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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Punch from behind...

The day started at 4:59 am with Kelly laughing as she was already awake and the alarm...not just any alarm, but a blaring, horrid,& fuzzy Hawaiian station...welcoming us to what would be a day of pure touristic torture (okay, many parts were awesome, but many were reminiscent of the Twilight Zone.)

Part One: Pearl Harbor...listening to "Cousin" Roy (we are all cousins here and we hear the term every other word) make jokes that have more cheese than the Scanlan household ever has...prepping us all for the 3.5 mile line winding around in circles outside the Memorial. We finally got to experience what our fine animal friends the cow do...being herded...to the restroom, theater, shuttle boat...{{outside of all of this and of course the bigger picture...the experience was beyond moving and we are grateful to have gone}}. Twilight zone moment: people standing, taking turns even, in front of the wall with the names of the 1177 men who died for this country that day 12.7.41...smiling and posing. What???

Part Two: The city tour with Cousin Roy for what seemed to be an eternity back to Waikiki...it is too much to say more than that.

Part Three: AWESOME...laying by the pool, pina colada in hand, right in front of the oh so incredible blue Pacific...

Part Four: We return to the Sheraton bus depot...amongst throngs of other tourists...all buzzing around trying to figure out what the plan was to depart for the trip's luau. Several humongous buses are lined up, drivers get out, no one really tells you anything, you just hope maybe to hear your name called by someone. Turns out what we thought was the end of the line was actually the front of the line...finally we settle in for the ride to Paradise Cove. With each new Hawaiian rap song that comes on, the volume increases exponentially. Interesting people pass by. Two young girls sit in front of us. The charmer in front of Kel has her seat back. Evidently that was not far enough back as she continued to bounce into Kelly's knee...{{has anyone else out there experienced being with Kelly when her frustration is increasing and you know at some point something is going to break? If no, you are lucky...}}. Well, she bounced back one too many times and the next thing I know Kel pops the seat with her hands...deftly done I might add. The girl turned back with a dirty look as if there was nothing wrong with her beyond obnoxious behavior and whined and moved behind us. Ohhhh...we got to hear them playing all kinds of hand clapping games the entire way thru rush hour Honolulu traffic...this time with "Cousin" Jesse at the helm...the Mai Tais absolutely could not start soon enough.

The rest of the evening...tatoos (Kelly will be trying to take a shower with only one leg tomorrow to save the pretty flower/vine draped around her ankle), watching a gorgeous sunset....

eating food that all I can say was not Mexican (we are both having withdrawal and looks like Cousin Jesse has hooked us up with a place manana), on to much hula dancing (we both want to take it up as a new abs workout), fire dancing guy, rain falling off and on, and I don't think it is possible, well, wait anything is possible, to say "Aloha" in a song anymore than we did tonite.

What was the best was being with my sister all day...lots of fun and many things we will laugh about for years!!!

-Inagural blog post by Mickie, my sweet sister who agreed to accompany me on this fantastic trip!!! Excellent first-ever blog post, by the way, other than that she forgot to tell you about the coconut bras....

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