. v. RBL Management, No. 53C01-0412-PL-2327 (Ind. Ct. App. Mar. 21, 2006).


What Else

I know everyone's gonna be bitchin' about the weather today so a more original topic would be appreciated, but seriously, it's such a pain. I just got back from an hour in the car taking T to school. Now I'm on my way to a hearing out of Indy - what would normally take an hour one way will today likely take 2. My whole day is essentially shot. And it does make it worse that it's the first full day of Spring. I'm tired of winter, mild or not. Save the snow for next year.

To the people calling radio shows to say they just saw someone do a "180" on the interstate: get the f* off the phone before you are next.

To the people behind me as I try to drive up inclines: sorry, I have no idea what I'm doing. Shift? Downshift? 2nd gear? 3rd? 4th? 3rd? 2nd? 3rd? You get the picture.

Off I go. How much do I wish I was in Arizona right now? SO much. One week!!!

Monday, March 20, 2006

Look the Part

A partner told me today I look smart with my glasses on. If looking smart is half the battle, then I'm as good as 49% of the way there.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Why Do So Few Women Reach the Top of Big Law Firms?*


"Women aren't being adequately mentored, but I think male associates aren't particularly well mentored at all firms either, and there's pretty widespread dissatisfaction with that," said Meredith Moore, director of the office for diversity at the New York City Bar. "Having said that, I do think that superstar male associates are identified more clearly for informal mentoring than superstar female associates."

Some of this give-and-take enters gray areas that may have as much to do with caution as it does with biases. Is a male boss reluctant to invite a younger female lawyer out for a drink because water cooler chatter might spark rumors of an affair or give rise to a sexual harassment suit? Is a female associate hesitant to address a male partner informally in a hallway because it will be derided as flirting?

Still, the sexes have been mingling in the workplace for some time now, and professionals, in all their adaptational glory, have found ways to manage these situations. Anyhow, female lawyers say, why is a woman who hunts down her male boss for a chat seen as overly aggressive or possibly flirtatious, while a male doing the same thing is seen as merely ambitious?


According to "Women in Law," a 2001 study by Catalyst, a New York research firm that tracks women's experiences in a wide range of workplaces, most male lawyers don't see a lack of mentoring and networking opportunities - or commitments to family and personal responsibilities - as significant barriers to women's advancement. Those biases, says Catalyst, are more pronounced in the legal world than in other industries and professions. Ms. Plevan agrees.

"As long as firms are male-dominated, it's much less likely that firms will make changes to accept the challenges of work-life balance" she says. "It's not that men aren't receptive to these issues, it's that they're not aware."


"I have found my legal work and public service enormously satisfying, and I would never want to be without that, but I won't kid you - at times it's very, very tiring and very, very demanding," Ms. Plevan said. "I truly believe that lawyers make a huge difference in society, and I think it's a loss when women decide to leave firms.

*Article first seen here.

Aging is Inevitable...Maturing is Optional*

Amen, sister.

*Message received from my lovely sister, K.

Night Moves

Woman on cell phone in bathroom at Ike's: I want the confident, demanding Sam I met on the 13th.
Me (to woman): So do I.


My friend N at Ike's (to man wearing wedding ring): Are you married?
Man: No, my Dad gave me that ring.

Friday, March 17, 2006

How Big is Your Blog?

Blogger was having some problems last night; I tried to post twice but I got an error message and had to republish the entire blog this morning. I'm always struck by that message that pops up during republishing: This may take a few minutes, if you have a large blog.

What is a large blog? Presumably, all blogs fit the size of a computer screen. Are they referring to number of posts? At around 1282 posts, I have more than some blogs and less than others. Maybe it has more to do with complexity of template - I think mine is one of the more simple ones available.

Maybe there's a market for some bumper stickers: My blog can beat up your blog. Happy blogging to bloggers with blogs of all sizes...and...Happy St. Patty's Day*!!!

