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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Have Tax Refund, Will Spend

Yesterday I happily discovered that my tax refund was deposited in my checking account a few days ago. So I promptly went out and bought a back patio set:

I love this stuff!!! A table, 4 chairs, 2 of them swivel/rockers, a bench, and the ever-important tan maintenance lounge chair. And the wonderful man at the hardware/garden store made sure I got delivery, for which he didn't charge me, this afternoon.

I know I need some flowers and things to spruce things up out there, but our motto around here is one.step.at.a.time. I'm so excited to have a real place to sit out back that I'm not even going to lament that the weather isn't really fit for enjoying my new purchases today. No matter. The next sunny day - I'm there, with wine. If you want to join me, just holler.

Doctors...for your teeth?!?

What's next? Lawyers for your hair?


I'm letting T go to the movies with GCB today. Unaccompanied. I suppose they think of it as a date, though I prefer to think of it as simply "going to the movies." It's in the afternoon, so that makes it less of a date to me. He'll pick her up from home, and I'll be here. And he'll drop her off either here or at work, depending on where I am at the time. Not too much room for trouble, I hope.

Speaking of GCB, romance is apparently not dead. This 16-year-old came through pretty good for T's birthday this week. For starters, he planned in advance; he bought her gifts while in Florida on spring break. On her birthday, he asked T's 1st period teacher where she sits and left a card and chocolate rose at her seat. He later gave her 3 fantastic smelling "bath bombs" (one of which she is currently soaking in) and a equally good smelling candle - that he made himself. Not too shabby for an adolescent boy, in my opinion.

Friday, April 28, 2006

The Good, The Semi-Bad, and the Ugly

Good: I got $9.31 worth of free gas this morning. I'm a channel flipper and when I landed on 93.1 they were talking about giving away $9.31 in gas to whoever arrived at the Shell at 16th and Illinois. Since I wasn't far from there, I decided to head over and check things out. I drove up, managed to squeeze my car into a spot, and someone from the radio station pumped me some free gas. $9.31 doesn't go very far at these prices, but I already had more than half a tank and every little bit helps.

Semi-Bad: As I've managed to already bitch about this morning in an e-mail to the lovely Manda, I've been getting irritated lately on Friday mornings. Invariably those looking for elevator small talk utter some form of, "Aren't you glad it's Friday?" I realize they mean no harm, but when I'm looking at spending several hours working on both Saturday and Sunday, it's the last thing I want to be asked.

Ugly: It's a bad hair day. It happens, and I'll live, but today is particularly annoying because it was a surprise. When I left the house, I was feeling like things looked okay. When I got to work, I noticed in the bathroom that I was either half asleep at home and hadn't gotten the full picture or that some little hair gremlins went to work on my head on the ride to work. I look horrible, which doesn't do much for my attitude.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Discovering Discovery

I can't talk much about work here. It's unfortunate, because some pretty interesting things go on, even in my little world of civil law practice at a somewhat-big-for-Indy firm.

That said, I'd like to share some general impressions of pretrial discovery, which I'll describe generally as the process of getting information from and sharing information with the opposing party in a lawsuit. For starters, I hate it.

I'm also quickly falling into the camp that eschews interrogatories (questions, ideally about the case, sent to the opposing party) in favor of requests for admissions and requests for production of documents, especially when your case looks good from the start. Be specific with requests for admission and get the other side to admit as much as possible, much as it will pain them.

When interrogatories are necessary or desired, I vote for making them specific. I understand (and at times appreciate) the convenience of sending out a stock set of questions. But in the end, I think the time saved on the front end is spent later, sifting through rote answers to rote questions and figuring out some new way of getting responses that actually contain information, good or bad, along with the legalese.

Lastly, for now, I've learned that I need to be aggressive with clients. I am the sort of person who doesn't like to bug or offend people. This has come back to bite me in the XL more than once already with respect to discovery. When I request information from my clients I am going to build in a substantial amount of time between when I reasonably need the information and when our deadline for responding to discovery requests is. For some reason clients, even those who are legally savvy and accustomed to dealing with lawsuits, don't seem to appreciate the legal consequences of not responding by established deadlines.

That's all. Back to work.

