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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Does Cleavage Really Say All That?

I don't know what I find more notable:

That Hillary is for the first time ever showing cleavage in public; that such an event is worthy of contemplation in the Washington Post (albeit in the Fashion section); or that Ms. Givhan draws so many conclusions about a woman who displays cleavage. Here I thought cleavage just said, "I found this really cute shirt at the mall this weekend - on sale, of course."

Sunday, July 29, 2007


Hope: the feeling that what is wanted can be had

Saturday, July 28, 2007

My Next Destination

My horoscope today: "You know where you're going, but do you know where you've been? Unless you understand how much progress you've made, you can't really decide where your next destination is going to be. Meditate on it."

I'm not into astrology, and I definitely don't check my horoscope every day, but this is today's and it strikes a chord with me. I don't know where I'm going, but I'm pretty sure I don't spend enough time contemplating where I've been and how I can use those experiences to make plans for my future. I'm not good at "meditating," but I'm going to try to follow the above advice.

I enjoy almost all of my work, I like the people with whom I work, and I feel fortunate to be at this firm in this city at this point in my life. But to conclude that this is my "final destination" (in this life, anyway) might be limiting myself. Whether it be within the structure of my firm, or outside this environment, I need to force myself to keep setting goals and challenging myself to learn, to grow, and to find ways to share my good fortune with others.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Bill All The Time

All signs point to the fact that my cell phone has begun dying a slow death. It's working fine, mostly. But occasionally, and with increasing frequency, it has moments where it simply does not work for a few minutes, or where it spontaneously shuts off altogether.

If I had the patience to go back through my archives, I might be able to tell you how long I've had it - it is a refurbished job sent to me by my cell phone company after some mishap with my last phone.

I could just take it in, or possibly even call, and be sent another refurbished phone, which would be fine with me. But since it is about time to make a change, I am once again faced with the question of whether I should get a PDA or whatever they are calling them these days. If I do that, I'm stuck with Treo as the only brand my firm supports.

The arguments in favor of getting a Treo go something along the lines of, "you need to be able to access your e-mail from anywhere; if you had a Treo you could bill all the time." I think the arguments against are the same: if I had one, I'd be accessible by e-mail EVERYWHERE (except Beaver Island) and I'd be able to bill all the time.

I'm not claiming that I bill enough hours as it is. On the contrary, after taking T on a spur of the moment spring break vacation, I fell a little behind and have been playing catch up ever since. (In my defense, I participate in quite a few "non-bill" activities encouraged, and even expected, by our firm). It's just that I'm not quite to the point in my life where I want the ability to bill all the time. Yes, it would pay off - literally - we get bonuses tied to the amount of hours we bill each year. But I feel like I sacrifice enough time with family and friends for work; I don't want to take to carrying work around with me on my hip or in my purse just yet. Not to mention that I am online all day, and I regularly check e-mail in the evenings; I am almost never faced with dozens of e-mails to answer when I get to work in the morning.

There will be plenty of time for "all accessibility all the time" in the future. T is so ready to fly the coop she can barely stand it. She's been on vacation for a couple of weeks and the picture of my life without her that has emerged ain't pretty: work late, eat frozen dinners, go to bed early with the cat. My time for billing all the time will come, and it may come soon, but I don't think it has arrived just yet.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Workday Bugaboos

  • Attorneys (on both sides of the fence) who ignore deadlines or simple requests and expect courtesy in return
  • Attorneys and other professionals who purposely withhold certain contact information, like fax numbers and e-mail addresses, so that they are not easily reached and they can control when and how one communicates with them
  • Clients with litigation "guidelines" miles long, full of expectations and restrictions that do not reflect the realities of practicing law
  • Able-bodied people who take the elevator from one floor to the next, when those floors are connected by stairs, in a busy office building with over 2 dozen floors and not enough elevators
You got any?

Break a Leg!!!