*That will have to serve as my obligatory green for the day, as I'm not wearing any. I contend that being Irish means I don't have to actually wear the green today, anyway.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

The Real Slim Shady

Ok, s/he/it didn't take the bait. While Tuesday's informal survey was fun, (I think Heywood Ja'Blome was my favorite) it served a purpose. Or at least it tried.

I received beautiful flowers at work on Tuesday. 3 large pink/purple flowers, lilies I think, with a handful of accompanying flowers in yellow, orange, white. All in a lovely glass green-tinted, square-shaped vase. They were a complete surprise and before I opened the card I speculated to the receptionist that they must be an early birthday gift.

But they weren't. The card wished me well and was signed with a first name. One I don't know. I hate to admit that here - what if I should know who it was? But I've wracked (racked?) my brain and can't figure it out. Several semi-likely suspects have denied involvement and the rest of my friends/family members are as stumped as I am.

It's possible that whoever sent them is a reader, so this post serves 2 purposes. #1 = thank you so much. It was an amazingly thoughtful gesture and it totally brightened my afternoon. #2 = please reveal yourself; I'm driving myself crazy trying to figure out this little puzzle. (And I beginning to wonder whether they were even really meant for me).

Just One Confession

I haven't been to confession in years, decades.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


I was commenting this evening on being a cool Mom - admittedly not a cool move, but sometimes I just can't help it - surely I'm up there on the cool Mom scale....

T, though not openly disagreeing, opined that "sane" Moms don't make dinner in Nine Inch Nails t-shirts. Sane? Isn't that a synonym for boring? That girl just doesn't know how good she's got it!

Simple Pleasures

1. The place where I often get a salad for lunch used to have a system whereby one would point to the toppings one wanted and then the person behind the counter would fill up the bowl and toss the salad. I went today and they've changed things around - each person now fills their own bowl with toppings before the salad gets tossed. Do you know what this means? Yes, people, I am now in charge of my own cheese at the salad place. I couldn't be more pleased.

2. I have 2 blankets that I bought on 2 separate occasions while shopping just over the border in Mexico. They are the softest blankets ever. I have taken to keeping one in bed with me, just so I can rub my bare feet on it and enjoy the softness. This wonderful activity almost prevented me from getting out of bed this morning.

3. Today while doing legal research I stumbled upon a case entitled, "In re Kelly." Hey - that's my name!!!

4. Knowing it's the birthday of a friend of mine and he will pass the day hoping I don't mention it publicly here on my little blog. Happy Ides!

End of an Era?

T and I got home just after 6pm yesterday and the following conversation took place:

Me: Are you ready for dinner or not very hungry yet?
T: I'm hungry.
Me: Ok, I'll fix something; are you still a vegetarian?
T: You can fix me something with meat if you want.
Me: T! I was just kidding....
T: I've been craving meat for a while.
Me: Really - I don't want to be the reason you fall off the wagon.
T: Mom, it's fine. Do we have any hash?

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Informal Survey

If you were going to send flowers to someone under a name other than your own, what creepy anonymous flower-sending name would you use? (Assuming that "Chet" is already spoken for).

In Lieu of a Kiss Goodbye

Conversation between me and T when I dropped her off at school this morning:

Me: What time is practice over today?
T: Um, 5:45.
Me: Did you build in an extra 15 minutes for sitting in Graphic Calculator Boy's car?
T: (giving me a dirty look) No, coach just doesn't usually let us out on time.

What I Miss

Building a fort in the living room. So.Much.Fun. We would find every available chair and arrange them just so in the middle of the room, and then drape blankets across them to build a "fort" in which we could, who knows, play I guess. I think more than half the fun was just getting the blankets and things to stay in place. We'd use hair-tie rubber bands to try to secure the blankets and sheets to the chair backs, usually with only minor success. What you did with the fort once it was built wasn't really important. But I do have moments each day where I wish I could crawl into one of my cool, dark cave-like structures and take a good long nap.