Me Time

Yesterday was indeed T's day, but I ended up with some unexpected "me time." I used it to go to the bank and then on my way to get my haircut, I passed Bonefish Grill. Hmmm. Why not? I stopped in, got a table, and plopped an enormous plaintiff's submission in a med mal case on the table, ready to eat and get some work done at the same time. I managed to avoid ordering that martini with the glow stick in it (you know the one), and also passed on the yummy-sounding Maui Wowwee advertised with the specials. 2 Diet Cokes (ha), bread with oil, Caesar salad, and of course Saucy Shrimp were enough to satisfy me. I can only imagine what the other patrons thought of me sitting there by myself working, but I simply don't care. It was fantastic and hit the spot. Not a bad way to get through work, either.

And that wasn't even the best part of my evening.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Happy Birthday, T!!!

This Day 15 Years Ago

On this day fifteen years ago I arrived at Methodist Hospital with my mother around 12:40 in the afternoon. I was 17 years old. I'd spent the previous evening at my high school - there was some sort of event we were required to put on for our English class. We'd had a presentation in the library; I remember that someone had to bring in scones, and there was probably tea. I stayed around rather late, helping with the cleanup.

In the morning I had a doctor's appointment, a scheduled check-up with my obstetrician. The nurse took my blood pressure and a look of concern crossed her face. The doctor then came in and repeated my blood pressure - and told me to lay down on my left side. It was April 25th and my due date was May 5th. The doctor told me and my Mom to go to the hospital; it was time to have my baby.

We were excited but worried; I'd developed preeclampsia, so the doctors and nurses were a bit concerned. But after a long night and some scary moments, T finally arrived after 7AM on the morning of April 26th. My beautiful baby had thick dark hair (still does) and was, thankfully, born healthy. T was an incredibly well-behaved child and a joy to be around.

We have our ups and downs, and lately we've had what seems like more than our fair share of struggles. But I love my girl with all my heart and I wouldn't trade her for anything. She is the reason I am who I am and she is the motivation behind anything I have accomplished since her birth. I'm continually thankful that she is a part of my life.

I sense that difficult years await us and so I continue to pray that God gives me the strength and the insight that I'll need to try to help T make good decisions as she becomes more independent. Truly my greatest wish is for her happiness.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

You Too?

I need sunglasses. I generally buy them at drugstores because I always lose or break them. I've been looking for a pair, here and there, since my trip to Arizona - with no luck. Yesterday after work I stopped by the mall to do some birthday shopping for T. I had a few extra minutes, so I decided to check out the sunnies at Parisian. They had a decent selection and I bought 2 pairs. I paid more than I think is necessary for sunglasses, but I was just happy I'd found some that I liked and grateful to cross that small item off my mental to-do list.

Before I even picked T up after her track meet, I'd decided I didn't like the black pair. They look fine but even though I tested it out at the store, they just aren't big enough to sit comfortably atop my big head when not in use, which is a must. I offered them to T but she said they're not her style.

Then I showed her the other pair. She gave me a funny look and said they aren't what she'd expect from me. I agreed, but explained that they are super comfortable and would get the job done. Then she said, "Wait - look at me again - you look like..." and she doubled over in laughter. "Who do I look like?" Bono.

Back to the drawing board.


I haven't been able to log into either of my Gmail accounts for over 12 hours. You get what you pay for, I suppose, but this had better be a temporary situation.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Announcement (live blogging from work)

5:10:00 May I have your attention please; May I have your attention please.
There has been a fire reported in the building.
While this report is being verified, the building manager would like you to remain at your work stations.
Wait on your floor for further instructions.

5:10:20 May I have your attention please; May I have your attention please.
There has been a fire reported in the building.
While this report is being verified, the building manager would like you to remain at your work stations.
Wait on your floor for further instructions.

5:10:40 May I have your attention please; May I have your attention please.
There has been a fire reported in the building.
While this report is being verified, the building manager would like you to remain at your work stations.
Wait on your floor for further instructions.*

*This wouldn't be half as bad if we could actually work at our work stations. The REPEATED announcement is making that a bit difficult...