It's that time of year again: bar exam time.

~~~~~Waves of positive energy and good luck to all you bar exam takers out there.~~~~~

Knock 'em dead.

Sunday, July 22, 2007


I have recently discovered that I really like these guys. I ran across their video for The Underdog on someone's blog (I thought it was Citizen Mom, but when I went back to thank her I couldn't find it). It's a cute video and a great song, so I e-mailed the video to a friend who prides himself on being on the cutting edge of music and who loves to snarl with disdain at "popular" music (ie, the stuff I like). I asked for the skinny and his response was that he'd just seen them in concert - great show - and he's liked them for years.

He made me a CD and, uncharacteristically, I love it. "New" music generally flows in one ear and out the other for me, until I've been forced to listen to it a few times. This stuff draws me in and I've been listening to it at work and in the car for several days. Highly recommended.


I participated in a scramble this week and, as expected, my "foursome" (our 4th bowed out due to an emergency) lost handily. I had promised myself I'd get out to the driving range well before the date arrived, but I didn't - sorry team. It wouldn't have mattered to our score, but I might've made just a tad less of a fool of myself.

I'd love to get better at golf, but it's one of those things that requires a time investment, something I'm not willing to make at this point given all of the other things that get neglected due to my hectic work schedule. I was inspired by this week's outing, though, and I hit the driving range last night.

It felt good to get out there and hit some balls, and I could see an improvement in the short time I was there. Not to mention that the weather was perfect and it was nice to be outside and not in a hurry to get somewhere else. Things were going quite well, in fact, until a "lefty" arrived and planted himself facing me. I didn't even notice until he began talking to himself constantly - a steady patter of "concentrate; you can do it; relax" in between enormous sighs that were clearly a cry for people to pay attention to him. That situation was solved for me when I walked in to get another basket of balls and someone took my spot. Instead of being perturbed (my clubs were still there, marking my territory), I was grateful for an excuse to move down the line.

I'm planning to return today and am going to make more of an effort to get out there a few times a week. My only worry is that I'm going to pick up some bad habits out there swinging by myself with no one to point out my errors. I suppose it doesn't matter much since I'm such a beginner; if I stick with it maybe I'll invest in another round of lessons, another thing I'd intended to do this summer but haven't.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Walk Softly and Carry a Big Ham

Lawsuit filed today in Federal Court, Southern District of Indiana:

Travis Story v. Tyson Fresh Meat Inc. 7/19/2007 (Indianapolis) Pro se

Civil rights complaint. A supervisor threatened the plaintiff with a hammer and hit him with a ham.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Overheard (by a friend) on an Airplane

Passenger: Why do you pass out drinks and the beginning and end of the flight?
Flight Attendant: To help keep your gestation tubes open.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Happy Birthday, J!!!

Hope your birthday was as much fun as we were having in this picture! Love you!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Price Point

I have an opportunity to attend a Barack Obama fundraiser later this month. He intrigues me and I'd love to go. The problem, as I'm sure you could guess, is that I've decided it's too expensive.

I was told admission was $500 - it is, but I was hoping it was $500 per couple. I inquired, and assuming I could have found an escort (probably couldn't have), I was willing to shell out the dough.

I recently confirmed that it's $500 per person, not per couple. I'm out. Apparently, my price point for witnessing a little piece of history is somewhere between $250 and $500 bucks.

Friday, July 13, 2007

All in a Day

I had jury duty yesterday. I must be on the "hot list" of potential jurors, because I get summoned fairly frequently. I've served as a juror in 2 criminal trials, and I've received a jury summons at least 4 other times.

Yesterday I ended up in a 2nd panel of 14 potential jurors during voir dire (jury selection). The case was a criminal battery - B felony, I think. I laid low and answered the questions that were asked of me. Not surprisingly, I was excused. Can you imagine that one of those goofy attorneys didn't want me on their jury? Neither can I. I'm an excellent juror. I think the prosecutor booted me. Their loss.

It worked out for the best because I went straight from the courthouse to lunch with a client before a 1:30 mediation. I was the primary attorney on the case, so I'm glad I got to handle the mediation instead of having it covered by the partner. We settled the case by around 7:30pm and our client is pleased with the result. Not bad for a day's work/civic service.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

They Should Call It a Kelly

I just saw a fruit at the grocery store that I've never seen before. It looked like a cross between a miniature pumpkin and a peach. Any idea what it is?

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Overheard On Monument Circle*

Guy on cell phone, walking away from Monument Circle and a scene that included a long white limousine with a bunch of young people gathered around and at least 4 police cars present: Looks like your newfound friends in the limo are going to jail, courtesy of the United States Secret Service.

*No, we weren't "cruising." We were simply trying to get to Champps after the Indians game so I could satisfy my craving for a salad.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Cross Your Fingers

I was just thinking if we had a crossed fingers vigil, or moment, it might increase the chances that I get to take a little time off work this weekend. You know, sort of like a prayer vigil, but not. Let's pick a time today where my 6 faithful readers and I will simultaneously cross our fingers - hoping I find time this weekend to: help T shop and pack for her trip to Seattle, get together with girlfriends for dinner and a drink, and maybe, just maybe, lay out with Amanda for a few hours on Sunday.

I know, even as I type it out it seems ridiculously impossible. But a girl has to have her dreams. In all honesty I did just get back from an awesome vacation (more on that later), so it's not all work and no play. The amount of work it took to get there, though, and the amount I have been digging through since my return (literally beginning about an hour after we drove back from northern Michigan Sunday evening) is about to do me in. I was over 12 hours at the office yesterday (yes, July 4th!) and had to bail on the lovely offer of a cookout from my parents - thanks for the burger, Papa!!!

I'm up early working from home before dropping T off at a driving lesson (another reason to cross your fingers). Then it's off to work, where I have to make a dreaded phone call asking for a discovery extension that is necessary for maintenance of what little sanity I have left. Cross your fingers.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

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