Monday, March 13, 2006

On Being Overwhelmed

You may have picked up on a general theme over the past couple of months, one that has me a little harried (and a little hairy) and more than a bit overwhelmed. My apologies if I'm boring anyone with this particular track, but I can only write about what I know and that's about all I know these days.

Today's gripe/observation is a little less self-centered than usual, though. I'm frustrated with being busy and tired because I have a friend who right now could use some serious support. "I have a friend" in this situation is NOT code for "I'm really talking about me; can't you hear my cry for help?" I truly do have a friend who is in need and I wish I had more time, more energy, more of me to give her while she struggles through some difficult things.

I did spend over an hour on the phone with her this weekend, time I didn't "have" due to trying to catch up with work after being off sick for 2 days. She needed to vent, I was available to listen, and I'm glad I was. I also offered some suggestions, which she seemed to take to heart. I'm going to call her tonight and check up on her, despite my newfound aversion to talking on the phone. Hopefully my deep concern will serve as a passing replacement for my desire to go pick her up and take her away for a week of sun, fun, and spa treatments.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Rain On

At this moment, I'm enormously grateful for the rain. I love when it's warm out and raining, and I especially love thunderstorms. The current temperature is 60 and the forecast is for storms all night long.

I'm sitting in my "office" at home working on, of course, work. The window is open and I can both hear and smell the rain and it's helping to keep my anxiety level just below panic attack. The rain keeps me company and reminds me that I'm not alone, that other things are transpiring outside my window, things better than the ones about which I am worried.

I'm not so far gone as to think that other people don't have bigger problems than I do. Nor have I deluded myself into thinking that my firm, my clients, would not survive if I disappeared off the face of the Earth tomorrow. However, I'm planning to be around tomorrow and many people are counting on me for many things.

So I'll keep working, hoping that the rain lasts as long as I do tonight.*

*I don't wish flood waters on anyone, though, a light sprinkling will do. And for my poor friend N, who just finished paying on the repair of water damage to her kitchen ceiling and who discovered 3 new leaks (gushers) in that ceiling 2 days ago, I hope it rains only at my house.

Recipe for Mediocre Research

DayQuil + Massive amounts of Gatorade = Minimum functioning.

I have a ridiculous amount of work to do this week (and next), beginning with some research I have to complete before the end of the day today. Which is why I'm up at this hour instead of maximizing my sleep/recovery period before the work week begins. I managed 3 or so hours of research yesterday and frankly need to triple that time working today. If I'd been thinking clearly, I'd have tried to pass off some of this work on Friday. But I didn't want to come off as wimpy and I was hoping I'd be feeling better enough to be able to get it done. Never make such critical decisions while in the throes of sickness-induced delirium.

Back to it.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Proceed with Caution

One of the many downsides to my recent illness was missing mother/child morning at T's school yesterday. Moms were invited to attend class all morning with their children and the kids got out of school early. I wanted desperately to go. I'd already missed back to school night (though I have since met all of her teachers) while I was in Louisiana attempting to pitch in with the chaos following Katrina, and I don't want her teachers thinking I'm a missing-in-action Mom.

I was also looking forward to seeing T in her school environment and meeting more parents of her friends. And Thursday night I was invited by Graphic Calculator Boy's mother to join them for lunch following the morning at school. But I just couldn't do it. My fever was relatively low and I hadn't been coughing too much, so I got up to shower and get ready to go to school with T. After turning on the shower water, though, it was either hit the deck or pass out, so I chose to hug the bathroom floor voluntarily. It wasn't meant to be.

I spent another day in bed as more work piled up for me in the afternoon. When trying to nap, I took to counting backwards from 200 in an attempt to erase from my mind the thoughts of all the tasks I have to accomplish at work in the next 2 weeks (starting this weekend).

When T got home from school I asked her how lunch with GCB and his mother went. She said it was fine but that his mother was kind of quiet. T questioned him about it.

