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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

She'll Never Be The Same

I suppose I should log off and go upstairs to start packing. I am, after all, headed to Vegas tomorrow!

It's my first trip ever to Las Vegas, and, at least for the beginning of the trip, it's for a legitimate work purpose. I'll stay 4 nights, 2 at the Bellagio and 2 at the Monte Carlo.

My sweet parents are joining me on Thursday to help me experience the getaway in style. We have Thursday night dinner reservations at my hotel. Friday I'm released from the conference at 1pm, at which time I'll check out, switch hotels, and head straight out to the pool for a few hours of sunbathing (lazy river and margaritas, here I come). Then it's off to see KA. Saturday will be spent by the pool and maybe walking around to check out the "strip." Saturday night, fine dining. Sunday there will be time for a little more sunbathing before I have to hop back on a plane and head home.

It should be an interesting, and hopefully fun, trip! I doubt I'll do any gambling, but I'm psyched about the people-watching prospects. I'd promise to fill you in on the details when I get back, but we all know I can't break the sacred rule of Vegas.

Look Behind You

Why is it that when people ask me if I've lost weight (which someone did yesterday evening, bless his soul), they look straight at my hips?

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Playing Hooky

Who knew leaving work early could result in productivity?

I left work around 3pm Friday, and T and I managed to get a ton of things accomplished. I picked her up and we high-tailed it out to the BMV. It's official, folks, T has her driver's license!!! I'd tell Indy drivers to watch out, but actually, she's a pretty good driver. As long as she hasn't picked up too many of my bad habits by riding around with me all these years, she'll be fine.

We also managed to: buy my new laptop, get the car washed, hit the bank, fill up before the prices jumped back up, and grab dinner together. I offered her Peterson's and Bob Evans; she chose Bob Evans. Go figure. (It was delicious - so much for my "diet!") Saturday we even accomplished the long-overdue task of taking our sweet Angel to PetSmart. She got her nails trimmed and ears cleaned for just $12 and it only took five minutes!

I continued to be productive for most of the weekend (I'm not really counting the several hours I spent soaking up the last of the summer sun this afternoon), but didn't accomplish all of the tasks that really need to get done before my trip this week.

What? I haven't told you about my trip?

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Role Reversal

T, to me, a few minutes ago: Stop watching YouTube and finish paying the bills so you can come upstairs and hang out with me.

Technical Difficulties

I know posting's been sporadic. I've been busy, but I'm always busy. The main problem is I've been hampered by technical difficulties at home. My laptop caused just enough problems that I declared it useless. Despite all we've been through together, it barely flinched when I declared, "you're DEAD to me."

It's an HP that I've had for at least 3 years, probably 4. It replaced an HP that I had during law school, which died and caused me all sorts of heartburn. I remember praying this one would just get me through the rest of school, and praying again that it would last me through studying for the bar. It did both, and has assisted me at home, with work and other things, for over 2 years.

For several months I endured a quirk where the laptop would simply freeze in the middle of whatever I was doing. No amount of ctrl+alt+del, crying, or cajoling would cause any response from the screen or any other part of the machine. Only laying on the power button until the whole she-bang shut off with a sickening "click" would allow me to restart things. Since this behavior was relatively sporadic, and since I'm both super busy and super lazy, I didn't do anything about it.

Then several weeks ago after one of these episodes I could no longer log on to the internet. (I wasn't ignoring you, I just wasn't able to blog from home). Next, 2 precious hours of administrative time (doing my time for the week) were lost. Last Monday night, the final straw. I again spent about 2 hours doing my time for the week. I did it at home on my laptop, while watching a movie with T, in an attempt to spend a little time with her before having to go back into the office. It was already going to be a late night, for reasons out of my control. As I finished up, my computer froze. So did I. I rebooted, fighting to remain calm, and wondering how much of the document had been lost. The computer wouldn't open the file and told me it was corrupt. Crying, literally, I managed to get a copy of it on my thumb drive. I headed to work, after 10pm, exhausted and fighting a cold, hours of work ahead of me, vowing that I was done with my laptop - and I am.

I've taken the lazy way out. I suppose there's a chance that someone local could fix the problem for less than a couple hundred bucks, but I don't think the chances are high. And I don't have the time or the patience to have it sent to the manufacturer. So I bought a new laptop, finally. T and I hit Best Buy Thursday night about an hour before it was scheduled to close. I scanned the choices and picked something. Out of stock. I got a little impatient and picked something else. Out of stock. I left.

Friday, with tons of work to do, I left work at lunch time and hit another Best Buy. Their selection was so much more dismal that I couldn't even find something that looked halfway appealing - more wasted time. I e-mailed our IT department to confirm that if I bought a new unit over the weekend, they could get me set for logging onto our work system before the trip I have scheduled next week. In the return e-mail, one of our IT guys suggested several stores, including Fry's. Have you been to Fry's? If not, you should go. Soon. I was impressed and thankful for the selection, the helpful staff, the relatively cheap service plan, the fact that they'll give me a loaner laptop if this one needs repair, the clean spacious bathrooms, etc......