Sunday, April 23, 2006

3 Questions

1. What kind of person uses the phrase "dead-bang," as in, "I am dead-bang serious"?

2. Should I boycott Victoria's Secret? I stopped in the other day for some panties and they didn't have any XL. I took the time later to hop online, figuring they must allow us thicker-than-pencil sized women to order XL from within the private confines of home. Nope. Simply didn't carry XL. I don't get this. I mean, I understand that they have a target market, but I'm not that big. If their large is arguably too small for ME, then there are millions upon millions of women who can absolutely not fit any of their stuff. Doesn't seem right.

3. I'm considering changing the way I answer my cell phone to "What's crackin', cuz?" Too informal?

That's a Wrap

The weekend isn't quite over for me, because I'm trying to get my time done for the end of last week and I still have some billable work I'd like to do before I fall asleep, but here's a quick and dirty of my weekend.

Saturday: Slept in. I didn't get up until around 10-ish and though I needed the sleep, I was feeling bad about wasting so much of the day. I putzed around and left for work around noon. What should have been a quick 10 minute drive turned into sitting for at least a half-hour on the interstate. Seems the lane markers needed a fresh coat of paint immediately and 3 lanes of traffic would now have to make do with only one lane. So.Frustrating.

I worked for a couple hours then came back home to try to enjoy some of the beautiful weather. I sat out on the back deck for over an hour, reading and hoping for some tan maintenance. Then I dragged T to the driving range. I made a feeble attempt to hit some golf balls and T enjoyed alternating between laughing at me, providing words of encouragement, and giving me some tips on my swing.

We headed to Mama and Papa's for grilled out "burgers and dogs" and then watched some good TiVo, House and Without a Trace, while enjoying Papa's fantastic margaritas (nada-style for T and Mama). We left at a reasonable hour, just after 10pm, and then it hit me - I wanted to go dancing. NOT a good idea. But almost impossible to resist. I called N and after some logistical gymnastics, we worked it out. We hit Ike's and had a good time but kept our heads about us. I could have probably done without the Steak 'n' Shake we picked up on the way home, complete with strawberry shake.

Sunday: Previous day's plans to attend 8am mass did not come to fruition. At 9:30am I was trying desperately to stave off a panic attack about impending work deadlines and fall back asleep. By 10am it was clear I wasn't going to fall back asleep, but I just couldn't seem to get up. T and I finally dragged ourselves into my office just after noon. There I got some work done and she set up camp in a neighboring office and worked on homework.

We left work at 7, stopped by Mama and Papa's for some famous tuna casserole (they're so good to us), and now we're home. It was tough working all day when the weather was so beautiful, but it was good to be productive and I'm glad I got to enjoy some of yesterday's equally lovely weather.

Another weekend bites the dust.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Pardon me, ah, sir?

Driving around with one of those plastic sheaths on your rear windshield wiper (especially when your car is clearly not freshly washed) is akin to walking around with toilet paper hanging out of the back of your pants. Try to avoid both.

Friday, April 21, 2006

It Could Happen

I'm not a workaholic. Far from it. I could even be properly characterized as a slacker, I just try to quash those tendencies when I am at work.

But tonight I am embracing the possibility that I may become a workaholic. I'm still at work, though I readily admit I stopped being what one might call "productive" 'round about 6:30pm. Since then, I've been alternating between blog reading, drafting a summary judgment brief, and talking on the phone with friends I generally neglect.

I just didn't see any good reason not to stay here and get some work done, even if it's only getting done in fits and spurts. In fact, I'd argue I work better that way. T had a track meet today, one about which she told me at least 103 times "you don't have to come to because it's going to be really boring." The meet started at 5pm, so I likely wouldn't have arrived in time to see her event anyway, which generally comes near the beginning. On her way to the meet, she called to remind me I probably shouldn't come (and I accused her of being up to something) and then she told me they wouldn't arrive back at school until around 10:30 tonight.

So here I sit. No reason to go home. And I realize: when T leaves me, which you can be sure she plans to do as soon as possible, I can stay at work until 9:30 every night if I want. I just might become a workaholic. Maybe that's why some single women end up acquiring sixteen cats, to whom they eventually will their fortunes - just so there's a reason to go home at the end of the day.


Thursday, April 20, 2006

Any Better?

I tweaked something (kinky, huh?) in the template, is that any better? Bob? Bill? People using Firefox?

Let me know, cause if not there's one more thing I can think of to try.

