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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Creative Compromise

For several reasons, I decided to catch a quick dinner at the IHOP near my hotel this evening. Sitting near me (the tables are SO close together) was a group of various-aged men talking loudly about the martial arts in which they are involved and some online forum to which they contribute, blah, blah. The only topic they covered that was more boring - and more irritating - was the poor service.

Their coffee didn't come fast enough, their food didn't come fast enough, and the soda came with ice instead of the requested without. In my head, I formulated several things I might say to them on my way out, like pointing out that the 2 hostesses/servers were working their assess off, likely for little pay and less respect. Or that if the group of 13 men - yes, a group of 13 crammed into several IHOP tables - were after impeccable service, they should have gone to Ruth's Chris and paid for it.

Instead, I bit my tongue. And when I paid my bill I mentioned to the waitress that the guys were bitching and moaning. Then I gave her a big tip. On my way out, she was contemplating ways to teach them what poor service really is - and she had yet to serve their food.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Observations (probably more random than the usual random blather)

  • People in Seattle are crazy because they do not get cold. As I sat shivering (teeth chattering!) in class today, where two windows were OPEN, one of the locals actually took off her light jean jacket and seemed quite comfortable in her short-sleeved blouse. Unreal.
  • Classrooms no longer have pencil sharpeners.
  • Pay phone booths are almost extinct.
  • If I place a water bottle in my purse, chances are VERY good I am going to drown my own electronic equipment. One day I will learn to adjust my actions accordingly.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

68 Days and 67 Nights

Many moons ago I made T's flight reservations for her anticipated summer trip. When the confirmation popped up on the screen, it noted the length of trip: 68 days and 67 nights. I smiled to myself at the ridiculous notion of such a long trip and figured there had been a mistake. Then I realized that was precisely how long my girl was going to be away from me. Had I really blessed such a trip?

We are now more than half way through those 68 days. I've missed her, but I've been comforted by knowing that she is spending her summer at her favorite place in the world, a small camp in the state of Washington. Even better, I am finally in Washington myself, in the middle of a 48 hour visit with my sweetie, and with our other family members who live in this lovely place.

At T's invitation, tonight I spend the night at camp with her and the other teenagers who manage to essentially run the camp with little adult intervention. There is talk of a double feature drive-in, too, Hancock - followed by Wanted. Little other than spending time with T could convince me to head to a drive-in with a gaggle of teenagers, followed by a night in a place that requires lots of bug spray.

Catch ya' on the other side.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

iPod Victims

You know who suffers when we enjoy our iPods, don't you? That's right, our innocent pets. At least, my pet does. I went for a walk today (after over an hour at the driving range) and when I returned home, I kept listening to my music, bopping around the house making my dinner and doing various other things, all while belting out the mish mash of songs at the top of my lungs.

You might be thinking that pets listening to their owners sing is nothing new. Perhaps. But around here before iPods, sweet Angel had the benefit of hearing the music I was purporting to sing as it flowed from the speakers; she could at least try to ignore my unwelcome contributions to the tunes.

Now, with my little earbuds channeling the music straight to my brain, all Angel hears are my unbelievably misguided screechings - and I am oblivious, because I can't even hear myself when lost in the music. Poor kitty. Who knows how many like her are out their suffering at the hands of their talentless owners.

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