T to GCB: Your Mom was kind of quiet when you left the table to pay for lunch.
GCB: What do you expect? She's losing her youngest son.

Me: Losing her son? To what?
T: To me.
Me: Where are you taking him?

Ok, wait. A grown woman was acting sullen around my daughter because she thinks T is stealing her son from her? Oy. All this is made weirder by the fact that GCB has a younger brother. When I reminded T of this fact, she had to agree that it was a little strange. This is probably a red flag of some sort; I wish there was a dummy's guide to this situation.

Friday, March 10, 2006

All Signs Point To...

I don't want to jinx anything, but I think I've picked up on a few positive signs. First off, I'm fever-free (and not under the influence of any Tylenol) for the first time in close to 48 hours. And even better, taking my temperature didn't seem as physically challenging as an Olympic event, as it did just 24 hours ago when trying to keep my mouth closed and suck in enough air through my nose to breathe nearly sapped me of all remaining life.

Even better is my outlook. I've received calls over the past few days from friends eager to make partying plans. It is, after all, March. The Ides is approaching - what's not to celebrate? Then 2 days later St. Patty's (did you know my last name used to be preceded by an O'? Seriously). And 2 days later my birthday. Not to mention I have party animal friends on Spring Break from law school. But for several days any talk of going out was beyond my comprehension. I felt like it would surely take me weeks, months even, to fully recuperate enough to even consider a night of fun.

And then just now, while on my way home from dropping T off at her school's spring production, I was singing and bopping along to Jet, and I caught the tail end of a fleeting thought as it left my mind. It went something along the lines of wondering what my crazy friend E would be up to tomorrow night and whether I could actually manage not to stay out "too late" if I decided to join her for a bit.

It might just have been the energy created by the great song and the fact that I was freshly showered that caused the crazy fleeting notion. Or I might still be suffering from delirium due to my cold/flu/horrible-sickness-from-hell. I'm definitely NOT going out this weekend. I have a ton of work to try to make up and someone should really do something about the trash cans overflowing with tissues around here. But the fact that I even foolishly considered it for a moment is surely a good sign.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Things I Don't Understand

-Why Osama Bin Laden's niece is getting a reality TV show.

-Why some movie theaters don't give tickets anymore, but give little paper receipts instead. Not exactly scrapbook material.

-Why Walgreens sells (and people buy) White Castle hamburgers. If I were going to eat White Castle hamburgers, which I'm not, I'd buy them from White Castle, not Walgreens.

-Why I'm sick. It's really crappy timing.

Just Sick

Cough, congestion, aches, pain, fever, chills.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Does that have something to do with chicken?

I just sent an e-mail containing the words "to keep you abreast of the situation." I felt like I was sending porn and I grappled with the wording for a few minutes before giving in and sending it. I'm way too immature for this job.

Monday, March 06, 2006

A Cingular Type of Hell

Friends and family have been telling me for weeks that they are unable to leave me a message when they call my cell phone. I'm able to call my voicemail service just fine from my phone, but no outgoing message for callers and no option to leave a voicemail.

I finally got around to calling Cingular tonight hoping a quick report of the problem would cause them to "reactivate"* something and I'd be on my merry way. I've got some work to do and some other things to deal with, not to mention that I'm literally praying to get to bed before 10pm.

After about 15 minutes of "now turn your phone off," "now turn your phone on," "now, holding your phone, stick your right foot out the window and whistle Dixie"... I got the dreaded "I'm just going to try one more thing before I call tech support." Lucky for me, after beginning this post and after about 3 attempts at the 'one more thing', the kind lady on the other end of the phone - yes, she spoke English - was able to leave me a voice message. Success!

You may now leave me all sorts of voicemail messages, but remember: I like long e-mails and short voice messages, so please plan accordingly.

*Reminds me of the Wonder Twins...Wonder Twins power, activate! Form of...a working cell phone!