A Quickie

I hit the ground running today: T showed up in my bedroom doorway and I knew immediately something was off. "Did I oversleep?" "It's 6:42." Ouch - I usually get out of bed by 6am. It might've had something to do with the fact that I didn't set my alarm last night - or not. I'll have you know I got ready in about 30 minutes, which is pretty good considering I usually take the better part of an hour to get ready in the mornings. We generally leave the house around 7 and today left at 7:15. Not too shabby. Of course, I probably look like I only spent 30 minutes getting ready, but you can't have everything.

On a happy note, I can now for the first time in what, 3 weeks? 4?, park in my building's garage. It's too bad, really, because I was getting quite a workout walking to and from the temporary digs they arranged for us since the violent storms hit. But the benefit is that I'll now save at least 30 minutes in walking to and from the garage. Every little bit helps.

Happy Thursday, kids.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Life Lag

An hour time difference isn't much. If I travel to a city where the time difference is one hour, it's not likely to have much of an impact on me. But this crazy daylight savings time is driving me nuts.

I didn't like the idea much, but I didn't spend time worrying about it. It was going to pass, or not, whether or not I wasted energy thinking about it. And pass it did. Maybe my problem is that I was in Arizona when we changed over. Coming back, I lost 3 hours. I'd been there for a week and getting up for work every morning upon my return was tough. I'm already not a morning person and when the alarm (on my cell phone) would go off, I'd think "without DST I'd have another hour of sleep." Not to mention that it'd have been lighter out, which helps me get up.

But it's not just that. The evenings throw me off. I'm not sure if it's just the sunlight, but it feels more like some internal clock. I work a full day and when I look at the clock, at home or in the car, it's 8pm. 8pm?!? Where did the day go? Where did the evening go? It's so sunny...it invariably feels an hour earlier. I suppose it's all psychological; I just didn't think I'd have a problem adjusting once the change occurred. But I feel like I have the longest lasting case of jet lag ever and it's messing with my head.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I'm so overwhelmed I could just puke.

Carry on.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Blips on the Radar

We face them every day: medium-sized decisions and smallish dilemmas. Here is a peek at a couple of the MINOR things I was grappling with today, along with their outcomes. If only everything was so easy...

-I had the man who mows my parents' lawn (Mr. J) mow mine last week. He quoted me a price and then I forgot to leave him a check. When he called, he mentioned that by-the-way I had a lot of work that needed to be done (removing debris from the storms, cleaning leaves out of the flower beds, etc...) and he could do it for the low price of over 4X what he quoted me to mow the lawn. I talked him down a bit but ultimately decided it was worth it to me. I'm busy and while I wouldn't mind spending a few hours in the sun cleaning things up around here, the chances I would actually get to it were slim to none. He came and did a great job. We'd chatted about the possibility of him coming every 2 weeks or so, but left it up in the air. When T heard that, she called me on it, "I thought mowing the grass was going to be my job." True, we'd talked about that when we first bought the house. But honestly, everything is a fight with her anymore so I had just figured it'd be easier to hire someone.

Mr. J called me today, wondering how the yard was doing. I told him I'd get back with him. I immediately felt bad. This guy was hoping he'd pick up another regular gig. In fact, when I mentioned that my daughter might interested and that I needed to double check, he dropped his price to try to talk me into making an arrangement with him. When T and I got home, we noticed right away that the neighbors had mowed. All this rain and my grass is growing like crazy. I told her I was going to buy a lawnmower and make it her job. She readily agreed, which is rare for her. She even told me to get a simple push mower - but I'm inclined to get a self-propelled type. I called Mr. J and gave him the bad news, but I did ask him to come cut the grass tomorrow, to which he agreed. And I let him know that during the large amount of time that T is gone this summer, I'll likely be calling him to come mow. Any suggestions on a mower? I'm planning to buy from Sears.

-T was invited to the prom. She is a freshman. At her school, the prom is for sophomores (which I think is crazy), juniors, and seniors. Her sophomore boyfriend hates dances and has no interest in going. So who invited her? A junior, a girl. Apparently there is a "group" of kids going, and they want T to join them. I was back and forth on this one for a while. I hate to discourage any activities with friends from school, because I remember the short time ago when we were afraid she wouldn't make any friends there. On the other hand, we've been having some problems, including with her grades, and I was a little hesitant to let her go. She's sort of being punished, and going to the prom doesn't really fit in with that.

