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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Why not?

I'm back in my hotel room, have free wireless, am trying to decide what to do for dinner, so might as well fill you in.

Last night was a minor success, considering I didn't vomit. T and I checked in around 3pm and I requested and received late checkout on Thursday. We unloaded all my crap and then drove to the law school, parked my car for free, and trekked back to the hotel in the heat. Once back, I studied for about 2 hours, as previously planned. Then we had dinner at Ram's Brewery and watched The Interpreter on pay TV. Can I just say that after Mystic River and that movie I love Sean Penn? Yes? Ok, I love Sean Penn.

I'd planned to go to bed early, but my nerves got the best of me and I studied after the movie. I think I quit around 11:45pm. Luckily, I didn't have much trouble falling asleep. Unluckily, T got hot in the night (sheesh, my whole family is so hot-blooded) and at 5am she began tossing and turning so much it kept me awake. I instructed her to adjust the thermostat and once it cooled down we blessedly got about another hour of sleep.

By 8:45 I was all checked in and listening to boring bar exam instructions. The funniest part was the guy to my left. When they announced that we had to complete everything today in black ink, I glanced his way and saw a variety of blue ink pens assembled before him. He turned to his left and asked his "table mate" if she had an extra pen. She nodded no. I just rolled my eyes and tossed him one of my 6 pens. What am I, a girl scout?

We had 2 MPT problems. Neither was too difficult, but I ran out of time on the first one. I designated 45 min to read and 45 min to write. I stuck to it, but should've realized my wordy ass would have more to say than it could in 45 minutes. For the 2nd one, I forced myself to finish reading the 'file' in about 30 minutes. Then I wrote for the rest of the time and finished with about 2 minutes to spare.

Lunch: I walked (quickly) back to my hotel room, eating the PB&J I brought along the way, and ran into T's doctor, with whom she had an appointment @ 2pm. So I spoke to her, told her my Mom would be bringing T and why, and filled her in on T's continuing problem (chronic tummy ache).

Once back at the hotel, T was still here. My key "wouldn't work" but I later learned this was because T had the bolt on - and of course she was in the bathroom and didn't hear me knocking. I was borderline nuts at this point, because I had a few things I wanted to review before essay hell began in the afternoon. But I finally gained entrance, got to see T off as she headed down to meet my Mom - thanks Mom - and settled in for a few mintues to review some things.

The afternoon was brutal. 6 essay questions. I bombed at least one and may have barely skated by on at least 2 others. Hoping the 2 or 3 I felt relatively good about will make up the difference for me. I actually left early, which I found shocking since I thought I'd be writing until time was called. Before I did, I went back and added a couple things to 2 questions and then sat with the gift tax question book open for 5-10 minutes, to no avail. I called it quits at that point.

Anyhow, day one down! The hardest part is over. Not that I don't expect tomorrow to be difficult - but at least with MBE questions we've done so freakin' many of them we sort of know what to expect. Thanks to Chuck who boosted my morale when I called him as soon as I hit my room. And now, tummy growling, I have to decide where I want to eat. Well, I know where I want to eat, I just have to decide if I should.

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