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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Thing About Parenting

The thing about parenting is that you can never quite manage to be the person you hope your child might become. You simply do your best and hope (and pray) that your child/ren turn out better than you did.

At Least Someone is Having Fun

I got 5 voicemail messages from Chase bank one day this weekend. Turns out someone was using an old credit card of mine in Las Vegas for a shopping spree. Vegas??? I've never even been. And I'm not scheduled to go until late in September....

Chase caught the fraud and says I won't be responsible for any of the charges. My response? I cancelled the card and don't want a new one. It's nothing personal; I transferred the balance on the card over 6 months ago and simply forgot to go back and cancel it. I've no idea how the crooks got my info, but I'm extremely grateful to Chase for catching the fraud, alerting me to it right away, and insulating me from most of the mess.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Workin' Girl

Hi from South Bend, Indiana. Jealous? You know you are.

Happy Birthday, Mama!!!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

This Just Might Work

I think I lost a pound or 2 in the last 2 weeks. Not much, but better than gaining. Not particularly scientific, either, given that I was wearing different clothes today than the last time I weighed myself. (T and I don't own a scale; I weight at my folks' house).

Still, it's just enough motivation for me to continue my efforts at losing weight. I'm not on a "diet;" that'd be pointless as I'm not disciplined enough. Instead, I tried to eat less and be a little more physically active. This week promises to be busy, so maybe that will help. I'll have to watch out for my tendency to use food to calm my frustrations and soothe myself, though.

Note to self: buy more sugarless gum; eat less popcorn at work.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Confidence in Bed

The spam to my work e-mail has really picked up over the last couple of months. Yesterday evening on my way to pick T up from school, I saw what I assume was a spam message on my new device. It was from an unknown sender and the subject line was "Are you confident in bed?" I deleted the message without reading it, but it got me thinking.

I have no idea why that stranger wanted to know whether I'm confident in bed, but after a little contemplation I have come to the conclusion that indeed, I am.

Each night when I hit the pillow, exhausted, I'm confident that there are very few places in the world I'd rather be at that moment. I'm sure that I should fold the pile of clean clothes that lines the foot of my bed. I'm positive that when the alarm goes off each morning, I'm going to wish I could turn it off and roll over and go back to sleep. I'm confident that a year ago if you had told me I wouldn't mind sleeping with a little cat hair in my bed I'd have laughed in your face. I'm certain that almost every morning I'm going to wake up a little sore, because I suffer from some chronic back/neck pain that is getting worse and worse (self-diagnosed arthritis). And finally, I'm confident that our cat, Angel, enjoys sleeping with me. She used to sleep up by my head, but now often makes herself comfortable in the scissor-shape my legs tend to form. At least someone likes sleeping with me!

Have a good weekend, folks, and here's hoping that you, too, are confident in bed.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Yesterday evening, shortly after T got off the phone with her boyfriend, let's call him "Homey":

Me (just curious and making small talk): So, what's Homey doing?
T: Did you say what is Homey doing??
Me: Well, I sure didn't say WHO is Homey doing....
Today, the evening before T's first day of her junior (!) year:

Me: Did you finish the rest of your summer reading book?
T: ...
Me: You didn't, did you?
T: Mommy, I read the Spark Notes!
This evening, on our way home from school supply shopping:

Me: Oy, you aren't ready to be out here with all these crazy drivers!
T: But I'll never be ready unless I get out here driving with them. You like to say trial by fire!
Me: If it's trial by fire you want, I'll pull over and we can switch places so you can drive us home; want to?
T: I'm scared.
Me: Anyway, the drivers are way crazier now than they were when I learned to drive. They've lost their mind......their collective minds......there collective minds......however many minds, they've been lost.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

All in the Family

Seems my Mom did or said something a little crazy the other day and this exchange followed:

Kelly's Dad (to T): Don't look at me, you're related to her by blood.

T (to Kelly's Dad): Yeah, but you chose her.