I came to my senses today. No.Way. is that kid going to the prom with a bunch of juniors I don't know. I have some reasons I won't discuss here for questioning her judgment in certain situations, and for some reason I had a little delayed reaction to her request to join a bunch of 17-year-olds while they celebrate their prom. She's disappointed and I don't think I've heard the last of it, but my decision won't change and for once I'm feeling good about it.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Weeble Wobble

For the 4th time in a week, I just walked into a wall, or corner of a wall, hard enough to hurt. The first time was earlier this week at work. I was going from my office to a partner's office several feet away; I turned and walked right into the wall. The expected ribbing ensued: a well-timed "They just put that there" after someone walks into a wall can be quite funny.

This last time was at home. I was headed down the hallway to my "office," cut the corner too short, and painfully scraped my left upper arm against the wall. I'm losing my good humor about it. And wondering what's happening to my equilibrium. If you see me topple over one day, please pick me up and dust me off.

Cascarones Update

J and Mama came through, painting eggs at around midnight last night.* Thanks, ladies! We had a lovely Easter: we went to mass together and then returned home to do our thing with the eggs. After, we feasted on grilled out steak, famous cheese potatoes, and salad. The weather was gorgeous and we got to enjoy the back patio for much of the day (assuming reading depositions can be enjoyable...).

I was planning to go to work after our Easter celebration, but with the severe weather being predicted, T and I came home and I'll try to get some work done from here. I just feel better with my car tucked safely into my garage. So long as the house doesn't blow away, we should be okay. Happy Easter! Hope you all stay safe and dry tonight.

*(Click here to see how egg painting went in AZ...)

Easter Tradition

Once again I'm reposting a description of our Easter tradition, originally posted in 2004. The pics below the description are from last year. Happy Easter!

My family celebrates an Easter tradition called Cascarones. Here are a few cascarones websites.

Long before Easter we begin saving egg shells. Instead of breaking the egg open in the middle, we just gently tap around the pointed end to remove a small piece of that end - just enough to get the contents out. Then we rinse the shells and set them to dry. The best place to store them is, of course, an empty egg carton.

Close to Easter (J, J2, and T were doing this last night) we paint the outside of the eggshells. We don't dip them in dyes - we hand paint them with brushes. They are usually covered with anything from names of family members to flowers or abstract designs. Bright colors are a must.
Once the paint dries, we fill the eggs with confetti. Usually we cut up the funnies to make the confetti. Then we glue on pieces of tissue paper to cover up the hole. On Easter my Dad hides the eggs in the yard. (Yes, I am too old for this - but it is so much fun). Then my sisters and my daughter and I (only 3 of us here this year) hunt for the eggs.

The best part is that once we have found all the eggs, we run around the yard cracking the cascarones on each other's head. It's a blast!!! Sorry I don't have the ability to share the pics. Take my word for it that we make quite a sight chasing each other around the yard and cracking eggs on our heads. Enjoy your Easter!

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Can You Say Hail Damage?

Oy. Those dents in my car aren't pretty, but they're better than what happened to my parents' car: back window busted in. I love spring storms, but I hate that folks are often left with damaged homes and vehicles. Unfortunately for those dealing with flooding today, more storms are predicted for today and tomorrow.

I'm not too upset about the hail damage to the ol' Jetta. When the lease was up I bought it and it will be T's car, so I wasn't planning to trade it in any time soon. By the time she's done with it, it won't be worth much anyway, so the hail damage won't really be a factor, thankfully.

In unrelated news, T has a track meet in another city today. She said she didn't care whether I attended and since she'll be gone all day and I expect furniture delivery in the afternoon, I came to work instead. Work is crazy (as evidenced by no posting yesterday) so I'm glad she's occupied with something worthwhile while I try to keep my head above water here. Speaking of work, I'd better get to it. But not before I tell you I'm having a bad hair day - fyi. Frankly, it's not bothering me too much. I'll survive it. Happy weekend everybody!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Thursday Confessions: Why Not?

