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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Woulda Coulda Shoulda

I probably should have worn waterproof mascara today. Can you say ragweed? This is day 2 of being back on Claritin, but I'm not sure it's helping much. And the Benadryl I'm about to pop likely won't be conducive to getting work done today. Yesterday I was threatening a nose-ectomy. That'd cure the itchy nose, but would be quite an adjustment, cosmetically speaking.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I worked as a labor and delivery nurse for about three years before I began contemplating a career change, and it turned out to be a rather drastic change. As a law student, I used to joke that I hoped my new career would hold my interest for a little longer before I began looking for a new challenge or direction. Deep down I worried that some unseen internal mechanism would create the need for another change after a few years.

Entering my fourth year of practicing law, I can report that I am not currently looking to switch jobs, or careers - yet. But I'm a little restless. I'm fortunate that I can honestly say I like what I do (about 90% of it) and I like the people with whom I work (an even higher percentage). Despite this, I'm fighting the nagging feeling that something is missing. Because something is.

The biggest problem with this useless knowledge is that I don't know WHAT is missing.* If I knew what my "dream job" was, I could at least make a decision to take a leap or play it safe. But I don't. That's right, I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up. If I figure it out, I'll be sure to let you know. Don't hold your breath.

*I'm not entirely clueless on this point, and I think a little "feeding my soul" would go a long way. I'm working on a couple of things on this front.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mini-Movie Reviews from the Gilmores

I recently attended the annual dinner/auction fundraising event put on by our local bar foundation, on whose board I sit. I set a budget for myself before going, but once I got a look at all the items up for auction, I promptly bid way beyond my self- and reality- imposed budget. Fortunately for me, I got outbid on all but one item. I came away with a basket full of Blockbuster gift cards, microwave popcorn, movie-type candy, and a few "single serving" bottles of screw-top Chardonnay.

I had to fight for it, and I shamelessly begged a couple of people to stop bidding on it so that I could have "movie night" with T. (My begging didn't work). I don't regret a dollar I spent, however, and not just because the money raised goes to support worthy causes.

No, what I bought that night was priceless: time with T. When I showed her the basket, I told her I got it so the two of us could have some movie nights together. Instead of giving me the teenage brushoff, she seemed excited about it, and happily stole the Junior Mints (but not the wine) and agreed to accompany me to Blockbuster. We rented our first movie the next day, mini-review below. Since then we've watched 2 more...check back in for those reviews in a later post.

The Secret
T: Tricky, captivating
K: Entertaining, stirring

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Turning Up the Heat

It was hard not to notice the recent efforts of Citizens Gas at getting out the word about anticipated high gas prices this winter. As T and I drove around tackling errands Saturday, we saw no less than 4 different billboards warning of the expected increase in natural gas prices. I commented to T that the aggressive marketing effort worried me, and warned her to be prepared for a cold winter in our house.

This evening as I was paying the bills, I was tempted for the first time in three years to join the budget billing program. Budget billing would allow me to pay one set price the entire year and avoid those dreaded high bills during the winter months. I've not joined to this point because I love the negligible bills that come in the summer: they're for our gas water heater only.

Just as I was about to write the check for the amount that would automatically enter me into the budget program, I logged onto the gas company's website (props to them for making this information so accessible). There I discovered that for only 4 months each year did I pay over what they want me to pay every month...the rest of the months were substantially less. In addition, last year's average monthly payment was about $50 less than what they want me to pay every month for the next twelve months to join budget billing.

I just couldn't bring myself to do it, to pay $160 today instead of $26 today. I've set the lofty goal for myself of calling Citizens Gas and getting some information including how they determine one's monthly budget plan payment, and how much of a price increase they are expecting this winter.

Either way, it promises to be a chilly winter around here. If you need holiday gift ideas for me and T, think thick socks, flannel pjs, and earmuffs!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Um, Is Your Mom an Attorney?

Early Sunday, T sent the survey below to several people, including me, as part of an assignment for her Sociology class. I was immediately stumped by the first question, because I have a bad memory for things like "strangest," "ugliest," "funniest," "most" fill-in-the-blank. But by the time I got to question No. 8, I simply could not fathom how to answer it without objecting due to vagueness. What does it say about me that I had a strong desire to object to several of the questions on various ground? Here are the questions, minus my answers, which I managed to give with zero objections, only a few qualifications, and without reserving my right to later supplement:

1) What is the “strangest” food that you have ever eaten?

a. What was strange about it?

b. What would you consider a typical meal?

2) How often do you view independent or foreign films?