Ha, poor Mama. Also, to my folks and belated by over a week:

Happy 34th Anniversary!!!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Learning to Drive

T and I took a big step yesterday: I began teaching her how to drive a stick shift. I have a stick, and I'm not planning on getting a second car in the near future, so she's going to have to learn how to drive it.

I've been putting off teaching her because I'm not much of a teacher; I have very little patience. I thought it would be best for BOTH of us if someone else taught her. Unfortunately, friends and family members willing and able to help don't have manual cars themselves, so logistically it was getting too complicated for my harried existence (see, no patience!)

But now T has been 16 for almost 4 months, her driving class is over and hours are in, and she will get her license very soon. So I bit the bullet and tried to teach her the basics. I was very impressed with how she did, and the only time the car "died" was when I purposely directed her such that it would. She was scared of letting off the clutch, so I tried to show her that the worst case scenario really wasn't all that bad and therefore nothing to be afraid of.

T did great, despite our share of comical moments. At one point we discovered that she wasn't able to get the car moving because we still had the emergency brake on - at another, I'd forgotten to have her take the car out of neutral and put it in first. Finally, she got comfortable with first and second gears. Unfortunately, the parking lot we selected turned out to be too small for any more than that.

We agreed to table the lesson until a later time. I was sitting in the passenger seat, T was in the driver's seat. The car was on, in neutral, and T had her foot on the brake. I asked her what she needed to do so that we could get out and switch seats. "Um, put it in park?" Ha.

Friday, August 17, 2007

My Fair Lady

T is going to the Indiana State Fair not once, but twice today. She is currently getting her last 2 driving hours at driving school out of the way, though. If you saw a hot chick driving a yellow convertible Corvette around Indy this morning, that was my girl.

A little later today she's heading to the Fair with my Mom, my sis, and sweet Banana. Lucky girls - hope they have fun, and they manged to pick a day that isn't going to hit 90 degrees. After work, I'll drag T back to the fairgrounds so we can get our annual photo taken.

As a teenager, I worked several summers at a mobile unit for Baskin-Robbins out at the fairgrounds. The neighboring booth was a photo booth, which at that time took only black and white 8 X 10 pictures that you had to take home and run under water or something crazy like that. Now it's all digital, but we still ask for the black and white. We missed a couple of years when T was a toddler, but we have taken one every year now for at least the last ten years. Tradition, gotta love it.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Big O

Is it just me, or is Oprah beginning to look like a caricature of herself on her magazine covers? Maybe it's just me.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Shoplifting Update

Apparently, you can get just about anything you want for free at Wal-Mart. Who knew? No, I never went back and paid for the rubbing alcohol I accidentally didn't pay for several months ago. I may have somewhat redeemed myself yesterday, though.

T and I did some long overdue Wal-Mart and Marsh shopping yesterday. When we left Wal-Mart, it was about 923 degrees outside and T helped me load all of our dozens of plastic bags (about one bag per item is the rule there, ya know) into the car. As we finished, I noticed the 400lb plastic container of kitty litter on the bottom rack of the shopping cart. I groaned and pointed it out to T, sure she understood the implication. She didn't, because she calmly said, "no problem, I'll just put it in the backseat." I was SO tempted to let her do it.

Instead I pushed the cart back into the store, where the "greeter" accosted me (where was she earlier?) and said, "do you have a return?" I informed her, with as much patience as I could muster, that I'd left the store without paying for my item. I finally did pay, like a good citizen, and also snagged a $30 raincoat, gum (for Anna), and some tissues - while T waited near the car with sweat pouring down her face. I say "near" the car because she elected to wait for me in the car, but realized after about 20 seconds that it was way too hot to be actually sitting in the car. Good thing no one from child protective services was around: shoplifting and child neglect, I'd have been in trouble.

As I left Wal-Mart for the second time that day, having managed to keep my sticky fingers to myself, the greeter thanked me for coming back in to pay. You're welcome.

