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Monday, April 17, 2006

Blips on the Radar

We face them every day: medium-sized decisions and smallish dilemmas. Here is a peek at a couple of the MINOR things I was grappling with today, along with their outcomes. If only everything was so easy...

-I had the man who mows my parents' lawn (Mr. J) mow mine last week. He quoted me a price and then I forgot to leave him a check. When he called, he mentioned that by-the-way I had a lot of work that needed to be done (removing debris from the storms, cleaning leaves out of the flower beds, etc...) and he could do it for the low price of over 4X what he quoted me to mow the lawn. I talked him down a bit but ultimately decided it was worth it to me. I'm busy and while I wouldn't mind spending a few hours in the sun cleaning things up around here, the chances I would actually get to it were slim to none. He came and did a great job. We'd chatted about the possibility of him coming every 2 weeks or so, but left it up in the air. When T heard that, she called me on it, "I thought mowing the grass was going to be my job." True, we'd talked about that when we first bought the house. But honestly, everything is a fight with her anymore so I had just figured it'd be easier to hire someone.

Mr. J called me today, wondering how the yard was doing. I told him I'd get back with him. I immediately felt bad. This guy was hoping he'd pick up another regular gig. In fact, when I mentioned that my daughter might interested and that I needed to double check, he dropped his price to try to talk me into making an arrangement with him. When T and I got home, we noticed right away that the neighbors had mowed. All this rain and my grass is growing like crazy. I told her I was going to buy a lawnmower and make it her job. She readily agreed, which is rare for her. She even told me to get a simple push mower - but I'm inclined to get a self-propelled type. I called Mr. J and gave him the bad news, but I did ask him to come cut the grass tomorrow, to which he agreed. And I let him know that during the large amount of time that T is gone this summer, I'll likely be calling him to come mow. Any suggestions on a mower? I'm planning to buy from Sears.

-T was invited to the prom. She is a freshman. At her school, the prom is for sophomores (which I think is crazy), juniors, and seniors. Her sophomore boyfriend hates dances and has no interest in going. So who invited her? A junior, a girl. Apparently there is a "group" of kids going, and they want T to join them. I was back and forth on this one for a while. I hate to discourage any activities with friends from school, because I remember the short time ago when we were afraid she wouldn't make any friends there. On the other hand, we've been having some problems, including with her grades, and I was a little hesitant to let her go. She's sort of being punished, and going to the prom doesn't really fit in with that.

I came to my senses today. No.Way. is that kid going to the prom with a bunch of juniors I don't know. I have some reasons I won't discuss here for questioning her judgment in certain situations, and for some reason I had a little delayed reaction to her request to join a bunch of 17-year-olds while they celebrate their prom. She's disappointed and I don't think I've heard the last of it, but my decision won't change and for once I'm feeling good about it.

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