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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Prom 2008

Happy Birthday, T!!!

It's T's 17th birthday. Seventeen - can you believe it???

I told her a couple hours ago that she wouldn't get her presents from me until tomorrow, when we are planning to gather at my parents' house with family and some of her friends to celebrate. She said, "you haven't bought them yet, have you?" Smartass. She knows me well. Actually, I informed her, I already have 2 presents for her and I only anticipate getting 1 or 2 more things. Plus, I'm totally claiming credit for allowing her boyfriend to come spend the weekend with us - that should definitely count.

Speaking of whom, he is wearing a t-shirt today that says "Chicks Dig My Ride." They just left, headed for her makeup and hair appointments, because tonight is prom. In a few hours, I'll tear myself away from all-day appellate brief writing to meet up with them and stand around with the other parents and take way too many pictures.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Heat off, windows open. I took the cat's favored position yesterday, supine with her legs in the air, as a signal that we could probably turn off the heater for a while:

I'm working. And have all but decided to take a quick nap - less than 4 hours - and get back up to continue working. I wish I could blame this current endeavor on someone else, but alas, I volunteered. Such a sucker.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


T's boyfriend arrives in town Thursday evening from Seattle. I've never met him. He'll be staying with us for several nights. I warned her some time ago that she had to clean her room before he arrives (not that they'll be spending any time alone together in her room, just on principle).

She's been working on her room, including some laundry, for a couple of nights. She just went to bed but first talked me into getting up and checking out her "decent" room.

Oh, my.

Since she wanted me to come look at it now, rather than waiting until the morning, my expectations rose. This was on of those moments where I probably should have praised her efforts and given her some encouragement, since she plans to "finish" cleaning tomorrow.

All I could manage was: "It's not that it's not progress...."

Friday, April 18, 2008

Blame It On the Earthquake

Last night T asked me to sign a permission slip in which the teachers were seeking parental blessing to show the students a rated R movie as part of Spanish class. I noted that the date of the letter was March 14, 2008 and it was supposed to be turned in by March 28th. Turns out the teacher let T watch the beginning of the movie despite the absence of parental permission, but to see the rest T would have to bring in the permission slip. As I signed, I said, "March 28th?? Try to be an active participant in your life, would you, please?"

This morning when I got dressed, I put on jeans. I've gotten away from wearing jeans to work on Fridays, but today I have to go from work to a long drive to dinner to maybe dancing (girls' night out!), so jeans seemed the way to go. Not until I was in my car and on my way to work did I realize I was wearing the wrong jeans. They are a little too old, a little too short, a little too faded for work. I can barely concentrate and I just want to go home and change. The differences might be subtle to others but they are driving me crazy, and seriously, how does one put on the wrong pair of jeans and not notice?

Active participant, indeed. And just wait until you hear my pants story from earlier this week.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

You know you have writer's block when...

you find yourself staring at your office ceiling for the first time in 2 1/2 years, wondering whether you really could get your pencil stuck into one of the ceiling panels by throwing it up there.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Nice Try

The entire firm received the following email from our head IT guy yesterday, subject line beginning "Please read immediately":

A new virus is going around today that looks like a subpoena from the US Courts. The subpoena email has a link that, when clicked, installs a virus on your computer. Please follow this link to see an example of the fake subpoena.

I spent almost .1 debating whether to follow the link and then emailed a colleague to ask if I was paranoid (in keeping with yesterday's theme) for being afraid to click on the link. He said no, which instantly made me feel better, and went on to describe tales of disgruntled IT employees who, as a final diabolical act before quitting their jobs, sent out emails like the one above - with a virus, of course.

Whew. Good thing I didn't fall for that one. I remain ever vigilant, and I recommend you do the same.

Paranoid Much?

On my way home from work yesterday I spotted a car some distance back in my rearview mirror. It was a dark late model Ford that looked as if it could be an unmarked cop car, so I slowed down a bit and kept my eye on him. Eventually I moved to the right one lane; he followed suit. As my exit approached, I moved to the far right lane, and so did the mysterious car, which was now behind me and gradually catching up to me.

I exited the interstate onto a busy street and then took yet another exit from that street to head toward home. The car continued to follow me. I made a turn at the stoplight, and a couple of miles later made another turn into my neighborhood - still with my "tail." By now I was suspicious that he was purposely following me for some unknown reason. So I bypassed my street and called T to fill her in and let her know that I was almost home with her Jimmy John's dinner, but would be taking a short detour. The dark car finally turned at a stop sign onto a road with no outlet.

I made a wide "circle" around my neighborhood and eventually turned in again. As I approached my street for the 2nd time, the car was now approaching me from the other direction. I got weirded out and passed up my own street for the 2nd time. I watched him slowly leave the neighborhood in my rearview mirror before I turned around and finally headed to my driveway.

Crazy I guess, probably just a weird coincidence, but one can never be too careful.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Time Travel

My sweet T made it home from her journey safe and sound, for which I am very thankful. She had a good time and took quite a few pictures. At some point one of us will post the pictures to Flickr or some such service and I'll share the link for whoever is interested.

The kids got home late Saturday night. Long before she ever embarked on the trip, T was trying to talk me into letting her stay home from school on Monday, for fear she'd be exhausted and suffering from jet lag. (no way). She spent most of her trip in time zones 7 and 8 hours ahead of EST. As it turns out, she wasn't exhausted this morning - she was wide awake and couldn't asleep past 5:30am or so. My first clue was when she shuffled into my room before 6am and said, "good morning." She never says good morning.

In keeping with her still slightly warped sense of time, T was sleepy early this evening and she retired to her room shortly after 8 o'clock to get ready for bed. Unfortunately for her, daylight savings time is in full swing, despite the chilly temperatures outside. She sent me this text (yes, from her bedroom) at 9:15pm:

Please explain to me why it is 9 at night and it's still somewhat light outside.

I'm going to refer her to Mitch on that one.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Tuesday, April 08, 2008

VW Love

She got me safely to and from Florida again this year. I'm eternally grateful.

Saturday, April 05, 2008


A quick hello from rainy New Smyrna Beach, Florida. For the first part of my trip, during which I stayed in Port Orange, Florida, I had a wonderful stay with a long-time family friend. She was a gracious hostess and I appreciate her hospitality. I'm now at a condo at New Smyrna Beach. Despite that Florida is in full Spring Break swing, the beach isn't crowded and this is a lovely place to stay.

The weather so far has been great - sunny and warm, but not too hot, in the mornings and early afternoons, generally with showers in the late afternoon. I arrived in Florida late afternoon/early evening on Monday. Tuesday I walked around the neighborhood in which I was staying. about 3 miles, and then enjoyed fantastic walks on the beach Wednesday, Thursday, and today - 4 miles the first 2 days, and about 5 miles this morning.

I finally got to talk to T, who was in Luxor at the time. She had very little phone time available and was just checking in to say she was doing fine. I can't wait to hear about her trip when she returns and see the pics I hope she is taking!

It's currently storming, with heavy rain. I like storms, and I'd planned to do a little work this evening, so the timing is good. I also squeezed in a pedicure just as the rain started this afternoon and before the place got crowded with vacationers with thwarted sunbathing plans My fingers are crossed that the rain doesn't dampen (great pun) the last two days of my vacation.

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