Saturday, August 11, 2007


AT&T sucks, for a variety of reasons I don't have the time or patience to set forth right now. I just wanted to get that off my chest.

Obama, Redux

I would have posted this one with the others, but I didn't even know it had been taken. Nice surprise for me!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Ain't Love Grand

Have I mentioned that T is in love? She hasn't put it quite that way to me, but the signs are pretty clear. I don't think she'd mind my telling you that she met a "special someone" at camp in Seattle this year.

I asked her if she and the boy in question plan to maintain their long distance relationship now that she is back in good ol' Indy. Her answer was essentially that they haven't made a definitive decision, but are still considering it. Anyone who has spent any time around her lately would tell you they seem to have made their decision, her answer to me notwithstanding.

I have flat out told her I think it's great. In fact, it is a parent of a teenager's dream. I mean really - Seattle??? He's almost as far away as he can be from her in the continental US. The 2 of them get to feel special and loved and to profess their love to each other as much as they want - but they can't do a thing about it, if you know what I mean. If they keep it up, I can rest easy for a while, at least until next summer....

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Little Sweeties

My adorable nieces are much more active than it may appear from these 2 pictures. They had a busy day yesterday, and we were lucky to get to spend time "hanging out" with them.

Lily: "Look, I can roll over!"

Anna: "Rub my back, Tia." (She really had to twist my arm on that one.)

News To Shake Your Head At*

-Authorities are investigating a possible sexual assault at the Playboy mansion.

-Reggie Miller sucks. (Someone should tell him he's not Michael Jordan. Or Larry Bird.)

*I know, grammar lovers - sorry.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Crossing the Line

I'm not going to complain about the heat. Better this than the alternative. I will say, however, that 78 degrees before 7am, while I am getting ready for work, just about crosses the line with me. I do not want to start sweating minutes after showering, but remaining shower fresh while blow drying my hair, trying to get it to straighten in this humidity, ironing my clothes, and feeding the cat and scooping her litter is a daily struggle. But I won't complain.

Also, skirt's a little tight today, need to stop eating. And your password will expire in 9 days.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Nectar of the Gods (and the ants)

Reason #37 why I don't keep vodka in the house:

When I'm struck with the thirst that can only be quenched by Kool-Aid, I'd be tempted to add vodka to it, thereby eventually winding up more thirsty than ever. I love Kool-Aid, in moderation. All things in moderation.

Speaking of Kool-Aid, I woke up this morning craving the last of the Lemon-lime I made a few days ago, only to discover that T finished it off yesterday while I was at work. I handled the disappointment with grace, until this evening when I arrived home after 9pm to find ants swarming the sink. T didn't rinse out the pitcher before she left it in the sink to beckon to all of the ants within a 1 mile radius of our home.

Teenagers - ya gotta love 'em. And they are reason #38 why I don't keep vodka in the house.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Partners in Crime

T and I went to dinner at Mongolian Barbeque tonight. When the waitress was ready to bring the bill, she asked, "will this be separate checks?"

That never gets old.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Kelly P. was right

Kelly P. was right; you should go see Hairspray. T and I had "date night" tonight - her phrase. I've been neglecting her all week, so she requested dinner and a movie tonight. We altered dinner plans a bit (her doing), but we did go see Hairspray.

Confession, even though I know some of my readers are Broadway geeks: I didn't know what Hairspray was about, and I don't think I've ever heard even one of the songs before tonight.

We LOVED it. The lead was fantastic, as were most of the supporting roles. A good portion of the audience clapped and cheered when it was over - I can't remember the last time that happened after I saw a movie. Definitely go check it out.

You're joining this show already in progress.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Not Exactly Chips Off Mama's Block*

T and I were discussing how we dislike when a waiter/waitress/pizza delivery person/Jimmy John's delivery person asks us how much change we want back, versus handing us the change and letting us return the appropriate tip amount.

Me: I hate that.
T: Me, too. It's like math - on the spot.

*My mom is a math major

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