So...I have a new laptop. It's an HP, which I know isn't "cool," but I've had at least 2 of them already and I'm not too big on drastic change in my life. I like it and I quickly set it up last night and got right online. It even has Mahjong! (I'm easily pleased). I'm waiting for confirmation from the IT department that the Vista operating system won't prevent me from logging on to our work system, and then I'll start downloading things and setting more preferences. The inability to work from home is completely cramping my style, so hopefully things will be back to normal around here soon.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Would you care for any fresh ground pepper with that?

He's back (again)!!! And even though he's gone and gotten himself married, I still love him and he's still as funny as ever.

Excuse Me, Do You Work Here?

Not until I got to work today did I realize how inappropriate for work my shirt is.

Just thought I'd share. If I get fired, you'll be the first to know.

Breakfast of Champions

I'm on a "diet." I've convinced myself I can lose weight by eating a big breakfast, a smaller lunch, and an even smaller dinner (sometimes skipping dinner completely).

This should work, right? Come on, work with me, people. "They" say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And the idea is that if you eat breakfast, you give your metabolism a jump-start, plus you have all day to burn off whatever you ate. (Of course, the chances of me burning off anything at all are slim to none on days when I sit in front of my computer all day). Then if you eat smaller portions for the rest of the day, your metabolism keeps chugging along and you won't get fat! Very simple, very easy.

I hope it works. Assuming I could impact my metabolism just by changing my eating habits (which I probably can't), I wonder how long that would take?

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I Wish

I wish I could tell you that I'm at home. Alas, no such luck.

I wish I could tell you that my laptop was still of use to me. Alas, it isn't.*

I wish I could tell you that the trouble I've been having with my allergies the last few days is subsiding. Alas, I'm a blubbering mess.

I wish for at least 4 hours of sleep tonight. Wish me luck.

I wish you a better Tuesday than I had a Monday evening.

*The ONLY reason I didn't throw my laptop into the wall tonight is that I was worried about the unavoidable damage to the wall.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Light Reading

I attended Back to School Night at T's school last night. Along with the usual handouts from each of her teachers, I received college planning materials, including a 56 page college planning handbook. 56 pages, not including 15 pages numbered in Roman numerals at the back. Exhibits? An appendix? No idea. The word overkill comes to mind.

Monday, September 10, 2007


I had all but decided to hire someone to clean my house until I realized: I don't want anybody snooping through my stuff.

I don't have any dead bodies in the house, or even illegal substances, but something about a stranger, or even an almost stranger, having free access to my house and things is a little disturbing.

I'm going to have to mull this one over. It's difficult making time to clean, and it's not worth the grief trying to get T to do it. I could use the peace of mind/peaceful feeling when at home of having someone come in and do the basics once a week or so. It's a great plan, assuming I can get past the paranoia.


Uh-oh, I didn't update my fantasy football team this week.

Wait! I don't have a fantasy football team this year.

Though I'm missing out on all the fun, it's a small price to pay for eliminating a weekly task from my life.

Also, congrats to Mama who looked to be the favorite for this week!

Friday, September 07, 2007

Oh When the Saints

Even Saints fans knew the game was a lost cause. Don't believe me? Check out these fans who traveled to Indy to see the game; they chose wine spritzers as their pre-game drink of choice:

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Congratulations, Papa!!!

Join me in recognizing "Kelly's Dad" for an awesome accomplishment: at a recent weigh-in he learned that he's lost just shy of 50 pounds. 50 pounds??? That's like a handful of babies, or, in the case of people like Nicole Richie, a whole person! He was so close to the 50 lb mark they tried to get him to take off his glasses, rings, etc... to push him over the edge. He declined :-)

My Dad can fill you in on the details in the comments, but he's walked at least 5 miles a day, and sometimes 10, for the last gazillion days. Between that and changing his eating habits, he is melting away.

Great job, Pops; we're proud of you!


Apropos of nothing, except tonight's dinner, I'd like to tell you that 2 noodle places in town (yes, Tony D, they are chains) always manage to make me very happy when I frequent them.

First, there was Nothing but Noodles. This place showed up near campus while I was still in law school. Nice atmosphere, quick food prep, free wireless. And of course, great food. I don't get noodles there, though, I get salad - 2, actually. I get the large Caesar and then the "appetizer" of fresh mozzarella, which is really a Caprese salad. Delicious.

Several weeks ago, T talked me into taking her to Noodles & Company. Excellent choice, and we returned for dinner today. Their food is as good as their website is annoying, and I even found some noodles to enjoy there. I get a Caesar salad again, along with a plate of some pesto pasta that is fantastic. The fresh Rice Krispie treats that are always by the cash register don't hurt things, either.


Sunday, September 02, 2007

Unclear on the Concept

de*lete: to strike out or remove; cancel; erase; expunge

My cell phone carrier began offering a new service recently. After I listen to voice messages, a pre-recorded voice advises me that I can listen to deleted messages by pushing a couple of simple buttons.

Um, why on earth would I want to listen to deleted messages? I know that occasionally people accidentally delete things they wish they hadn't, and it's nice to have a recovery option for those circumstances, but this is goofy. I'm actually prompted to listen to my deleted messages. If I deleted them, I did it for a reason. I have a difficult enough time letting go of things and purging without being asked over and over again if I'd like to regain possession of things I've purposely relinquished. I'm probably paying extra for this little "feature," to boot.

I suggest AT&T do away with this gem of an item and give me something I could really use, like customer service representatives on the weekend.

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