This isn't exactly a weekly theme, but it's certainly recurring. I was totally frustrated with a situation at work today that I can't blog about, so you're getting confessions instead:

1. My panties were on inside-out again.
I dressed in my bedroom, after my shower, without turning on the bedroom light. I selected today's pair from a small pile of clean (unfolded) clothes and apparently mistakenly assumed that I was putting them on correctly. Not until my 2nd trip to the bathroom this morning did I realize my error. I just left them. If I had more energy, I'd find the post about the last time my panties were on inside-out and link to it, but I don't.

2. I didn't give anything up for Lent.
I wanted to give up something good. I wanted it to be a good choice: not impossible, but meaningful. So my indecisive self sifted through the various options in my head for days. And then I sort of forgot to pick something. And then it was mid-Lent and it felt "too late." Over the weekend, I was stunned to realize there was only 1 week left. Then and there I vowed to give up alcohol until and through Easter Sunday. And then today I met friends for drinks after work. Did I mention what I probably meant was "give up alcohol at home?" I know, lame.

3. I have a hernia.
Did I already tell you this? Regardless, I have one. It's in an, um, interesting location. The surgeon I saw a couple years ago was unimpressed, brusque, and rude. No way is that guy touching me with a scalpel, so I still have a hernia. I mention it because I have sort of a compulsive habit of either pushing it back in place or checking to see if it is sticking out. I can only imagine what people must think I'm doing when they see me do this.


Yesterday morning while I was putting the finishing touches on my attempts to look presentable for work, T walked into my bathroom, ready for school and wearing a mini skirt and a T-shirt.

Me: You're not taking a jacket?
T: Nope.
Me: So if it rains and the air conditioning is on in class, you're just going to sit there and freeze?
T: Yup, pretty much, 'cause that's how I roll.
Me: I'm gonna roll you right into a longer skirt here in a minute.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Can't. Take. Much. More.

I wish someone would open a gas station - preferably near my house and of the variety that sells cheaper rather than more expensive fuel - that sells only, gasp, gasoline. Because whenever I need gas and would like to have it in a hurry, because maybe-I-didn't-leave-work-until-6:30-and-then-I-picked-T-up-and-then-we-were-heading-home-and-crap-I'm-out-of-gas-and-I've-brought-work-home-but-I'd-love-to-get-a-walk-in-before-the-sun-goes-down-and-man-I'm-hungry-and-oh-that's-right-T-is-out-of-clean-socks-and-I-really-should-do-some-laundry, I wind up in line behind multiple people, none of whom are in a hurry or purchasing gasoline, who are buying Icees, cigarettes, and lottery tickets. I cannot take it.

Successful Lunch, Defined

One after which when I return to my office the red message light on my phone is not on.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Today in My Life

This morning started off relatively well. I came to the realization that what they say is true: if men had breasts they'd probably never leave the house. I'm not particularly entranced with my pair, but this morning I spend a good 5 minutes of precious getting ready time peeling off the sunburnt skin between them. I love to peel and the only other place I'm peeling is my upper back, which is infinitely more difficult for me to reach.

Today was an OK work day. I billed just fine, but feel like I'm not quite keeping up with my workload. Numerous deadlines loom and it remains to be seen whether I'll make them all. Partners who know I'm busy probably couldn't believe their eyes when I left work at 4:20 or so...but I was headed out to volunteer for a couple hours for the local bar association.

They had Ask a Lawyer night - it's still so crazy to me that I'm a lawyer, but I am. And so people asked me questions. I loved it. It was like triaging at the hospital (which I used to do), except the emergencies were legal instead of medical. That said, almost every single person I spoke with had medical problems intertwined with their legal issues. For some the medical problems were at the heart of their legal troubles, like those in debt due to outstanding medical bills. Others are clearly dealing with mental issues (can you say manic!?!) that are probably getting in the way of their being able to effectively deal with their legal matters.

Either way, I enjoyed it and even though I couldn't offer much but some referral line numbers and a little encouragement, I think I helped at least one person. Her situation as she described it is bleak and going nowhere, but she really needed what many of the patients I used to see at the hospital often needed: someone to listen. I did, and she left smiling and with a plan of action, while I fought back my tears so I could help the next person.

...And Yet, So Far

I ran across the following while doing some online research yesterday:

"OVERVIEW: A woman who had lived in a cohabiting relationship with a man could not recover any support after the relationship ended because any contract between the parties was meretricious and the services provided were interwoven with the sexual relationship.