3) What genres of music do you like/dislike the most?

a. Do you listen to any foreign music?

b. If so, of which cultures?

c. Do you play/enjoy any “exotic” instruments?

4) Do you eat ethnic food? If so, what kind and how often?

5) Would you feel comfortable living in a non-European country?

6) If you were given the opportunity to travel internationally, would you take this opportunity and what would be the top three countries on your list?

7) If someone from another culture greeted you in an unfamiliar manner, would you return it in kind?

8) Do you associate with those of different cultures than your own?

a. How many?

b. Of which ethnicities?

9) What are primary characteristics that you notice when you first meet someone?

10) What would you consider to be a “typical” American name?

a. African-American?

b. Middle Eastern?

c. Asian?

d. Hispanic?

11) With which ethnicity do you identify yourself?

12) What constitutes family to you?

13) What do you believe your responsibilities to your parents are?

a. Them to you?

b. How will your parents be cared for in old age?

14) At what age is one financially independent?

15) Would you marry someone of a different religion/ethnicity?

a. How would you handle these differences when raising a family?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Strike a Pose

I was walking down a hallway at work today, and when I saw the outline of my reflection in a piece of art on the wall, I thought to myself: this outfit makes a nice silhouette.

Someone has been watching too much Project Runway.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Congressman Lynn Westmoreland

I give you Congressman Lynn Westmoreland of Georgia.

His job? To review his campaign literature and not forget what he put in it, to make sure he's doing what he promised he would do in Congress. Apparently he didn't promise much.

Count your lucky stars this man wasn't chosen to be somebody's VP.

Found here.

Friday, September 05, 2008

This is Not Your Parents' Back to School Night

I attended my last "back to school night" yesterday for this, T's final year of high school. I'd worked a full day, beginning before 7am, including putting out a "fire" that erupted around 2pm, which I just managed to get under control by 6pm. A quick look at the letter from T's school reminded me the program was at 6:30 and not 7, as it said on my calendar, and I was off and running.

Out of 8 periods, T has 2 free periods. Must be nice. The free periods allowed me to catch my breath, because this year her classes were arranged as far as possible from each other, making the 5 minute passing period not quite enough for my old legs to get me to class on time.

The 8th and final period was Creative Writing. The somewhat odd instructor had us all sitting down around two small tables, as though we were having a group meeting of some sort. He attempted to describe his class in the allotted 10 minutes, and the buzzer sounded, signaling the end of back to school night. It was 8:40pm, I was tired and hungry, and looking forward to going home. Par for the course at one of these events, I'd learned some things I didn't know, including that T has both an essay due and a test today. Through texting, she assured me she had things under control.

We were almost free when the Creative Writing teacher asked us to indulge him for just another moment while he finished his remarks. He continued describing his efforts to make the class a safe place for the students to explore any and all topics without fear of being judged or having their business broadcast throughout the school and beyond. He told us how several years ago a student wrote about her mother's death and how it brought the class closer and allowed the other students to explore meaningful issues in their writing.

He even explained that he'd told our students they could lie about whether their stories were real, and used finger quotes for the example that if a student wrote about a "friend" who drank a "bottle of wine" and "vomited," the student could maintain the story wasn't autobiographical even if it was - and would not be questioned.

Then he said, "Like just today, a girl wrote a story about losing her virginity, but she swore it wasn't a story about herself."

And then back to school night was over. And I was speechless.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Drive-by Blog Post

This (long) weekend included:
  • Cookout hosted by my parents and attended by my Grandpa and two of my uncles, one visiting from California. T's first cheeseburger after ditching the vegetarian scene.
  • Roadtrip to Chicago with T and my sister visiting from Arizona to see my sister J, and her bf J2, who recently moved there together.
  • One walk around Wrigley's while the Cubbies lost.
  • Dinner at the Blue Agave in the windy city. Yum.
  • A ride on the CTA, where there is apparently no such thing as "capacity."
  • Birthday dinner at Ruth's Chris for Mickie, whose birthday is in December. Yes, December. We even sang to her.
  • Birthday dinner for my sister Bobby at Abuelo's. On her actual birthday.
  • Bills, laundry, Wal-Mart, Marsh
  • A walk - three days in a row. (A definite must given all the eating that took place over the last few days).
  • A quick trip downtown to check out the logistics of my new office and unpack one small box. While everyone is unpacking tomorrow and pulling out their hair, I'll be preparing for a Wednesday deposition. Check back with me in about a year to see how my unpacking is going.
  • One lone billable hour.
  • One lone blog post (you're reading it, such as it is).

We need more three day weekends.

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