I am thankful for attached garages. They made the transition from sunny AZ to typical Indy weather a little smoother this morning. Much needed after arriving home around 12:30am to our house, where I had turned off the heat before we left town on Friday. T and I bundled up in long pjs and hopped into my bed together under the down comforter, praying our shivers would soon subside so we could sneak a few hours of sleep before the alarm went off this morning.

Today will be no piece of cake; I'm already looking forward to crawling under that down comforter again tonight.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

What a Bargain

"Our marriage license was free. They didn't charge us 'cause he's military. He saved me 60 bucks."
-Overheard in the Pima County Courthouse

Friday, March 03, 2006

Goin' to the Chapel

The happy couple pictured here is getting married today in Arizona - and I'll be there!!! This time last year I traveled to the sunny state to watch my only niece be born; it was an utterly amazing event. Now I'm headed back to attend my sister's wedding and my niece's birthday party.

Congratulations to Bobby, Mike, and sweet little Banana. Though this is a fabulous picture, I can safely say we're all happy there will be no snow involved in today's nuptials. Send your good wishes to my sister and try not to miss me too much while I'm gone. Have a good weekend everybody, and happy March!!!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Not a baby, but...

Even 14-going-on-32-year-olds can have 'out of the mouths of babes' moments. This morning on the way to school T said, "My body was out not even 5 minutes after I went to bed last night." I looked at her and asked if she was claiming her body had fallen asleep before her mind had. "Yeah, it was a really weird feeling."

Check, Please

I took T to Medcheck last night for her ear problem. I didn't think she had an ear infection, but thought we should confirm that before heading out of town for the weekend, and her doctor couldn't work us in at a convenient time. I just needed someone to look in her ear; I figured that should be pretty simple.

As we sat in the waiting room (and I laughed out loud at an old episode of Everybody Loves Raymond) a large young man with bloodshot eyes walked in and sat down to fill out his paperwork. After a time he walked over to the reception desk to ask some questions. Turns out his co-pay was $50 and he didn't have it. As it dawned on him he couldn't be seen by the doctor without the $$, his voice got louder. He described in detail waking up every morning to find both eyes sealed shut. Oh, crap. This guy had raging pink eye in BOTH eyes. I immediately turned to T and told her not to touch anything, including the door on the way out.

We were finally called back to the exam room. The doc who breezed in pronounced T's ear full of wax and said they would irrigate it. A young lady came in, administered some drops, and left. Another young woman entered, didn't speak to us, much less introduce herself, and proceeded to prepare to squirt water in T's ear. She irrigated several times and then attacked T with a little plastic scooper-thingy (technical term). By the time she left, T's ear was hurting - which it had not been when we'd arrived.

Seems, as confirmed by the doctor, that the "medical assistant" scraped the side of T's ear canal with her vigorous irrigation, hard enough to make it bleed. So the doctor placed T on antibiotics to avoid infection of the abrasion. In with a minor problem, out with a bigger one. Lesson learned, I hope.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

What should I give up for Lent?

Pray For Me

I didn't know it was Ash Wednesday until a woman who has her act together got on the elevator this morning with ashes on her forehead. I suppose all the Mardi Gras news might have tipped me off; that, or if I'd have gone to church this past weekend I would've picked up on it. March 1st? Isn't it a little early for all this? Didn't March 1st come earlier this year???

All is not lost. Though I need to try to make a doctor's appointment right after work for T ("cloudy" ear, worsening cold), I didn't have any plans for lunch except to work at my desk. Work is out, church is in. Nothing like a little food for one's soul at lunch.

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advanced maternal age
Be The Boy
code blog: tales of a nurse
Deb, hatched
Go Fug Yourself
Going Bananas
The Great Spirit
Jelly Beans...
Martinis, Persistence...
Overheard in New York
The Perils of Being in 3D
Post Secret
preaching to the perverted
Ruth's Blog
...the slack daily
Texas T-bone
30 Something Baby Doc
Unnamed Source
Waiting for the Punchline


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