CORE TERMS: partnership, universal, concubinage, louisiana, concubine, marriage, sexual relationship, paramour, quantum meruit, cohabitation..."

I had to share; it's the closest I'll get to some action for the foreseeable future. Never a dull moment around here, folks.

Monday, April 10, 2006

At the Car Wash

T and I rolled in to the car wash this evening and I was shocked that not one car was in line ahead of me. I asked the attendant where all the customers were on such a nice sunny day. His non-responsive answer was "All our amigos are downtown; the wait for full service is at least 40 minutes."

Way to be culturally sensitive.

Sugar Daddy

Do women really survive simply by getting men to pick up the tab for their lives? You see this type of behavior depicted all the time on TV and in the movies. I've been noticing it lately in song lyrics too:

Paid was the issue of the day, If my girlfriends got some game, Couldn't be more fly, Getting paid was everything - Pink

Now you don't need that money when you look like that, do ya honey - Jet

I know many people, women and men included, make a living off of their looks, by being models or "entertainers" of some sort. That's a different situation.

But are other individuals commonly living off the gifts of others? Scenes in movies and such where a woman is manipulating a man into buying her things get laughs and don't seem to be questioned much. But the more I think about it, the more I realize I don't know anyone who lives that way. How would one go about it? And why on earth would a man choose to give his money to someone based simply on her looks? Beautiful women seem to be in plentiful supply; I can't imagine a man, wealthy or otherwise, who would continually shower lavish gifts on a woman just to keep her around. Is it just a myth that people really behave that way, or do you think this goes on all the time?

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Um, Where?

Craziest location from which my blog has ever been viewed: Saksvik, Sor-Trondelag

Safe Travels

I wish for safe travels for everyone returning home this weekend, including Kelly's Mom and Dad (who were enjoying but a small excursion of their state of permanent vacation) and T's graphing calculator boy.*

*I think I'd been referring to him as "graphic" calculator boy, which I've been informed is incorrect. Noted.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Is it wrong...

...that I think I just fell in love with a 'contestant' on Parental Control?

Baby Steps

File taxes - check! (no pun intended)
Movies with T - check!
Purchase dining room furniture - check!
Purchase couch and "loveseat" for family room - check!
Dinner out with T and J - check!

On tap for Sunday:


I should do my taxes, non?

Sweet Talk Welcome Here

Sweetest thing anyone told me today:

"You make the Stella colder."

Friday, April 07, 2006

What's That Sound???

Don't worry, that's just my crying and wailing.

Oh, what, the other sound? It's just the plumber cutting a hole in my first floor ceiling. Either that or he just fell from the toilet where he was standing.


Clearly, this isn't a photography post. The pictures are awful and it doesn't help that they were taken when it was overcast outside. That said, I think they serve their purpose, which is to illustrate to you that flowers of the kind shown are popping up all around my house - in the front and the back.

I bring this up for 2 reasons. First, it was delightful to return home from my trip to find flowers blooming. I wasn't expecting it, though if I knew a little bit more about gardening I probably should have been. Which leads us to my second purpose: would someone please tell me what-in-the-H I'm supposed to do now?

I mean, obviously they didn't need my help to sprout in the first place (do flowers sprout?) But I'm guessing they could use a little care and/or assistance during the spring and summer months. I know enough to know that they need water. No problems there so far. But what else? I should probably clear away those leaves, huh? Do I have to do that by hand? Don't laugh. And then - weeding. I suppose I wouldn't mind weeding, but I don't know a weed from, well, a non-weed. I'm afraid I'll pull something vital. Anything else? Besides hire someone to worry about the whole she-bang?

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Overheard at the Indpls Int'l Airport

"May I have your attention. Southwest Airlines is paging a passenger who just got off flight 2147 from Las Vegas and lost your earring, celebrating your 80th birthday. We've found your earring; please report to the Southwest Airlines gate agent."

-If I live to 80 I sure hope I'm in the condition to celebrate in Vegas.

Vacation Thoughts

Mine was lovely, and as can be expected, not long enough.

But I've noticed this week that my timing was perfect, so I'm letting you in on my little secret. Do, if possible, plan your next spring vacation about a week before everyone else in your office will be gone for spring break. I didn't plan mine that way on purpose, but I will certainly try to do so next year.

This week is apparently the one where most of my colleagues are out on vacations of their own. That means the phone isn't ringing as often, the halls are a little quieter, and not nearly as many people are asking me to do projects for them. I'm swamped enough that I'm turning down work anyway, but at least with folks out of the office and away (for the most part) from their computers, I am encountering that unpleasant scenario less often than I would otherwise be.

David Letterman is good for the soul.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


I had a wonderful post about who-knows-what planned, I'm sure. But home ownership has intervened. Let me preface this by saying that I'm not complaining; I'm just informing. I had big plans to go to bed early tonight, even earlier than last night's in bed by 9:30 and lights out by 10pm. I did just return from a week's vacation, but I returned tired. Maybe the whole time difference thing has something to do with it.

Anyway, I worked 'til 6:45 at which time I had to bust a move over the garage, which closes at 7pm. We're temporarily displaced from our building garage due to building damage from the storms this past weekend. I stopped off for a few errands and then came home. I prepared a couple burritos and before I ate them I ran into my downstairs bathroom to pee. And encountered water on the floor.

Uh-oh, I thought, the toilet's leaking. Ha - I should be so lucky. Actually, the ceiling is leaking. There is a bathroom above, but it's T's and it hasn't been used for going on 2 weeks. No visible water leaking up there, either. I called my home warranty company (realtor bought me a 1-yr warranty) and they said they'd have someone call within 4 hours. An hour later (just now), she called back to say no one can come until tomorrow. So now I'm going to let my fingers do the walking and try to find a plumbing contractor to come out and figure this sh*t out. Wish me luck.

I Love Pepto Bismol

I was inspired by the comment below to inform you, my fabulous readers, that I love Pepto Bismol. Those who know me well have already heard this from me, but it may be news (and what news it is!) to some of you.

For heartburn and nausea, nothing makes me feel better like Pepto (nothing I can get over the counter, anyway). I readily admit that I may be the victim of fantastic marketing. As I swallow the yummy pink stuff, I picture it gliding down my GI tract, coating everything on its way and generally making me feel good. Seriously, pop open the link above - just seeing that thick pink concoction dripping down the page is practically enough to soothe me.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Travel Notes

-Gate attendants at Houston Int'l Airport should either speak Spanish or have a translator handy.
-Flights of a certain length make my tootsies swell; hurrying through the airport on swollen feet can be painful.
-Once you are so large that lowering the armrest between seats on an airplane is physically impossible, you need to purchase 2 seats. It was extremely difficult not to impart this particular piece of wisdom to one of my seatmates yesterday.
-Losing 3 hours upon returning to Indy bites.
-When you and your loved one get all comfy in the aisle and middle seats of a row of 3 seats on a packed-full-to-the-brim airplane, try not to look surprised when another passenger approaches and indicates that he or she has the window seat.
-It's perfectly okay to be utterly mesmerized while watching airport personnel loading luggage onto your plane.

Why Ask Why?

Did Haloscan change their comment program or something? Didn't it used to say "0" when there were no comments? I went most of the day thinking Haloscan and/or Blogger were on the fritz.

Mi Sobrina

I miss her to pieces.

Quote/Paraphrase of the Day

Man in 24A: It's amazing the human condition, being in a body: the pain, the pleasure.
Me in 24B: There's no avoiding it.
Man in 24A: That really is profound.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Quote/Paraphrase of the Day

Life is not a spectator sport. Win, lose, or draw, the game is in play whether we like it or not.
-Grey's Anatomy

So. True.

Last Day of Vacation Wrap-up

Wake up to sound of baby: first talking to herself, then crying.
Get the baby out of bed.
Change the baby's diaper.
Lounge around.
Sit in the sun.
Dodge the sprinklers.
Sit in the sun.
Walk to the pool.
Lay in the sun.
Swim in the bath-water warm pool.
Lay in the sun.
Hit > 100 balls at the driving range.
Eat at Tony Roma's (I know it's a chain, but the only one in Indy is now gone).
Watch Gray's Anatomy.
Relax with one last beer.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Who's Driving This Thing?


Great Day For a Swim...

...and lovely poolside fashion.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Where's Your Nose?

Best. Game. Ever.

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